Fizz Review: A Complete Solution For Your Mobile Needs

June 17, 2020
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Fizz is one mobile services provider that is becoming very popular for its quick and efficient mobile services. You can design your own mobile or wifi plans as per your needs or choose one of the custom plans. In this Fizz review, you'll find that it is an affordable alternative to bigger mobile services providers that tend not to be very economical. You do not have to adhere to any long-term contracts and you can tweak your mobile plans according to your needs and requirements.

With the advent of newer mobile service providers, we are seeing companies that are not only more economical but more customer-friendly in terms of customer service. Fizz is one company that has been gaining traction in terms of having affordable monthly plans without the hassle of hidden and variable costs associated with many major players in the industry.

What Is Fizz?

In short, Fizz is a mobile services provider. They offer you monthly plans for texts, minutes and data that suit your needs and requirements. Fizz is a completely online company so you can simply just choose the mobile plan that you want to use and order your sim. Fizz also offers wifi services, that can also be ordered online. I will, however, be focusing more on the mobile services for this article.

Fizz is economical, has an amazing rewards program and is probably more flexible than your current phone services provider. You can switch your plans practically every month if you wish to. If you are someone who enjoys flexible and economical contracts then Fizz may just be the right option for you. In this Fizz review, we will be covering how you can sign up for Fizz, earn rewards and Choose or make plans that suit your needs

How To Switch To Fizz

Fizz is completely based online. The whole process is “DIY” so you can create your own plan and order your own sim, making the whole process decentralized and automatic. You do not have to make long calls to customer service departments to switch your cellphone provider. The process is simple and comprises of a few steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Unlock Your Phone

You need to make sure your phone is unlocked, otherwise, Fizz may not work on your device.

Step 2: Make Sure You Have Internet Connection & A Credit Card

Ensure that you have an internet connection to set up your plan and order your sim, and a credit card to make the payment.

Step 3: Order Your Card From Fizz's Website

Order your sim card from Fizz's website. Your Fizz sim card is the key. The sim card is what identifies your phone and helps you connect to the mobile network. You can get your sim card delivered in 3 or 4 hours in case you are in a hurry.

Step 4: Create Your Monthly Plan

Create your monthly plan through your account. You can either choose a predetermined plan or make your own plan consisting of minutes, texts and data as per your needs and requirements. More on that below.

Step 5: Activate Your Sim Card And Confirm Your Plan

Activate your sim card and confirm your plan so you can start using your Fizz Mobile straight away.

The good thing about the plans with Fizz is that they are easy to set up and you can customize them to your liking.

Fizz Review: Monthly Plans

Some of the plans by Fizz are really affordable when compared to different competitors in the market. One of the best things about Fizz is that you can definitely make your own plans depending on your usage and requirements. However, in case you want, there are some ready-made plans as well that may help fulfill your needs.

 Some of the plans and the prices associated with Fizz’s ready-made plans are found in the following table:

Price Data (GB)MinutesTexts
$448Unlimited (Including International Minutes)Unlimited
$351Unlimited (US & Canada)Unlimited (US & Canada)
$454Unlimited (US & Canada)Unlimited (US & Canada)

The ready-made plans have something for everyone. For instance, if you just want data you can go for the $38 plan for 8 GB data. Similarly, if you want unlimited calls and texts along with data you can also get the $44 plan that includes 8 GB data with unlimited calls and texts. However, there are a few features that all Fizz customers get for free such as:

  • Call display
  • Call waiting
  • Conference calling

Another feature that I would like to delve into is the international calling packages. Fizz has some great calling packages for international calls that you can add on to your plan when you are buying it from Fizz. In the following section, we will see how you can get value from Fizz's international calling packages

Getting Packages For International Calls

International calling packages are easy to add in Fizz. You can just select them and add them to your existing calling package. You can get loads of minutes to talk to your loved ones in Asia, the Americas or Europe. Diversity is one of the features of being a Canadian and Fizz has some great calling packages to ensure that you are connected with your loved ones. Below is a list of minutes that you can add for just $5.

  • Australia 500 Minutes
  • Bangladesh: 250 Minutes
  • China: 1,000 Minutes
  • Netherlands: 1,000 Minutes
  • Germany: 1,000 Minutes
  • Singapore: 1,000 Minutes
  • Mexico: 1,000 Minutes
  • India: 1,000 Minutes
  • Israel: 500 Minutes

Fizz Review: Rewards Program

The Fizz rewards program can really help you in earning points and earn some great rewards. The rewards are based on levels. The more points you earn the higher your level will be. You are automatically enrolled in the Fizz rewards program the moment you sign up with Fizz.

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What Do You Get Rewards For?

You can get points for different actions and activities. One of the good things about the program is that if you are an active customer who is helping other customers at Fizz you automatically get rewarded for your loyalty. Some common activities to get rewards are:

  • Answering questions in the community hub of the Fizz customers
  • Referring to your friends
  • Using the Fizz regularly and earning points with time as the longer you are a customer the more points you will earn.

However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that you cannot gift your points to anyone. Similarly, you cannot redeem your points for cash. Moreover, If you are paying for someone else’s plan then they do not get the rewards points and cannot participate in the rewards program. The rewards program has different levels that you can profit from for being a loyal customer.

Levels Of Fizz's Rewards Program

Once you join the rewards program you automatically get enrolled into level 1. Each new level consists of different rewards. You can choose upgrades that you want for your plan and you can change the rewards every month depending on what you want. You can apply to get up to 3 upgrades to apply to you plan each month ensuring that you get the most from the program.

Some of the rewards you can get are free mobile data, dollar rebates on the plan of your mobile or both. Below is a list of sample rewards that you can get for reaching different levels. Note that these are just examples and you may get different choices to choose as rewards. There are 4 reward tiers mentioned on Fizz's website but I have just chosen 2 to give you a feel of what type of rewards you can get.

Level 1

This is the basic level of rewards that you get once you join Fizz. The rewards in this stage are a welcome gift for anyone joining Fizz.

  • You get 2 upgrades of 250 MB mobile data per month for your mobile plan.
  • $1 rebate on the monthly price of your Home internet plan applicable from the moment you sign up
  • 500 MB perk, that is usable just once.

Level 2

The second level of rewards is reached once you gain points in the rewards program. You can constantly monitor your levels via your Fizz mobile accounts. In the sections below I will also elicit how you can keep a record of different types of rewards and apply for them

  • 500 MB mobile data upgrade
  • $1 rebate on the monthly price of your Home internet plan

There are many other reward levels as well but the kind of rewards you get depends on your monthly plan and usage. There are 2 types of rewards namely, upgrades and perks. Let's have a closer look at them and see how you can use them to your advantage.

Fizz Rewards Wow!!

Distinction Between Upgrades & Perks

Every time you reach a new level you get the opportunity to get an upgrade or a perk. An upgrade is a long term reward that helps you boost your monthly plan every month. For instance, additional data or a monthly rebate on the price of your home internet plan. A perk is a one time benefit that you can use for a limited period of time.

More Details On Upgrades

Every upgrade that you get is valid for 2 years, starting from the day that you receive the option to use it. Note that this period starts from the time that you are given an option to use an upgrade and not from the time that you apply it to your monthly plan.

Each upgrade has 3 slots on which an upgrade can be applied. The number of unlocked slots ready to be applied or not depends on the level that you are in the rewards program. If you have more than one slot available you can choose multiple upgrades allowing you to take more advantage of the rewards available for you.

How To Apply For An Upgrade On Your Fizz Plan

The process to apply for an upgrade is very simple and below I have mentioned the step by step process to get an upgrade:

Step 1: Login To Your Account

Log in to your account and choose the overview option

Step 2: Click On My Rewards Level And Click On More Details

In the left column click on the summary where you can see your My Rewards level and click on it to see more details

Step 3: Select The Upgrade That You Want To Apply

Open the tab in the lower right-hand corner of your browser
Select the upgrade that you want to add and click on the apply option

A Short Case Study On Choosing Upgrades

Let's understand, through a simple example, of how you can apply an upgrade to your plan to maximize the value from your Fizz plan.

Alex really wants to talk to Anna but he's used most of his minutes and data. Alex goes to the upgrade option in his Fizz Account. He sees moving boxes below his plan. Now Alex can use these boxes to get upgrades. He sees a + sign in front of an option for 250 free SMS. Alex can apply this as an instant upgrade to this plan, but he does not want to message Anna, he wants to talk to her. He has another upgrade option of an upgrade for 500 minutes but he already has an upgrade of 100 minutes.

If Alex applies the 500 minute instead of the 100-minute one it will be applicable from the next month. Alex is in a quandary because he really wants to talk to Anna now and he has almost used all his minutes. Now he's frustrated when he sees another 2GB data upgrade and 4GB data upgrade. He sees a + sign in front of the 2GB upgrade and a lock sign in front of the 4GB upgrades. Alex knows that he has not earned the 4 GB upgrade yet but he can apply the 2 GB upgrade instantaneously and call Anna over Whatsapp. He applies the data package and thank's his stars that the data package had a + sign on it. If the package did not have a + sign on it then he would have had to wait a month for it to be applied to his package.

Fizz Review: Managing The Status Of Your Upgrades

In this section, I will illustrate how to manage the status of your upgrades to know if an upgrade is in use, applicable or expired.

  • Your upgrade is in use when you are currently using this upgrade every month. If you click on it, you will have the option to remove that upgrade from your plan.
  • You can choose to activate an upgrade, and it will be applied to your monthly plan from next month when it will show an active status.
  • An upgrade was active when you chose to remove it from your plan. This change will be implemented from the next month and until then the status of the upgrade will be shown as pending removal.
  • The Available status means that you can choose to activate your upgrade on your plan
  • You must have the service on your monthly plan so that you can enjoy an upgrade. For instance, you can only get an upgrade on mobile data if you have mobile data in your monthly plan.

Now that you have a clear view of using upgrades, let's have a look at perks and see how you can use them.

Details On Perks

Perks are one time rewards given to customers. They can include rewards like data or discounts at one of Fizz’s retail partners. Perks are applicable to your home internet or mobile packages. You can also get perks for services that you may not have in your plan. For instance, if you do not have data you may still be able to get free data perks. Perks have a limited life span and once the time period on a perk ends then it cannot be used any further.

We know that upgrades are not giftable, but how about perks? Keep reading to find out.

Are Perks Giftable To Other Fizz Member?

Some perks can be gifted to other Fizz users. However, if you gift a perk to someone and they do not use it in the allotted time period, it expires.

Fizz Review: How To Apply A Perk On Your Plan

The procedure to apply for perks is quite simple and similar to applying for upgrades:

Step 1: Login To Your Account And Choose The Overview Option

Log in with your username and password. Once inside choose the overview option.

Step 2: Choose The My Rewards Option And Click On ‘See Details'

In the left column of your webpage, click on the summary that shows you the status of your rewards. You can scroll down below your usage summary to My Rewards and click on See details to access the perks

Step 3: Click On The Perk You Want To Apply

Now click on the perk that you want to apply. Select Use to activate the perk, or tap on the gift to gift it to another Fizz member. If you want to use your perk yourself, select the plan on which you would like to apply it to. Your perk will be activated instantaneously.

Status Of Your Perks

As was the case with upgrades, there are instances when you can use a perk and instances when a perk is not applicable, lets have a look.

  • In use: This means that you are currently using a perk
  • Available: This means that you can activate a perk and use it instantaneously. You can also gift the perks to other members if that option is available
  • Expired: This means that you have already used a perk, gifted it to someone, or that you exceeded the allotted time to use it.

Apart from rewards you also get badges to commemorate your achievements. Let's have a look at badges and how they can benefit you.

Fizz Review: Badges

Badges highlight the milestones that you reach as you work through being an active member of the Fizz community. For instance, if you have been a loyal customer for a year you are likely to get a badge signifying the milestone. You can show off your badges in the community hub where customers help each other in answering queries regarding Fizz. Earning badges can help you get more rewards in the rewards program. There is no formal points scoring system but as you become a regular customer and active and regular member of the Fizz Community, you earn more and more rewards.

Often people wonder what happens to all their rewards when they subscribe. Lets have a look at what happens to your cool perks once you unsubscribe from Fizz.

What Happens When You Unsubscribe?

Once you unsubscribe from Fizz you lose your rewards and lose all upgrades and perks. However, you can transfer some of your perks to your friends and family before you unsubscribe so as not to lose them.

Summary Of Our Fizz Review: Is Fizz Right For You?

If you are someone that is looking for a flexible mobile contract that is easily flexible and that you can customize every month to your needs, then you should definitely choose Fizz. Fizz is really good at being economical and flexible so you can alter your mobile plan every month according to your usage and requirements. The rewards program by Fizz is a good one as it allows you to get upgrades and perks to reward you for your loyalty to the mobile phone service. If you are someone who enjoys the flexibility and does not enjoy long term contracts then joining Fizz is the right step for you.

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