The Most Beautiful Offices In Calgary

June 7, 2021
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Inter Pipeline 

PhotographerEvan Dion
Size195,000 sqft

Experiencing major growth over the past decade, Inter Pipeline Ltd. secured the top eight (8) floors in newly office tower to consolidate 300 staff from two locations into a single, vertical campus. The planning and design of the 195,000 square foot workplace complements the spectacular city and mountain views and capitalizes on the abundance of natural light.

Upon entering the corporate headquarters, a reception or welcome desk greets guests and employees. Early in the design process it was determined that a metal screen with the corporate logo die cut in a pattern would become a branded element in key areas. The screen wraps around the visitor seating area and the casual meeting room located on the exterior behind the reception desk providing guests and employees with the best views. The screen has been incorporated into the staircase which connects the reception floor to the work floors above and the amenity (top) floor.

Each floor contains an “Interconnection”, or social space, consisting of a café and a number of collaboration and meeting areas to provide a variety of workplaces for employees and work groups to interact with each other or to work individually.

The floor plans were developed to support mentoring, team work and productivity goals as well as encourage collaboration and interaction among employees and teams. The design solution is cost effective, low maintenance, and flexible to create an environment that fosters engagement and speaks to the corporate brand and culture.

McKinley Burkart

DesignerMcKinley Burkart
Size5,500 sqft

The McKinley Burkart Offices are a true embodiment of the McKinley Burkart brand. With a stark contrast between the black formal space with white studio space, this design is not short on drama. The offices allow people to work and think differently; it is a unique work environment that promotes creative thinking and collaborative work. Designed to be two things simultaneously, the space is both inspirational and aspirational. The inspirational side of the workplace is meant to encourage the staff to work as a team in a space that feels good everyday. The aspirational side of it is for McKinley Burkart’s clients, because it demonstrates how a space can change the way people feel and work.

This open environment enables collaboration, allowing team members to discuss, observe, and meet at the drop of a hat. This studio promotes a meeting of the minds. While the public spaces are a dramatic black, conveying a sense of luxury and glamour, the white on white studio spaces embody the ethos of a clean, bright and friendly workspace.


Designer Kasian
Size74,000 sqft

Gowlings’ relocation to new premises enabled the firm to develop a new workplace which reflects the modernizations occurring within the legal profession. The clean, modern aesthetic developed provides the firm with an updated progressive image while keeping efficiency and flexibility of floor plans in mind.

The Practice Floors were developed based upon a universal office size for all lawyers utilizing modular walls and furniture systems, and includes shared lounges for lawyers and support staff. All meeting rooms are consolidated onto a single Client Floor which incorporates moveable wall systems and sliding glass panels which transform the space to accommodate a large variety of group sizes for both daytime and evening functions.

The Client Floor is planned with the elevator lobby opening directly onto the reception area, providing an immediate sense of openness and offering impressive views through a custom millwork screen which becomes a sculptural feature offering dramatic visual effect via interior cut outs which vary in size and give the impression of fluidity. Reflective white panels installed on the ceiling within the reception seating area, reflect the window wall and provide a sense of significantly higher ceilings.

Penn West Petroleum

Designer Kasian
Size625,000 sqft

Penn West’s decision to lease both towers of Penn West Plaza provided an opportunity to create a corporate facility based on new workplace standards which would appeal to multiple generations and represent the company’s spirit of integrity and entrepreneurialism.

Footprinted floors were designed for ease of future restacking developing an environment that would be in keeping with the contemporary architectural building design without being too harsh or severe.Large cafes on each floor promote interaction, teamwork and mentoring, while clear glass office fronts encourage openness and provide shared access to natural light and views. A large conferencing and training centre promotes education and provides a venue for town hall meetings and work-life balance is supported with a fitness centre, daycare, and staff lounge with patio.

Clean modern detailing and architectural forms acknowledge the building’s modernist design, but are softened to create a warm friendly atmosphere and highlight the company’s respect for the natural environment through a nature-inspired palette and natural textures and patterns. Open ceilings and large custom pendants highlight scale and volumes of space, while a residential character with modern classic references is provided through furnishings.

Air Partners

Designer Jerilyn Wright & Associates
Photographer Caleb Salomons
Size10,000 sqft

Air Partners, an industry-leading private aviation company based in Calgary, required a design that would strongly reflect both their brand and the industry in which their brand operated. Experiences of flight: aerodynamics, an open horizon, and weightlessness are created within Air Partners’ reception and office spaces through a combination of intelligent planning and modern built form.

Aerodynamics is a key driver of the space plan and serves two functional roles. First, the soft, inviting curves suggest flow, directing users to their destinations. Second, a journey (perfect for client tours) is created via the meandering path through the space.

An open horizon is experienced from nearly any vantage point within the space. Extensive interior glazing and circulation corridors along the exterior walls allow democratic access to daylight and views. These expansive views also serve a business function, acting as “display windows” for Air Partners’ collection of private jets that perch on the tarmac outside.

Weightlessness is suggest by the high contrast interior which features overlapping ceiling planes, continuity of line, and refined detailing. Streamlined furniture, reflective surfaces, and a blue-based colour palette add to this feeling of weightlessness and reference the aviation industry.


DesignerMcKinley Burkart
Photographer Jamie Hyatt Photography

McKinley Burkart was approached by an information technology giant, IHS to design an office that reflected their business practice, cutting-edge information technology. The project was inspired by the IHS brand – information, analytics and technology of its time. We incorporated the company’s brand colours throughout the artwork and furnishings. With clean lines and ample amounts of glass throughout, the space feels open yet provides enough privacy for staff to do focused work.

With the company’s functional requirements top of mind, we ensured that the meeting rooms have easy-to-use technology and natural light. This office space’s clean lines and simple detail was the perfect design approach for IHS’s clear and innovative thinking.

Shaw Communications

DesignerMcKinley Burkart
Photographer Jamie Hyatt Photography

The Shaw design team worked with McKinley Burkart to create authentic spaces throughout the Shaw Court building located in the west end of downtown Calgary. To ensure every room serve a specific function, we used custom furnishings and intricate details to compliment the room’s purpose.

Paying homage to Calgary’s historic roots, we used a blend of modern furnishings and traditional elements including sculptural pieces. Each and every space is original, yet flows seamlessly together. This workspace interior, inspired by an art gallery aesthetic, is truly one of a kind.

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