Nielsen Homescan: Is It Really Worth It?

April 14, 2020
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Nielsen Homescan is part of the Nielsen company, the information and consumer behavior data company that works in various companies across the world, including Canada. In this article we’re going to take a look at this giant company, their program, how you can earn money by scanning things you buy on your everyday basis, and if it’s worth it for you to try it.

Can you imagine getting rewarded for scanning things you already need to buy anyways? Well, that’s the whole premise behind Nielsen Homescan, and what it offers to anyone willing to sign up for their program.

What Is Nielsen Homescan?

Before we can talk about Nielsen Homescan, let’s talk a bit about its parent company, Nielsen. This enterprise is an American data and information corporation that works in various countries around the world. Their business focuses on gathering data from consumers and then selling that information to other companies.

Nielsen is listed as the biggest research firm in the world. So, you might be wondering, how do they do this? And what do I get out of it?

That’s where Nielsen Homescan comes in. Nielsen has different names for the same program around the world (for example, in the U.S it is called The National Consumer Panel), but they’re all about the same thing: understanding what you buy, how much, how often, and why.

With Nielsen Homescan the company can get better data, while Canadians can earn points by scanning the barcodes of products they buy on their day-to-day lives. These points can then be redeemed for merchandise, including everything from home & garden gear to fancy electronics.

How Does Nielsen Homescan Work?

The way Nielsen Homescan gathers information is very simple. The company is constantly recruiting what they call “panelists”, meaning regular people like you and me, who can give them access to their shopping data.

They gather data through their scanners -which you get once you are part of the Nielsen Homescan program- and then analyze said data so they can provide to brands, retailers, supermarkets and more about consumer behavior. Of course, you do get rewarded for doing that.

This brings us to the next point: Nielsen Homescan is a way to earn money from home without doing much effort, and this is how.

How To Join The Nielsen Homescan Program

You can join their program directly through their website. They will ask you to fill out a form and submit it. Once that’s done you’ll simply fill in your household information and send it as well. If a spot on the panel becomes available and you’re approved, Nielsen will directly contact you and a scanner will be sent your way.

Start Earning With Nielsen Homescan Canada

Believe it or not, Nielsen Homescan offers different opportunities for you to make money while you shop. Although scanning products is the most famous -and popular one- there are actually various options you can choose from.

#1: Scanning Items

The best and fastest way to earn money with Nielsen Homescan is to sign up for their scanning program. After doing this, you’ll earn points by scanning the barcode on whatever you buy.

Of course, first you’ll have to sign up for the program and wait for them to send you a handheld scanner so you can start. Keep in mind, you will also have the option to use their mobile app to scan your products since the scanner isn’t available everywhere at the moment.

To put it simply, you go and make your regular shopping trips. Come back home, scan the barcodes, and for every barcode you scan, you’ll accumulate points that you can redeem for a reward later on. That’s it.

#2: Paid Surveys

Although Nielsen Homescan is well known for their scanning program, they also have paid surveys you can do to earn extra money.

Every once in a while, they send surveys to their panelists to fill up so they can earn points. These surveys are not sent very often, but if you qualified for them, you’ll get one at least every month.

The way it works is very simple, much like any other online survey. You answer a set of qualifying questions, then take the survey, and once you complete it, you’ll get rewarded with either points or sweepstakes entries.

#3: Weekly Diaries

If you don’t feel like scanning items or don’t want to do surveys, you can sign up for weekly diaries. 

Much like with the rest, you’ll have to qualify for them. But once you do, you’ll start to write down everything you bought for the week down, like a journal.

Unlike the other options, where you earn points you can later redeem. If you qualify for this one, you’ll receive a prepaid Visa Card via mail.

#4: Sweepstakes

Last, but not least, you have the option to earn sweepstakes. Nielsen Homescan Canada holds weekly, monthly and yearly sweepstakes.

This is not as good as a steady reward since what you’ll earn will directly depend on luck. But it can be good to try.

How Much Can I Get?

We know the big question here is “how much can I earn with Nielsen Homescan?” well, you can’t physically earn cash with this program, but you can get other things instead.

Like we said before, you earn points for every barcode you scan, but the truth is, not every barcode is “worth” the same. So, how many points you can earn per barcode will depend on how much it’s worth.

You should take into consideration that it takes time for you to accumulate enough points to redeem them and start receiving rewards. Think about this program as a small side gig, and don’t expect it to earn quick.

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So, How Do You Get Paid?

Like we mentioned above, Nielsen Homescan uses a point system, both for scanning or taking surveys. 

You can redeem these points for the merchandise once you have enough, and you have plenty of products to choose from. You can pick anything from electronics to jewelry, home gear and more. Of course, you will receive it via mail directly to your door.

As to earning cash, the closest thing you can get with Nielsen Homescan is the prepaid Visa. You get this only when you finish your week-long diary. But that’s the only way, there isn’t a real way to earn cash on this program.

In Summary: Is The Nielsen Homescan Worth It?

The short answer is yes, Nielsen Homescan Canada does work. it’s a legitimate way to earn money with little effort while doing the same purchase you always do. Now, this shouldn’t be considered a steady income of money, because it isn’t. 

We recommend you to sign up for Nielsen Homescan if you’re looking for a way to earn income from home, over time, be able to get merchandise for doing your everyday shopping.

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