Walmart Credit Card Canada – All You Need To Know

May 27, 2020
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The only Walmart credit card Canada has is the only one it needs. A no annual fee credit card with a welcome bonus of $25 that provides a worry-free experience for the Walmart shopper. Earn a solid 1.25% earn rate on anything you buy in Walmart, both in-store and online, and 1% for all purchases anywhere else. No caps, no strings attached. More details in our review below on Walmart Rewards Mastercard.

walmart rewards mastercard

We've analyzed all the features and benefits the Walmart credit card has to offer, and scored it on 10 different categories in a 10 point scale. The following table summarizes this card's scores:

Welcome Bonus 1
Rewards Program 6
Earning Rates 4
Travel Benefits 0
Annual Benefits vs. Annual Fee 5
Referral Program 0
Travel Insurance 0
Purchase Coverage 0
Foreign Transaction Fees 2
Customer Service & Online Experience 3
Total 21
We recommend the Walmart Rewards Mastercard: If you're an avid Walmart shopper because you'll enjoy a solid 1.25% earn rate for anything in Walmart stores or online with no annual fees charged.

We don’t recommend the Walmart Rewards Mastercard: If you want to enjoy additional perks credit cards usually bring such as complimentary insurance/purchase coverage, travel benefits and more. You can explore the Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard or the Canadian Tire Triangle World Elite Mastercard, which give you better perks with no annual fee, or the Amex Cobalt card that gives you even better perks but for a $10/mo fee.

#1 Welcome Bonus 

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard comes with a total of $25 Walmart Reward DollarsTM split into two parts. You will receive a welcome bonus of $15 and an additional $10 when you sign up for paperless statement, giving a total of $25.

Most cards that give welcome bonuses usually charge an annual fee. However, the Walmart Rewards Mastercard comes with no annual fee, meaning that they're actually paying you to get the card. There is one simple condition to get the first $15. Once you get your card, you will receive the first part of the welcome bonus when you make two purchases – one on each from the following :

  1. Any Walmart store in Canada or online at 
  2. Any store that accepts Mastercard 

Both purchases need to be made within 30 days from receiving the card. Once you have made the two eligible purchases mentioned above, you will get your bonus within 5 business days. You can earn an additional $10 Walmart Rewards if you sign up for electronic statements. Once done, you will receive the $10 within 2 statement periods.

All things considered, the welcome bonus on the Walmart credit card is actually quite low compared to other cards. In fact, it's a lot smaller than most welcome bonuses out there. However, do consider the fact that you're not paying an annual fee, and there are no minimum purchase requirements to get the bonus. All you have to do is use your card a couple of times and sign up for electronic statements (which you will probably do anyway).

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Welcome Bonus Score: 1/10

#2 Rewards Program

Make the best of Walmart Rewards with the Walmart Credit Card Canada

The Walmart Rewards program is a simple point accumulation system where the points are known as Walmart Reward DollarsTM.  It works like cash where you accumulate the points as per your earn rates, and redeem them for discounts on any purchase at or in-store anytime. You can only redeem in $5 increments.

The lack of flexibility of the program is a downside, since you can only use your rewards at Walmart physical or online stores. However, a plus is that you can use them whenever you want and on any purchase whatsoever, so it's very easy to redeem the points. Everything with this loyalty program is quite straightforward, without any difficult to understand conversions and calculations.

For more details, you can refer to our Walmart Financial (tag Walmart Financial post) review. 

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Rewards Program Score: 6/10 

#3 Earn Rates

Spending Category Points Earned Per Dollar Spent
Any purchase at Walmart stores or 1.25%
Other 1%

The accelerated earn rate is for exclusive shopping at Walmart stores or where you earn 1.25% back in Walmart Reward Dollars every time. Meanwhile, for any other purchase made outside the retail giant, you earn the regular 1%, which is alright but not as great as what other cards offer.

You quickly start getting the sense that this card is only good if you shop frequently at Walmart. On the one hand, you'll only revive a mediocrely competitive rate on Walmart purchases and a flat 1% everywhere else. On the other hand, even if you do consider the 1% return on any purchase a good deal, you won't be able to use your rewards unless you actually shop at Walmart. So, if there isn't a Walmart near you, don't get this card!

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Earn Rates Score: 4/10

#4 Travel Benefits

This card does not come with any travel benefits. No lounge access, no complimentary partner tickets, no discounts on flights or stays of any kind and no travel credit. Virtually the only thing you'll benefit from when you travel is the regular 1% earn rate on any purchase you make during your travel or at the airport. But keep in mind that if you use your card to pay for transactions in foreign currency, the fees will eat up all your potential earnings.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Travel Benefits: 0/10

#5 Annual Benefits vs. Annual Fee

walmart rewards mastercard has no annual fee

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard comes with $0 annual fee which is probably the only good reason to consider this card unless you're a regular at Walmart. Of course, when it comes to comparing the benefits with the annual fee, since there is no annual fee the benefits will win every time. Earn rates aside, the only true valuable benefit this card offers is the possibility to get free supplementary cards, which can sometimes run for $50 a piece.

As a frequent Walmart shopper, this would be a must-have card where you earn back Walmart Reward Dollars that you can easily redeem once you have accumulated more than $5.  

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Annual Benefits vs. Annual Fee Score: 5/10

#6 Referral Program

Unfortunately, there is no referral program available with the Walmart Rewards Mastercard. 

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Referral Program Score: 0/10

#7 Travel Insurance

The card does not come with any kind of travel insurance coverage. You are able to purchase single or multi-trip insurance plans with Manulife in partnership with Walmart Financial Services. However, that is in no way related to being a cardholder or not.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Travel Insurance Score: 0/10

#8 Purchase Coverage

The Walmart credit card doesn't bring any purchase coverage. This is rather surprising, since most credit cards do, even other no-fee cards.

It does have good security features like:

  • Mastercard® Chip Technology
  • Zero Liability Protection
  • Mastercard SecureCode®  

This basically protects you against unauthorized purchases, but it doesn't protect your purchases once made.

If you're a Walmart Rewards Mastercard cardholder, you are eligible for Extended Warranty, but a major downside is that it's not complimentary. You would have to pay $3.99 per month for the benefit to come with the card, completely destroying the no-fee benefit of the card. If you want extended warranty, choose any other card in the market and you'll get it at no extra cost. No need to spend $48 per year.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Purchase Coverage Score: 0/10

#9 Foreign Transaction Fees

When you make purchases in foreign currency, you'll be charged a foreign transaction fee of 2.5%. This is the average among other cards in the market, but you could do worse. The cash advance fee with the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, on the other hand, stands at $10. This is a lot higher than what most credit cards charge, and twice the national average.

This is definitely not a card you want to use for travel or international purchases, especially considering its lack of travel benefits.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Foreign Transaction Fees Score: 2/10

#10 Customer Service & Online Experience

The customer service system for this card is linked to Walmart Canada directly. If you have any issues with the card, you can contact 1888-331-6133. The customer service experience has been rather ambivalent where some are happy and find the representative on the line rather helpful, while others find them just plain rude.

Regarding online experience, the website interface is user friendly and intuitive to use for your shopping and instantaneous redemption of your accrued points. You can even download the app for easy access. 

Use the app along with the Walmart credit card Canada.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Customer Service & Online Experience Score: 3/10

Alternatives To The Walmart Credit Card Canada Offers

As you noticed by now, this card is not a good choice if you're not a Walmart customer. You won't lose money, but you'll miss out on much better opportunities like the ones that come with these alternative cards:

The Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard is a no annual fee card that has a good CTM cashback rate of 4% (3.53% after taxes) at Canadian Tire and participating stores and 0.8% CTM cashback on anything else On top of that, you can save on gas purchases at 5¢ per Liter. The cashback rate on Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard is significantly higher (4%) than Walmart Credit Card (1.25%) at their respective stores – Canadian Tire (and participating stores) and Walmart.

You can read our review on Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard for a detailed understanding of the card and its benefits,

The Canadian Tire Triangle World Elite Mastercard

Canadian Tire Triangle World Elite Mastercard is a no annual fee card as well but with lucrative complimentary benefits such as roadside assistance, concierge service, car rental/theft auto insurance coverage.

To add on, you get accelerated CTM cash back earn rates compared to Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard where you get 3% CTM for grocery purchases along with the 4% CTM for Canadian Tire and participating store purchases and 1% on any other purchases.

You can read our Canadian Tire Triangle World Elite Mastercard review for a detailed understanding of the card and its benefits,

The American Express Cobalt Card

American Express Cobalt Card has a monthly fee (instead of an annual fee) at $10/month. You can enjoy a welcome bonus of 20,000 MR points, accelerated earn rates of 5x on food and drinks, including groceries and food delivery, 2X on travel & transit and 1X on everything else. The Amex Cobalt card also has decent travel insurance coverage.

For further details, you can deep dive into our American Express Cobalt Card review.

Summarizing The Only Walmart Credit Card Canada Offers

The bottom line with the Walmart Rewards Mastercard is that it only provides a half-decent earn rate of 1.25% on purchases made at Walmart or The upside is that this is a flat rate on all purchases, so you won't have to worry about purchase categories when trying to maximize your savings. Another pro to consider is the fact that the card has no spending limit, and the $25 welcome bonus is definitely a plus. The downside of these earn rates and bonus is that you'll only be able to use them at Walmart. If you're looking for more benefits and credit card perks, this is not the card for you.

As long as you are an avid Walmart shopper (in-store or online at, this card will be worth your while. Choose this card if you don't normally worry too much about rewards, but appreciate the chance to save on your next Walmart purchase when you least expect it.

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