Best Online Will In Canada: Which Online Will Should You Choose?

June 2, 2021
Epilogue Wills landing page

Online will companies have been battling it out in Canada since the arrival of new competitors in the market. We believe Epilogue Wills to be the best online will service to date, but in specific scenarios, it can be outclassed by other services on their own rights.

We'll be dissecting how Epilogue Wills, Willful,, and all fare against each other and where they stand out the most.

However, for the average user, Epilogue Wills offers the most comprehensive service out of the bunch, given the lawyer-quality documents they produce.

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Making a will is a topic that rarely anyone likes to talk about. Whether that’s thanks to the perceived complexity of the process or the weirdness of talking about your passing, it can’t be denied that most Canadians feel the same way towards it.

However, wills are useful, if not necessary, tools for securing that all of your assets are given to the right people, your loved ones. Besides, with the new wave of online will companies, they have been made a lot easier, quicker and cheaper to make.

So, don't go visiting a lawyer just yet, since you can probably save hundreds of dollars just by using one of these online will companies. In this post, we’ll cover the top online will companies in Canada and compare them side by side to find which one might best suit your case.

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What Is The Best Online Will Service In Canada?

Before we start breaking down all of the most popular online will services in Canada, here’s a table summarizing the most important features of each one so you get a better idea:

Online Will CompanyPrice of Individual WillPrice of Will + Power Of Attorney (Living Will)Unlimited Free Updates For a Will?How Many Regions is it Available In?How Many Types Of Documents Does It Offer?
Epilogue Wills$139$179YesOT, AB, MB, SK and BC4, Individual and Living Wills + Mirror and Living Mirror Wills
Willful$99$149 (or $125 for more than 1 will)YesOT, AB, SK, NS, MB, NB, BC and QC2, Individual + Living Wills$39.95$89.95No, only free to update before 1st year has passedAll of Canada5, Will, Mirror Wills, Power of Attorney, Living Will and Expatriate Will$59$137No, after 1st year passes, users will need to pay a yearly fee to keep editingAll of Canada4, Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will and Pet Will

Now we’ll proceed to break down each online will company individually:

Epilogue Wills

Best For Legal-Quality Wills And Versatility


Epilogue Wills is a startup that was founded back in 2019. Its service consists of an online platform where users can sign up and create a completely legal online will in 20 minutes or less.

It’s been garnering a fanbase for how easy the process is to complete and how in-depth its documents are. Epilogue Wills is the company that will create documents of the same quality, or even better than a lawyer would. This is thanks to the background of Epilogue Wills’s creators, two former estate planning lawyers that developed the platform according to their experiences.

Out of the new startup companies making online wills accessible in Canada, Epilogue Wills is the most versatile one, offering up to 4 different types of wills. This means that Epilogue is the company that can adapt to most situations for each Canadian, especially if you and your loved one want to make a will together.


Epilogue Will’s platform is available on their website. From there, users can sign up and start creating their online wills extremely quickly. The most prominent features that you’ll find for making a will are:

  • Creating your first will only takes 20 minutes.
  • Wills start at $139.
  • You can get individual or mirror (couples) wills.
  • You can get powers of attorney (PoA) and living wills as well.
  • Epilogue can send your will over mail for a small fee if you can’t print it.
  • Users can edit their wills for however long they like for free.
  • The platform is extremely intuitive and easy to use, helping you create a will without any prior thoughts.
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Epilogue Wills offers 4 distinct types of wills that change according to the services offered. Here’s how they’re different from each other:

1.- Individual Will Only:

  • Costs $139.
  • Customizable will according to your needs (within reason).
  • It's a completely legal will.
  • Includes affidavit of execution.
  • Users can specify funeral and burial wishes.
  • Includes detailed instructions for signing.
  • Can be edited for free for life.

2.- Individual Will + PoA (and Living Will):

  • Costs $179.
  • Same benefits as the individual will.
  • Access to appointing someone to handle your finances if you become incapacitated (PoA).
  • Access to appointing someone to make health care decisions if you become incapacitated (living will).
Epilogue Wills individual pricing

3.- Mirror Will Only:

  • Costs $229.
  • Same Benefits as Individual Will.
  • Two wills that mirror each other and account for the death of a single or both partners.

4.- Mirror Will + PoA (and Living Will):

  • Costs $289.
  • Same Benefits as Will + PoA (and Living Will).
  • Two wills that mirror each other and account for the death of a single or both partners.
Epilogue Wills Mirror Pricing
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Of all the online will companies in Canada, Epilogue Wills has the narrowest availability, and is only available in the following 5 provinces:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan

However, Epilogue Wills has announced that they will start increasing their availability to other provinces in Canada. We’ll update that list as soon as that happens.


Best For Quick And Low-Cost Wills

Willful Review: How to Make a Will Online in Canada

Willful was founded back in 2017, which means that it predates Epilogue Wills by 2 years. The legal tech startup’s goal has always been to offer the quickest way to create wills online and at the lowest possible prices.

Willful’s team is not comprised of lawyers, but rather of a technological startup that paired up with lawyers that have decades of experience. This led to a heavy focus on the construction and integrity of Willful’s platform as a whole, making it extremely solid and easy to use.

However, Willful’s focus is simply on presenting the quickest and simplest way to create a will online, which makes it lack a bit in terms of versatility. Still, it’s probably the online will company with the most solid platform of them all.

On that same note, here are Willful’s most important features:


  • Wills can be created in 20 minutes or less.
  • Individual will starts at $99.
  • Users can also get PoA and living wills.
  • No lawyer required.
  • Over 50,000 customers helped.
  • Will templates are constantly revised and updated by lawyers with decades of experience.
  • Solid and beginner-friendly platform.
  • Wills can be edited anytime you like for free.


In very short terms, Willful only offers 2 types of wills, simple last wills, and will + PoA and living will. It does not offer mirror wills. Here’s how the prices go:

1.- The Essentials (Individual Will)

  • Costs $99.
  • Unlimited free editing to your will.
  • Somewhat customizable.
  • A completely legal document.

2.- Premium (Will + PoA and Living Will)

  • Costs $149.
  • Same benefits as “The Essentials”.
  • Includes power of attorney.
  • Includes living will.

3.- Family (Premium with discounts for more than 1 will)

  • Costs $125 (16% discount)
  • Same benefits as “Premium”
  • Discount applies from 2 to 6 wills.
Willful pricing


Willful is available in 7 Canadian provinces:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan

Willful is always looking to expand its reach, which means that before anyone notices it can expand to other if not all regions in Canada. However, the fact that its wills are done automatically means that it still has some problems to deal with when it comes to specific region regulations.

Cheapest Option For Wills That Won’t Be Edited Too Much

Legalwills-legal-wills-Canada-Canadian-online is probably the company that’s been out there for the longest in terms of making online wills. It was founded back in 2000 and since then has been offering fast online wills for all Canadians.

Since was one of the companies that first started this business line, its services are probably the most established ones. However, to today’s average user, its website might look a bit outdated. Still, the service and the prices it offers are some of the most solid ones when it comes to making a will quickly and easily in Canada. is another company that isn’t made out of lawyers, but rather expert people in the matter that paired up with several law firms to create their products. Today, it’s known for being probably the most heard about online will company in Canada since it’s available country-wide and has been around for over 20 years.

Here are their most prominent features:


  • Most established online will service in Canada.
  • Available Country-wide.
  • Wills start at $39.95.
  • Offers 5 different types of wills.
  • Only company to offer an Expatriate Will (only for assets in the UK and the US).
  • Offers lawyer advice.
  • Offers LifeLocker service.
  • Easy to use and reliable platform.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing: offers one of the amplest price ranges when it comes to their online wills due to the sheer volume of products they offer. Here’s how their prices go:

1.-Individual Will

  • Costs $39.95.
  • Only allows unlimited changes to wills for 1 year.

2.- Mirror Wills

  • Costs $63.92.
  • Two wills that mirror each other and account for the death of a single or both partners.

3.- PoA

  • Costs $29.95.
  • Users can designate someone to manage their finances if they become incapacitated.

4.- Living Will:

  • Costs $19.95.
  • Users can specify medical care to receive if they become incapacitated.

5.- Expatriate Will:

  • Costs $39.95.
  • Will conforming to the laws of other countries where you have properties (only for the US and the UK).


  • Costs $29.95.
  • Consists of storing private information like passwords and bank accounts to make them available to your executor after you pass away.

7.-Lawyer Review:

  • Costs $69.00.
  • Have a lawyer review your will and certify that it’s completely viable in your specific case.
legalwills pricing

One last thing to mention is that doesn’t feature unlimited edits after the first year of creating a will has passed. Once that period has passed, the account will be considered deactivated. Reactivating an account will cost from $11.95 for another year of unlimited edits to $74.95 for 25 years.

Availability: is available throughout Canada, in all provinces, including Québec. It’s also completely available in both English and French.

Best for One-Time Cheap Wills is very akin to It’s a company that has been running the online will business for a long time as well.

Out of all online will companies today, is probably the one that has the most outdated look of them all. However, they’ve held their reputation throughout all these years as’s primary competitor for a good reason. is still one of the best online will companies as of today.’s service is based on offering a quick and simple way to make your will online. However, they offer some specialized services that other companies simply don’t have. Here’s what stands out when making a will with this company:


  • Second most established online will company in Canada.
  • Offers 4 types of wills.
  • Wills start at $59.
  • Available country-wide.
  • Only online will company that offers pet wills.
  • Platform developed with close supervision of Canadian lawyers.
  • Offers lawyer advice.

Pricing:’s repertoire isn’t necessarily the amplest out there, but it covers the essential needs for someone looking to make a will. It also offers some exclusive services that we’ll detail along with its regular online will kits:

1.-Individual Will

  • Costs $59.
  • Individual and completely legal will that doesn’t have to be notarized.

2.- PoA

  • Costs $39.
  • Appoint a person to take care of financial matters if you become incapacitated.

3.- Living Will

  • Costs $39
  • Users can appoint someone to manage healthcare decisions if they become incapacitated.

4.- Pet Will:

  • Costs $59.
  • Appoint a series of instructions on who your pet must be given to and the way they should be taken care of (instructions on food, training, exercise, etc.).

5.-Lawyer Network Service:

  • $249 for review of last will.
  • $149 for review of PoA.
  • $149 for review of living will.
  • Get personal advice from’s network of lawyers in your province of living.

It’s worth mentioning that is the only company that doesn’t let its users edit any of their wills after their completion. If users would like to, they would have to pay a “peace of mind” bonus that lets them edit their wills for a lifetime, however, the price is not disclosed upon completion of a will.

Availability: is available in all provinces of Canada, including Québec. But it’s only available in English.

Other Free Options:

Government of Canada Will Kits:

In some provinces, the government of Canada offers some templates that can be printed and signed as fully-fledged will kits. One of those examples would be this Ontario will kit specific to a power of attorney. There are many other resources people can find that the government willingly provides.

However, these templates and forms are very province-specific, so it's up to you to go digging for them if they're available on the web. The best place to look for these government will kits is through Attorney General. If there's a template for your province, it's probably there.

How To Make A Will In The Best Way?

Each online will company offers solid services in different ways. If we had to mention one as the best online will company, that would be Epilogue Wills. However, this advice might not apply to your case specifically since, for example, Epilogue doesn’t offer expatriate wills. So, if we had to mention reasons as to why choose one over the other, these would be it:

Epilogue Wills is the best online will company from an overall standpoint. It’s the one that offers the most in-depth documents with a solid platform paired with versatility in the types of wills they offer.

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Willful is the best option if you’re only looking for a way to quickly create a simple will and have it printed at the moment. Its platform is probably the best one in terms of responsiveness and usability, its price range is good, but it lacks the versatility that other services offer. is the best option if you’re looking for the lowest-cost wills in the market. It's also the only online option if you have properties in the UK or the US which you want to be included in your will. They offer solid service and a lot of versatility in their products. However, they miss the mark by limiting the time during which you can edit your wills. If you want the chance to edit your years down the line, it’ll probably become the most expensive service in comparison. is also another company that heavily uses its versatility as a selling point. However, wills can’t be edited once they’re complete. At their current prices, it’s simply not worth recommending since it will probably cost you the same or more as with other companies with fewer benefits.

As a final thought, it's worth mentioning that online will companies are great for creating a will for simple situations. However, if you have a complicated estate situation, you should always seek the advice of a lawyer.

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