Review: The Global Forex Trading Specialist

July 12, 2020
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With a price tag of $0 upfront and their $60,000+ job guarantee, we highly recommend learning more about Prehired today. is part of GAIN Capital Holdings, an NYSE-listed company with a strong balance sheet and experienced management team, serving clients in 140 countries worldwide. The company has been operating since 1991 and has a solid track record that supports its solidity and commitment over almost 20 years. In this review, you will also see that the company has been regulated by various financial authorities and clients may be eligible for the Financial Services Compensation Plan in case the company declares itself insolvent or stops trading. If you are thinking of investing in currencies or CFDs we invite you to try

We analyzed hundreds of data points relevant to the costs, benefits and features of trading with and scored our findings on a 10-point scale across 10 distinct categories.
Fees 9
Signup Process 7
Minimum Deposit 10
Ease of Use 7
Deposit & Withdrawal Options 10
Customer Support 6
Asset Classes 10
Referral Program 0
Demo Account & Educational Resources 5
Safety & Regulation 10
Total 74


Pros & Cons


  • is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • The company publishes its financial statements.
  • Wide variety of currency pairs.
  • No withdrawal fees.
  • You can communicate to customer service via live chat, phone support and email.


  • There are not many kinds of financial assets. The broker’s focus is only on currency pairs.
  • There is an inactivity fee.
  • It is only possible to trade forex, CFD and crypto.
  • No 24/7 support.
  • They do not accept wallets or methods like PayPal to fund the account.
  • The response from the technical support team is very slow.

Account Types

In, you can open three types of accounts:

Standard Account

Ideal for traders looking for a traditional Forex trading experience, the Standard Account offers ultra-competitive spreads with no commissions. The main features are:

  • Clear, transparent pricing and superior trade executions.
  • Opportunity to reduce costs by up to 15% with cash rebates.
  • Sophisticated, state-of-the-art trading platforms.

Commission Account

It is ideal for traders looking for the flexibility to trade significant reductions in spreads with low commissions. The main features are:

  • $5 USD commission per $100K USD traded.
  • Exceptional quality trade executions.
  • Powerful, state-of-the-art trading platforms.

DMA Trading Account

Direct Market Access or DMA for serious traders who demand deep liquidity and the control to take advantage of rapid price opportunities. The main features are:

  • Trade on prices sourced from global banks and top tier liquidity providers – with no additional mark up.
  • View multiple levels of real-time pricing on’s order book.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to There is plenty more to learn in our review, so keep reading to find out.

Here’s a breakdown of our 10 scoring categories, each scored out of 10 for a total of 100 points.

#1 Fees charges very little to no fees. There is no deposit and no withdrawal fee. Also, the inactivity fees are $15 USD per month after 1 year without activity. This is quite low, considering that other brokers like TradeStation can charge inactivity fees upwards of $100 USD.’s bid-ask spreads are competitive, generally 1 pip. But, if you are a high volume investor there is a flat fee of about 0.9 pips in some currency pairs. Also, generates incentives for active traders to trade with a fixed spread. For example, in the case of EUR/USD an active trader can access a fixed differential of 0.84 pips. These types of commissions are very good because they allow you to have an estimate of the costs associated with each operation, which makes it a lot easier to correctly estimate your profits or losses.

Financing, also known as rollovers, is a charge that you pay to hold a position open overnight. The daily financing fee is automatically applied to your account each day that you hold an open position (including weekends).

Overall, in terms of fees and spreads, is a great alternative for those looking for a broker to actively trade currency pairs. Fees Score: 9/10

#2 Signup Process

The account opening process is very simple. Most of the process you can do online. You will be able to open the account immediately, but, you should consider that the verification process could take between 1 and 2 days. Also, you will be asked to provide information such as your name, address, date of birth, and tax ID number.

Acceptable documents for identity verification include, but are not limited to:

  • Passports (national or international).
  • Current driver’s license.
  • Current national ID Card.

Acceptable forms of proof of residence include, but are not limited to:

  • Utility bill.
  • Bank, building society, credit or debit card statement.
  • Council tax bill.
  • Local government address registration certificates.
  • Valid driving license if issued within the last six months.

Utility bills and statements must be dated within the last six months.

At you must wait up to two days to manage your trading account. This aspect is essential because being able to open an account quickly offers you the possibility of exploiting opportunities in the financial market. The waiting time is what shaves points from in this category; everything else is great. Signup Process Score: 7/10

#3 Minimum Initial Deposit

The minimum initial deposit required is at least 100 of your selected base currency (USD, EUR, GBP). However, recommends you deposit at least 1,000 monetary units to allow you more flexibility and better risk management when trading your account.

However, the fact that there is a low minimum initial deposit sets this broker apart from most of the competition, although there are other brokers that don’t require you to make an initial deposit at all, which is also great. Minimum Initial Deposit Score: 10/10

#4 Ease Of Use

The investment platform is very complete, there you will find:

  • Highly customizable dashboards and trade preferences.
  • Powerful charting tools, 80+ technical indicators, extensive drawing tools and more.
  • Advanced analytical tools including integrated trading strategies with hundreds of predefined templates to choose from.

Take into account that the investment platform has two versions:


  • Professional analytics tools.
  • Integrated trading strategies.
  • Advanced charting features.


  • Smart trade tickets with advanced risk management options.
  • Pre-defined and customizable layouts.
  • Powerful charts with integrated one-click dealing.

The platform offers you a large number of options that you can exploit to the fullest. But, you must take into account that you are going to need time to adapt and learn how to use all the investment tools that offers. Every investor must be in constant learning so look at it as part of the process. Review: Ease Of Use


The app uses the same analysis tools as the desktop version. You will see that it offers very good features for all types of investors, from beginners to experts. You will have access to the following features:

  • Full trading capabilities with multiple order types.
  • Integrated news, market commentary and analysis.
  • Real-time trade alerts and notifications. Review: app

This application has a score of 3.4/5 on the download page and you can download it to your iPhone and Android phone.

The fact of the apps are not well rated and that in some cases the users declare that it is not stable, subtracts points in this regard from Ease of Use Score: 7/10

#5 Deposit & Withdrawal Options

There is no deposit or withdrawal fee. Also, you can use USD, EUR, GBP to fund your account through the following funding and withdrawals methods:

  • Credit Card: Processing time is immediate and the maximum amount per transaction is $10,000 USD or its equivalent in the accepted currencies.
  • Wire Transfer: The processing time up to 1-2 business days and there is no maximum funding amount with this method.
  • Debit Card: The typical processing time is immediate and the maximum amount per transaction is $10,000 USD or its equivalent in accepted currencies.

No Fees for these transactions and very practical deposit/withdrawal methods are highly esteemed by most traders, especially the possibility to use debit or credit cards to fund and withdraw from your account, because those methods are commonly instantaneous. This means that you won’t have to wait and you’ll have immediate access to your funds whenever you need them. Deposit & Withdrawal Options Score: 10/10

#6 Customer Support

Customer support at is acceptable. You will have the possibility of receiving technical support in:

  • Live Chat on the website
  • Phone: 8000321948
  • Email: [email protected]

Take into account that has a high flow of clients and for that reason on the website you will find the following message:

“Our call and chat volumes are higher than usual right now. For faster assistance, please visit Service Updates for answers to the most common questions during this period of high volatility”.

Take into account that you will have to wait to be attended. Additionally, phone support is not 24/7, which can make it cumbersome for traders in different parts of the world working in different timezones. For these reasons, this broker scores rather low in terms of customer support. Customer Support Score: 6/10

#7 Asset Classes


You can access over 4,500 of the most popular company stocks as CFDs with You can buy CFDs on Amazon, Uber, Citi, Netflix, Apple among many others.

Please note that contracts for difference (CFDs) are not available to US residents.

Currency Pairs

You can trade 80+ currency pairs at


Yes, you can trade gold.


Yes, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc. Here’s a table with the the bid/ask prices for some of the most popular cryptos. Asset Classes Score: 10/10

#8 Referral Program

At this time does not offer a referral program. For this reason it is impossible to be able to assign points in this regard to Referral Program Score: 0/10

#9 Demo Account & Educational Resources allows you to open a demo account for 30 days. This wonderful tool will allow you to test your hypotheses and investment strategies without risking real money, but fictitious paper money instead. With the demo account, you’ll be able to test the platform and decide whether this broker is for you. Review: Demo Account

Educational Resources has a very interesting section of educational resources divided into three levels of experience. You can also select the general topics or themes you feel you need to master like the basic trading concepts, risk management and technical analysis. Review: Educational Resources

In addition, you can work with a market strategist at Market strategists are licensed experts from available to help you meet and exceed your trading goals. They can demonstrate platforms and tools for you and help you plan your trading strategies.

The fact that only offers a demo account for 30 days makes it lose points because investors generally need more time to test the investment platforms. Additionally, there are many competitors that offer free and unlimited demo accounts that you can use with all the functionality and with real-time data, which is something simply doesn’t offer. Demo Account & Educational Resources Score: 5/10

#10 Safety & Regulation is part of GAIN Capital Holdings, an NYSE-listed company with a strong balance sheet and experienced management team, serving clients in 140 countries worldwide.

In addition, clients may be eligible for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the event the firm becomes insolvent or ceases trading. is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). Other regulators include:

  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.
  • Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Japan.
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA) in the US.
  • Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).
  • Australian Services and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Additionally, the money of retail clients is completely separate from the company’s funds. In this sense, the funds of the retail clients are kept in separate accounts in first level banks, which offers further protection from potentially catastrophic losses. Review: Safety & Regulation

Being heavily regulated like is one of the most surefire ways to protect your money from scams. It’s safe to say that is a completely legit company and that any losses or earnings will depend on your own trading strategies. Safety & Regulation Score: 10/10

While researching 100+ of the world’s top brokers, we’ve noticed what works and what doesn’t from the customer’s point of view. That’s why our final test for any broker is to compare it to, which scores 91/100 points across the 10 categories mentioned in this review. Vs.

One of the most relevant aspects when giving the best and most profitable investment ideas a try is that you can find a platform that can add value to your strategies. Moreover, it should also allow you to be confident when investing your money by letting you do the best analysis possible at the same time offering you the lowest rates. Taking into account the most relevant aspects for an investor we prefer over for the following reasons:

Easier To Use

While it is true that’s investment platform is good, we think that your best option is It has a very stable platform, is easy to use and is intuitive. Furthermore, it has an interface that follows the best data processing standards for traders.

A Better Mobile application 

The app only has a 3.4/5 score. Users comment that the app has flaws that can be improved. In this regard, we also consider as a better option for you because its app is highly rated compared to the app, and it is much more powerful. The app has a rating of 4.3/5.

It Provides More Educational Resources

At you have more tools and options so you can study the market and create the best investment plans. For example, you will be able to access:

  • Free financial webinars.
  • Educational courses for traders.
  • Extensive market glossary.
  • Comprehensive CFD trading guide.
  • Cryptocurrency trading tutorial.
  • Investmate,’s investor education app.

A Better Demo Account offers a demo account for only 30 days. In general, you are going to need more time to practice with complete calm in order to get the hang of this platform. In this sense, at you will be able to test the platform with total peace of mind because there is no limit on the time of use of the demo account. In fact, this is a very relevant aspect because you could test your strategies in parallel with the real account. Review In Summary

  • is part of GAIN Capital Holdings, an NYSE-listed company with a strong balance sheet and experienced management team, serving clients in 140 countries worldwide.
  • In you can open three types of accounts: Standard Account, Commission Account and DMA Trading Account.
  • There is no deposit and no withdrawal fee and the inactivity fees are $15 USD per month after 1 year without activity.
  • The minimum initial deposit required is at least 100 of your selected base currency (USD, EUR, GBP)
  •’s investment platform has three versions: desktop and web and mobile. Also, when you operate on you can use your cell phone as an investment platform through an app that will allow you to have many features of the desktop and web versions.
  • At there are no deposit or withdrawal fees.
  • Customer support is acceptable at You will have the possibility of receiving technical support in a live chat on the website, phone and email.
  • retail customer money is completely separate from company funds. In this sense, the funds of the retail clients are kept in separate accounts in first level banks.
  • has a very interesting educational resources section where you can access three levels of experience and you can also select the topics you need to master.

We recommend you choose the broker that best suits your needs, that is an ally when designing the best investment strategies and that also allows you to be a winner. In this sense, we think that is the best alternative with much more superior characteristics in contrast to other options on the market.

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