Credicard ZERO Platinum: Zero Fees – Great Benefits

June 5, 2020
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The Credicard Zero Platinum is a great card for anyone looking for their first credit card. It has no annuity and doesn’t require any proof of income. It also comes with a minimum spending limit of R$1.000, which is exactly what most Brasilians need in their youth. This card comes with 4 free extra cards, making it an excellent choice for anyone with a family as well. We love the fact that this card comes with discounts on over 30 partnered brands.

In this article, we’ll cover all the pros and cons of the Credicard Zero and help you decide if it’s the right card for you.

What Is Credicard Zero Platinum?

credicard zero

This card used to be called Credicard Zero, and has recently been rebranded Credicard Zero Platinum! That’s a huge boost to its stature and worth.

Credicard is one of the top payment solutions providers in Brasil and has been in the industry for decades now.

What Does The Credicard Zero Bring You?

The Credicard Zero Platinum has plenty of offers to put on the table. We’ll mention all the main ones and how they can affect your experience with using this card. Here’s a short overview of the Credicard Zero Platinum:

Annual FeeR$0
Additional Cards4, Free Of Cost
Spending Limit$R1.000 – $R35.000
PartnersOver 30 Discount Partners
Loyalty ProgramsMastercard Surpreenda
Spending LimitR$1.000 – R$35.000
Minimum IncomeNot Required

The Credicard Zero Platinum Has No Annual Or Maintenance Fees

Having no fees is perhaps the biggest advantage that this card has. The Credicard Zero has a ton of features and benefits to offer. Features that other cards charge a lot of money to provide.

An annuity is something that discourages a lot of Brasilians from getting credit cards, so this card is a huge winner in that regard. Especially considering that most Brasilians today focus on saving money, not on throwing it away on fees.

4 Additional Free Cards

It’s not just one free card without an annuity. You get four of them, which means you can distribute them among your family. Everyone you love will be able to make their payments with ease. Just make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to spending.

Over 30 Discount Partners

You’ll have access to great discounts at many outlets and services. These are just a few examples of the huge savings you can get if you manage to get yourself this card:

Zattini15% discount
ExtraUp to 40% discount
Magazine LuizaUp to 10% discount
PontofrioUp to 40% discount
FastShopUp to 30% discount
CabifyUp to 20% discount

For a card that doesn’t cost anything, these sure are some great discounts. Coupled with the Mastercard Surpreenda program, you can have some serious savings with this card.

Advantage Of Mastercard Surpreenda

Mastercard Surpreenda is an added bonus of signing up for this card. With this program, you’ll get “buy one, get 2 free” vouchers. These vouchers will be given to you when you purchase products with your Credicard Zero Platinum.

You get one point for every purchase, and after 5 points, you have a chance to win a voucher. The value of your purchase doesn’t make a difference – you get one point for each one.

Great Spending Limits

The spending limit starts at R$1.000 and goes up to R$35.000, which is huge! We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: this card doesn’t have any minimum income requirements. Nor does it cost anything. For such requirements, the benefits are great.

Keep in mind that if you don’t spend much with this card, the spending limit can shrink as well.

Mastercard Platinum Benefits

Using this card for travel will automatically get you the Mastercard Platinum experience. You’ll have access to a Mastercard Platinum Concierge at airports and will be covered with medical and rented-car insurance when you pay for your ticket and vehicle with this credit card.

Other than that, you’ll have emergency assistance in case you lose your card at any given location. It’s a great way to ensure that you and your loved ones can travel in safety and peace.

Note: Mastercard Platinum does not offer VIP lounge access at airports.

What We Like About Credicard Zero

credicard zero

The Minimum Spending Limit

This card has a minimum spending limit (when you acquire it) of R$1.000. For most working Brasilians, this is great as they don’t need to worry about any high amounts of money that they need to pay off.

This amount is enough to get your daily purchases done while keeping life simple.

Doesn’t Require Proof Of Income

A lot of times, young Brasilians won’t have a huge income. This card is perfect for them as you won’t need to present that at all. However, you should keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that you’ll get approved for the card.

Credicard will still run a background check on you to see if you should have this card or not.

What This Card Is Lacking

No card is perfect, and the Credicard Zero is no exception. Here are some areas in which we think this card could improve.

The Platinum Title Isn’t Worth Much

Yes, you get some extra Mastercard benefits with this card, but that’s it. With most Platinum cards, we usually expect an extensive rewards program.

Since this card has no points system, rewards are out of the question. The only reward that this card has to offer is the Mastercard Surpreenda, something that the Credicard Black also offers.

Long Waiting Times For Approval

The Credicard Zero can take as many as 45 days for approval. Imagine waiting for that long and being told that you don’t qualify!

And in addition to that, the delivery time for the card itself is around 2 weeks, depending on where you live. All this time combined means that you may have to wait 2 months for your card to arrive, which can be pretty irritating for most people.

A Small Warning

Not paying off your credit card debt on time will land you into huge amounts of debt. This card is a useful tool, but making mistakes will result in it a whole lot of trouble that simply isn’t worth the R$1.000 spending limit.

Should You Get The Credicard Zero?

The Credicard Zero Platinum is a great card, but it isn’t meant for everyone. If you fit the following description, then we highly recommend that you get this card:

  • You’re young with a relatively small paycheck.
  • You’re not looking to travel much.
  • You just want a simple credit card so you can purchase items on installments.

If you already have another card, or can afford a better one, this one might not be for you. For instance, if you can access the Credicard Black, which offers much better benefits, then we recommend you go for that one instead.

For anyone looking for their first, entry-level credit card, there’s Credicard Zero: