Global Tradeo Review: Functional, But Objectively Incomplete

October 24, 2020
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Global Tradeo is a broker that’s widely available with a focus on being a $0 commission broker, offering good customer support and having a multitude of ways in which traders can fund and withdraw from their accounts. The broker also uses MetaTrader 4 and supports a lightweight web terminal that’s simple to use and has a UI that’s easy to look at.

However, Global Tradeo runs itself into some corners where it’s hard to recommend it to the majority of traders. The broker only offers 184 assets in total, most of that being stocks and Forex, which are not that many. It also charges withdrawal fees that range from $15 to $30 USD at a minimum. Although, the biggest and most glaring flaw this broker probably has is that, even though it’s available on a global basis, it’s only regulated in South Africa.

Overall, Global Tradeo is somewhat of a hard sell unless you’re currently residing in the African region, and even then, there are better options out there. The broker also doesn’t currently have any educational resources and the only currency supported is the Euro, which limits most newbies and traders outside of Europe. Either way, Global Tradeo is still a functional broker that relies on MetaTrader 4 for most of its trading, so if you’re in Africa and are looking for a lightweight brokerage experience, this should do.

However, we can’t recommend Global Tradeo without first mentioning, our highest-rated broker yet to date. offers an accessible account with a $20 minimum initial deposit that has access to over 3,000 assets and it’s regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK. So, if you’re looking for what probably is the best brokerage experience to date, you’ve certainly found it.

We analyzed hundreds of data points relevant to the costs, benefits and features of trading with Tradeo and scored our findings on a 10-point scale across 10 distinct categories.
Fees 8
Signup Process 7
Minimum Deposit 8
Ease of Use 6
Deposit & Withdrawal Options 10
Customer Support 10
Asset Classes 6
Referral Program 0
Demo Account & Educational Resources 7
Safety & Regulation 8
Total 70

Looking for a new broker is a choice that will never get easier. This is even harder to do today due to the sheer amount of newer and upcoming brokers that are appearing, seemingly, out of thin air. Given that our purpose here at Yore Oyster is to give you our best financial advice, we’ve given ourselves the responsibility to review most major brokers out there. This time we’ll be focusing on Global Tradeo, an interesting broker that had some quirky beginnings.

An Introduction To Global Tradeo

Tradeo is the name of the broker that was created and is currently operated by UR TRADE FIX LTD, a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF). The company created the Tradeo platform back in 2012 but at that time it wasn’t a broker on its own. Tradeo was designed as a social trading platform where traders would follow and copy each other’s trades that were performed through other affiliate brokers.

It wasn’t until 2015 that Tradeo jumped from being an intermediate party between investors and other brokers to being an actual broker by itself. The organization jumped into the broker industry with a CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) license while keeping some of its social trading features intact. However, this review won’t focus on regular Tradeo but on Global Tradeo, which is regulated by the SAFSCA (South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority), it’s available worldwide instead of just in Europe.

However, even though Global Tradeo is available on a wider basis, it does not operate in the following countries:

  • Iran
  • Israel
  • North Korea
  • United States

So, Global Tradeo is the more widely available version of Trade, however, the social features have completely disappeared for a more traditional broker experience. Once traders have signed up with the broker, they get access to these assets:

  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies

However, it’s worth mentioning that all assets except Forex are traded as derivatives, or CFDs (Contracts For Difference). This, in of itself, means that you won’t own the underlying assets that you trade, but you will be able to earn depending on how much the price changes.

Global Tradeo social trading sharing
Social trading is just a different way to share experiences with friends, so we’re lowkey disappointed that Global Tradeo doesn’t have these features.

So, now that you have an idea of what Tradeo is, let’s delve deeper into its features and the most noticeable benefits and cons.

Pros & Cons


  • Available worldwide
  • Regulated by SAFSCA
  • Low minimum initial deposit
  • Every trader gets access to a dedicated account manager
  • A relatively varied repertoire of assets
  • Has a demo account for newer traders to learn the ropes
  • Uses MetaTrader form as its main desktop and mobile platform


  • Isn’t regulated outside of Africa.
  • Doesn’t offer ETFs nor bonds
  • Asset repertoire isn’t as broad as other broker’s
  • Locks better features behind accounts that need a minimum initial deposit of at least $10,000 USD
  • The proprietary web terminal doesn’t work sometimes and tends to glitch when looking for certain assets
  • Doesn’t offer any educational resources whatsoever, at least for now

We hope that this section gave you a broader idea of where the broker performs best and where it fails. Given that, let’s continue with the types of accounts available in Global Tradeo.

Account Types: From Accessible To Ridiculous

Global Tradeo offers 5 types of accounts that can work for different types of traders. Here’s a table depicting each type of account with their main features:

Minimum Initial Deposit$250$10,000$25,000$50,000$500,000
Available Leverage1:101:201:301:401:40
Type of Account ManagerRegular account managerSenior account managerExecutive account managerExecutive account managerDiamond account manager
Welcome Bonus (Of total initial deposit)50%60%75%90%100%
EducationPlatform WalkthroughPlatform Walkthrough and Technical EducationPlatform Walkthrough and Technical and Fundamental EducationPlatform Walkthrough, Technical and Fundamental Education and Daily scheduled Sessions with ManagerPlatform Walkthrough, Technical and Fundamental Education and Unlimited Sessions with Manager during Market Hours

As you can observe, Global Tradeo offers quite the account repertoire. However, even though the Standard account has an acceptable minimum deposit requirement and an account manager, we think that the jump to the next account type is way too rash. Add to this the fact that all other accounts have a bigger minimum initial deposit requirement, a better (?) account manager and better education (?) and you can see that the broker doesn’t quite work as others do.

This is the first time on this review that you’ll see that Tradeo might not be as trader-friendly as other brokers are. Locking supposedly better account managers and education behind a hefty minimum initial deposit is something we find to not make sense. Newer traders, who normally have fewer funds to start, need better education and better guidance than an expert trader who might commit $50,000 or even $500,000 because it already knows its way around the market.

If we really had to recommend one of these accounts to traders, we’d certainly recommend the Standard account for newer traders due to its low deposit requirement. However, we also recommend to look for education somewhere else since you won’t find it here. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced investor, a Gold, Platinum or even Diamond account might do. It all depends on if you’re willing to commit $25,000, $50,000 or even $500,000 in exchange for daily or unlimited sessions with your account manager and for a bigger welcome bonus.

So, we had our first look at what Global Tradeo is, now let’s look at what the broker is actually good at and vice versa.

Here’s a breakdown of our 10 scoring categories, each scored out of 10 for a total of 100 points.

#1 Global Tradeo Fees

What’s most important to mention here is that Global Tradeo is a broker that doesn’t charge trading commissions. However, this doesn’t mean that trading is free since these commissions are then integrated into spread prices, which is a normal practice in the industry. However, Global Tradeo is somewhat known for having relatively high prices when it comes to the pips it actually charges. The thing is, you can’t check the quoted price of Global Tradeo’s assets unless you create an account.

Aside from that, the broker doesn’t charge deposit fees, but it does charge withdrawal and inactivity fees, which are quite a hit to its score. Here’s a small table depicting the charge for withdrawal fees depending on the method used:

Withdrawal methodWithdrawal Fee
Wire WithdrawalsIf less than $10,000 USD = $30 USD fee. If more than $10,000 = 0.30% fee
Bank (ACH) WithdrawalIf less than $10,000 USD = $30 USD fee. If more than $10,000 = 0.30% fee
Credit Card Withdrawals$15 USD
Electronic Wallet Withdrawals1% of the total amount with a minimum of $15 USD

As you can see, those are some pretty hefty withdrawal fees, which is something that’s not good for you or any other trader. But things don’t stop there since inactivity fees are even worse. Your account will be considered inactive when it reaches a period of 90 days without activity, once that’s happened your account will be charged either $50, €45 or £40 on a monthly basis if your account maintains its inactivity status.

Other than that, Global Tradeo also charges up to 0.5% on conversion fees if you deposit in other currencies aside from Euros. Also, if you leave any positions open overnight, you’ll incur a 1% fee on all instruments.

Global Tradeo also offers leverage as depicted in its account types, but there’s no fee for using the service.

Overall, and there’s no easy way to put this, Global Tradeo charges some very, very hefty fees, including withdrawals and inactivity fees. However, the broker does get a free pass for not charging commissions on any of its assets. Overall, good performance of Global Tradeo in this category, but there are much better options out there like Exness, ATFX and Fidelity.

Tradeo Fees Score: 8/10

#2 Signup Process

Every broker’s signup process is important. Nobody will want to sign up even with the best broker if it takes more than two weeks to open and verify an account. During the writing of this review we found out that Global Tradeo opens accounts instantly, which is cool, however, you will then need to verify your account with the following documents:

  • Proof of Identity (Passport or ID card)
  • Proof of Address (Bank/Card statement or utility bill issued no longer than 6 months ago)

From the moment we uploaded these documents to the moment where they were reviewed and our account was verified 2 business days had passed. We’ve read other user reviews of Global Tradeo and this seems to be the average time before accounts are verified, which is okay.

Overall, creating an account and uploading your international documents won’t take you more than 5 minutes. The process is actually quite simple and it’s helped by the fact that all verification is made online and doesn’t need you to actually send anything via traditional mail or anything. So, we end up with a relatively good performance, however, we live in a world where the best brokers out there verify accounts instantly, so that’s certainly a negative point for the broker.

Tradeo Signup Process Score: 7/10

#3 Global Tradeo Minimum Initial Deposit

A feature that Global Tradeo has in its favour is the fact it has a relatively low minimum initial deposit, which starts at $250 USD for the Standard account. However, for all other higher-tiered accounts Global Tradeo requires a minimum initial deposit starting from $10,000, which is almost ridiculous.

Here’s a table with Tradeo and other similar broker’s minimum initial deposit requirements so you can get an idea of how it compares.

Minimum Initial Deposit ComparisonMinimum Deposit
Interactive Brokers$0.00
Global Tradeo$250.00
Fidelity International$1,160.00

Overall, the broker performs relatively well in this category. Even though its higher-tiered accounts’ deposit requirements start from $10,000 USD, the Standard account is still a pretty accessible account for every type of trader.

Tradeo Minimum Initial Deposit Score: 8/10

#4 Global Tradeo Ease of Use

In terms of its ease of use, Global Tradeo manages to follow the advice of other brokers like it and uses MetaTrader 4 for its trading operations. However, Global Tradeo manages to offer somewhat of its own web trading platform, which is cool. However, that platform is just MetaTrader 4 with a new coat of paint, which normally would be welcomed, but we found it to be a bit buggy. We’ll break both platforms down so what we have to say about each other doesn’t get mixed up:

Global Tradeo Web Platform

As we had mentioned, this is a web terminal that’s based on the functionality of MetaTrader 4 with a new coat of paint. At first glance, it looks really simple, colourful and easy to use, but as we started tinkering with it we noticed that something wasn’t quite right. The terminal has a tab where you can choose the asset class you want to be displayed, but sometimes it displays nothing as if the broker didn’t offer the asset at all.

At some point, we owed said hiccup to the fact that we were using a demo account so we decided to switch to a real account. To our surprise, and expectations, we were right, some of the assets that didn’t appear before managed to appear this time, however, something else had occurred. Some of the assets that were previously available on the demo account were not available for trading in the real account. This obviously led us to some confusion.

Global tradeo web trading platform terminal
Very simplistic, but overall really easy to understand.

Overall, even though at first glance the terminal might look pretty, colourful and functional, it’s certainly not performing in its best capacity. If you were to create an account with this broker we would certainly recommend for you not to use this terminal. The functionality it offers is certainly limited and the fact that it might not work properly on its first impression leaves a lot to be desired.

With that said, let’s now talk about the real deal when trading with this broker.

MetaTrader 4: Desktop, Web and Mobile

MetaTrader is one of the most widely known tools used for Forex and stock trading in the current industry. The software bears probably one of the most resourceful set of tools for trading in an almost unlimited customizable way. If you’re one of those traders who enjoy using multiple indicators, drawing tools and being able to customize your graphs in any way you like, MetaTrader might just be the tool you’re looking for.

However, we do consider that MetaTrader is the right option for someone who already knows what they’re doing. For that same reason, we consider that beginner traders don’t have the best tools at their disposal when it comes to learning to trade with Global Tradeo.

MetaTrader 5 desktop platform trading
MetaTrader is one of the most powerful platforms out there, but it also has one of the busiests UI out there.

Overall, Global Tradeo does an average job to provide a really easy to use platform for both expert and beginner traders. If we had to recommend a platform for beginners to use, we will definitely recommend MetaTrader over Tradeo’s web platform, which is known for not working properly sometimes. Overall, an average score in this category.

Tradeo Ease of Use Score: 6/10

#5 Deposit & Withdrawal Options

In terms of how many methods exist in order to fund and withdraw from your account, Global Tradeo actually performs pretty well. Here are all the deposit and withdrawal methods it offers:

  • Bank transfers (ACH)
  • Wire transfers
  • Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards
  • eWallets (Neteller and Skrill)

Deposits from methods like bank and wire transfers usually tend to take a bit of time, like between 3 to 5 business days, but the broker doesn’t list an exact time. Other deposit methods should be instantly or at least credited on the same day into your account.

Withdrawals work a little differently here since all of them usually take between 2 and 5 business days. And on top of that, let’s not forget that all withdrawal methods charge a fee, which we already listed in the fees category.

One thing the broker does have against it is that it only supports 1 base currency, which is the Euro. This means that if you deposit in any other currency like USD or GBP, you’ll incur a conversion fee of 0.5%.

cash minimum initial deposit
Having a multitude of ways in which to fund and withdraw cash from your brokerage account is a surefire way to let traders trust a broker.

Overall, Global Tradeo does a pretty good job of offering an ample deposit and withdrawal repertoire, which is what this category is about after all. However, even though there are no main flaws that’ll hinder your experience, we’d like to see more base currencies supported and maybe faster withdrawal methods. Either way, a pretty good performance.

Tradeo Deposit & Withdrawal Options Score: 10/10

#6 Customer Support

High-quality customer support is an important thing to have in order to fully answer any trader’s needs. Global Tradeo does a pretty good job at this, offering 24/5 customer support through its phone lines. Aside from that, the broker also supports email, live chat and dedicated account managers, which are relatively quick to answer and they’re pretty knowledgeable about everything concerning Tradeo and trading in general.

Here are all the ways you can get in contact with Global Tradeo:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +27 108800440

However, the biggest caveat to Global Tradeo’s customer support is that it’s only offered in 1 language, that being English.

Overall, Global Tradeo manages to get a pretty good score in this category for offering all three main customer support channels. On top of that, having dedicated account managers for all clients is something that not every broker does. Having 24/5 access to support is also relatively good, but we’ll always wish for 24/7 whenever possible. Either way, pretty good performance.

Tradeo Customer Support Score: 10/10

#7 Global Tradeo Asset Classes

Before pressing on into breaking down each asset class, we’d like to mention again that Global Tradeo deals with CFDs. This means that you won’t be trading with the actual asset, but instead with a financed version that will let you earn on the price difference of it. The only case where this doesn’t apply is with Forex due to the nature of that asset where it’s just simply offered in its regular version.

Before breaking down each asset class that Global Tradeo offers, here’s a table depicting the total asset list of the broker:


So, with that said, let’s actually delve into each asset class.

Stocks & Indices

As you could observe from the table we’ve made before, Global Tradeo offers a total of 110 stocks’ CFDs. Overall it’s a somewhat varied repertoire of stocks, but as we’ve seen with FP Markets, the number of stocks doesn’t matter that much, instead, what really matters is the number of stock markets the broker has access to, which are:

  • FWB (Frankfurt Stock Exchange)
  • EPA (Euronext Paris)
  • HKEX (Hong Kong Stock Exchange)
  • NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
  • TYO (Tokyo Stock Exchange)
  • SIX (Swiss Stock Exchange)

A pretty good variety of stock exchanges, however, as you can probably infer from the total number of stocks in this broker, it doesn’t have access to every single stock in those exchanges, only a few.

Now, in terms of indices, the broker does an average job. It offers 10 international indices which include:

  • AEX25
  • CAC 40
  • DAX 30
  • Dow Jones 30
  • EUR50
  • FTSE100
  • IBEX 35
  • S&P500
  • SMI20

The list is mostly based on European indices with some American ones sprinkled here and there. It’s also worth mentioning that the FTSE100 index is the only way traders using this broker can access UK stocks, which is a weird limitation.

All in all, a pretty varied category.

Currency Pairs

In terms of Forex, Global Tradeo performs relatively well, offering a total of 43 currency pairs. This includes major and minor pairs, which is a relatively good offering. Here are some examples of the Forex pairs offered by this broker, including both major and minor pairs:


A pretty varied Forex category, but if you’re looking for something more dedicated to Forex, Avatrade or Exness

Gold & Commodities

Here’s where Global Tradeo performs both good and bad. You see, the broker offers a lot of commodities, 17 in total, but it offers too much of the same instead of looking for something more varied. You’ll only find two metals here, those being gold and silver, and aside from that, you will only find agricultural products like cocoa, orange juice and others. This, in turn, leaves out other commodities like oil and other precious metals that traders might be interested in.

An average, although plentiful, repertoire of commodities.

Bonds & ETFs

Sadly, Global Tradeo doesn’t offer either of these assets.


The broker offers a cryptocurrency repertoire that’s not small but neither too large. In total it offers 4 cryptos, which are:

  • BTC (Bitcoin)
  • ETH (Ethereum)
  • LTC (Litecoin)
  • XRP (Ripple)

It’s a pretty good offering since that’s what most brokers offer if they do trade cryptocurrencies, which isn’t that common in the industry.

Overall, Global Tradeo does a relatively good job with its assets classes. It offers most assets that you would expect a regular broker to offer with the big exception of offering cryptos. However, we’re sorely missing bonds and ETFs, we also think that it could do a better job with its stock and Forex offerings.

Tradeo Asset Classes Score: 6/10

#8 Referral Program

Global Tradeo doesn’t offer any kind of referral program whatsoever. Quite a bummer.

Tradeo Referral Program Score: 0/10

#9 Demo Account & Educational Resources

Here we reach what we consider one of the most critical categories where a broker must perform exceptionally well. Having educational resources available for traders is something that every broker should aspire to do if they want to be the gateway between newbies and trading as a whole. However, we don’t think Global Tradeo is quite good at this, even though it tries. Let’s see how it performs with its educational content:

Global Tradeo Demo Account

Most respectable brokers out there offer a demo account to any trader in order to let them know how it feels to trade with them. Global Tradeo does this on both platforms it offers, which includes MetaTrader and its web terminal.

What’s really good about Tradeo’s demo account is that it’s not limited in any sort of shape or form. You get unlimited access to all of the broker’s assets with a paper deposit of €100,000 to play around with for as long as you can with no restrictions at all.

Definitely a very strong resource for any kind of trader to learn the ropes of trading without having anything at stake.

Educational Resources

Here’s where things get somewhat divisive since on the main site of the broker several education methods are listed. However, as you’d expect, you have no access to them unless you create an account with Global Tradeo. The thing is, once you log into the web terminal you’ll see the education tab, but as soon as you click on it, you’ll be redirected to a page that says “Coming Soon.

Global tradeo coming soon educational resources
In case you didn’t believe us…

So, we’re left with a broker that mentions it offers courses and webinars but at the end of the day ends up offering none of those. However, Tradeo also offers one-on-one training sessions, but as their table of accounts depicts, if you open an account with the lowest minimum initial deposit, you’ll only get access to a platform walkthrough, and let me tell you, there’s not a whole lot going in there.

Overall, what really saves the hide of Global Tradeo in this category is the fact that it offers unlimited demo accounts. This lets traders both get used to either the web terminal or MetaTrader without putting anything at stake, which is awesome. In terms of educational content, we trust that Tradeo will start offering actual educational resources soon. Finding a “Coming Soon” page when looking for supposed education is more than enough to make someone believe they’ve just signed up for a ripoff.

educational resources education trading knowledge
Education, being one of the most important things in trading, is certainly missing here.

Tradeo Demo Account & Educational Resources Score: 7/10

#10 Global Tradeo Safety & Regulation

This final category of our reviews is what either elevates a broker to a respectable status or puts the final nail on its coffin. Regulation can really be the difference between holding a broker accountable for the loss of your funds or simply taking the loss, that’s why it’s so important.

The regular version of Tradeo available in Europe is regulated by the CySEC, however, Global Tradeo is not regulated by the CySEC, instead, it’s regulated by the SAFSCA. Yes, this means that the broker is only regulated in Africa, but the entity manages to regulate the broker on a global basis. However, you’ll be missing on safety features like negative balance protection, actual monetary investor protection and more.

We believe that the SAFSCA regulates Global Tradeo in absolutely every country. After all, if the broker is not available in your country, you will be redirected towards this version of Tradeo.

So, Overall, Global Tradeo manages to edge a good score in this category due to SAFSCA’s notoriety in regulating other local and international brokers. However, we’d recommend going for a broker that’s regulated both in its residing country and the one where you are right now.

Tradeo Safety & Regulation Score: 8/10

Now that we’ve gotten to the end of this review, we learn that Global Tradeo scores a total of 70/100, which is an averagely good score. Sadly, the broker misses much of the features and benefits that most higher-rated brokers have according to our reviews. The biggest example of how Global Tradeo could be better is by comparing it to, our current highest-rated broker.

While researching 100+ of the world’s top brokers, we’ve noticed what works and what doesn’t from the customer’s point of view. That’s why our final test for any broker is to compare it to, which scores 91/100 points across the 10 categories mentioned in this review.

Global Tradeo vs.

We believe to be the best brokerage experience in the industry as of today. After all, it does score a 91/100, which, again, is the highest score a broker has ever gotten in our reviews. So, with that said, let’s look at how outperforms what we consider to be Global Tradeo’s biggest flaws.

Ease of Use Comparison

Global Tradeo offers trading through two main specific channels, its proprietary web terminal and MetaTrader 4. The problem here is that the web terminal didn’t work properly when we used it and the fact that it’s too simple. On the other side of the pond, we have MetaTrader 4, one of the most powerful tools for trading Forex and stocks as of today. The problem with MetaTrader is that it’s not beginner-friendly and it’ll take some time before newer traders might get used to trading on it.

Instead, bears a unique proprietary platform that’s available on desktop, web and mobile platforms. It has a visual flair unique to it that’s instantly recognizable, but the most important part is how it integrates both depth and beginner-friendliness to its design. That’s why can welcome traders of any experience with a platform that can accommodate them according to their needs.

The dark gray background makes the other colors jump out of the screen even more.

Asset Classes Comparison

Global Tradeo has a relatively varied asset repertoire including stocks, Forex, commodities, indices and cryptocurrency. Although it’s a wide range of assets, it only offers a few bits of each, not even reaching the 200 mark in total.

On the other hand, offers over 3,000 assets, which includes the following instruments:

  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • ETFs
  • Bonds
  • Cryptocurrencies

So, not only offers more instruments available for trading, it offers nearly 17 times the variety that Global Tradeo offers.

Demo Account & Educational Resources Comparison

The only thing that lets Global Tradeo barely compete in this category is the fact that it offers an unlimited demo account. But aside from that, there’s not much education to be had with this broker as of the moment of writing.

On the contrary, offers enough education to last you for a lifetime. First off, the broker offers a glossary with all the terminology used on its site. Secondly, it offers trading guides and courses for each and every asset it offers, which ranges from general trading knowledge to advanced trading strategies and such.

Overall, is almost always a 10/10 in each of the categories we review brokers in. Add all of the benefits we mentioned with a $20 minimum initial deposit, a deep but easy to understand proprietary platform, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulation and you have one of the best broker experiences out there to date.

If you wish to apply to you can do so right now by clicking the button below. But if you want to read more about the broker before making a choice, we recommend reading this full review.

However, before ending this review, let’s give some final words summarizing what Global Tradeo really is.

Global Tradeo Review: In Summary

Throughout this review, we’ve seen a broker that manages to do an averagely good effort at its job. The definitive strongest points of this broker are the following:

  • Being a $0 commission broker.
  • Having a relatively low minimum initial deposit requirement.
  • Offering a multitude of deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • Having all three main channels of customer support.
  • Having dedicated account managers for each new trader that signs up.
  • Offering the 5 most traditional asset classes.
  • Giving traders access to an unlimited demo account.

However, for anything that the broker does well, there’s a thing or two that hinder its performance, like for example:

  • Having a hefty minimum initial deposit requirement for accounts aside from the Standard.
  • Charging withdrawal fees of $15 or even $30 USD.
  • Account verification taking at least 2 days and not being instant.
  • Web terminal being very simplistic and not working properly sometimes.
  • Not having a wide enough variety of assets.
  • Not having a referral program.
  • Promising to have educational content but having none.
  • Not being regulated by any major regions outside of where it operates except for Africa.

That being said, we cannot recommend Global Tradeo to any kind of trader except for those residing in Africa. Even though it’s virtually available anywhere else, we only recommend signing up with brokers that are locally regulated in your region, which leaves this one up for traders in that region. So, mind giving Global Tradeo a try if you’re there?

On the other hand, we know that Global Tradeo is not the best brokerage experience out there, and for that same reason, we’re obliged to recommend a better broker. The subject of that recommendation is obviously going to be, which is available in 150+ countries with all the benefits we’ve already described before. So, what about signing up for the best brokerage experience as of now?

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