How To Get Kiabi Clothing Shipped To Canada

July 18, 2020
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Shipping your purchases from Kiabi to Canada used to be a hassle, but not anymore. This post lays out a dead-simple process for getting your order from Kiabi—or any other European retailer—shipped right to your doorstep in Canada with zero trouble and minimal fees.

Kiabi is a leading French clothing retailer launched by Patrick Mulliez in 1978. Mulliez’s first store, in Roncq, opened with the intention to offer affordable high fashion for families. In the decades since, Kiabi has widened its market share by establishing an international presence and expanding its product offering. Today, Kiabi offers gorgeous affordable and fashionable clothes for women, men and kids, all at reasonable prices.

Apart from its traditional collections of activewear and leisure, evening and loungewear, Kiabi also offers apparel for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as plus sizes for adults and kids.

Does Kiabi Ship to Canada?

No, Kiabi does not ship to Canada, but I’ve designed a process for getting any Kiabi order shipped to Canada with zero headaches. Here’s that process, explained step-by-step.

How To Get Kiabi Orders Shipped To Canada

Since Kiabi doesn’t ship to Canada directly, you need to use a package forwarder: a warehouse in Europe that will accept your Kiabi package and forward it on to you in Canada. Here’s how to make it work.

Step 1: Choose A Package Forwarder

Choosing the right package forwarder is a big deal, because that decision will determine how quickly you get your clothing, and how much you have to pay for the service. I spent many hours doing some deep research on eight different package forwarders, scoring each of them on a wide variety of relevant metrics. Here are five of the main metrics I looked at:

  • Service Fees: How much do they charge to provide their core service of accepting and shipping packages, plus ancillary services such as long-term storage, re-packing, package consolidation, and more.
  • Monthly/Annual Fees: How much do they charge in monthly or annual fees, if at all.
  • Pricing Transparency: How much do I know about their pricing structure before sending an order to their warehouse.
  • Speed: How quickly will they process my package.
  • Customer Service: How satisfied are other users with their service, and how thoroughly/quickly do they respond to my questions.

After reviewing the data I collected on these and other metrics, it became clear to me that Planet Express was the best choice. Their customer service team responded to my emails quickly and thoroughly, they have thousands of 5-star reviews online, and their fees were consistently lower than all of the other package forwarders I looked at.

Planet Express Canada
The Planet Express homepage

Here are a few other things I like about Planet Express:

  • Planet Express has a tax-free warehouse in Oregon, so you can avoid paying sales tax on any orders coming from the USA.
  • Planet Express will consolidate multiple packages into a single box, saving you a significant amount on shipping when you make multiple purchases.
  • Planet Express sends you free photos of your package as soon as it arrives at their warehouse.
  • Planet Express offers extremely cheap storage for your packages. Every package receives 10 days of free storage, but after that, Planet Express only charges one cent per pound per day. That means storing 1 lb of clothing in their warehouse for a month would only cost you $0.30!

Step 2: Ship Your Kiabi Order To Planet Express 

As soon as you’ve signed up for Planet Express, you’ll receive a unique mailing address at their warehouse. Once you find the clothing you like, just enter your Planet Express mailing address instead of your home mailing address and you’re all set.

Step 3: Forward Your Package

As soon as your Kiabi order arrives at Planet Express’ warehouse, they’ll send you photos of the package to let you know it’s arrived. You’ll also be given a series of shipping options to choose from. I find that there’s generally at least 4 shipping options corresponding to 4 different price-speed combinations. Sometimes there can be as many as 10 or more shipping options—it just depends on the weight and size of your package.

Planet Express Shipping Options Canada
Four of the shipping options I was presented with for my order. There were much faster shipping options available as well, but I chose a slower, cheaper option, since I wasn’t in a rush.

My Personal Experience Shipping Kiabi Clothing To Canada

I’ve used Planet Express a handful of times to ship Kiabi clothing to Canada, and the experience has always been very smooth. Here’s how things went the last time I did it.

First, I found the clothing I wanted on In this case, a white knit T-shirt.

Second, I had my shirt shipped to my unique address at the Planet Express warehouse in the UK. Less than 24 hours later, I received an email from Planet Express letting me know that it had arrived. This remarkable speed is partly due to Kiabi’s extremely fast shipping, and partly due to Planet Express’ extremely fast processing. Some of the other package forwarders I tested took 2-3 days to process my incoming packages, so this is very quick.

Third, I filled in Planet Express’ super-easy customs declaration form with the four pieces of information required:

  1. The item being shipped: “Clothing”
  2. The number of items: “1”
  3. The value of the item: “$50”
  4. Whether the item contains batteries: “No” 
Planet Express Customs Declaration Canada

Then I chose the shipping option I wanted from a list of eight. Prices ranged from $6-$35 USD, plus insurance at an additional $2 USD, so I chose the cheapest one ($8 USD, including the insurance), and I was done. My clothing was shipped out later that same day. When they arrived, I didn’t have to pay duties upon arrival, and the clothing was in perfect shape.

The Costs

In my experience, the price I paid ($6 USD + $2 USD in insurance) is pretty standard for shipping Kiabi items to Canada with Planet Express. I’ve never had to pay any import taxes or duties on my orders, though it’s possible that you’ll have to, especially if you’re placing a particularly large order. Generally, if your order is worth less than $60 CAD (and Kiabi has many items for sale for less than $60), you won’t need to pay any import taxes or duties when importing your items to Canada. In the case that you do, the most you should have to pay is your province’s GST or HST.

In Summary

Overall, shipping Kiabi clothing to Canada using Planet Express is extremely easy and smooth. The costs are low, and in my experience, you might actually end up saving money, since Kiabi’s prices can be much lower than those of Canadian retailers. If you’re shopping on, or any other retailer that only ships to Europe, I highly suggest making use of Planet Express.

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