American Express SimplyCash Preferred Card: A Review

As a premium version of the regular SimplyCash Card from American Express, the SimplyCash Preferred Card has everything you love about the former, only better. Unlimited earning potential combined with a 2% cashback rate on any purchase, no strings attached, is one of the best offers you’ll find for a cashback card in the market. Of course, these extra benefits aren’t free, and the card comes with an annual fee of $99, but they’re worth far more than that, even after the first year of card membership.
As an added bonus, you get a welcome cashback rate of 5% on the first $6,000 in purchases (equivalent to $300 cashback) during the first six months of card membership. This welcome rate alone is worth an extra $180, almost doubling the annual fee.

If you’re looking for a great cashback card you can use anywhere without having to worry about purchase categories, with the best possible earning potential and that includes great premium Amex perks like travel and purchase insurance, this is the one!