More Rewards: Get More Groceries For Less

April 30, 2020
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More Rewards is a loyalty program limited to the residents of Western Canada, B.C. in particular. Their main partners are Save-On-Food, alongside Price Smart, and Urban Fare.

In so many words, More Rewards makes saving on groceries and travel very simple and convenient. The best part of the program is saving on groceries, which makes it ideal for people with big families. Apart from that, More Rewards also makes it easier to save money on travel, making it a good option as well for world travellers to consider.

More Rewards offer a way to save money on groceries, it works with Save-On-Foods. Every time you make a purchase at Save-On-Foods or at any other More Rewards retail partner, you earn points, you can then redeem those points for rewards like groceries, travel and other useful prices. All in all, it’s a convenient way to get some added value from your regular purchases.

What Is More Rewards?

More Rewards is a loyalty program, it’s limited to the residents of Western Canada, B.C. in particular. That’s because the program’s main retail partner is Save-On-Food. Save-On-Foods is a chain of supermarkets located across Western Canada.

How Does More Rewards Work?

More Rewards works in a pretty straightforward and easy to understand way. More Rewards makes saving money easier than ever. It works something like this, you get a More Rewards membership, then whenever you buy something you earn points. Now “points” is an important part of More Rewards. When you buy something you earn points, you can then redeem those points for groceries, travel and gift cards. You can even use your points to get free Vancouver Canucks tickets or to make charitable donations.

How Can You Earn More Rewards Points?

When you buy something at Save-On-Foods, Price Smart, or Urban Fare stores, if you show your More Rewards card you’ll earn points. How many points you earn depends on how much you spend. You can then redeem those points for a variety of day to day necessities like groceries, travel, gift cards, and even Vancouver Canucks tickets.

Saving through More Reward points depends on how much you spend. The more you spend, the more points you earn, the more points you earn, the more money you save.

Here’s the complete list of More Rewards partners where you can put More Rewards to practice.

  • Save-On-Foods
  • Coast Hotels
  • More Rewards Insurance
  • More Rewards Travel
  • Oxygen Yoga & Fitness
  • Petro-Canada
  • Urban Fare
  • Price Smart Foods
  • Accent Inns
  • Speedy Auto Glass
  • The Jim Pattison Auto Group
  • Panago
  • com
  • Vancouver Hino Truck Sales

When you’re shopping at the Save-On-Foods stores or the partner stores, you earn one point for every dollar you spend but luckily there are several ways you can earn bonus points. For example, Save-On-Foods has a weekly VIP coupon which is worth lots of points which you can take advantage of and earn lots of bonus points. Apart from that, they also offer bonus points on lots of other items.

Earning More Points With VIP Coupons

VIP coupons offer substantial bonus points when shopping in-store or online. You can access these coupons through :

  • Weekly printed flyers on select weeks.
  • Save-On_foods app coupon section. The app can easily be downloaded from the app store or google play for both iPhone and Android, respectively.
  • Save-On-Foods weekly email. That will be delivered to your inbox once you’re signed up.

Product Bonus Points

Each week various products throughout grocery partners offer additional points earning opportunities. Check the weekly emails if you’re up for those.

Can You Earn More Reward Points With a Credit Card?

More Rewards used to have an affiliate credit card but unfortunately, Scotia Bank recently discontinued the more rewards, Visa Card, leaving the loyalty program with no affiliate credit card. So More Rewards program doesn’t have a credit card of its own that you could earn points with on daily purchases, in addition to your More Rewards loyalty card.

In the table below you’ll find an outline of a few credit cards that you could use to earn great rewards with, at any location where More Rewards services are within reach, like grocery stores.

Credit CardWelcome BonusEarn RatesAnnual FeeApply Here
American Express Cobalt Card 2,500 MR points every month you charge at least $500 to the card for a total of up to 30,000 MR points 5 points per $1 on groceries and restaurants
2 points per $1 on travel, transit, and gas
1 point per $1 on all other purchases
Annual fee of $120, charged out as $10 per month
Apply Now
Scotiabank Gold American ExpressUp to 30,000 SR points 5 points per $1 on groceries, restaurants, and entertainment
3 points per $1 on gas, transit, and select streaming services
1 point per $1 on all other purchases
• $120
• $79 if the cardholder is above 65 years old
Apply Now
TD Cash Back Visa Infinite6% earn rate 3% cashback on gas, groceries, and recurring bills
1% cashback on all other purchases
Annual fee of $120, annual fee, rebate in the first year
Apply Now

How Can You Redeem More Rewards?

There are a lot of convenient and lucrative options to redeem your points. Some are better than others, relatively speaking. Travel, for example, seems to be the place where the CPP value (Cents Per Point) is highest, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the option for everyone. To really take advantage of this you’d have to be a frequent flyer.

When it comes to redeeming your More Reward points for travel, you’ll earn .42 CPP. For most people, the best option is redeeming points for groceries. The CPP value for groceries is not the highest but when you think about how often we spend groceries, it makes a lot of sense and seems to be the best use of More Rewards, for most people.

More Rewards Redemption Options

  • .58 CPP – Vancouver Canucks tickets
  • .42 CPP – More Rewards Travel
  • .23 CPP – Travel on BC Ferries
  • .16-.45 CPP – Gift Cards (Various retailers)
  • .20 CPP – Save-On-Foods discounts
  • .20 Charitable donations

Save-on-Foods Discounts

For the most part, More Rewards is designed for people who spend a lot on groceries, More Rewards makes it very convenient to save some extra cash on groceries by rewarding you with points which you can then turn into free groceries. Every time you make a purchase at one of the More Rewards retail partners like Save-On-Foods and show your More Rewards membership card at the checkout, you’ll be rewarded with points and once you have enough points, you can redeem those points for free groceries. The table below shows some examples, to give you a better idea of how it works.

ItemsDiscounted Or FreeSavingsPoints RequiredPoints Value (in cents)
300 g Tim Hortons Coarse Grind CoffeeDiscounted$0.502500.200
1 L Western Family Pineapple JuiceDiscounted$1.305000.260
1 L Perrier Carbonated WaterDiscounted$1.406000.233
250 mL Kraft Ranch DressingDiscounted$1.507500.200
1.89 L Minute Maid LemonadeDiscounted$1.708000.213
1.89 L Nestle Iced TeaDiscounted$1.708000.213
910 mL Hunt’s Tomato SauceDiscounted$1.791,0000.179
475 mL Kraft Miracle WhipDiscounted$1.801,0000.180
500 g Jif Peanut ButterDiscounted$3.001,5000.200
12 Large EggsFree$2.991,8000.166
454 g Western Family ButterFree$3.992,8000.143
1 kg Western Family Shredded Mozzarella CheeseDiscounted$6.003,0000.200

More Rewards Travel

Most of us wish we had more time to travel. More Rewards makes travelling very convenient. You can redeem More Rewards points for almost anything travel-related. Like Flights, vacation packages, hotels, etc. With travel the exchange rate is .42 CPP, making it one of the best options you can redeem More Reward points for. You can book travel online, or by calling their 1-800 number.

Redeeming More Rewards for Ice Hockey Tickets

Another option is redeeming your points for Vancouver Canucks tickets, especially for hockey fans. When it comes to Vancouver Canucks tickets, the net is .58 CPP. Which means the exchange rate is .58 Cents Per Point or .58 CPP. More Rewards provide a number of regular-season games to select from. This is a great redemption option if you’re a big fan of the Canucks, but there are only a limited number of games available with no Saturday night games and no games featuring other Canadian teams besides the Ottawa Senators.

Travel on BC Ferries With More Rewards

You can also redeem More Rewards points for a ride on BC Ferries though you’ll need a lot of points to take any significant advantage of this option. You can redeem 7,200 points for a voucher which is equal to 1 Adult, one-way fare. 7,500 points and 45 dollars for a vehicle and passenger one-way fare (partial redemption).

Redeeming More Rewards for Gift Cards

You can also redeem More Rewards points for free gift cards. Here’s a table with the current rates.

Gift CardPoints Required
$15 gift card 9,000
$20 gift card 12,000
$25 gift card 15,000
$50 gift card 30,000

Naturally, if you shop a lot at Save-On-Foods, More Rewards is a decent option for you to consider. Apart from earning 1 point per every dollar spent, you can get customized offers, with customized offers you can earn extra points for purchasing certain products. To see the offers, first, go to the More Rewards home page and click on “My Offers”. That’ll take you to the Save-On-Foods website to see your customized offers.

Making Charitable Donation With More Rewards

You can donate to a charity of your choice with More Rewards points. All you have to do is tell the cashier at any Save-On-Foods store how many points you would like to donate. Save-On-Food will contribute $2 for every 1000 points. Here’s a list of the charities that are supported.

  • BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba
  • Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is There A Cost To Join The Program?

No, the program is absolutely free.

Q. How Do I Join?

There are two simple ways to join:

To Join Online :

The “Join Now” button at the end of the post will take you to the registration page and from there ‘Sign up for a new card.’ Then follow the prompts on screen. You’ll receive a temporary card that you can print out until your permanent More Rewards membership card arrives, which takes about 2-3 weeks.

To Join Instore at a Grocery Partner :

Go to any local Save-On-Foods, PriceSmart Foods or Urban Fare location to sign up for the program. You’ll receive a More Rewards membership card right away.

If you’re unable to sign up online or visit a location nearby, you can contact their Customer Service at 1-800-242-9229.

Q. What Is The Alternative To Presenting The Physical Card When I Shop At A Grocery Partner?

Save-On-Foods has its own app which you can download FOR EITHER Android or IOS. Apart from that, you can also use your phone number to receive savings notifications and earn points, however, you won’t be able to redeem points using your phone number.

Q. How Do I Check How Many Points I Have?

There are three ways you can check how many points you have at a particular moment:

To Check Online :

Once you have registered for a More Rewards online account, you can check your account balance, update your account, view your transaction history, and sign up for emails on the official More Rewards website.

To Check At More Rewards Grocery Partners :

When you present your More Rewards card at the register of one of the More Rewards grocery partners, you can check how many points you have at the bottom end of your receipt when it is handed over to you.

On the Save-On-Foods App:

If your More Rewards card is synced with the Save-On-Foods app, click ‘My Summary’, there you can check your account balance.

Q. Can I Pool My Points With Other More Rewards Members Or Link Cards As A Household?

Yes, members living in the same household can link their cards together. To do so, you’ll have to visit your local Save-On-foods, PriceSmart Food or Urban Fare, since a signature will be needed from both cardholders. Keep in mind that if in the future the cards need to be unlinked, the points will be distributed equally between both the members, regardless of who contributed how much at the start.

Who Should Consider More Rewards?

More Rewards is a great option but like all services, some people can take advantage of it more than others. Generally, the most useful part of More Rewards would have to be saving on groceries. It’s one of the best options for people who spend a lot on groceries at Save-On-Foods, Price Smart or Urban Fare. More Rewards is also a great option for world travellers, if you travel a lot, for leisure or for work, More Rewards offers pretty satisfying savings on travelling-related rewards, so it’s a great option for you to consider. And lastly, if you’re a big hockey fan and would like to save some extra bucks, it’s a decent option for you to consider as well.

So if you are someone who spends a lot of money at Save-On-Foods or any of the other partnered retail stores, taking advantage of More Rewards should be a no-brainer. More than that, it saves a lot of time and on top of that, you get to save money. It’s going to puzzle the person who said, “Time is money.” Saving some extra bucks never hurts, saving them with no effort is a steal.

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