Traveler Spotlight: Lisa from Toronto

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Traveler Spotlight: Lisa from Toronto

After posting our first Traveler Spotlight featuring Jenn's $750 roundtrip to Ireland, Spain, and Italy, a lot of the Yore Oyster community was asking us how they can go on a trip like Jenn's. Yet out of all the questions we received, two of the most common were distinctly different than the rest:

    1.    Can I still create a great trip if I only have a few days available to travel? (Hint: absolutely!)
    2.    How can I plan my trip by myself? (Hint: read below!)

These are great questions, so we're going to answer them with today's Traveler Spotlight: Lisa.

How to Plan a Cheap Weekend Getaway

Lisa originally reached out to us to help her plan a trip this January. She was open to a few different destinations, but she also told us there's something extra special about this trip: it's for her birthday.

We loved the idea of planning a birthday getaway for her, so we had our experts put together a few birthday-worthy options. Before we got back to her with our ideas, though, Lisa had booked a trip to New Orleans by herself! But here's the catch: she booked the two tickets at two very different prices. The first roundtrip was $481, and the second was just $117.

So how did Lisa save 75% on her second ticket to New Orleans?
  1. Lisa spent five minutes getting her American Express Business Gold Rewards Card (first year free) and Aeroplan Card. The American Express comes with 25,000 travel points which, when you convert them 1:1 into Aeroplan Miles, is enough for a roundtrip flight anywhere in Canada/USA. Nice!

  2. Using the list of recommended airlines on page 7 of our Quick Start Guide, Lisa was able to drop the fuel surcharge on her flights, saving hundreds of dollars more.

  3. Lisa is gearing up for the last step, which is just a few short months away: an amazing birthday getaway to beautiful New Orleans!

So if you want to book your own trip like Lisa's while paying a fraction of the regular price, the two maps below display prices for easy-to-reach destinations from both Vancouver and Toronto. If you live elsewhere, no problem; prices are similar from other Canadian cities, so let your imagination run wild!

Roundtrips from Toronto

Roundtrips from Vancouver

Ready for your own getaway? Get the Yore Oyster Quick Start Guide below.


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