Meu Pag: An International Credit Card With No Annual Fee

June 15, 2020
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Fintech Meu Pag is a part of Avista Group, a group with more than 20 years of experience in Brasil. Meu Pag offers two products, the Pag digital account, and the Pag credit card.

The Pag digital account is, as the name suggests, a free digital account with which you’ll have access to services like paying bills and bank slips, phone recharge. Unlimited TEDs, and unlimited withdrawals at Banco24Horas terminals.

The Pag card is an international credit card with the MasterCard flag and with no annual fee. There is no monthly, annual, or inactivity fee for the Pag card, and most of the benefits of owning the Pag card like Bill Payment, TED transfers, Withdrawals at Banco24 Horas ATMs, Cell Phone Recharge and Emergency Credit Assessment are completely free.

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Pag credit card. Here you’ll find what the Pag card is, what it’s good for, it’s fees, features, advantages, disadvantages, requirements, and how to get it. 

What Is Meu Pag?

Meu Pag is a fintech and it’s part of the Avista Group, which has more than 20 years of experience in Brasil. At the time being, Meu Pag offers two financial products, the Pag digital account, and the Meu Pag credit card.

The Pag Digital Account

The Pag digital account is completely free, there’s no membership fee or annuity. You can create the account right now by simply downloading the Meu Pag app and filling the initial form with your credentials and CPF number. The Pag digital account does not require a credit analysis. The digital account allows you to:

  • Pay bills and bank slips with no additional fees.
  • Recharge your cell phone with no additional fees.
  • Free Unlimited withdrawals at Banco24Horas terminals
  • Free Unlimited TED transfers.

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Meu Pag Card

The Pag credit card is an international digital credit card with a Mastercard flag and no annual fee. Its benefits include:

  • Free unlimited TED transfers
  • Free unlimited withdrawals
  • Cell phone recharge
  • Bill payment from your cell phone and with no additional fees.

Mue Pag Card Features And Benefits

In the following sections, we-ll cover the most important aspects of the Meu Pag card including rates and fees, uses and more.

Meu Pag Card Rates And Fees

The Meu Pag card offers some of the best rates on the market, if not the best. The services they offer like Withdrawal at ATMs, TED transfers, Cell Phone Recharge, Bill Payment etc. are completely free.

The interest they charge varies from customer to customer depending on the client’s risk score.

Annuity Free & Unlimited
Differentiated AnnuityFree & Unlimited
Invoice Issuance Free & Unlimited
Emergency Credit Assessment Free & Unlimited
Cell Phone RechargeFree & Unlimited
WithdrawalFree & Unlimited
TEDFree & Unlimited
Payment Free & Unlimited
Interest RatesLate Interest Rate: 5.7% to 16.9%
Invoice Installment: 2.7% to 15.9%
Credit Usage: 1.99% to 6.99% 

The rates that Meu Pag offers, as you may have noticed, are more than reasonable. However, the rates can quickly go through the roof if you fail to pay your invoices on time. So, as long as you pay the invoice on time, you should be great.

An International Mastercard With No Annual Fee

You can use the Meu Pag card to make international transactions with ease and pay anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Mey Pag doesn’t charge any additional fees for international use, but you will still have to pay 6.38% on IOF (Imposto sobre Operações Financeiras), which is a federal tax.

No Proof Of Income Required

Usually, credit card issuers require that the applicant must earn a certain amount of money monthly or yearly to be considered, which is known as the minimum income requirement. But the Meu Pag card doesn’t have a specified income requirement, therefore you will not be required to prove how much you earn. 

This is great since this is a card that even students can get, even before they find their first job and start making enough money to apply for other more premium credit cards from traditional banks.

Decent Interest Rates

As we mentioned earlier, Meu Pag charges very reasonable interest rates, especially considering that it doesn’t impose any minimum income requirements. You will be subjected to a credit analysis though, and Meu Pag will charge you a different interest rate depending on your risk score.

These are the different types of interests you can incur with any credit card and the rages in the rates Meu Pag charges:

Interest Rate For Late Payments: 5.7% to 16.9% per month.

Invoice Payment In Installments: 2.7% to 15.9% per month.

Credit Utilization: 1.99% to 6.99% per month.

As you can see, it is very important to pay your invoices on time and try to avoid debt, since 17% per month on late payments can really pile up quickly and throw you into a debt spiral. In Brasil, the interests charged on credit cards are some of the highest in the market, so even a small debt can potentially become quite troublesome.

If you use your credit card to pay for a purchase and you make sure to make at least your minimum payments on time every month, you-ll only pay a maximum of 7% in interests on your balance. But if you miss payments, that can jump to more than twice that amount, so be careful.

Exclusive Meu Pag App

The Meu Pag card doesn’t have Internet Banking, as in you cannot use an internet browser to access your card. You will need to use the Meu Pag app which is available for iOS and Android. With the Meu Pag app you can:

  • Access your invoice history
  • Pay your invoice
  • Recharge your phone
  • Pay bills
  • Get in contact with their 24/7 customer support team if you have a question.

The app has a rating of 3.8 on Play Store, which, as financial apps go, is quite decent.

Chat Support

One of the caveats of Meu Pag is that they do not have a 0800 number. If you need any help/support regarding your Pag card, they offer guidance through Chat Support in the Meu Pag app, and nothing more.

Bill & Bank Slips Payment

You can also pay bills and bank slips with the Pag card completely free. There are no additional charges. The Meu Pag app also makes paying very convenient. To do so follow the following steps: 

  1. Step 1: Open the Meu Pag app.
  2. Step 2: In the side-panel click Pagamentos.
  3. Step 3: On the next screen, click Leitor de codigo de barras.
  4. Step 4: Scan the boleto barcode
  5. Step 5: Tap Enviar on the next screen and you’re good to go!

Cell Phone Recharge

The Pag card also makes cell phone recharge very convenient and easy. You can recharge your cell phone by opening up the side panel in the Meu Pag app and clicking on Recarga De Celular. This service is also completely free.

Meu Pag Digital Invoice

With the Pag card, there are no printed invoices, all the invoices are issued digitally and can be accessed by heading on to the Invoices in the side-pannel of the Meu Pag app.

How To Pay Your Mue Pag Card Invoices

The steps below explain how to pay your invoices through the Meu Pag app:

  1. Download The Meu Pag App

    Firstly download the Meu Pag app from Google Play or App Store.

  2. Log-In

    Log-in with your credentials and CPF number.

  3. Side-Panel>Invoices

    Open up the side-panel in the Meu Pag app and tap on Invoices.

  4. Tap ‘Pay Invoice’

    Select the invoice that you want to pay and then click Pay Invoice.

  5. Generate BOLETO Code or Pay With Account Balance

    Once you click on Pay Invoice. You’ll be given two options to pay the invoice:
    – Pay With Account Balance
    – Pay With BOLETO
    If you want to pay your invoice with your Pag account balance, click on Pay With Account Balance and if you want to pay your invoice through BOLETO, you can click on Generate BOLETO to generate the BOLETO code.

The following video will make everything crystal-clear.

Requirements For The Meu Pag Card

The requirements for opening a Pag account and eventually requesting The Pag Mastercard are as follows:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must not have any restrictions from the credit card agencies.
  • You must pass the Pag credit analysis.
  • You must have a home address in Brasil.
  • You must have your CPF number with Receita Federal do Brasil (RFB).

How To Get The Pag Card:

Since Pag is a digital financial service, the only way to create a Pag account and eventually request the Pag credit card is through the Meu Pag app. Simply download the Mau Pag app and fill the initial form with your credentials and CPF number and that’s it.

Using just the Pag digital account does not require a credit analysis. With the digital account, you can take advantage of services like paying bills and bank slips, phone recharge, unlimited TEDs, and unlimited withdrawals at Banco24Horas terminals.

The Pag card, however, does require a credit analysis, which you’ll have to clear. The analysis takes an average of about 10 business days. 

Meu Pag Advantages & Disadvantages


Here’s a list of advantages of owning the Pag card:

  • No monthly or annual fee.
  • No inactivity fee.
  • Free unlimited withdrawals at Banco24 Horas ATMs.
  • Free unlimited TED transfers.
  • International transactions.
  • Bill payment right from your cell phone.
  • Cell phone recharge.
  • 24-hour customer services via chat.


Here’s are some of the disadvantages of owning the Pag card:

  • The biggest disadvantage of the Pag card is that you cannot transfer from your bank account to your Pag account since the cardholder doesn’t have a branch number. To recharge your account, you’ll have to do it through BOLETO or through a bank slip.
  • The customer service offered only through chat, they don’t have a 0800.
  • It doesn’t have its own loyalty program.
  • You can only access the Pag card though the Meu Pag app, it doesn’t allow internet banking via a computer. 
  • Doesn’t work on services like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.
  • TED transfers are made on behalf of Pag SA, not the account holder.

Final Considerations

All things considered, the Pag card is a great product, and one of the contributing factors being that there’s no monthly, annual, or inactivity fee. Since it’s an international credit card, it allows you to make international transactions. Throw in free unlimited TED transfers, free unlimited withdrawals, cell phone recharge with a few clicks, bill payment with no additional fee and the fact that you get to control everything from your smartphone and you get a product that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier. 

There are some disadvantages to the Meu Pag card as well, the major one being that you cannot make a transfer from your bank account to your Pag digital account but if that’s not going to be a major issue for you, considering the rates, its definitely an option worth considering. The Pag card is a great option for anyone looking for a very affordable card that’s great for simple things like paying bills, recharging your, shopping online, etc.