RBC WestJet Mastercard

February 15, 2021
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An accessible card for Canadian travelers. The RBC WestJet Mastercard allows the airline's frequent flyers to rack up points easier, save money, and start making their way to upgrades with great perks and better traveling experience.

WestJet RBC Mastercard
WestJet RBC Mastercard
Welcome Bonus1
Rewards Program6
Earn Rates10
Travel Benefits3
Annual Benefits vs. Annual Fee10
Referral Program0
Travel Insurance8
Purchase Coverage10
Foreign Transaction Fees4
8Customer Service & Online Experience8
We recommend the RBC WestJet Mastercard: A good and accessible card for frequent WestJet travelers, which also offers attractive travel perks such as travel assistance, travel insurance and worldwide accepted transactions.


We don’t recommend the RBC WestJet Mastercard:: If you’re not a frequent traveler who flights with WestJet, there’s no way to take full advantage of this card’s perks, so consider other options.

#1 Welcome Bonus

You’ll earn 50 WestJet dollars with your first purchase. Each WestJet Dollar is worth one Canadian dollar in WestJet flights or vacation packages purchases.

You can redeem this bonus whenever you want. There are no blackout periods to book your trips, but you can only redeem your WestJet dollars on flights marketed by WestJet, including some operated by Aeromexico, Delta, Air France, or Qantas.

WestJet RBC Mastercard Welcome Bonus Score: 1/10

#2 Rewards Program

WestJet Rewards is a simple, flexible and easy to use tiered-rewards programs with benefits clearly focused on frequent WestJet travelers.

The WestJet Mastercard rewards its members with savings in their travel and everyday purchases, in addition to other interesting benefits. The value for your money comes from booking qualifying flights, vacation packages, hotels, and car rentals through WestJet (or its partners), and later redeem those dollars to pay for all or part of the base fare of eligible WestJet-marketed flights or vacation packages. No blackout periods, seat restrictions or advance booking requirements. You can save even on WestJet seat sales.

Here are some basic ideas you need to know about WestJet Rewards:

  • Each WestJet Dollar is worth one Canadian dollar and you can redeem them whenever you want.
  • WestJet dollars do not expire if earned through purchase transactions with WestJet or its partners. However, if earned through promotions, compensation, or limited-time promotional offers they do expire.
  • The minimum redeemable is $15 (this depends on the product or WestJet partner).
  • The minimum redeemable for WestJet vacation packages is $50.
  • WestJet Dollars can’t be used to pay purchase taxes.

Other perks depend on your tier within the program. These could include, among others:

  • Free luggage check-in.
  • Airport lounge vouchers.
  • Advance seat selection vouchers.
  • Priority check-in and bag drop at select airports, security screening at select airports and complimentary upgrades to premium seats

Learn all the details about WestJet Rewards

WestJet RBC Mastercard Rewards Program Score: 6/10

#3 Earn Rates

Spending CategoryPoints Earned Per Dollar Spent
Food & Drinks0.01

The best thing about the WestJet Mastercard and the WestJet Rewards program is its simplicity.

You’ll get 0.01 WestJet dollars (one cent) for each Canadian dollar spent on everyday purchases. In addition to this, if you link your card, you’ll also save 3¢/L on fuel at Petro Canada.

As mentioned, your WestJet Card offers the best value when paying for your traveling needs: 0.015 WestJet dollars (one and a half cents) per Canadian dollar spent, that’s 50% as much!

#4 Travel Benefits

Travel benefits are not easily accessible. Even the WestJet RBC Mastercard, an entry-level travelers’ card, doesn’t really offer any outstanding travel benefits. Its travel advantages are limited to savings when buying tickets and vacation packages, so it can help you build the consumer and credit profile required to obtain great travel benefits in the future.

The WestJet RBC Mastercard also offers some standard Mastercard benefits, including travel assistance, worldwide accepted transactions, and pretty decent insurance coverage (see #7 below). However, if you’re not a frequent WestJet traveler, you won’t actually get any noteworthy value from it, especially when comparing it to other traveler’s cards. This is why we have rated the WestJet RBC Mastercard’s travel benefits as below average.

Companion Tickets ✓  
Hotel Status X
Hotel Benefits/UpgradesX
Annual Travel CreditX
Airport Lounge AccessX
Airport VIPX
Other Travel BenefitsX

The one highlight is the companion voucher, which you can use once a year to book a round trip flight for a guest anywhere in Canada or the continental US. You’ll only pay $199, plus taxes and fees.

It is worth noting, however, that frequent WestJet travelers can rack-up points quickly. This, combined WestJet Rewards’ tiered system, will give them a great bang for their buck, even before they can upgrade to the WestJet World Elite Mastercard, which is the real deal.

WestJet RBC Mastercard Travel Benefits Score: 3/10

#5 Annual Benefits vs. Annual Fee

The WestJet Mastercard requires an annual fee that is reasonable and affordable for the majority of Canadians: $39 a year, plus $19 for each additional card.

The yearly companion voucher combined with the Mastercard and WestJet Rewards benefits offer travelers more than enough return on the annual fee. However, the 19.99% interest on purchases and 22.99% on cash advances are high, so if you save your card for those travel purchases and avoid carrying a balance, the fee is well worth it.

WestJet RBC Mastercard Annual Benefits vs. Annual Fee Score: 10/10

#6 Referral Program

The WestJet RBC Mastercard does not offer any benefits or rewards for referring other customers.

WestJet RBC Mastercard Referral Program Score: 0/10

#7 Travel Insurance

Emergency Medical Insurance (Out of province/country)No
Travel Accident Insurance$500,000
Trip Cancelation InsuranceNo
Trip Interruption InsuranceNo
Baggage Delay & Flight Delay Insurance$750
Lost or Stolen Baggage Insurance$2,500
Hotel/Motel Burglary Insurance$2,500
Car Rental Theft and Damage Insurance $2,000

If one thing is sure about the WestJet Mastercard benefits is that they are aimed at keeping you growing your credit score and travel profile. This card’s insurance covers the basic needs of a traveler, so bad experiences or events may not prevent your getting cold feet when planning your next trip. It’s worth noting that this card’s insurance coverage is also valid if you purchase your ticket or package with WestJet dollars.

The highlight is definitely the Travel Accident Insurance. Of course, we hope to never have to use this worst-case-scenario perk, but knowing that you are covered certainly gives peace of mind, especially if you’re traveling with family.

See the details of the WestJet RBC Mastercard Insurance Benefits

WestJet RBC Mastercard Travel Insurance Score: 8/10

#8 Purchase Coverage

This card’s purchase coverage is pretty good for its target.

People with average credit records should do just fine with the $50,000 protection for personal property and gifts purchased using your WestJet RBC Mastercard card and/or WestJet dollars. This perk doubles the original manufacturer’s warranty, up to a maximum extension of one (1) year, as long as the combined protection does not exceed five (5) years in total.

WestJet RBC Mastercard Purchase Coverage Score: 10/10

#9 Foreign Transaction Fees

The WestJet RBC Mastercard foreign transaction fee is average for a card that is clearly not oriented to international travelers. However, this is improved a little bit by the WestJet dollars you earn but, as with most Canadian credit cards, there is a foreign exchange surcharge if you use it in the US.

The WestJet Mastercard foreign transaction fee is 2.50% And the cash advance fee is $5.

Links to zero foreign transaction fees

Check out the best zero transaction fee cards in Canada

WestJet RBC Mastercard Foreign Transaction Fees Score: 4/10

#10 Customer Service & Online Experience

All in all, RBC Customer service is pretty good.

Both J.D. Power and Ipsos have recently ranked RBC among the top Canadian banks for customer satisfaction. So, this is one of the strengths of WestJet Mastercard.

You can apply a get a response in 60 seconds, but there is still work to do in its online services, which are good enough but still not the most convenient or attractive, especially for younger target audiences.

WestJet RBC Mastercard Customer Service & Online Experience Score: 8/10

Alternatives To The WestJet Mastercard

If you’re not a frequent traveler who flights with WestJet, there’s little chance for you to take full advantage of this card’s perks. Instead, you should consider cards offering other benefits:

Scotiabank Visa Infinity Card

The Scotiabank Visa Infinite Card is very well-rounded, with not too high eligibility requirements, it offers good insurance coverage as well as travel and shopping rewards that make it very worthwhile.

Brim Cards

The Brim cards, on the other hand, are more focused on shopping rewards, and while offering fewer benefits than other shopping focused cards like the Scotiabank Gold American Express, Brim does give more flexibility on how to accrue points and where to spend them.

Who Should Get The WestJet Mastercard?

This is clearly a loyalty card. An excellent choice for average level users who expect to cover a lot of miles with WestJet flights in the future.

Users with an average credit record or those who do not fit said profile should consider other options with better rates and cash-back or other kinds of reward programs, some of which do not charge fees.

So, if you are a case of Wanderlust of simply need to travel for business or pleasure, the WestJet RBC Mastercard will help you stack up points quickly and have access to outstanding travel perks and reach higher tiers of the WestJet Rewards loyalty program or, even better, if you upgrade to the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard.

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