Cartao Inter: Gold, Platinum And Black Credit Cards Without Annuities

June 14, 2020
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Simply put, Banco Inter and the Cartao Inter are some of the most beneficial assets to have when looking for great debit and credit cards and an awesome digital account. Once you’ve opened your account you will receive a debit Gold Mastercard with all of its benefits and have access to a multitude of options when it comes to investing, getting loans, insurances and much more. Also, the digital account comes with unlimited transfers, deposits and withdrawals as if it couldn’t get better. The only downfall to Inter is that although it offers the credit option, it’s EXTREMELY hard to get and that it doesn’t offer a loyalty rewards program.

Either way, if you’re looking for great debit/credit cards and an impressive digital account with tons of opportunities, you’ve come to the right place. Why not start applying for one of the best digital accounts and cards in the virtual bank scene?

In the last couple of years, virtual banks have been gaining more customers per year. These virtual banks promise to offer the same or even better benefits than traditional banks. One feature where they specialize in is letting you have more control over your finances and your spending. Banco Inter and its Cartao Inter do this in a splendid way while offering a great digital account, excellent debit and credit cards and much more. Ready to learn about one of the most important institutions in the virtual bank scene in Brasil?

What Is Banco Inter And How Does It Work?

Banco Inter is a virtual banking institution that started offering digital accounts and debit and credit cards as of 2014. Before that, Banco Inter was known as Banco Intermedium since it started operations back in 1994. As of today, Banco Inter is one of the best options for people who are looking for a great digital account with the opportunity to apply for credit cards. Here’s a complete list of the features you get as a Banco Inter client:

  • Opening a Digital Account entirely through the app.
  • Free TEDs with scheduling options.
  • Free withdrawals at Banco24Horas and Saque e Pague networks;
  • Credit cards without an annual fee.
  • Payments with a barcode reader.
  • Interpag: paying or receiving money ​​by QR Code.
  • Deposit by boleto, issued by the app in a few taps.
  • Deposits by check, with image reading from your smartphone or tablet camera.
  • One of the most complete investment platforms.
  • Salary portability.
  • Gift card rewards.
  • Insurance packages and opportunities.
  • Cell phone recharge from the app.
  • Real estate credit.
  • Payroll loans.
  • MEI (Micro Entrepreneur) account.

As you can see by some of the features listed here, Banco Inter offers one of, if not, the most complete virtual banking platform in Brasil. The best part about this is that the digital accounts and the debit and credit cards are completely free, incurring in no annuities at all.

For the sake of consistency, we’ll be mainly focusing on Banco Inter’s available cards and not on the complete experience. One way or the other we’ll mention whatever feature is important and how it adds to the cards we’ll be describing. So, are you ready to start learning more about the endless possibilities with Banco Inter?

Cartao inter gold platinum black mastercard
Gold, Platinum and Black, all free of annuities.

Cartao Inter: Gold, Platinum And Black, Without Annuities

Before we start talking about the cards, we would like to mention some of the basic features they come with. Also, bear in mind that all Inter cards wear the Mastercard banner, which gives you even more exclusive benefits. Take a look at the basic features that these cards offer:

  • Access to make international purchases with the credit card with some of the lowest rates, PTAX (Average dollar price) + 1%.
  • Unlimited free withdrawals at the Banco24Horas and Withdrawal pay networks.
  • Contactless technology.
  • Interest on your credit card invoice on average is 5% per month.
  • Not having to wait for your credit card to arrive, as soon as your credit application is approved, your debit card turns into a hybrid card.

So, now that we’ve gotten those main features out of the way, let’s start talking about each card specifically.

Cartao Inter Gold: Yes, A Gold Mastercard As Your First Card

We were initially surprised when we discovered that the first thing you receive from Banco Inter after opening your account is a Gold Mastercard. As you may know, some other banks offer a more basic card at first and then open the opportunity for other more expensive cards. Here’s where Inter differs from those other institutions by offering their customers a Gold Mastercard as their first card.

Do be aware that at first, this card only comes with the debit function. In order to activate the credit function and be able to make international purchases, you’re gonna need to send a credit application. In this application, you will need to send some of your personal data so Banco Inter can perform a thorough credit analysis. It’s important to know that Inter’s standards for credit allowances are EXTREMELY strict, so you might be denied even if you have a clear record. We’ll leave some tips in the next section in order to facilitate the process of applying for the credit function.

As this is a Gold Mastercard, it also comes with the regular Gold benefits, so don’t be fooled by this being the first card you get with Inter. Here are the main benefits you get as a Gold Mastercard consumer:

  • Mastercard Surprise.
  • Masterpass.
  • Price Protection.
  • Purchasing Protection.
  • Extended Warranty Insurance
  • Global ATM Finder

Even if this is the first card that Banco Inter offers to their clients, it doesn’t mean that it’s the most basic out there. Few banks out there lend a Gold Mastercard to their customers at first, so this is a great benefit for anyone looking for a great card. Another benefit of this card is that the debit version already comes with all the Gold Mastercard benefits. Also, it’s worth noting that this card does not come with annuities or fees, and also, it only requires a minimum income of minimum wage.

Cartao inter gold mastercard credit debit
Strangely, the Gold card is orange, not gold colored.

Moving on, let’s see what you can get if you want more from Inter.

Cartao Inter Morumbi: The São Paulo Futebol Clube Card

Back when we talked about BS2, we mentioned that it’s not that likely when a virtual bank sponsors a soccer team. It wasn’t until we started writing this review that we learned that Inter also sponsored a soccer team, the São Paulo Futebol Clube.

As with BS2 Flamengo, Inter offers a special version of their digital account and their debit and credit cards. If you’re a fan of this soccer club you’ll be happy to know that with it, you participate in exclusive promotions that benefit yourself and the club. The Morumbi card can be requested as your first card instead of the Cartao Inter Gold. Or, if you already have the Gold card, you can request an exchange free of charge.

Some unique features of this card include:

  • Same Mastercard benefits as the Gold Card.
  • Participation in unique draws of shirts, tickets and even visits to the stadium.
  • Part of the revenue from transactions are passed onto the São Paulo Futebol Clube.
  • A unique card with the colours and motifs of the São Paulo Futebol Clube.

So, if you’re a fan of the São Paulo Futebol Clube, you can always apply for the Morumbi card as a first option. Also, the card also boasts a São Paulo Futebol Clube inspired digital account as well with unique investment options to support the club. You can apply for the Morumbi card through the SPFC Inter app available on mobile devices. Bear in mind that this card only comes in this variant and there are no Platinum Nor Black versions. Also, you can’t have a Gold card and a Morumbi card at the same time.

credit debit spfc super app Sao Paulo Futebol Clube Morumbi card
The Morumbi card has one of the coolest design’s we’ve ever seen.

You can apply directly for the Morumbi Card on either the Play Store or the App Store.

Moving on, let’s see how the more exclusive cards hold up as well.

Cartao Inter Platinum Mastercard

When it comes to the Platinum and Black cards the process of applying kind of simplifies a little bit when compared to other banks. You see, there’s only one requirement in order to apply for the Platinum card, and that is to have invested at least R$50.000,00 in the bank. The money can be invested in different assets, but as long as all of the R$50.000,00 is invested in Banco Inter’s assets, you’ll be eligible for the card. Here’s a list of the Mastercard benefits you get with this Platinum card:

  • Mastercard Surprise
  • Masterpass
  • Price Protection
  • Mastercard Travel Services
  • Master Car Insurance
  • Priceless Cities
  • Concierge
  • MasterAssist Plus

The benefits of applying for the Cartao Inter Platinum is that again, as with the other cards, it’s completely free and only requires a minimum wage income. In terms of unlocking the credit function, you will have to repeat the process as with the Cartao Inter Gold. Normally Platinum cards have a bigger credit limit, but this limit is set upon the specific profile of each client.

Credit debit platinum mastercard
A classic metalic design that’s both sophisticated and fun.

With the platinum card done, let’s talk about the most prestigious card you can get with Banco Inter.

Cartao Inter Black Mastercard

As we had mentioned with the platinum card, being eligible for these cards is reduced to investing a certain amount of money with Inter. Instead of only needing a minimal amount of R$50.000,00, the Cartao Inter Black requires investing at least R$250.000,00, 5 times the amount required for the platinum card. Here’s a list of the Mastercard benefits you can get with this card:

  • Gold Mastercard Benefits
  • Mastercard Travel Services
  • Master Car Insurance
  • Priceless Cities
  • Concierge
  • MasterAssist Black
  • VIP Room
  • Mastercard Airport Experiences
  • Duty-Free Dufry Red
  • Boingo Wifi
  • Baggage Protection
  • Travel Inconveniences
  • Theft Protection in Electronic Boxes

The same benefits of the Platinum card also apply here in terms of the card being completely free and only requiring minimum wage income. The only caveat with the Cartao Inter Black is that it doesn’t participate in any special loyalty rewards program as other more traditional Black Mastercards do. Still, you’ll be getting a Black Mastercard with most of the benefits and a great digital account to go with.

Credit debit card Black MasterCard
A complete bank such as Inter cannot exist without a Black Mastercard

Before we stop talking about the cards, let’s talk about a brief list of the pros and cons of the cards as a whole.

Cartao Inter: Pros and Cons


  • Access to Gold, Platinum and Black Mastercards without too much hassle.
  • Instant debit cards, not prepaid cards and being able to apply for credit functions.
  • Almost complete list of Mastercard features and benefits.
  • Special SPFC Card for fans of the soccer team.
  • Contactless technology.
  • Completely free, not having to pay any annuities whatsoever.
  • Access to international purchases.
  • Unlimited free withdrawals.
  • Cards don’t require a higher minimum income than minimum wage.

Overall, the whole package of the Carato Inter is one of the most complete and resourceful we’ve ever seen in a virtual bank. But with any kind of benefit, a downfall must always come. Let’s get on top of the Cons of these cards:


  • All cards come with a debit base function, credit has to be asked for.
  • Some users report that the credit function is EXTREMELY hard to get since it needs more than just a clear name without debts.
  • The Black Mastercard doesn’t have a loyalty rewards system as with other more traditional Black cards in other banks.
  • Platinum and Black cards require an investment that may be way too high for some customers with lower incomes.

The thing that makes Banco Inter’s cards shine among all the offers in the market is that they offer really good features without annuities. Even when you unlock the credit function on your cards, you still won’t need to pay any sort of fees except the interest rate on your invoice. Overall this is one of the most solid offers when it comes to having debit/credit cards with amazing features.

Before we start talking about the digital account, we’ll give some tips in order for your credit application to be the best out there. Inter’s credit allowance is one of the hardest to get according to some of its users, so these tips will always come in handy.

credit debit cards brasil gold platinum black mastercard
The credit function might sound appealing, but obtaining it is a completely different story

Cartao Inter Credit And How To Get It

As we had mentioned, as soon as you open your account you’ll get a debit card that goes with it. This first card is a debit version of the Cartao Inter Gold, but it can turn into a special card with both debit and credit features. In order to do this, you need to ask for the credit function from the Banco Inter app on your mobile device. According to user reviews, getting the credit function in Inter is one of the hardest features to get in the virtual bank scene, so these tips come especially in handy!

Salary Portability

Normally, credit applications are issued in order for the bank to have a bit of insight into your spending habits. This is the case whenever applying for the credit function on your Cartao Inter. Receiving your salary in your Banco Inter account gives the bank access to a better understanding of your spending habits. This way, it’s easier for them to know whether you do qualify for a credit card or not.


As you may know, the only requirements for getting a Platinum and Black Mastercard is to have invested a certain amount of money. If you have the Cartao Inter Gold or the Morumbi card you won’t need to meet the platinum investment requirements, just use the platform. Investing in Banco Inter’s assets lets the bank know that you’re a reliable user who’s really committed to the bank, so it’s a plus in your credit application.

Keep Your Account Updated

Another feature that lets the bank know that you’re a reliable subject for credit is that you keep your account updated. Whether its updating your address, your phone number, email or other personal details, every little thing helps. Again, this keeps the bank updated into having a better insight into your spending habits.

Maintaining A Good Image

One of the most trustworthy ways to be eligible for a credit application with Inter is maintaining a good financial image. This means that you have a bigger chance of being approved if you pay your invoices on time and you don’t have any debts.

Now that we’ve talked about the cards, their benefits and requirements, let’s talk about the other main product that Banco Inter offers, the digital account.

Inter virtual bank digital account brasil
The inter experience will make your financial life as simple as possible.

The Banco Inter Virtual Account

Most virtual banks rely not only on the benefit of offering great debit, credit or international cards but also on digital accounts. Inter is not the exception here because it offers one of the most complete digital account packages we’ve seen so far. The main benefit of Banco Inter’s digital account is that it’s completely exempt from any fees whatsoever. Here’s a complete rundown of the features you get with this virtual account:

  • No annual fee for the card or the digital account.
  • Unlimited TEDs and withdrawals in the Banco24Horas network.
  • Purchases and transfers via QR code.
  • Cash deposit by boleto.
  • Check deposit by image.
  • Cashback with partner retailers.
  • Complete Investment platform.
  • Loans and Financing.
  • Bill Payments.
  • Insurance.
  • Cell phone recharge.

The main thing that makes the virtual account shine for regular users is that it offers unlimited free withdrawals, transfers and deposits. But aside from that, the digital account also comes with a complete platform with other impressive features. Let’s talk a little bit about that.


Banco Inter wanted to offer an experience that went beyond the scope of regular digital accounts. This is how they designed a unique way to send and receive money between Inter’s users, including supported retailers.

Interpag works by a user generating a QR code in their mobile Inter app with the amount of money they can receive. The user or buyer only has to read the QR code with their phones and then confirm the transaction. This can be used for quick transfers between users or to make traditional purchases at retailers that support the use of Interpag.

Also, depending on the retailer, you might even get discounts of up to 5% or 10%. If you want to learn more about the supported retailers, here’s a full list of the retailers that support Interpag per city.

Interpag transfer QR code
Promotional material of Interpag for when it was released,

Cashback Program

As we mentioned before, one downfall of the Cartao Inter package is the fact that the cards don’t come with either a loyalty rewards program or a cashback program. However, the lack of a cashback program in the cards is remediated by the presence of it in the digital account. The thing is, applying for this cashback program is not as seamless as one would like it to be, it actually needs you to visit the official Inter website or downloading the SPFC Inter app.

From here, you will be shown a list of the official Inter’s partners where the cashback program is supported. Here’s a list of the most popular names in the catalogue:

  • Amazon
  • Bahia Houses
  • Americanas
  • Magalu (Magazine Luiza)
  • Submarino
  • Shoptime
  • Carrefour
  • Centauro
  • Netshoes
  • Nike

Depending on the brand you choose, you might end up getting a cashback percentage of at least 2.5% or even as much as 10%. But as we said, the cashback program is not as readily available as it should be as it makes you jump through some hoops before being able to enjoy it. Another benefit of this program is that the cashback will appear in a period of 30 days from your purchase. Even if it’s not that simple to use, it’s one of the most immediate!

Cashback discounts offers credit debit cards
The casback program is one of the easiest ways to spend less on your purchases.

Now lets head onto the features that make Inter a really impressive and complete package.

PAI: Possibly The Most Complete Investment Platform

Back when we did our BS2 review we mentioned that this was the virtual bank with possibly the best and most thorough investment platform. Now that we’re writing this review on Banco Inter, we know that these banks are up, toe to toe, in terms of investment opportunities and earnings.

With Inter you have the opportunity to invest in PAI, short for Inter Platform, a program that lets you invest in up to 5 different ways. With Inter you can invest in the following platforms:

  • Fixed Income.
  • Investment Funds.
  • Private Pension.
  • Variable Income.
  • Public Offerings.

The best part of PAI is how it’s seamlessly integrated into the digital account. In this way, you can invest in so many different ways without ever having to leave your house.

banco inter investimentos PAI platform investments
All of the investment assets will be available as soon as you create your account.

With that out of the way, let’s focus now on loans, something that makes Inter really outshine some of the other banks.


As with the PAI platform, Inter doesn’t stop offering a ton of benefits when it comes to getting loans as well. With Banco Inter you can apply for up to 3 different types of loans, among which are:

  • Home Equity Loan
  • Public Payroll Loan
  • Factored Private Loan

Let’s go on a brief explanation of each one of these.

Home Equity

This loan lets you ask for a loan of up to 50% of the value of your property, which would technically be a guarantee of your payment without having to sell it. This type of loan offers a reasonable interest rate of 1% per month, it also is pre-fixed, which means that it cannot change once it’s signed.

Public Payroll Loan

This type of loan lets you get a much lower interest and it’s ideal for employees, retirees and pensioners looking to make their dreams come true. Rates usually start at 1,30%, which is a more than reasonable price for the benefit you’re getting.

Factored Private Loan

This loan works exclusively for employees with a formal contract. It has one of the lowest rates on the market which starts at 2,12%. The benefit of this one is that you can install the loans up to 12 to 48 months.

loans virtual bank
Inter’s loans are some of the most consumer friendly in the virtual bank scene. Perhaps they’re a step in the right direction for your new home?


Inter goes far beyond what other virtual banks offer by accompanying all of its benefits with insurance for all customers. Banco Inter offers 9 different types of insurances for different types of clients, among which are:

  • Complete Auto Insurance
  • Auto Damage to Third Parties
  • Most Protected Card
  • Quiet Family
  • Quiet Residence
  • Finance Protection
  • Home Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Dental Insurance

They also offer different packages for people who might need a combination out of all these types. These packages usually come with 3 types of insurance depending on the profile of each user and mostly range from up to R$1 to R$9 per month, so it’s quite the deal!

insurance seguros seguranza
A brief of the insurance packages that Inter offers.

Now onto the last important feature of the Inter digital account, before we can make a final recommendation.

Currency Exchange

One thing that makes Inter one of the most complete packages in the industry is that they also offer the chance to exchange currencies with the digital accounts. With this feature you can send or receive international remittances, payments and transfers to different places in the world.

Banco Inter also uses the commercial dollar as a reference of exchange, but it’s subject to change. Although, the basic fee for sending resources via the app costs a total of R$50, so bear that in mind.

As of this feature, we’ve covered the main aspects of what makes Inter one of the most interesting virtual banks. Now that we’ve done that, let’s explore what inter lacks and what really fails in.

Drawbacks to Banco Inter

There’s not really much to say when it comes to the digital account that Inter offers. Instead, what really is lacking is the Inter Cartao package.

Some of the major drawbacks are the following:

  • The Credit function of the cards is, according to user reviews, one of the hardest to get, even if you have a clear name.
  • In the case that the credit is denied, you have to wait a total of 90 days before applying again.
  • There’s no loyalty rewards program whatsoever, not even to the Black Mastercard.
  • Platinum and Black Mastercards are only obtainable through investing a certain amount with the bank.
  • Increasing the credit limit on your cards will require a thorough credit analysis and proof of income.
  • Some users have reported that the app is not always stable and even fails to authenticate the login information.

Inter might just be one of the best platforms out there for people who are looking for some solid cards. Inter also offers a great digital account makes this one of the best options for anyone looking for better finances.

Alternatives To Cartao Inter

Even if Inter is one of the most complete experiences out there, we recognize that some of the drawbacks might be too overpowering for you. Instead, you might want to look at these alternatives:

Banco Pan

In contrast to Banco Inter, Pan offers a pretty sufficient digital account that comes with a credit card at first. The approval for this card is somewhat difficult to get, but it does guarantee a credit card. And you can even apply for a credit card without annuities!

The only downfall is that it only offers a shared pool of 30 free withdrawals, transfers and deposits per month.

Either way, Banco Pan is a solid option if you want a credit card more than a complete banking platform. You can read our review on Banco Pan and the Cartao Pan here.


This bank will always be there when we’re talking about the top virtual banking institutions. Nubank and Inter are very similar to each other. Where Inter offers some really difficult cards to get, Nubank’s credit cards are not that hard to get. The only thing that holds Nubank back is that it’s got quite the queue for people who’ve already applied for an account in there. It might be a while until you get to hear from them if you haven’t applied already.

Neon Card by Banco Neon

Neon will always be into the top choices of virtual banks for us because of how readily accessible it is. You only have to wait 7 working days in order to hear back from them. On top of that, they offer some solid debit, credit, investment and loan options. The only downfall to Neon is that it offers only 1 withdrawal per month or 4 if you’re using Neon +. Either way, it’s one of the easiest digital accounts to get into as of the moment of writing.

Inter Neon Nubank C6 Bank virtual banks melhor banco digital credit debit card
At the end of the day it’s your choice, but each one has their own benefits.

You can read more about Banco Neon and the Neon Card in this review.

C6 Bank

Whenever talking about great digital accounts and credit cards, we can’t really skip on talking about C6 Bank either. This virtual bank offers international accounts, debit and credit cards, and even investment options. Some of the downfalls of this bank are that the investment options are not for everybody. They also offer a hybrid debit/credit card and a Black Mastercard, but the latter comes with a pretty hefty annuity.

You can learn more about C6 Bank in this review.

Cartao Inter And Digital Account: In Summary

It’s hard not to recommend Banco Inter because of all the things it offers to the average consumer. If you’re looking for a place where your money will be safe and well spent, Inter is definitely the place. Even if it’s tough for you to get the credit accepted, the benefits are just too good to ignore.

So, if you’re looking for a Gold debit card that can work as a credit card and a great digital account with a lot of benefits, you’ve found the right option. So, why don’t you open your account with Inter right now?

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