KnowRoaming: An Alternative To Costly International Roaming

March 31, 2020
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KnowRoaming represents an easy solution to the problem of getting by with a mobile data plan while traveling abroad. Their main product is a sticker that embeds on your SIM card, letting you browse the internet at better rates than what your local phone provider can offer. Although it’s not cheaper than acquiring a foreign SIM card, it’s a good alternative.

In this article we’ll review KnowRoaming, their products, their prices, their coverage, and if they’re really worth it.

What Is KnowRoaming?

KnowRoaming is a great choice for world travelers who don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on their mobile data plan. Their main product is a computer-chip-embedded sticker that sticks to your phone’s SIM card, giving it access to the local networks of the country you find yourself in.  They also offer regular SIM cards and scannable SIM codes for eSIM-ready phones like the Google Pixel 3 as well as newer iPhone models.

This is great for travelers because it has cheaper data plans than what phone stores abroad offer. It’s also simple and pretty straightforward to use. 

You Should Use KnowRoaming If…

  • You’re constantly traveling and need internet wherever you go.
  • You want to save money on roaming plans.
  • You want access to a 4G connection everywhere you go.

How To Use KnowRoaming

The way to use KnowRoaming is straightforward. These steps will make sure you’re fully set for your travels.

1.) Apply the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker or insert the Global SIM Card.
2.) Download the KnowRoaming app via Google Play or the App Store.

3.) Register your account using the KnowRoaming App (For Windows Mobile and Android Tablet users go to our web app at

4.) Load your account with credit using the KnowRoaming App > select “Tap to Reload” and follow steps.

5.) Setup ReachMe to receive your calls abroad, if available for your home country. (This is an option for SIM Sticker Accounts).

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Easily track your usage Compatibility issues with some phones
Pay-per-service Data rates can get pricey depending on the country
Automatic call forwarding when abroad  
Utilize free USA number  

KnowRoaming vs. Your Local Sim Card

The question remains: is KnowRoaming a better choice than your regular SIM card when traveling? Well, it depends on one big factor: How long you’re staying.

Basically, if you’re constantly traveling from place to place in the world, KnowRoaming is your best option because their rates are lower than what most roaming plans offered by local Canadian providers. It also means you will not waste time setting up a new SIM each time you travel from place to place.

However, if you’re staying for a long period of time in a foreign country then yes, a local SIM card is better. The time and money you spend buying and setting it up are greatly compensated because the rates will be lower than even KnowRoaming. You still may run into some compatibility issues depending on your phone, but this rarely happens.

KnowRoaming Products

KnowRoaming offers the following travel SIM options:

  • Travel SIM Card – $9.99
  • Travel SIM Sticker – $29.99
  • Travel SIM Sticker Replacement – $14.99


  • Save up to 85% off international voice and data roaming
  • Roam in 200+ countries and territories
  • Enjoy high-speed 4G LTE 3G data

KnowRoaming Plans 

KnowRoaming sells three unlimited global plans that work across the world. They top out at 7 days, so if you’re going on a longer trip you’ll have to re-up. 

KnowRoaming Global SIM Plans

Plan Data Duration Price
Global SIM Card Unlimited 7 days $22.99
Global Unlimited Data Unlimited 3 days $9.99
Global SIM Sticker Unlimited 7 days $34.99

In addition to these offerings, KnowRoaming sells a variety of plans for eSIM compatible devices. All of these plans are good for 30 days. 

KnowRoaming eSIM Plans

Plan For Data Price
Europe 1GB $9.99
Europe 5GB $39.99
Asia 1GB $9.99
Asia 5GB $39.99
Singapore 1GB $6.99
Singapore 5GB $29.99
Israel 1GB $6.99
Israel 5GB $29.99

Things You Should Know Before Using KnowRoaming

1.- Your phone needs to be unlocked: This is expected, in order to be able to use the sticker or the SIM card, your phone needs to be unlocked from its carrier.

2.- You get no unlimited texts or calls: The only unlimited thing that KnowRoaming offers is its data plans. Texts and calls costs may differ depending on which country you’re in.

3.- The unlimited data plans are limited to 7 days: This is particularly frustrating to some, especially when traveling for longer periods. If you plan using KnowRoaming for longer, you may have to pay for an extra 7 days.

4.- You can use Knowroaming with your eSIM: What this basically means is that if you have an eSIM-ready device like a Google Pixel 3 or iPhone XS, all you have to do is scan a code to get going with KnowRoaming.

5.- You can use KnowRoaming on your phone or tablet however: KnowRoaming is not compatible with:

  • CDMA SIM Cards (Sprint/Verizon)
  • NFC Tap Payment
  • Cut SIM Cards

How Long Does Credit On KnowRoaming Last?

Whichever credit you prepay on KnowRoaming will last for up to nine months and every time you reload your account, your balance will be carried forward and the credit will again be available for nine months, counting from the date of the most recent account reload.

Can I Get Phone Numbers From Other Countries?

Yes, you can. Each additional number can range from $3 to $12.50 USD per month depending on the country. Having a local number for the specific country you’re in allows you to contact services and people with much more ease. This lets you and the people calling you to save on long-distance fees.

* – Countries that require proof of address.

Numbers are offered in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Chile, Spain, South Africa among others. You can check the full list here.

Knowroaming LTE Coverage map

In the map provided by Knowroaming, you can see which countries have LTE/4G coverage. In some countries, the connection will vary according to which zone you’re visiting so you may experience slower data speeds. As for countries that have yet to have LTE coverage, 3G data roaming is offered.

Knowroaming coverage map

Countries with 4G LTE coverage include Albania, Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Japan, United States, among others. Check the full list here.

Knowroaming and WhatsApp

Knowroaming offers free Whatsapp data usage for eligible registered accounts. Any data usage like text, images and voice, and video calling is free for a 30 day period following the date of an account credit purchase in the app.

Once that period is over, you can buy more credits for the prepaid account an keep using Whatsapp without paying for the data consumed here. However, if the client doesn’t buy more credit, the data usage from Whatsapp will be deducted from the customer’s prepaid account balance. Multiple account credits purchases in the app can occur within the 30-day period and they do not result in cumulative 30 day periods of free Whatsapp data usage.

The Bottom Line

With very competitive rates in comparison to phone carriers and a user-friendly interface, KnowRoaming is a great choice for those who travel and need internet access while on the go. Its worldwide coverage is great and while it’s certainly not the cheapest option, it’s easier than buying a local SIM-card for each place you arrive at, especially for countries that ask you for proof of address to get it.

Have you ever used KnowRoaming while traveling? Tell us about your experience with it! We would love to hear from you.

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