Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil: A Complete Solution

July 7, 2020
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Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil is a comprehensive solution for your business. They can provide you with payroll solutions to automate and secure your payments to your employees. Similarly, they also offer BB Machines for processing credit card payments for your clients. Not just that, but Financeiro Banco Brasil even helps you to make short-term or long-term investments to grow your wealth.

If you are a business that is looking to maximize its value for its employees and clients then you should definitely sign up with Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil payroll solutions and BB Machines to maximize security and value for them. You can also improve your financial liquidity by applying for short-term investments and maximize your long-term investments by joining Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil’s services today.

Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil is a comprehensive solution for your business. They offer complete solutions for managing your payroll, investments and credit card solutions. Keep reading this review to find out how you can benefit from Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil.

What Is Gerenciador Financeiro?

Gerenciador Financeiro is a set of financial services provided by Banco Brasil to help your business. They offer services in managing your payroll, investments and providing you with BB Machines that can process all major credit cards. If you are a business looking to expand you can benefit a lot by partnering with Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil to modernize your operations and provide stakeholders with greater value.

Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil Payroll Solutions

Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil Payroll Solutions offer you complete solutions for making payments to your vendors, your employees and make financial applications and sends you the annual gross billing ratio and release credit online. Managing the accounts payable and account receivables have never been easier with Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil’s application. There is even a comprehensive customer relationship management system in which all your sales are recorded safely and quickly.

Benefits Of Having Your Payroll With Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil

There are several benefits that you get by using financial management services from Banco Brasil.

  • You can make payments to your employees remotely without leaving the office
  • More security as you do not have to physically go to a bank to make salary transfers to your employees
  • You can make payments using the financial management mobile application that is provided by Banco Brasil
  • Get tailored mobile applications and portals that suit the needs of your organization
  • You get an efficient sheet management system that keeps a track of all the payments that you make
  • Your payments are secured by the Financial Managers Security Administration that ensures your payments are safe
  • You can easily add or delete employees from the payroll using the mobile application
  • Scheduling payments is easy and you can schedule payments for up to 180 days
  • Online consultations of scheduled payments
  • Realtime credits
  • Up to 98 employees can benefit from the service

Benefits Of Using Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil Payroll Solutions For Your Employees

There are several positives for your employees if you use Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil for your business. The benefits are not one-sided. There is a multitude of benefits that your employees also gain when you use Banco Brasil’s financial management services for your payroll among which are:

  • Employees can view their paycheck online
  • They get access to the largest complete self-service network
  • Pre-approve loans at different rates, such as CDC Salario and BB Credito Tourismo

Managing The Collection Of Bills With Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil

Financial management services of Banco Brasil provide you with a complete solution to collect customer bills. You can sign up for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The solution would ensure that your accounts receivables are managed digitally thus, granting you transparency in the whole process. You can get access to the status of your ERP using the BB app or the financial manager on your own system.


There are several features of the collection of bills using Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil. Some of the features are as below:

  • Receipts of settlements can be paid via payment through any bank even after the expiration date of the payment.
  • The process of receiving payments through receipts is automated and the outstanding balances on your accounts receivables are automatically and instantly updated according to the payment schedules identified by you.
  • If there is a difference in the amount provided by the customer then the amount will be automatically updated by the customer.

Advantages Of Collecting Bills Using Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil

There are some advantages of using Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil to collect your bills. Apart from automating the whole process here are a few more advantages for you:

  • One of the widest service coverage networks including most major banks and Banco Postal
  • Free access to billing reports on the BB billing app, to manage your accounts receivables in a free, easy and secure manner
  • You can include your logo and personalized names on payment slips
  • Validate the layout of your billing system and improve your payment system with advice from Banco Brasil
  • You can also register customers who do not pay to the register of defaulters

The BB Credit Card Machine

If you are looking to give more purchasing power to your customers and are thinking of offering them a credit card, then the BB Machine can really help. You get an exemption from contracting and renewal fees and zero-fee in credit card sales that you make in advance.

You can also get progressive discounts with the BB Machine in the sense that you have to pay a lesser percentage of sales as you sell more and more units.

Benefits & Advantages of Using the Credit Card Machine

There are several benefits of the credit card machines or BB machines. Let’s have a look at a few benefits to see if you could benefit from one.

  • You can process all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Elo and Alelo
  • The payments processed can be on debit cards, credit cards. They can be instalments or one single payment.
  • You can offer customers the instalment of purchases, to individuals who are card users of your establishment or any other establishment.
  • Eliminating the usage of checks with your customers which can reduce the likelihood of fraud as credit cards are often associated with fraud.
  • Cost Reduction associated with streamlining the payment collection process.
  • You get access to working capital for your company through the Advance of Credit to Tenants (ACL), BB Giro Digital, BB Giro Empresa and BB Giro Receivables with some of the best rates tailored for your convenience.
  • Ability to offer consumers with offers such as mobile top-ups and withdrawal services
  • You can also set up your system in a way that makes it possible for you to conduct online sales.
  • Make sales that require up to 48 installments for the ease of your customers and your business

In case you are looking for a good credit card check out our post on Credicard line of credit cards. Now that you know some benefits of the credit card machine let’s have a look at how you can get one.

How Can You Get The BB Machine?

You can get the BB machine if you are a legal entity approved by the Cielo and you have an active checking account at Banco do Brasil.

Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil Investment Solutions

You can also apply for various types of investments to maximize the value of your firm for shareholders and employees. Below are some types of investments that you can apply for.

Short-Term And Low-Risk Investments

These types of investments give you return after a short period of time and you can liquidate them on a daily basis. These investments help you get short term returns and liquidity in the case that you require liquidity. As you can see from the payment schedule below the plans are fixes and the degree of risks is very low and you can sign up today and contact your relationship manager on the rate of returns as they are susceptible to market fluctuations.

BB Simple Fixed IncomeVery lowAny amount
Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil BB MachinesVery lowR$50.00
BB Fixed Income Referenced DI AgileVery lowR$50.00
BB Fixed Income Referenced Agile DI PlusVery lowR$1,000.00
BB Fixed Income Short Term Agile CompanyVery lowR$500,000.00
Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil BB MachinesVery lowR$10,000,000.00
Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil

Long-Term Investments

Long term investments are also available for the business that provide you with safe returns. However, liquidity for long term plans is not available as you require to fix your money for a fixed period of up to 6 months or a year or any other time specified in your contract. Some general information of long term investment plans are as follows:

BB Fixed Income Referenced DI LP PlusVery lowR$1,000.00
BB Fixed Income Referenced DI LP PremiumVery lowR$50,000.00
BB Fixed Income Referenced DI LP VipVery lowR$100,000.00
 BB Fixed Income LP SelicVery lowAny amount
BB Renda Fixa LP EmpresaVery lowR$500,000.00
BB Corporate LP Fixed IncomeVery lowR$10,000,000.00
BB Fixed Income LP Corporate Private CreditLowR$10,000,000.00
BB Fixed Income LP Corporate BanksLowR$10,000,000.00
BB Ibovespa Shares Indexed IMediumAny amount
BB IBrX Indexed Shares IMediumAny amount
BB Stock Exchange AmericanMediumAny amount
BB Shares ValueMediumR$200.00
BB Dividend SharesMediumR$200.00
BB Small Caps SharesMediumR$200.00
BB Quantitative SharesMediumR$200.00
Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil

Risks In Investments

There are several types of risks that all investments are exposed to. There are 3 main types of risks that all investments may be exposed to. They are as follows

Market Risk

This results form the fluctuation in the market value of instruments that make up a fund’s portfolio

Credit Risk

This is associated with the issuers of financial assets or counter parties failing to meet their financial obligations as per the regulations of contract

Liquidity Risk

This has to do with the immediate difficulty in being able to provide funds to honour your payments or expenses without having to sell fixed or long term assets.


Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil is a complete solution for your business. You can manage your payrolls with the services with automatic and secure payments to all your employees. Moreover, you can use the BB credit card machine to process a slew of famous credit card providers. You can also use Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil to make investments to grow your savings. Finally, you can focus on long term savings or short-term savings depending on your investment horizon.

If you are a business looking for growth then Gerenciador Financeiro Banco Brasil is right for you. Not only do they provide you with payroll solutions for secure payments to customers, they also help you in expanding customers with BB machines. They can help you in maintaining your financial liquidity by the short-term investments they offer. Similarly, you can invest in long-term investment plans to maximise your wealth. Apply today and enjoy the peace of mind in watching your business grow.

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