Calm Air Review: Best Prices From Manitoba To Nunavut

April 28, 2020
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Calm Air is an airline that offers a strong quality service that flies to both Manitoba and the Kivalliq region of Nunavut. One of its strongest points we found in this Calm Air Review is that it offers a Loyalty Rewards Program called Calm Rewards, with one of the best values per point out there. It also supports using both Aeroplan and AIR MILES, but you won’t be able to accumulate miles on the latter, which might be a dealbreaker for some.

If you don’t mind using your AIR MILES for one of the best values per mile (0.30 to 0.57 cents) this is one of the best offers. Or if you don’t mind signing up for Calm Rewards and enjoying the best value per point we’ve seen so far in any airline to date, this is the best offer for frequent fliers in Manitoba and Nunavut.

If you’ve ever been to Manitoba or Nunavut and wanted to travel with a high-quality airline, you might end up not knowing which one to choose. That’s why we’re writing out this Calm Air Review to you, in which we’ll highlight one of the most reliable airlines in both provinces. Ready to start reading and get to know more about this airline?

What Is Calm Air?

Calm Air International LP. is a full-service airline that offers passenger, charter and freight services across Northern Manitoba and the Kivalliq region of Nunavut. Its headquarters are in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which gives easy access to both regions it flies to.

The airline was established and started commercial operations in 1962. The company was founded by Carl Arnold Lawrence Morberg and his wife as a charter service in northern Saskatchewan. It wasn’t long until Calm Air evolved from that original idea and moved itself to Manitoba, covering its actual route.

Back in 2009, Calm Air was purchased by the Exchange Income Corporation (EIC). This corporation also owns other airlines that form the charter flight service known as Charter Connexions which includes Calm Air.

More importantly, since Calm Air is one of the oldest airlines based in Manitoba, then it’s one of the most experienced in the whole province. They show this experience by being able to fly to the most prominent destinations in both Manitoba and the Kivalliq region of Nunavut. Keep reading to know where you can actually fly to by using Calm Air.

Where Can You Go By Flying With Calm Air?

Calm Air flies from Winnipeg’s James Armstrong Richardson International Airport to most northern communities in Manitoba and the Kivalliq region. The most commonly known destinations in Manitoba that you’ll find Calm Air flies to include: Flin Flon, Thompson, Churchill and others. Well-known destinations in Nunavut include Arviat, Rankin Inlet, Baker Lake, Whale Cove and Coral Harbour.

At the moment of writing this Calm Air Review, the airline flies to 14 destinations, six of which are situated in Manitoba and eight which are in Nunavut.

The complete lists of destinations per state look like this:

Destinations In Manitoba

ChurchillChurchill Airport (YYQ)
Flin FlonFlin Flon Airport (YFO)
GillamGillam Airport (YGX)
The PasThe Pas Airport (YQD)
ThompsonThompson Airport (YTH)
WinnipegWinnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (YWG)

Destinations In Nunavut (Kivalliq Region)

ArviatArviat Airport (YEK)
Baker LakeBaker Lake Airport (YBK)
Chesterfield InletChesterfield Inlet Airport (YCS)
Coral HarbourCoral Harbour Airport (YZS)
Naujaat (Repulse Bay)Naujaat Airport (YUT)
Rankin InletRankin Inlet Airport (YRT)
SanikiluaqSanikiluaq Airport (YSK)
Whale CoveWhale Cove Airport (YXN)

Given that Calm Air flies to a lot of communities in both provinces, it needs reliable equipment to fulfill its flight schedule and give the best service it can. Here’s what they have at their disposal to take you where you need to go:

Calm Air Fleet: Not The Most Luxurious, But It Gets The Job Done

When we’re talking about small and regional airlines like Air Creebec or in this case Calm Air, we tend to find some similarities between them. Since they only cover a handful of destinations in a couple of provinces, they don’t actually need to have the biggest planes there are. That’s why we find that Calm Air’s fleet is comprised of several ATR 42 and 72 models, both of which serve its main function to travel short distances with not many passengers. Here’s a full list of specifics of Calm Air’s fleet:

Calm Air’s fleet is comprised of:

  • 7 ATR 42 of the 300 and 320 Series. These aircraft can hold 22, 34 or 42 passengers depending on their configuration. They can be used as combi aircraft.
  • 5 ATR 72 of the 202 Series. These aircraft can hold 22, 34 or 62 passengers depending on their configuration. They can also be used as combi aircraft as well.
  • Boeing 737 Classic of the 400 Series. In addition to its own fleet, Calm Air also gives its customers access to these aircraft, but they’re only operated by First Air, soon to be absorbed by Canadian North.

Calm Air also offers charter and freight services, for which uses it’s ATR 42’s and 72’s exclusively. As we had already mentioned, Calm Air forms part of Charter Connexions, working with other airlines like Perimeter Aviation, Provincial Airlines, Bearskin Airlines, Custom Helicopters and Keewatin Air.

It’s also worth noting that Calm Air has a codeshare agreement with First Air and in turn Canadian North. This means that in some cases they can handle each other’s flight on special routes, just like we described with First Air.

The lines you see in blue are Calm Air’s shared route with Canadian North.

Getting to know the aircraft is all nice and dandy, but this information doesn’t work if you don’t know when you can actually travel to your destination. Here’s the best way to know when a flight you want to go in is available.

Calm Air Schedule: Functional But Messy And Cumbersome

Whenever you’re booking a flight with any airline, the only thing you want is an easy-to-read schedule. While checking the Calm Air Schedule you’ll find that it’s as reliable as a schedule can get, but reading it can get sort of messy and confusing. When other airline’s schedules are simple and easy to get a grasp of, Calm Air’s isn’t like that.

It’s a little cumbersome to use because you can’t see the information you need in one go. Instead, have to check the complete flight schedule for each destination the airline flies to. For example, if you were interested in checking how many flights go to Winnipeg, you’d only have to click on that tab to see the info. The thing is, when you open the tab you’ll find an enormous amount of information on all the flights that have Winnipeg as its destination.

Sure, the Calm Air Schedule doesn’t shy any information to its customers, but it’s a little bit overwhelming to the average flier. In each tab, you can find information like flight number, available days for the flight, departure and arrival times and stops. Add that to the fact that there’s a tab with the same amount of information we described for every destination that Calm Air flies to… It’s just a lot of information to take in.

It’s bizarre to mention that a tool like the Calm Air Schedule is cumbersome to use when instead checking your Calm Air flight status is a lot easier. Here’s how this works better: 

How To Check Calm Air Flight Status?

Compared to the Calm Air Schedule checker, checking your Calm Air Flight Status is a whole lot easier to do. Calm Air offers its flight status information in a fairly knowledgeable and easy to use tool compared to other flight schedules we’ve seen in other airlines.

When checking your Calm Air Flight Status you’ll only need some information to know the exact status of your flight. Accompanied by your flight number and the day of departure, you’ll be able to check the status of your flight in just a couple of seconds.

This tool also lets you be either more or less specific on the flights you need to check. You can reduce the number of results by being more specific and writing the date of your flight as we described above. Or you can be less specific and only mention the date of the flight, in which case the tool will show you all the flight statuses available for that date. Can it get any easier than that?

Having a great flight is part of the experience, so don’t settle for subpar airlines.

Calm Air Fares And Prices: Affordable For Regional Flights

Just as we’ve done with other airlines in this section, we like to define and differentiate all the fares or classes available for customers. With Calm Air, you’ll find three distinct categories in which you can fly in, all of which have different prices, availabilities and benefits. In order to detail them, we’ll go from the lowest classes to the most expensive ones, so you can get an idea of which one you want to book your flight in.

Seat Sales And Promotions

Most airlines have some sort of class or fare that goes with special promotions and seat sales. With Calm Air, you’ll find that seat sales and promotional fares are the best deal you can get for a flight, but availability usually doesn’t last very long. These fares offer rather deep discounts but they’re limited time offers with a limited number of available seats. They’re usually the best deal you can get if you can get ahold of one of these before they run out.

Seat sales and promotional fares should be approached with caution though since they’re non-refundable and non-creditable if you have to cancel.

Restricted Fares

This is the most similar category you’ll find to the “economy” fares in other airlines. They offer great regular year-round discounts, but there are setbacks to booking with this class. Since they’re pretty low cost (though not as much as the previous category) their availability is pretty scarce. These fares need to be booked really early to get a hold of them, in fact, the earlier you book, the lower the fare can get.

These one-way fares can be purchased on an advance of one to 14 days.

Unrestricted Fares

This fare is the premium product when it comes to the flexibility a flier might need. They have an overall greater availability and don’t require any sort of advance purchase, they also permit changes to the schedule with no extra charge. If your plans are rather uncertain and you have some spare cash with you, you won’t go wrong by booking an unrestricted fare.

Here’s a table with all of the differences between each fare we mentioned:

Seat Sales and PromosRestricted FaresUnrestricted Fares
Refundable within 24 Hours of BookingYesYesYes
Refundable after 24 Hours of BookingNoNoYes
Change Fee$78.75$78.75Free
Cancellation Fee$78.75$78.75Free
Fare CodesN14SAT, N and KL10OW, Q7OW, V5OW, H3OW and M1OWY1

Beneficiary Fares And Other Discounts

Just like Canadian North and First Air, Calm Air also offers a special discount fare called the Beneficiary Fare. This fare is only available in the Kivalliq region routes (Rankin Inlet to Yellowknife or Iqaluit) and it only applies to Inuit and Inuvialuit passengers. It offers significant discounts on fares up to three times per year.

Passengers who want to apply for the beneficiary fare on Calm Air will need to contact First Air or Canadian North to make these bookings. Calm Air will assist with the booking process between both carriers.

One of the other important discounts to talk about is the student fare. This one applies to students between 12 to 24 years of age in all scheduled service flights. The thing is, this fare can only be booked by calling the reservation service at 1-800-839-2256 and reference the “STDNT” promo code while booking.

Calm Air also offers children and senior passengers a 10% discount on all regular fares. This offer applies to children aged from 2 to 11 years old who are accompanied by adults and people who are 55 years old or older.

Flight And Ticket Prices

In this section, we find most of the meat of this Calm Air Review, since nothing is more important than flight prices. Given that Calm Air has only a handful of destinations in total, it’s easy to categorize them in terms of both distance and flight costs. We’ve done this for both provinces that Calm Air flies to, which makes analyzing prices a whole lot simpler.

For these comparisons, we didn’t include the seat sales and promotional fares since they can vary wildly in prices and are not available all the time. Also, we’ve taken Winnipeg as the main departure point since that’s where Calm Air headquarters reside, so every flight we consider in this table takes off from the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

It’s also worth mentioning that all of these prices include airport and government fees.

Take a look:

Manitoba Flights

DestinationRestricted Fare PriceUnrestricted Fare Price
The Pas$520$875
Flin Flon$545$935

As you can see from the table, flights inside Manitoba can range from $419 to almost $800 on the restricted fare. Instead, the unrestricted fare offers prices from almost $900 up to $1,205. It’s worth noting that these prices can range depending on the season and availability of tickets.

On the other hand, flights from Winnipeg to anywhere in Nunavut are a whole lot pricier, starting at a base cost of at least $1,100. Here’s how they compare.

Nunavut (Kivalliq Region) Flights

DestinationRestricted Fare PriceUnrestricted Fare Price
Whale Cove$1,120$2,317
Rankin Inlet$1,120$2,321
Chesterfield Inlet$1,391$2,436
Coral Harbour$1,400$2,357
Baker Lake$1,565$2,687

Now that we’ve discussed most of the prices the airline offers, it’s time to talk about how we can save the most while still flying in Calm Air. Enter the Loyalty Rewards Programs.

Calm Rewards: The Best Deal For Calm Air Frequent Fliers

One thing that surprised us when researching for this Calm Air Review is that even though the airline is quite small, it offers its own loyalty rewards program called Calm Rewards. We consider this as the best option for fliers who plan to use Calm Air on a constant basis since it offers the best savings you can get on a program like this.

If you plan on becoming a Calm Rewards member you only have to create a user profile at Calm Air’s website. Once you’ve joined by filling out the membership form, you’ll find that the website will save your booking information for future flights. You’ll also find that by using your user profile when booking you’ll collect Calm Rewards Points.

How To Earn Calm Rewards Points

How many reward points you’ll get depends solely on the price you pay and the fare in which you selected to travel. Each fare (Seat sales and promotional offers, restricted and unrestricted) offers a distinct accumulation experience of Calm Rewards points. Here’s how they compare to each other:

Calm Rewards PointsAccumulation Value
Unrestricted Fares (Y1)100%
Restricted Fares (V5OW, H3OW and M10W)75%
Seat Sales and Promotional Offers (L10OW, Q70W)50%
Seat Sales and Promotional Offers (N14SAT, N and K)Not Eligible

It’s worth noting that accumulating Calm Rewards Points is based on the Y1 fare base value, where $20.00 equals 1 point. This means that for every $20.00 you pay on your flight ticket, you’ll get 1 point.

According to the flight prices we listed earlier, the lowest price available (Winnipeg to Thompson) can net you a total of 44.85 points. Instead, the highest price available (Winnipeg to Baker Lake) lets you accumulate a total of 134.35 points.

Now let’s see how much these points are worth:

How Much Are Calm Rewards Points Worth?

Before we start calculating how much your Calm Reward Points are actually worth there’s something else to note. Whenever you pay with Loyalty Rewards Program for a ticket, you won’t be using your miles or points exclusively, there are always fees that have to be paid in cash. These fees can change depending on the destination you’re flying to and the route you’re using to get there, so we’re using estimates to calculate these prices.

To calculate the exact amount of how much each Calm Rewards point is worth we need to use some of the numbers we’ve already shown before, specifically the flight prices. We will also need the cost in Calm Rewards points for certain flights, which are shown below.

From: Manitoba To: Manitoba From: Manitoba To: Nunavut
RouteCost in Calm Rewards PointsRouteCost in Calm Rewards Points
Winnipeg – Thompson729Winnipeg – Baker Lake2,414
Winnipeg – The Pas715Winnipeg – Chesterfield Inlet2,176
Winnipeg – Flin Flon783Winnipeg – Arviat1,946
Winnipeg – Gillam824Winnipeg – Rankin Inlet2,070
Winnipeg – Churchill1,025Winnipeg – Naujaat2,104
Flin Flon – The Pas269Winnipeg – Coral Harbour2,104

Winnipeg – Sanikiluaq1,020

Winnipeg – Whale Cove2,066

Flights Within Manitoba

Taking for example the route from Winnipeg to Thompson, we know that an unrestricted ticket costs around $897, we also know that the cost in Calm Rewards points is 729. Let’s assume that this route has a tax and fees value of $112, so we take that off the total price of the ticket and we divide that by the total amount of the cost in Calm Rewards Points. This operation lets us know that in this flight, each Calm Rewards point is worth at least $1.07, which is one of the best values for points/miles we’ve ever seen.

Looking at another example, Winnipeg to Churchill, we know that an unrestricted ticket costs around $1,205 while its cost in Calm Rewards points goes for 1,025. Let’s assume that taxes on this flight go for $150, so we take that off the total price ticket and divide it by the cost in points. This result lets us know that on this route each Calm Reward point is worth $1.02, which is still a great value nonetheless.

Flights To Nunavut

Here’s where flight tickets and tax prices get a little bigger. We expected that bigger numbers meant bigger earnings in Calm Rewards points, but that’s not the case. Even still, earnings are still the highest we’ve ever seen.

We’ll take Winnipeg to Arviat as the first example. we know this flight goes for $2,189 and that its cost in Calm Rewards points is 1,946. Let’s assume that taxes and fees in this flight go for $275, which is quite the step up from previous amounts. Taking that amount off the total price of the ticket and dividing it by the amount of Calm Rewards points gives us a total of $0.97 per point or 97 cents per point.

As our last example, we’ll take the longest route, Winnipeg to Baker Lake. This flight goes for $2,687 and costs 2414 Calm Rewards points. Let’s assume that taxes on this route go for $340, so taking that amount off of the total ticket price and dividing it by the cost in points gives us a result of $0.97 per point.

It looks like in the long flight schedules Calm Rewards points are usually marginally less valuable. Either way, the value they offer is one of the best we’ve seen so far while writing these reviews.

While earning and spending Calm Rewards points you’ll find that the high value they offer is like a discount into the actual amount of money you spend in that airline. For example, if you fly from Winnipeg to Thompson you’ll earn 44.85 points while paying $897. If you take each of those points at a $1.07 value, they sum up for a total value of $48, which can also be taken as a 5.35% discount of the total fare. In other words, it’s a really profitable system for flying frequently in those routes.

Luckily for you, that’s not where your saving opportunities end because Calm Air also supports buying tickets with both AIR MILES and Aeroplan. Keep reading this Calm Air Review to know the best way to save money with this airline!

Think about it, doesn’t saving on most flights sound great?

AIR MILES: One Of The Best Values, But Restricted Nonetheless

One of the best things an airline can do is letting you use your favourite loyalty rewards program. AIR MILES is one of those programs that is used by most Canadian frequent fliers out there, so it’s always a plus when you can choose the best way to use your money.

The only setback to using AIR MILES for flights with Calm Air is that it doesn’t let you accumulate AIR MILES, it only lets you use them. For many, this could be a complete dealbreaker, especially if you’re an exclusive AIR MILES user, but if you keep reading, you’ll notice it isn’t that bad of an offer.

We’ll do the same experiment we did with Calm Rewards points, just to see if using AIR MILES is somewhat near as profitable.

It’s worth mentioning that, here at Yore Oyster, we value each AIR MILES reward mile at 18 cents per point. This gives us a base value to calculate if you can really take advantage of using your miles with Calm Air.

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We’ll be taking the same examples as last time, same ticket price and same tax and fees amount, so we’ll save you doing the math again. It’s important to know that the cost of flights in each loyalty rewards program varies greatly. According to AIR MILES, flights within Manitoba cost 1,200 miles while flights from Manitoba to Nunavut cost 2,600 miles. Here’s how Aeroplan does:

Flight RouteFull Ticket Price (Restricted Fare)TaxesCost in AIR MILESTotal Amount of Dollars per AIR MILE
Winnipeg to Thompson$419$571,200$0.30
Winnipeg to Churchill$793$1001,200$0.57
Winnipeg to Arviat$1,120$1412,600$0.37
Winnipeg to Baker Lake$1,565$1972,600$0.52

According to this table, using AIR MILES reward miles is nowhere as profitable as using Calm Air Reward Points. The thing is, this is still one of the best values we’ve ever seen for Aeroplan miles in any airline whatsoever. If you’re really smart about how you use your reward miles you can get a value which is three times better than the one offered in other airlines.

AIR MILES gives you a great deal (because it still is), but it’s not that worth using your miles here since you can’t earn any back. We would only recommend using your reward miles here if you’ve been saving them for a while and this is a route you won’t use a lot. You probably won’t get a better value for them in other airlines, but you certainly won’t earn any back.

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But the Loyalty Rewards programs that Calm air offers don’t stop here, we still have to talk about the last contender, Aeroplan.

The Easiest Loyalty Rewards Program To Use With Calm Air: Aeroplan

Right off the bat, Calm Air lets us know that they’re more willing to support the use of Aeroplan than AIR MILES. The first thing we notice when comparing these two is that you can both use and earn Aeroplan miles when flying with Calm Air. And not only that, Calm Air is even willing to directly handle all Aeroplan bookings, changes and cancellation requests on any Calm Air flight.

In order to redeem your Aeroplan miles on any Calm Air flight, you only need to contact reservations at 1-800-839-2256.

Before going deep into the value of each Aeroplan mile, there are two things you should have in mind:

  1. Here at Yore Oyster, we value each Aeroplan mile on an average of 2 cents per point.
  2. All flights offered by Calm Air are considered “short-haul trips” by Aeroplan, which means that all roundtrip flights go for a minimum of 15,000 miles.

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With that out of the way, you already know what we’re going to do:

Flight RouteFull Ticket Price (Restricted Fare)TaxesCost in AIR MILESTotal Amount of Dollars per Aeroplan Mile
Winnipeg to Thompson$419$5715,000$0.02
Winnipeg to Churchill$793$10015,000$0.04
Winnipeg to Arviat$1,120$14115,000$0.06
Winnipeg to Baker Lake$1,565$19715,000$0.09

Now, when we compare the total value of each Aeroplan mile to the value of Calm Rewards points or AIR MILES reward miles, these might seem a little disappointing at first. The truth is that these are one of the best values for Aeroplan miles we’ve seen in all of our past airline reviews. Given that the average value per Aeroplan mile we use here in Yore Oyster is around 2 cents per point, all of the values listed here surpass our expectations. If you’re smart about using your miles, you can get a value four times bigger than the average in other airlines.

But how do all these Loyalty Rewards Programs compare between each other?. Keep reading this Calm Air Review to see which one is the best for you.

Aeroplan VS AIR MILES VS Calm Rewards: Who’s The Winner?

All three Loyalty Rewards Programs have both their benefits and their downfalls. For example, you might find that you like the value of using AIR MILES, but the fact that you can’t earn any reward miles might throw you off. In fact, we only recommend using your AIR MILES reward miles with Calm Air if you’re not a frequent flier between these routes. Still, as it’s one of the best values per mile in the market, we recommend saving your miles throughout the year and using them with Calm Air every once in a while.

It’s worth mentioning that unlike Air North, Calm Air doesn’t let you use two loyalty rewards programs at the same time. If that was the case then we would recommend using that option, but the availability of features like these really depends on the airline you’re using.

You might be tempted to become a Calm Rewards user yourself only based on the value of its points, but there’s more to that. Calm Rewards points will only be useful to you if you’re a frequent flier with Calm Air and no other airline. If this loyalty rewards program existed on a broader scale, it would probably end up being the best, even better than both AIR MILES and Aeroplan, but it isn’t. For that reason alone we can’t recommend it as much as we recommend using Aeroplan.

Even if Aeroplan doesn’t have as many big numbers as AIR MILES or Calm Rewards, you would still be able to get 4 times the regular market value per mile. We can’t recommend using Aeroplan enough with Calm Air if you’re a frequent flier who flies to other provinces other than Manitoba and Nunavut. You will not only get a great value per mile, but you will also accumulate more miles you can use to travel all over the world.

Our final recommendations are:

  • If you’re a flier who travels all over Canada’s provinces, go smart and use your Aeroplan miles.
  • Instead, if you only fly between Manitoba and Nunavut and nowhere else, become a Calm Rewards user.
  • Or, if you’re an exclusive AIR MILES user, save your reward miles throughout the year and use them with Calm Air every once in a while since it’s the best value you’ll get for them.

But hey, besides flying and mile usage, there are some other important things like how does Calm Air Cargo work and the baggage fees for your personal bags. Keep reading to find more about this.

Calm Air Cargo And Baggage Fees

Knowing how much sending your cargo is going to cost is a big part of choosing when to use and not to use an airline cargo service. We’re glad to say that using Calm Air Cargo is as simple as it gets and it’s not as expensive as you’d think. In order to know how much you’re gonna need to pay for sending your cargo, you only have to check the Calm Air Cargo page and choose where you want your cargo to go. Once you’ve sent your cargo you can easily check its status on the Cargo status checker website.

Here’s an example of a list that shows how much it costs to send cargo from Winnipeg to other provinces:

Most other rates and fares for Calm Air Cargo can all be easily checked at Calm Air’s website.

Moving on from that we’ll talk about something very important to any frequent flier, baggage fees.

Calm Air Baggage Fees: How Much Can You Take With You?

According to Calm Air’s terms and conditions, for the comfort and safety of all passengers, each one is permitted two pieces of carry-on baggage. The combined weight of these pieces shouldn’t exceed 20 lbs or 9 kg. Combined dimensions (Length, Width and Height) shouldn’t exceed 10 x 16 x 12 inches or 25 x 40 x 30 cm.

It’s recommended that you confirm your allowance before you board the plane since excessive amounts of carry-on baggage can cause delays.

Passengers who are travelling on flight series of 100 to 199 enjoy a free baggage allowance of up to two bags per passenger. These bags shouldn’t exceed a combined weight of more than 70 lbs or 32 kg, which includes valet items. Also, individual pieces must not weight more than 50 lbs or 23 kg each.

Instead, passengers travelling on flight series from 200 to 399 enjoy the maximum free baggage allowance of three bags per passenger. The combined weight of these bags shouldn’t exceed more than 120 lbs or 54 kg and the individual weight restrictions are the same as the ones in flight series 100 to 199.

Now that we’ve covered the main points about Calm Air, you should be able to make an informed decision when flying in Manitoba or Nunavut. But what other options are available to you if you’re looking to visit these provinces?

Alternatives Are Always Part Of An Informed Decision

There are several airlines that fly both through Manitoba, Nunavut and a lot more out there, you just have to find the one. We’ve mentioned Canadian North throughout this Calm Air Review and that’s because it’s one of Calm Air’s partners, but there are still other airlines we should take into consideration. We’ll detail the ones we know about:

Canadian North

First Air and Canadian North merged back in 2019, but they still offer separate flights operated as each airline. This means that the benefits First Air offered to Calm Air will most likely translate to Canadian North when they fully merge in the first quarter of 2021.

When we compare Canadian North to Calm Air, it’s instantly noticeable that the first one serves flight on a wider scale over most of the provinces in Canada. In fact, Calm Air shares its flight code with Canadian North, which means that Canadian North is sort of the bigger brother to Calm Air. If you’re ever in need of flying farther than Manitoba or all of Nunavut, Canadian North is a safe bet.

You can read more about Canadian North by reading our review.

Perimeter Aviation

When it comes to looking for other regional airlines in Manitoba, there’s really not much to talk about except Perimeter Aviation. The thing is, this airline will only take you where you need to fly in Manitoba and Ontario, where it partners with Bearskin Airlines.

Simply put, there’s no other airline that offers flights within Manitoba and to Nunavut besides Calm Air. It sits in its own spot when it comes to offering flights between these two provinces.

Canada has a lot of great airlines out there, so why not give Calm Air a try and get a taste for yourself?

Calm Air Review: Regional, Secluded And Charming

At the end of this Calm Air Review, we end up with an Airline that is both charming and unique. This is due to its benefits, which apply to a lot of frequent fliers out there looking to save money while enjoying the best there is. After analyzing this airline, we conclude that its most important benefits are:

  • Great affordable prices in all of their flights.
  • Quality flights and customer inflight service.
  • The opportunity to use three different Loyalty Rewards Programs.
  • Owns one of the better Loyalty Rewards Programs out there.
  • Easy to book with, and made even easier if you become a Calm Rewards member.
  • Great discounts on tickets if you make and advance purchase.
  • Has available discounts for students, infants and seniors.
  • Its partnered with a bigger airline.

On the other hand, the downsides to Calm air are not that apparent, but they’re still worth mentioning. Here are the most prominent ones:

  • If you don’t book in advance, you might end up stuck with a pricey fare.
  • It’s really hard to earn reward points if you’re booking on the less expensive fares.
  • Aircraft are relatively small and can’t fly very long distances.
  • You’re stuck to flying only from and to Manitoba and Nunavut.
  • Doesn’t let you use two Loyalty Rewards Program at the same time.
  • Lets you redeem AIR MILES reward miles but doesn’t let you accumulate them.

In any way or the other, the benefits of using Calm Air outperform most of its downsides. Calm Air’s condition can only be a dealbreaker to you if you’re flying on a small budget, you’re an exclusive AIR MILES user or you if you like being able to choose the fare you want without having to buy the tickets two weeks earlier.

Instead, if you’re planning on staying around Manitoba and Nunavut for a while, you don’t have any problems paying for the unrestricted fare and becoming a Calm Rewards user, there’s literally not a better offer than this one out there. So, why don’t you start booking right now?

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