SCENE Card: The Best Way To Start Earning SCENE Points

May 29, 2020
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SCENE is a loyalty program in partnership with Cineplex, Recipe and Vivid Seats to provide offers to help you save on movie theatre tickets/concessions, dining bills and live theatre/sports/concert tickets. The Cineplex SCENE card is that loyalty program’s membership card, which gives you access to all its benefits.

If you are an avid cinephile, the SCENE loyalty program is the one for you. It will let you enjoy free movie ticket and other great opportunities with the right hacks, which you’ll find in this review.

What Is A Cineplex SCENE Card?

The SCENE card is a membership card for the SCENE loyalty program. SCENE is a loyalty program operated by Scene General Partnership with Cineplex and Scotiabank. The main target customer for the SCENE program is movie lovers. So if you are looking for a loyalty program that rewards the typical movie buff, the SCENE program is your choice. 

However, do not make the mistake of thinking that the SCENE program is only for movies and concessions at Cineplex theatres. With your SCENE points, you can also enjoy restaurant discounts at RECIPE restaurants or even transfer your points to Scotia Rewards for the redemption of your choice.

Benefits Of Having A Cineplex SCENE Card

The key benefits of the SCENE card are listed below:

Welcome Bonus 250 SCENE points
Earn SCENE points for free movies at Cineplex theatres
Earn SCENE points for food and drinks at the movies in Cineplex theatres
10% discount on Tuesday tickets at Cineplex theatres
Earn and redeem on dining at Recipe restaurants
Earn SCENE points on live theatre, sports and concert tickets via Vivid Seats.

Once you sign up for a SCENE program membership, you will be entitled to 250 SCENE points once you make the first transaction of any amount within the first 90 days of card activation. It’s important to note that the welcome bonus is a one time bonus. Assuming you lose your SCENE card and receive a new one, you will not be entitled to the welcome bonus. 

If you are not a SCENE cardholder yet, then you should definitely jump on that welcome bonus and get a head start of 250 SCENE points.

How Do I Get My Cineplex SCENE Card?

Signing up for the SCENE membership program is completely free of charge. You can opt to get either of the following options:

  1. Physical (plastic) card  
  2. Digital card on the SCENE app

Either options used will be associated with an account number.

The Cineplex SCENE membership card
SCENE card

With the digital app, you have all of the following features ready at your fingertips (quite literally):

  • Earn points at Cineplex, 8 great restaurants and more.
  • Get instant access to your SCENE card & bonus offers!
  • Browse all the awesome rewards that are available.
  • Check your points balance & keep track of your point’s history.
  • Plan a night out with your friends! 
Using the app as an alternative to the Cineplex SCENE card

Eligibility For SCENE Membership

Pretty much anyone can get a Cineplex SCENE card. All you need to be eligible is to:

  • Be a legal resident of Canada
  • Be 14 years of age or older
  • Have a valid Canadian address, a valid e-mail address
  • Be a natural person (businesses, organisations or charities are not allowed)

How Do I Login To My SCENE Account?

You can log into your SCENE account via the SCENE website. Be sure to have your account number and password ready to use.  

SCENE login page –

Alternatively, you can also access all of your account info from the app.

How To Redeem SCENE Points

There are 4 ways to redeem your SCENE points:

  1. Movie tickets and concession discounts at Cineplex theatres
  2. Discounts for dining at RECIPE restaurants
  3. Transfer to Scotia Rewards
  4. Live Theatre, Sports & Concert ticket discounts 

#1 Movie tickets & Concession Discounts at Cineplex With My Cineplex SCENE Card

The top pick for SCENE points redemption is for movie tickets and discounts for food and drinks purchases at Cineplex. 

Here is a breakdown of the redemption points required for the different movie ticket types:

Ticket Type SCENE points required for Redemption
General Admission or 3D movie ticket 1,250 SCENE points
Enhanced movie ticket (i.e. UltraAVX®, IMAX® and D-BOX®, including those in 3D) 2,000 SCENE points
VIP Cinemas™ 2,500 SCENE points 
$5 off your Food and Drinks (excluding Tim Hortons® and alcoholic beverages) 500 SCENE points

On Tuesdays, members who present their Cineplex SCENE card or enter their membership number at the time of the transaction will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of admissions. The maximum number of tickets you can purchase for the 10% discount is 6 tickets. This offer is valid for the purchase of admission tickets only and cannot be used along with other discounts, passes, coupons, vouchers, pre-purchased tickets, SCENE point redemptions or any other admission offer. This offer is subject to change and may be withdrawn at any time, without notice by SCENE GP. 

#2 Discounts For Dining At RECIPE Restaurants With My Cineplex SCENE Card

As a SCENE membership cardholder, you can earn and redeem SCENE points at your preferred RECIPE Restaurants. 

RECIPE restaurant outlets include the following: 


Here are the points required to redeem for discounts at RECIPE restaurants:

  • At Harvey’s, with a minimum of 500 SCENE points, you can earn $5.00 off your bill
  • At any other RECIPE restaurant, with a minimum of 1,000 SCENE points, you can redeem $10.00 off your bill.

Your SCENE points can only be used on net purchase price (which excludes taxes, gratuities or service or delivery charges). Redemptions are only deemed valid if your bill is more than $5 at Harvey’s and more than $10 at all other RECIPE restaurants on the net purchase price in a single bill.  You would only be allowed to exercise the right to redeem SCENE points in a maximum of 3 transactions per day. All redemptions of SCENE points can be done in dining in or take out purchases only (except for Swiss Chalet and East Side Mario’s).

If you are a frequent customer at RECIPE restaurant, you can check out the participating RECIPE restaurants with the SCENE loyalty program. Be sure to check this listing regularly to ensure your preferred RECIPE restaurant is part of the SCENE program as SCENE always reserves the right to change the participating restaurant at any given time without notice.

#3 Transfer Your SCENE Points To Scotia Rewards

The great thing with the SCENE program is you are not stuck with just SCENE based rewards. The SCENE program is flexible to allow you to transfer your points to Scotia Rewards and vice versa for redemption as well.

The minimum points to convert is at least 1,000 points and you are allowed to have a maximum of 4 conversions within a 24 hour period either from your Scotia Rewards account or SCENE account. 

The steps to transfer your points are as follows:

  • Select whether you’d like to convert Scotia Rewards points or SCENE points or vice versa.
  • Validate your SCENE membership card and select an eligible Scotiabank Program Card
  • Enter the number of points you’d like to convert (minimum 1,000 points)
  • Review and confirm your points conversion

Scotiabank reserves the right to change the rates of conversion at any given time. As such, do make it a point to visit the Scotiabank Rewards website to see the current rates of conversion that apply to points at the time you request your conversion.

#4 Live Theatre, Sports And Concert Tickets With Vivid Seats 

SCENE and Vivid Seats have partnered to allow you to earn and redeem SCENE points with your favourite live theatre, sports game or concert show in your city.

To redeem SCENE points with Vivid Seat tickets, you would require a minimum of 2,250 SCENE points to get $18 off your purchase amount (before taxes, service charges and fees). You are allowed to use SCENE points to pay for the full or a part of the ticket price. However, you can only use one SCENE account per transaction regardless of the number of tickets purchased in that single transaction. 

What Are SCENE Points Worth?

The value of any loyalty program’s points depends on how you redeem them. In the case of the SCENE loyalty program, you’ll get the best value when you redeem your points for movie tickets. Here is a breakdown of the valuation of your SCENE points for Cineplex tickets:

Ticket TypeSCENE points required for RedemptionTicket Price / Bill Value$ Value per SCENE point
General Admission or 3D movie ticket1,250 SCENE points$12.99$0.0104
Enhanced movie ticket (i.e. UltraAVX®, IMAX® and D-BOX®, including those in 3D)2,000 SCENE points$20.99$0.0105
VIP Cinemas™2,500 SCENE points $19.99$0.0080
Food and Drinks (excluding Tim Hortons® and alcoholic beverages)500 SCENE points$5 off your bill$0.0100

As per the table above, the best value you can get for your SCENE points would be for enhanced movie tickets where you get $0.0105 per 1 SCENE point.

SCENE points have a fixed value when used with other partners. Here’s what they’re worth:

RECIPE Restaurants$0.01
Transfer to Scotia Rewards~$0.0095

Overall, SCENE points are worth about 1 cent per point.

How To Earn SCENE Points

There are 3 basic ways of earning your SCENE points:

  1. Earn SCENE Points At Cineplex 
  2. Earn SCENE Points At RECIPE Restaurants 
  3. Earn SCENE Points On Vivid Seat Purchases

Additionally, you can also earn points with special co-branded SCENE credit cards, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

#1 Earn SCENE Points At Cineplex With The Cineplex SCENE Card

In the following table, you can find the earn rates of SCENE points at Cineplex. You can earn a maximum of 600 SCENE points with any combination below on a daily basis with your account. 

General Admission or 3D movie ticket125 SCENE points for adults
65 SCENE points for children
Enhanced movie ticket (i.e. UltraAVX®, IMAX® and D-BOX®, including those in 3D)200 SCENE points for adults
100 SCENE points for children
VIP Cinemas™250 SCENE points
Food and Drinks (excluding Tim Hortons® and alcoholic beverages)5 SCENE points / $1 spent on food and drinks

#2 Earn SCENE Points At RECIPE Restaurants With The Cineplex SCENE Card

With every $3 spent, you earn 1 SCENE point which gives you an average of 0.33 SCENE points earned per $1 when you spend in RECIPE restaurants. The SCENE points are awarded based on total net purchase price in the sales receipt of participating RECIPE restaurants (excluding taxes, gratuities, service or delivery charges).

As an example, if your bill has a net purchase price of $94.40, you would earn 30 SCENE points. Your SCENE points are immediately credited to your account if you are dining in a RECIPE restaurant. If you make your order purchase via delivery, the SCENE points would have a delay in reflecting on your SCENE account.

To avoid disputes and safely secure your SCENE points, it is important to show your Ciineplex SCENE card or provide your SCENE membership number during the time of payment. 

#3 Earn SCENE Points On Vivid Seat Purchases With The Cineplex SCENE Card

On every Vivid Seat purchase, you will earn:

  • 1 SCENE point on every $1 spent on Vivid Seat purchases 
  • In addition, you can earn 1,250 SCENE points with every increment of $125 spent for a Vivid Seat ticket purchase,

With just the additional 1,250 SCENE points (worth $12.50), that is already the required amount of points to redeem 1x general admission ticket at Cineplex. Check the upcoming live shows at your city and grab your chance to earn SCENE points. 

Do SCENE Points Expire?

If you are an active user, no – there isn’t an expiry date for your SCENE points. However, if your Cineplex SCENE card has been inactive for a consecutive 24 month period, then your SCENE points will be forfeited.

Should you wish to terminate your membership, you can do so by contacting SCENE at 1-866-586-2805. Be sure to use up all your SCENE points before you terminate your membership, as your SCENE points will be forfeited with your membership termination. 

Boost Your SCENE Points With Scotiabank Credit/Debit Card

The easiest and most effective way to earn SCENE points would be to sign up for Scotiabank debit or credit cards. Here is what Scotiabank offers with its two SCENE cards:

Scotiabank SCENE Visa 

One of the things that bother most people when it comes to credit cards, is having to pay an annual fee upfront. That is something you don’t have to deal with Scotiabank SCENE Visa as its a $0 annual fee credit card. On top of that, you can enjoy a welcome bonus of 2,500 SCENE points once you spend a total of $500 within the first 3 months of activating your Scotiabank SCENE Visa card. 

What can you do with 2,500 SCENE points? Well, those are worth 2 free general admission tickets at Cineplex theatres. That’s a great head start you’ll get by just spending an average of $167 per month. Sign up to this card, and you’re set to go to earn the 2x free general admission tickets in your 4th month of having a Scotiabank SCENE Visa. 

Apart from the welcome bonus, the basic point earning scheme with Scotiabank SCENE Visa is:

  • 5 SCENE points per $1 spent in Cineplex theatres or at the cineplex website.
  • 1 SCENE point per $1 spent on anything else.

Within a day, you can earn a maximum of 600 SCENE points which represents either

  • Spending $120 a day at Cineplex alone
  • Spending $600 per day in purchases that do not involve Cineplex, or
  • A combination of both

Additionally, you are also limited to a maximum of 300 SCENE points earned in a single transaction on your Scotiabank SCENE Visa, which represents either $60 or $300 in spending, depending on the purchase being at Cineplex or somewhere else. 

To redeem points earned on the Scotiabank SCENE Visa card, you would need to ensure your SCENE membership account is connected to your Scotiabank SCENE Visa card. 

Read our review on the Scotiabank SCENE Visa card for more info on this card’s features and benefits.

Scotiabank Debit Card

If you are not big on holding on to a credit card such as Scotiabank SCENE Visa, you can always consider having a Scotiabank SCENE Debit card. This implies that you would need to sign up for a Chequing Account with Scotiabank. There are a few different types of Chequing Account that you can open with Scotiabank that caters to the different kinds of demography in Canada – be it students, adults, youth etc.

The Scotiabank Debit card allows you to earn SCENE Points at the following rate:

  • 5 SCENE points per $1 spent in Cineplex theatres or the Cineplex website
  • 1 SCENE point per $1 spent on anything else.


The Cineplex SCENE card is the membership card of the SCENE loyalty program. It is important to note that the Cineplex SCENE card is not a credit card, and should not be confused with other SCENE cards such as the Scotiabank SCENE Visa which is a credit card. This loyalty program is best used at Cineplex theatres or at the Cineplex website to earn and redeem points at the strongest dollar valuation of $0.0105 per 1 SCENE point. You will only get this value when you redeem your points for an enhanced movie ticket.

For a membership that costs absolutely nothing, it is a great loyalty program to participate in, especially if you are a movie buff and enjoy the occasional (if not frequent – depending on your frequency of watching films) free movie admission ticket. Other than film tickets, you would also have the opportunity to earn and redeem SCENE points at RECIPE restaurants and Vivid Seats. To boost your chance of earning SCENE points, you can consider applying for the Scotiabank SCENE Visa card which comes at $0 annual fee. Join the SCENE loyalty program today!

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