Cartao Casas Bahia: A Versatile Card

July 4, 2020
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Casas Bahia stores have been providing affordable furniture and electronics since 1952. Getting a Cartao Casas Bahia enables you to take advantage of special offers and discounts. You can also get installments to pay for your purchases, enabling you to conveniently buy the latest furniture or electronics for your home.

The Cartao Casas Bahia is a good option for you if you are looking for a card that helps you get different discounts and promotions. Similarly, it is also a good card for you if you want to decide payment schedules in which you can pay your purchases according to your convenience.

Casas Bahia is already famous for the variety of products they offer in their appliance stores, department stores and supermarkets. The Cartao Casas Bahia is also famous because of its flexibility and the features it offers. Read our Cartao Casas Bahia review to find out everything you need to know about this card, and to see if it’s right for you.

What Is The Cartao Casas Bahia

Casas Bahia stores are famous for affordable furniture, appliances and electronics. The chain was opened in 1952 and is headquartered in São Caetano do Sul. Today the retail giant has more than 800 locations.

The Cartao Casas Bahia credit card was launched in collaboration with Bradescard so that customers can buy products when they want to and pay at a time of their convenience. Similarly, the card allows you to buy in installments so that you do not have to worry about spending or paying too much in one-time. Cardholders are given special online and instore promotions and discounts on the latest electronics, appliances and furniture items that fulfill their needs. The credit card can also be used in other establishments as well apart from Casas Bahia stores.

Cartao Casas Bahia

Now that you know what Cartao Casas Bahia is, let’s look at some of the benefits so that you can decide if this card is right for you.

Some Common Benefits Of Having A Cartao Casas Bahia

There are many benefits that you get from having a Cartao Casas Bahia. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • The card can be used in any establishment and not just Casas Bahia stores
  • Get discounts and promotions at the stores that you shop in
  • Split large payments into smaller payments. A maximum of 24 monthly instalments can be arranged to pay for a purchase.
  • The card can be used internationally. You can also withdraw money from Bradesco’s ATM and international ATM’s by the Network.
  • Get a 10% discount on Wednesdays at Casas Bahia retail stores on selected products advertised beforehand on their website.
  • You may become eligible to get personal accident insurance and travel assistance that can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve in daily life and when you travel.

Now that you know some of the benefits of having a Cartao Casas Bahia, let’s see if you fulfill the conditions to get one in order to get great discounts and offers.

Conditions To Get A Cartao Casas Bahia

There are a few basic conditions that you need to meet to get your Cartao Casas Bahia, which are:

  • You must have monthly earnings of at least R$1.045
  • You should be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a proven source of income and at least one month’s salary
  • No debts or restrictions associated with a previous Cartao Casas Bahia or Bradescard
  • CPF number authorized in the IRS
  • Pass the credit analysis

If you fulfil the above-stated requirements, then you can go to the nearest physical store near you or click the link below to start the process to get your Cartao Casas Bahia.

One question that often comes in my mind and in most Brasilians’ is how much does the credit card cost in annuities. Keep reading to find out.

Cartao Casas Bahia Annual Fees

Sadly, this credit card is not free. The monthly annuity is R$14,88 which amounts to R$178,56 per year. The annuity rate is decent keeping in mind the fact that this card is like a regular card that you can use in different establishments as well, but the best benefits cater only to Casas Bahia frequent customers. However, if you are not a regular customer of Casas Bahia or if you’re interested in buying the latest technology and furniture, then the annuity rate is a bit too much, especially if you already have another credit card that you use regularly.

Related: if you want a regular credit card and not just one for Casas Bahia, then you should read our review on CrediCard where we cover the credit cards offered by this financial giant.

Another important aspect of the Cartao Casas Bahia that you need to consider before deciding if it’s for you is the credit limit, which we’ll cover in the following section.

What Is The Limit Of My Cartao Casas Bahia?

There are 2 different limits associated with your Cartao Casas Bahia:

  • The amount of money that you are allowed to spend in Casas Bahia stores
  • The overall amount of money that you are allowed to spend on purchases made outside the Casas Bahia stores.

The credit card provider does not specify a particular limit to the Cartao Casas Bahia, because those limits depend on a few factors. The credit limit allotted to you by Casas Bahia is dependent on the proof of income that you provide them and on the results of your credit check. So obviously if you have more income and pose less risk to the institution, then you will have a higher spending limit.

Discount Partnerships With Other Businesses

One of the hallmarks of the Cartao Casas Bahia is that it has discounts with several other businesses. This allows you to get more value for your money. Some of the establishments that offer discounts on the Casas Bahia VISA card are:

  • 50% discount on CINEMARK. This discount applies to all tickets and Bradesco combo which comprises of popcorn and soda
  • 15% discount on select Abril products which are advertised or available on their website
  • 15% discount on all Guliana Flores products on their website.
  • 7% discount on all PUKET products on their website
  • Get a R$50 discount on all purchases that are over R$500
  • Get a 15% discount on buying each item from Natura. There is a 25% discount for buying 2 items at a time and a 35% discount on buying 3 or more items
  • 8% discount on all Saraiva stores
  • Get 10% off on sunglasses and eyeglasses on Eotica
  • Get 7% off on Marcyn products
Discounts with your Cartao Casas Bahia

What Is An Invoice And Why You May Need Duplicate Invoices

An invoice is a bill sent to you as a receipt for the goods and services that you have bought. If you make payments by paying a check in the mail or at an establishment you may have to send your invoice to make the payment.

Having duplicate invoices ensures that you have a record of your expenditures and you do not overspend. Similarly, keeping a record helps avoid you being billed twice, in case your service provider accidentally bills you multiple times for the same service. There are several ways in which you can request invoices for different purposes:

Requesting Your Cartao Casas Bahia Invoice Online

The process to apply for a duplicate invoice through the internet is simple and comprises of a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Bradescard website, which is the provider for Cartao Casas Bahia.
  • Step 2: Provide your CPF in the upper region of the screen of your device.
  • Step 3: In the case that you are registering for the first time you need to register some personal data.
  • Step 4: After getting access to the customer area you can just click on the duplicate invoice option.

Contacting The Call Centre Of The Business

You can always try and contact your card’s call centre to request a duplicate copy of the invoice. Some numbers that you can contact are:

  • Call 4003-4033 for the capital
  • Call 0800 880 4033 for service in other regions
  • Call 0800 722 0099 if you have a hearing or speech impairment
  • Call  0800 722 9988 for SAC 24 hour service

How To Pay Your Cartao Casas Bahia Invoice

Okay. Now that you have your invoice, you can also pay it from your home. If you have access to the bar code of the receipt or invoice, you can just pay the invoice normally through the mobile application of your bank. Talking of applications, the Cartao Casas Mobile application can help you in many ways. While the application is still in development it has some features that may be of interest and significance for you.

Cartao Casas Bahia Mobile App

Casas Bahia has launched its card application for users. However, the application in Play Store and Apple store does not have a good rating as of now. Consumers are facing issues such as the inability to block purchases and see user data. However, the Cartao Casas Bahia mobile app is constantly being updated and the company is taking into account the user feedback in redesigning and updating the application.

The mobile application can help you with buying products instantly online. Moreover, the mobile application can also allow you to take advantage of limited-time discounts online on the websites of different establishments. I would recommend that you download the application and use it to see if it is compatible with your phone or working as you intend it to.

What Can You Do With The Cartao Casas Bahia Mobile App?

Some of the intended functionality of the mobile application by Casas Bahia is as follows:

  • Consulting the limits on cash purchases, withdrawals and instalments
  • The payment of invoices by using barcodes
  • Details and records of purchases that you make are updated in real-time. Hence, you can instantly view details of the purchases that you make
  • Consultation of your current and previous bill expenses, so that you can spend your money wisely
  • Graphs of your invoices, so that you can understand the trend at which you are spending your money
  • You can also change your registration details if you wish to do so

Insurance & Assistance

Besides a decent credit card, Casas Bahia also offers several insurance and assistance programs. These programs can help you in insuring you in case of unfortunate circumstances. You have to apply for the protected balance program or the overprotected plan to get coverage. The Visa protection plan is general coverage that is available without cost to insure your transactions as mentioned below.

Protected Balance Plan

You can get health insurance for yourself and insurance for your card in case it is misused. All you have to do is just pay R$6,30 every month and in return, you are eligible for the following benefits:

  • In case of loss of income due to involuntary unemployment or physical incapacity, a fixed capital will be given on a monthly basis to settle your debt. The amount is decided between you and the provider at the time you make a contract.
  • In case of death, a sum of fixed capital R$1.000 will be paid by the company to pay the card invoice. If the indemnified amount is more than the amount to be paid then a maximum amount of up to R$20.000 is paid to the lender
  • You are eligible for the federal lottery which is R$5.000 in prizes

Visa Protection Plan

If you made a purchase and found a cheaper item within 30 days and a 100-kilometre radius then you can return the product. Valid for products that have a value of R$150 or more, the coverage is valid for a limit of R$330 per year and event. The limit is 4 refund requests per item and carrier every 12-months. You can prove the best price by print ads or internet-based advertisements apart from products sold on auction sites for which the offer is not valid. You do not need to separately apply for this program and it is applicable when you get your Cartao Casas Bahia.

Over Protected Plan

Another insurance plan offered by Casas Bahia consists of a monthly payment of R$4,99 which allows you:

  • Protection in case of loss or theft of your card. The limit insured under these scenarios is R$50.000 for offline transactions. The limit for online transactions is R$5.000.
  • Withdraw up to R$1.000
  • In case of death, a sum of fixed capital R$1.000 will be paid by the company to pay the card invoice. If the indemnified amount is more than the amount to be paid then a maximum amount of up to R$50.000 is paid to the lender
  • You are eligible for the federal lottery which is R$10.000 in prizes
  • You can get duplicate documents sent to you in case of theft
  • Locksmith service is available for you in case you lose your keys to your car or house

Summary: Why You Should Get The Cartao Casas Bahia

As you have seen by now, using your Cartao Casas Bahia you can get great discounts and installments for electronics, appliances and furniture. Similarly, you can also get insurance for your documents, card and life insurance for the payment of your debts in case something unfortunate happens to you. However, the downside of these insurance plans is that you have to pay for them in the form of annuities, which can add to your costs.

There are a number of interesting features like using the mobile app or website for making payments and ordering duplicate invoices. Another thing that I like is the plethora of businesses where you can use your Cartao Casas Bahia to get discounts such as CINEMARK and Abril.

If you are someone who enjoys discounts on entertainment and getting the latest merchandise. You should definitely apply for a Cartao Casas Bahia today.