Amex AIR MILES® Platinum Card: A Review

The American Express® AIR MILES® Platinum Credit Card is a great tool to increase your AIR MILES balance. The welcome bonus of 2,000 miles is worth easily $210, more than tripling the $65 annual fee, and making signing up to it a great investment. The possibility to double-dip and earn miles twice will help you get more return on every purchase, and the card’s earning rate of 1 mile for every $10 in purchases is better than what most of AIR MILES’ partners will give you.
In addition, the low annual fee is easily outweighed by a single 4-day car rental, thanks to its embedded insurance coverage. This, along with all its other benefits, make the Amex AIR MILES Platinum a great choice at a low budget.

American Express AIR MILES® Business Card: A Review

If you’re a small-business owner and you use AIR MILES®, it’s a great idea to sign up to an AIR MILES® card, because it will help boost your air miles balance. The American Express AIR MILES® Business Card is an excellent choice because it brings a 2,000 miles welcome bonus, great earning rates, travel insurance and plenty of Amex business solutions. Read on to learn all the basics about Amex’s best AIR MILES Card for small businesses.

How To Capitalize On The New Earn Rate On The American Express® AIR MILES®* Platinum Credit Card

Great news for American Express® AIR MILES®* Platinum Credit Card cardholders! Amex has recently made changes that make this already great AIR MILES card even better. If you already have it in your pocket, take it for a spin and make the most out of the new and improved earn rates in Amex’s most recent updates to the card. If you’re not yet a cardmember, then now is the best time to apply for your own, and take advantage of a limited time welcome bonus offer of 2,000 AIR MILES Bonus Miles.

AIR MILES Onyx™ Status Review

AIR MILES Rewards is one of Canada’s biggest independent loyalty programs, and it counts both its members and sponsors by the thousands. It classifies its members or collectors according to how many miles they earn every year, and the AIR MILES Onyx™ status is the highest class of them all. As an Onyx™ member, you’ll get the whole package of benefits that only the most loyal elite collectors can get.

Learn what’s so special about the Onyx status and why signing up to an American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card is the best way to get the most out of this loyalty program. Hint: A Great welcome bonus is just the beginning…

Amex AIR MILES Reserve Card: A Review

The American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card is the best AIR MILES credit card that Amex has to offer. The welcome bonus of 2,400 coupled with Onyx™ Status in the AIR MILES program, can be worth up to $400, but it doesn’t stop there. The long-term benefits of this card will make paying the annual fee a laugh. The 1,700-air-miles complimentary partner ticket alone almost single handedly covers the fee. Add in an impressive insurance package, worldwide lounge access with four complimentary visits, and other benefits on the side, and you’ll happily sign up before you finish reading this post.
Find out why this is the perfect travel card for occasional travelers, offering the best value when you travel once or twice a year.

American Express AIR MILES Cards: How To Choose

The American Express Gold Rewards Card is a great choice for a Membership Rewards (MR) points earning card on a medium budget. With $100 USD in hotel credit (~$130 CAD), a free additional card worth another $50, and loads more benefits like great travel insurance, complimentary room upgrades and more, you’ll be making money just by signing up and keeping it in your wallet, even after paying the $150 annual fee. In addition, the flexibility of MR points means that you’ll always find a great way to spend them, and even if you don’t, you can always redeem them for a statement credit.

The 25,000 MR points welcome bonus makes the American Express Gold Rewards Card an excellent value.

PC Financial Mastercard. Day-to-day Convenience.

Canadians increasingly favor non-traditional card issuers who offer tangible benefits. Customers are becoming aware that personal finance decisions are part of their everyday lives and their choices are being oriented towards getting more value for their money in day-to-day purchases. Credit cards are a fundamental financial instrument in this trend and PC Financial’s Mastercard is its best example. But is it a good deal? Here’s our take on Canada’s largest retail conglomerate’s basic credit card.

Amex Referrals – The Ultimate Referral Bonus Guide

American Express credit/charge cards have their own referral bonus plan known as ‘Refer A Friend’. It’s a great way to boost your points within the Amex loyalty program or its affiliates’ while at the same time letting your friends in on some of the top loyalty programs in Canada today. Amex referrals are the way Amex rewards its most trusted users for “spreading the word”.

The Top 5 Long-Term Benefits Of The American Express CobaltTM Card

You’ve probably already heard about the American Express CobaltTM Card and all of its benefits. You might also know that the 30,000 Membership Rewards® points welcome bonus is worth $300 when used as a statement credit, and can be worth more than $600 when transferring those points to airline partners like Aeroplan or Avios. This makes signing up to the American Express CobaltTM Card an easy decision.

However, don’t let the shining welcome bonus blind you from the rest of the benefits that come with this card—there’s a lot more to the Cobalt Card than meets the eye. With flexible points earning rates, extensive travel insurance and up to $100 in hotel credit at participating properties, there are plenty of reasons the Cobalt Card is one of Canada’s favourite travel credit cards today.

Choosing The Best American Express Aeroplan Card For You

American Express’ Aeroplan credit cards offer two different options for two different types of travelers. We recommend the AeroplanPlus Gold Card for most Canadians, given its low ($120) annual fee and generous 15,000 welcome points bonus, which is enough for a one-way flight anywhere in North America.  Whether you’re starting fresh with Aeroplan or looking […]