Cartao Shoptime: A Great Card For Discounts

July 11, 2020
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Cartao Shoptime allows you to get great discounts on grocery items, electronics and furniture items on all Shoptime stores. This card is a good option for you if you are a regular customer at Shoptime. You can get discounts for computers, phones, home appliances among other exciting products.

If you are someone who likes discounts on electronics and the latest appliance and you don’t have your Cartao Shoptime yet, then you should apply for one now.

Shoptime is one of the few retail market chains that offer everything from grocery, furniture and latest electronics. Cartao Shoptime helps you to get the products you like at prices that you can afford. Keep reading to find out everything this great card has to offer.

What Is Cartao Shoptime?

Shoptime is a retail company that was established in 1995. They offer several products such as appliances, computers, mobiles, daily grocery items and much more. The company also has a television channel called TV Shoptime. Cartao Shoptime is a credit card that was launched by Shoptime to incentivize loyal customers and give customers more purchasing power. The card is launched in collaboration with Cetelem. Holders of the card can expect special in-store discounts and sales.

Now that you know what Cartao Shoptime is, let’s examine some of the benefits this card can have for you.

Benefits Of Your Cartao Shoptime?

There are several benefits of your Cartao Shoptime. Some of the benefits of being a cardholder are as follows:

  • Up to a 45-day limit to pay your invoice
  • Special and exclusive discounts offered at affiliate companies
  • Exclusive discounts at Shoptime stores
  • You are automatically enrolled in the Shoptime loyalty program
  • Earn 1 point for each time you use your card
  • Once you earn at least 5 points you can substitute your points for different products
  • Once you have accumulated enough points you can automatically get a free gift card. You do not even have to apply for the gift card, it will automatically be given to you
  • You can also register your card with Vai de Visa Program to take benefits of being a VISA cardholder
  • Accepted in all accredited stores throughout Brazil that accept Visa Cards
  • Get access to duplicate Invoices

Now that you are aware of some of the benefits that this credit card can have for you, let’s examine the annuities associated with it.

Cartao Shoptime Annuities

There is a monthly annuity of R$13,08 associated with the card, which you have to pay each month throughout the year. The total amount that you have to pay in annuities is R$156,98 annually. It makes sense to have this credit card if you are a regular customer at Shoptime. However, if you are not a regular customer at Shoptime and are looking for some credit card for general use you should read our review on the CrediCard line of credit cards. Moreover, if you want something without any annuities check out our review of the CrediCard Zero Platinum, it is one of the best no-annuity cards in Brasil.

Another important factor that you should consider is the interest rate on your credit card, which we’ll cover in the following section.

Interest Rate On Your Cartao Shoptime

The interest rate on your Cartao Shoptime is 18.66% per month. If you are in a habit of not paying your complete balance at the end of the month, then the interest rate can quietly creep up on you and you can find yourself in a significant amount of debt. Hence, you should make sure that you pay the entire remaining amount of debt you have by the end of the year. As before, if you are looking for a card with low-interest rates do check out our review on the series of CrediCard credit cards.

The terms and conditions of different cards play an important role in our decision to get a credit card or not. The conditions to get a Cartao Shoptime are quite simple and I elicit some of them below.

Conditions To Get A Cartao Shoptime

There are a few conditions that you need to meet to be eligible to get a Cartao Shoptime, some of the conditions are as follows:

  • You have to be at least 18 years old in order to be eligible to get the card.
  • The minimum income required is equal to or greater than the minimum wage

If you fulfill the conditions you can proceed to order your Cartao Shoptime in a few simple steps mentioned below.

How To Order Your Cartao Shoptime?

Some of the basic steps that you need to order your card today are as follows:

  1. Visit the Shoptime website
  2. Log in to the digital portal with your CPF number or your email and then type your Shoptime password. However, if you are a new user, you should click on “Register” and fill in the form provided with your data
  3. Then continue the registration to request your Cartao Shoptime
  4. Read the due date on the invoice, read the terms and conditions for using your card and agree to the conditions before clicking on “request my card”
  5. Then a credit analysis will be performed on your profile based on the information that you have given.

Shoptime takes 7 business days to perform an analysis and approve or reject your request for a Cartao Shoptime. Once you get your card you must unlock it by visiting the Cetelem website.

There are a few documents that you need to keep ready when applying for your card.

What Documents Do I Need To Provide?

There are some basic documents that you require in order to get your Cartao Shoptime. They are as follows:

  • Identification documents such as your RG, CPF or CNH
  • Your proof of residence which can be a water bill, an electricity bill or a landline telephone bill.
  • Proof of income that can comprise of your payslips or a bank statement

Another thing that most individuals struggle with answering is the limit of there credit card.

Limit On Your Cartao Shoptime

There is no exact limit of your Cartao Shoptime as it is dependant on a few factors. The limit of your Cartao Shoptime depends on your earnings and ability to pay off debt. If you have a good salary and a good record of paying back debt you will have a good limit. Similarly, if your earnings or your track record of paying back debt is not got you will not have a very high limit or you could even be denied the card to begin with.

Once You Get Your Card, You Can Request A Higher Limit

Yes. Even if after the credit analysis you receive a card with a low limit, you can request a higher limit if you perform well with the institution. In order to extend your limit, all you have to do is pay the installments of your first 4 monthly payments on time and then you can apply for a credit extension.

Once you get your card and start using it, it is easy to lose it as well. If this happens, the process of ordering another one is easy.

Ordering Another Copy Of Your Card

If you have lost your Cartao Shoptime, you can order one by calling 4004-7990 if you reside in the capital or 08007041166 if you reside outside the capital. The cost associated with an extra card is R$20,00.

Cartao Shoptime !

However, if you are not happy with your Cartao Shoptime, then you can easily cancel it.

How To Cancel Your Shoptime Card?

You can cancel your Cartao Shoptime by calling the customer service number at 0800-268-8877. The number is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you can literally call anytime to cancel your card. However, you must pay the outstanding amount for all purchases, tariffs and pending instalments.

Summary: Why You Should Apply For A Cartao ShopTime?

If you are a regular customer of Shoptime then you must apply for Cartao Shoptime, as it allows you with greater purchasing power to buy the latest gadgets such as laptops, phones and appliances. Similarly, you get rewards for being a loyal customer of Shoptime as you earn points every time that you shop. You can redeem your points in the shop to get free products or services.

Another good advantage of this card is that it can be used in all retail outlets that accept Visa cards. Hence, you can use your card to buy products from other stores as well. The card also enables you to buy products and services at specialized discounts from other retailers.