Esso Extra: Get Free Gas With Your Purchase

April 29, 2020
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Esso Extra is a loyalty program that works with Esso and Mobil stations, both proprietary names from ExxonMobil. Its practical system makes it easy to cash in for a wide variety rewards, most notably free gas. In this article we’ll go over its rates, what you can redeem and how to get the most out of it.

Esso Extra is a loyalty program that could help you save some money, especially if you’re someone who spends a lot on fuel at Esso or Mobil stations. Here we’ll take a look at how it works along with its pros and cons. Let’s get started then.

How Does It Work?

The way it works is this: Every time you make an eligible purchase at a participating Esso or Mobil station, you earn points. You can then redeem these points to get rewards. Simple enough. It’s an easy way of getting more every time you go to fill the tank at a station. Everything is systematic which makes it very convenient. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about anything, the system does all the work for you, all you have to do is get a membership, which is completely free.

You just need to get an Esso Extra card and start racking up the points.

How To Get The Esso Extra Card

There are several options to get your Esso Card.

  • The first one is to fill out a form (which you can find on their main page) and wait for your card to be delivered to your doorstep.
  • The second one is to install the Esso Speedpass+ app on your smartphone. This app is available for both Android and Apple devices. It lets you quickly and easily pay for fuel at participating Esso stations, earning Esso Extra reward points on eligible purchases in the process. The app is free, simple, and intuitively designed.
  • You can also get your Esso Extra card at any Esso station and start earning points right away. Once you get it, you need to register your card on the Esso Extra site or install the Esso Extra app on your smartphone.

How Do I Start Earning Points?

Once you are registered, you can immediately start earning points. The first time you swipe your Esso Extra card, use the Esso Extra app or use your Speedpass+ linked to Esso Extra at Esso stations, you will earn 1 or more points for every eligible dollar you spend.

How many points you’ll get? Well, that depends on your purchase.

Keep in mind that not every Mobil station works with the Esso Extra program. To check the ones that do you can check here.

Do I Earn The Same Number of Points For All Grades Of Gas?

There are different point rates depending on the type of fuel you buy:

Fuel GradePoints Multiplier
Regular1 point per eligible dollar
Extra2 points per eligible dollar
Supreme3 points per eligible dollar
(if available)
4 points per eligible dollar

Some exclusions apply, including purchases of tobacco, alcohol and Esso and Mobil Gift Cards.

Membership Benefits

If you’re an Esso Extra member, you get access to promotional periods, during which Esso gives out bonus points. These bonus points apply to Regular grade gas, Extra grade gas and Supreme grade gas differ. They can range from 2x for Regular gade gas, 4x points on Extra grade gas and 6x on Supreme grade gas. Other than that bonus points can also apply to certain purchases including lottery products.

Extra Privileges Card

Once you’re a member, you can pick up a free Extra Privileges Card in-store at an Esso station and link it to their Esso Extra card, it saves you 2.5 cents per litre on fuel in addition to earning Esso Extra points. Once you have linked it to the Esso Extra card, you will get emails with fuel savings reward offers, which can be somewhat annoying. Depending on the amount you purchase, a number of points get added onto the Extra Privileges card every time you swipe it and complete a purchase.

How To Redeem Your Points

To redeem your Esso Extra points online, first, you have to log onto your account at Next, there should be a button at the top, on the navigation bar above, labelled “Redeem Rewards”. After clicking that, it will take you to a link where you can view your options, these include: online rewards, at-the-station rewards and donate your rewards.

Other than that, once you have enough points, simply present the Esso Extra card in-store and tell the attendant at the station which reward you’d like to redeem the points for, or as mentioned above you can log onto your account online to choose the reward. However, options vary when choosing rewards in-store and online.

For Online Rewards

  • Choose the reward that you would like to redeem, click “Redeem Now”
  • Select an amount (i.e. how many points you want to redeem) and then hit the “Place My Orders” button.
  • Verify your order and address on the confirmation page.

What You Can Redeem For

Price Privileges Card

To really take advantage of this card you’d have to buy a lot of gas, so, if you think this doesn’t apply to you then you’re better off getting a free gas reward that offers a slightly less valuable return. The Price Privileges Card offers fuel savings, knocking off up to $0.25/Litre for up to 200 Litres.

See the table below for more details on the Price Privileges card.

Price Privileges CardSavingsPoints Required% Returns
New: $0.05/Litre, 200 Litres$10.001,5000.67%
New: $0.10/Litre, 250 Litres$25.004,1000.61%
New: $0.25/Litre, 200 Litres$50.008,3000.60%
Reload: $0.05/Litre, 200 Litres$10.001,4000.71%
Reload: $0.10/Litre, 250 Litres$25.004,0000.63%
Reload: $0.25/Litre, 200 Litres$50.008,2000.61%

Free Gas Card Rewards

Points can also be redeemed in exchange for free gas. The biggest reward doesn’t offer you the best give out weirdly enough, though they’re all close enough.

Free Gas RewardSaving Points Required% Return
$10 Free Gas$10.001,8000.56%
$20 Free Gas$20.003,5000.57%
$30 Free Gas$30.005,0000.60%
$40 Free Gas$40.006,8000.59%
$50 Free Gas$50.008,5000.59%
$60 Free Gas$60.0010,0000.60%
$70 Free Gas$70.0011,5000.61%
$80 Free Gas$80.0013,5000.59%

Car Wash Rewards

You can redeem your points for free car washes, more details in the little table below.

Car Wash RewardsSavings Points Required %% Return
Luxury Wash$14.996992.14%
Full Wash $12.995992.16%
Quick Wash $10.994992.20%

Lottery Ticket Rewards

Points can be redeemed for Lotto 649 and Lotto Max lottery tickets. Here’s a table for more details.

Lottery Ticket RewardsSavingsPoints Required% Return
$1 Lottery Tickets$1.001600.63%
$2 Lottery Tickets$2.003200.63%
$5 Lottery Tickets$5.008000.63%
$10 Lottery Tickets$10.001,6000.63%
$20 Lottery Tickets$20.003,2000.63%

In-Store Rewards

You can also redeem your points for in-store products like snacks. Prices, as of the time of this post, are listed in the table below.

In-Store RewardsSavingsPoints Required % Return
Premium Washer Fluid$5.395500.98%
Cry (14oz)$1.491001.49%
Gatorade (591ml)$2.392750.87%
Coke (591ml)$1.992500.80%
Pepsi (591ml)$2.392500.96%
Glaceau Vitamin Water (591ml)$2.592750.94%
Red Bull (250ml)$2.992751.09%
Lay’s Chips (235g)$4.294001.07%
Nestle Pure Life Water 12-pack$3.995500.73%
Coca Cola 8-Pack$5.297500.71%
Pepsi 8-Pack (Ontario Only)$5.297500.71%

Esso Auto Club Membership

Lastly, if you have a lot of points, you can redeem them for an Esso Auto Club membership. Esso Auto Club membership provides coverage across Canada and the US round the clock, every day of the year. It provides services like emergency roadside assistance and travel planning.

Esso Auto Club MembershipSavingsPoints Required% Return
Basic Primary Coverage$82.8014,0000.59%
Basic Family Coverage$100.8017,0000.59%
Deluxe Primary Coverage$106.8018,0000.59%
Deluxe Family Coverage$130.8021,0000.62%

If you travel a lot, you might want to consider Air Miles, here’s our article on Air Miles, the biggest loyalty program in Canada.

Who Can Benefit The Most From Signing Up With Esso Extra?

Assuming you get 1 point per dollar, here’s how it goes. If you belong to the average Canadian family spending about $2000 a year on Regular grade gas, that adds up to 2000 Esso Extra points. It’ll take a really long time to accrue enough points to redeem them for higher value rewards but don’t despair, it’s still an excellent option to consider. After some research, we’ve come up with a list of rewards that makes the most sense for this amount of points. Take a look.

RankRewardSavingsPoints Required% Return
1Quick Car Wash$10.994992.20%
2Full Car Wash$12.995992.17%
3Luxury Car Wash$14.996992.14%
4Premium Washer Fluid$5.395500.98%
5Price Privileges Reload:$0.05/L, 200 L$10.001,4000.71%
6Price Privileges New:$0.05/L, 200 L$10.001,5000.67%
7$1 Lottery Tickets$1.001600.63%
8$2 Lottery Tickets$2.003200.63%
9$5 Lottery Tickets$5.008000.63%
10$10 Lottery Tickets$10.001,6000.63%

When it comes to value, the best use of your points is Car Wash rewards. The highest return is 2.20%, for the Quick Car Wash. In the second place, there’s Full Car Wash on which the return rate is 2.17% and then Luxury Car Wash where the return rate is 2.14%. You save $10.99 on Quick Car Wash, that is if you have 499 points, you can then redeem those points for a Quick Car Wash, saving $10.99 in the process. With Full Car Wash you save $12.99 and with Luxury Car Wash you save $14.99.

The best option for fuel savings is The Price Privileges reward which saves $10 over 200l of fuel purchased. Lastly, the return rate of lottery tickets isn’t bad, but we wouldn’t recommend that, since it’s not worth it at all.

In-Store Rewards & Hockey Rewards

In-store rewards also net a reasonably high return but are probably aren’t the best use of your points. And as for Hockey Rewards, they also net a high return, but it could take a really long before you can accumulate enough points for a jersey. Probably years for the average Canadian.

And while we’re on the topic of noteworthy loyalty programs, here are our articles on BMO Rewards and PC Insiders that you might want to consider.

Other Things To Consider

What’s The Difference Between ‘Available Points’ and ‘Points Earned This Purchase’?

‘Available Points’ are points that can be used immediately. And ‘Points Earned this Purchase’ are points that won’t be available for use for the next 72 hours (3 days).

Do All My Esso Purchases Qualify for Points?

No, some exclusions apply. Here’s a list of the purchases for which points will not be awarded.

  • Some cash transactions at isolated terminals including coin-operated car washes and other similar types of circumstances.
  • Cash advances
  • The purchase Esso Gift Cards (but Points will be awarded when Esso Gift Cards are redeemed)
  • Bottle deposits

How Many Points Can I Earn in Single Transactions?

Members cannot earn more than 250 base Points (Regular Points) in a single transaction and no more than 1,000 Points (including Regular points, Bonus Points and Promotional Points) in a single transaction.

How Do I Find Out How Many Esso Extra Points I Have?

There are several convenient ways that you can check how many Esso Extra Points you have.

  • First, every time you make a purchase you can see your total points in the receipt.
  • Second, you can check your points by logging on to your account via the Esso Extra app.
  • And finally, you can also check Esso Extra points total by logging on to your account.

How Do I Redeem My Esso Extra Points Via Esso Extra Mobile App?

Redeeming Esso Extra points through the Esso Extra app is even more convenient. To redeem via the Esso Extra app, first, you have to install the Esso Extra app on your smartphone, then login to your account. Go to “Rewards” and view the “Available” rewards.

  • Choose the reward that you would like to redeem and tap “Redeem Now”
  • Select quantity (i.e. the number of points that you want to redeem at that particular time) and tap the “Place My Orders” button.
  • Verify your order and address on the confirmation page.
  • Tap “Redeem Now”

Your order will be confirmed and you will receive your gift card in 3-5 weeks.


Esso Extra is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to make the most of your bucks when buying gas. As mentioned above, you earn 1 or more points for every dollar you spend on eligible purchases at Esso stations. You can then redeem your points for rewards online or at any Esso station. And the best part is that the membership is free and there’s a whole system that does all your money-saving work for you. You can pretty much control everything from your smartphone.

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