How To Use RBC Rewards For Travel?

June 9, 2020
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With all the different kinds of benefits available, have you ever wondered what would be the biggest return you can earn from your travel purchases online? Or are we too busy just searching for the cheapest flight/hotel stay that we can get at present? Let’s change that train of thought and look into the bigger picture of how we can earn cheaper flights/hotel stays with Royal Bank Canada’s Rewards

The biggest take away from the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Rewards is the travel based booking system and redemption benefits. If you are RBC reward cardholder or Avion cardholder, you are in for a treat! 

In this post, you will find: 

What is RBC Rewards?

RBC Rewards is a loyalty system by RBC that allows you to earn and redeem your RBC Rewards points (formerly Avion Points) as long as you are a Avion cardholder or RBC Rewards cardholder. 

With the RBC Reweards Travel page, you can utilize the platform for travel bookings or redemption for cheaper flights, hotel stays, car rental, flight + hotel combo, packages and cruises. 

rbc rewards

RBC Rewards Travel site

The popular choice in RBC Rewards Travel is to book flights. Read on below to understand just how to do that. 

Why Choose RBC Rewards Travel?

The key benefit is there are no blackout dates for any given airline, flight plan chosen at any given date. As long as seats are available on that airline, you can get it. No quota or limitations!

However, this benefit in RBC Rewards Travel kicks in only if you are Avion cardholder or any RBC Rewards cardholder. 

How Do I Book Flights via RBC Rewards Travel?

The RBC card you hold differentiates the options you have to travel. 

As an Avion cardholder, you are entitled to the fixed points pricing from Air Travel Redemption Schedule and the fleixble points pricing as well. Whereas  other RBC Rewards cardholders are only entitled to the flexible points pricing. 

Fixed Points Pricing 
via Air Travel Redemption Schedule
Flexible Points Pricing
Avion Card  ✔  ✔
Other RBC Rewards card

Fixed Points Pricing works as below:

  1. Book your flight with a fixed number of RBC Rewards points needed to travel to a particular destination.
  2. Every destination has a maximum ticket price. If the base ticket cost exceeds that maximum rate, you can earn 100 points / $1 exceeded if you use your RBC Avion card to make the ticket purchase. 

For example:

A flight from Toronto to Montreal requires 15,000 RBC Rewards points and has a Maximum Ticket Price of $350 (All taxes and service fees are separate and are not part of the ticket price.)

The cost of the flight you select is $400. This amount exceeds the maximum ticket price ($350) by $50.

You can either charge the excess amount of $50 (plus taxes and fees) to your credit card, or use any remaining points at a rate of 100 points = $1.

Here are a few important disclaimers when using the Fixed Points pricing:

  • Tickets are non-refundable.
  • Taxes, surcharges and fees are not included in the base ticket cost but can be paid using RBC Rewards points at a rate of 100 RBC Rewards points to $1.00 or you may charge them to your Avion card.
  • You must have at least half of the required points for your desired zone booking
  • The minimum amount of points you may purchase is 1,000
  • The maximum amount of points you may purchase is 15,000
  • Every 1,000 points = $40 plus applicable taxes.

Flexible Points Pricing works as below:

  1. Book your travel via RBC Rewards Travel and earn 100 points per $1 spent. 
  2. For all other RBC credit cards that earn RBC Rewards points, there is no Maximum Ticket Price for airline tickets. You can use your points at a rate of 100 points = $1.
  3. You can use a combination of your points + RBC Rewards card or Avion card to pay for the ticket/fare rate.

Here is a video on how RBC Avion card holders can use the RBC Rewards Travel for flight bookings with/without points:

Here is a video on how other RBC Rewards card holders can use the RBC Rewards Travel for flight bookings with/without points:

With the guide videos above, you can have an easy guide on how the booking system works on RBC Rewards Travel.

RBC Rewards App

RBC cardholders can now use the RBC Rewards App for :

  1. easy access to your travel itinerary from the booking(s) made on RBC Rewards
  2. make your next travel bookings.
  3. view your point balance
  4. the latest updates/offers available on RBC Rewards

RBC Rewards Travel Insurance

There are optional travel insurance available to choose during your booking at RBC Rewards Travel. 

However, for a worry-free trip, its best to acquire the RBC Avion Visa Infinite card. It comes with a comprehensive travel insurance package provided you make your bookings entirely with the RBC Avion Visa Infinite card. For more details, on the card, you can read our review of the RBC Avion Visa Infinite.

Can I Cancel My RBC Rewards Travel Booking?

Yes – you are allowed to make changes or cancel your travel booking done on RBC Rewards Travel. However, it may incur charges. Refer to the table below for the charges with respect to the ammendments/cancellation you are looking to make.

Flight Hotel Car Vacation Package Cruise
Change $25 per ticket $10 per booking $10 per booking Flight + hotel – $25 per booking None
Cancel None $10 per booking $10 per booking None None


It is commendable that RBC Rewards is liberal on travel bookings done via RBC Rewards Travel especially when many other travel portals have blackout dates that does not allow seat bookings during peak periods. This is where RBC Rewards Travel stands out – you can book the seat as long as its available. 

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