MultiBank [2021: Review], A Multipurpose Broker

March 10, 2021
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Multibank started its brokerage services back in 2005 from California. The startup quickly expanded to cover different asset classes and regions to become an international broker. The broker offers more than 70 stocks from the tech, banking and consumer goods industries. The broker also deals in some basic commodities like gold, silver and brent. They also offer some good value in stock indices by offering the Ger 30 index, and the US Tech 100 index. Moreover, they also offer commonly traded cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum. Decent customer service via phone and plenty of deposit and withdrawal options in the form of several E-Wallets like Skrill, Neteller and WebMoney provide you with access to the platform. If you are a stock, stock index or forex trader then you should definitely check out this platform.

In case you are looking for a broker that offers over 1,700 stocks, hundreds of bonds and over 20 commodities then you should check out that thoroughly covers these assets, something that Multibank misses. Moreover, also has really good educational repositories in the form of online tutorials, videos, courses and a dedicated account manager intended to assist you in trading incase you are a new trader or someone looking to get started with trading. Signup now if you are a bond, stock or commodity trader or someone new to trading looking for good educational resources.

We analyzed hundreds of data points relevant to the costs, benefits and features of trading with MultiBank and scored our findings on a 10-point scale across 10 distinct categories.
Fees 6
Signup Process 9
Minimum Deposit 10
Ease of Use 7
Deposit & Withdrawal Options 10
Customer Support 8
Asset Classes 7
Referral Program 8
Demo Account & Educational Resources 7
Safety & Regulation 10
Total 82


Multibank is a broker that was initially launched in California. The platform started from humble beginnings but it quickly grew across various countries and started gaining a significant customer base. Today, Multibank boasts thousands of clients across continents in over 40 countries.

Awards & Recognition

This platform won the Best Forex Broker Award (In the Middle East & Northern Africa Region) from the Finance Derivative Awards in 2020. They also won the prestigious International Financial Award award for best broker in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. These awards certainly instill one with confidence if you live in the middle east or Asia pacific regions and want to test out the platform. This is further demonstrated by a 15-year proven track record without any negative publicity.

Availability & Coverage

The natural question that one may have is whether or not I may test out Multibank in my country? Well here’s a list of countries that the broker offers its brokerage services in:

Czech Republic DenmarkEcuador
Estonia FinlandFrance
SloveniaSouth AfricaSouth Korea

If your country isn’t featured in the list and you are looking for a decent broker, then maybe you should try out easyMarkets as it offers its services in over 150 countries and it is one of the highest-ranked brokers in our database, offering a lot of asset types at very affordable prices.

If you are someone in Africa or Asia and are looking for a good broker, do check out IQ Option as well, as they cover a lot of African and Asian nations and offer some decent value for traders across regions. We also recommend you to have a look at CMC Markets as it is also one of the strongest brokers in our database and covers a lot of African and Asian nations. Many of our brokers in Southern African and far east countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe and Indonesia have tried these brokers and given us positive feedback.

Multibank Pros & Cons

Multibank ProsMultibank Cons
Plenty of Deposit & Withdrawal OptionsLimited Commodity Types
Diverse Asset ClassesHigh Inactivity Fees
Quick Sign up ProcedureLack Of Educational Resources
Regulated & Endorsed by Several Financial Institutions Across the Globe.24/5 Customer Service

Multibank Pros Explained

The broker offers a lot of deposit and withdrawal options for users. For instance, it offers a lot of e-wallets for people living in different parts of the world (You can find the details of e-wallets accepted by the broker in our deposit and withdrawal section below). This is something good as it allows people from different parts of the world to use Multibank as their broker. Moreover, the broker offers thousands of stocks, plenty of forex and commodities for you to trade-in. This gives you the option to build diversified portfolios something that offers amazing value as most successful portfolios have diversification in terms of asset classes and the types of assets invested within each asset category.

Multibank also has a quick signup procedure that allows you to verify your account within 1 business day which provides you with the ability to quickly get started with trading via the platform. This is also something good because sometimes brokers can also take multiple business days to get you started with trading which can be a bit of a pain. The broker offers some great value in terms of being regulated by tier-1 regulators and financial institutions across the globe. The platform is regulated in Australia and Dubai but it is backed by many institutions across the world (Which you can find in detail in our Safety & Regulation Section Below).

Multibank Cons Explained

The broker only offers different types of metals and oil as commodities. This can be a bit limited for seasoned commodity traders looking to trade different types of commodities like wheat, oil and other agricultural products.

Account Types

Different account types usually target users with different requirements and usage patterns. More often than not one has to think a lot before choosing the ideal account type but with Multibank there are clear distinctions between different accounts for different users. This means that you do not have to scratch your head when choosing an account type.


The Maximus Account is suited for traders looking to get started with trading or looking to test out the platform. With low minimum initial deposits, it is the perfect platform to get your hands in the trading game. We will focus more on the Maximus account type for the article as it is the more common account type among users.

Multibank Pro

This type of account is more apt for intermediate brokers who like to trade in bulk and make large trades. This account is associated with lower spreads and you may want to opt-in for it if you are a big commodity or forex trader.


ECN Pro has the lowest spreads and is for individuals who are professional traders and trade in huge quantities. If you trade in forex and commodity pairs in moves of over $20,000 per trade, then this may be the appropriate account for you as you’ll be paying very low spreads and only a small commission, which makes trading at high volumes much more affordable.

Word of Caution

Dealing with CFD’s is very risky because you are trying to predict the price of an underlying asset. Usually, 70% of consumers lose money when they invest in CFDs with different brokers. Hence, you should try and only invest in CFDs when you have good knowledge of how CFD’s work. Now let’s have a quick look at some pros and cons of using this broker.

Here’s a breakdown of our 10 scoring categories, each scored out of 10 for a total of 100 points.

#1 Fees

Let’s decouple the fee structure of Multibank to see how expensive or inexpensive it is to trade with the broker. The broker offers some good value by offering commission-free trades.

Non Trading Fees

These fees are related to activities that are not directly linked with trading. Such as deposit fee, withdrawal fee, inactivity fee and membership fee. These can be quite annoying at times for users hence, the lesser these are the better it is for users and the more value a broker offers.

Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

There are no deposit and withdrawal fees assoicated with using the broker. this bodes well for users because you do not have to pay to use your own money. Often broker are a bit tricky in having no deposit fees when you are depositing into their platform, but charge withdrawal fees when you take your funds out from them. Multibank offers good value here as you do not have to worry about withdrawing your funds. Especially, if you are someone new looking to try out the platform to see whether it fits the bill or not to be your broker of choice.

Inactivity Fees

Multibank has a high inactivity fee of $60 which is applicable after 3 months of inactivity. This is a high inactivity fee as most brokers just charge a nominal activity fee of $10-$20 after a couple of month of inactivity fees, however, the fees charged by the broker is excessive and we strongly recommend that if you test out the platform and feel it is not right for you, you should withdraw your funds within a month or so before the inactivity fees start to kick in.

Trading Fees

These are often associated with activities related to trading. Trading fees include commissions and spreads associated with trading different asset classes. Let’s discover the trading fees associated with the broker to see the kind of value provided for different types of users.

Forex Spreads

Let’s decouple the forex spreads to see how the different brokerage accounts provide value for the end consumer ie you and me.

Currency PairsECN ProMultiBank ProMaximus

The maximum account that many customers use offers an okayish value for money. However, the spreads for most major currencies lie within a small range, therefore offering consistent value, something that many other brokers lack since they offer good value for some forex pairs but not for others. As an example, the NZD/USD and EUR/CHF offer some really good value with Multibank, even with the Maximus account, as these pairs can easily exceed 4 pips with many brokers.

The Multibank Pro Account offers some good value that can compete with most brokers. The range of spreads of most currency pairs are similar, so again, the broker offers some consistent value across currency pairs.

The ECN Pro account offers the best spread rates of the three, which are quite low compared to other brokers’ VIP accounts. However, with that account, the broker charges a commission of $3 per trade, making it expensive to trade in low volumes with this account, but cheap to trade in bulk.

Commodity Spreads

Commodities are a very commonly traded asset type. Often commodities form a decent part of many trading portfolios of experienced traders. However, we do recommend that you do your research before investing into commodities as the pricing of these assets can be volatile. Let’s have a look at the commodity spreads for the broker:

US Oil3.0

The spreads for brent and oil seem to offer decent value. However, there are brokers that offer lower spreads but the general value for these 2 assets seems to offer competitive value compared to most brokers. The spreads for silver though are very expensive. Spreads for gold offer amazing value and are lower than many brokers. The high spreads for silver may direct more and more investors to invest in gold rather than silver. Gold is often a safer commodity aswell compared to other comomdities on the list as gold often has lesser price fluctuations and oil, brent and silver.

Stock Spreads & Index Spreads At Multibank

Let’s have a look at the stock spreads offered by Multibank to see the kind of value they offer.


The stock spreads offer a decent value for many stocks. However, for some stocks, the spreads can be a bit expensive as you can probably ascertain from the table above. The spreads for big companies like eBay, Apple and Alibaba offer amazing value and offer better value than most other brokers. This is something good because often brokers add more value for lesser-known companies and have expensive stocks for renowned companies. However, this is not the case for Multibank which offers decent value for consumers and something that you should definitely consider if you are looking to trade stocks with Multibank.

How We Rank Fees

At Yore Oyster, we rank fees based on both trading and non-trading fees. Non Trading fees consist of deposit, withdrawal and inactivity fees. The commissions and spreads associated with each asset type are also built in the score to determine the overall value.

Crypto Spreads

Let’s have a look at the crypto spreads that the broker has because nowadays more and more investors are using cryptos in their potfolios.


Bitcoin is very famous crypto and most investors who start investing in crypto, invest in Bitcoin. So it’s a bit of a bummer that the spread for Bitcoin is so high with the broker. Similarly, Ethereum is also quite famous but the broker is quite expensive with its spreads for Ethereum as well.

Litecoin although is offered at really good spreads with Multibank. The spread offered for the crypto is lower than the spread for Litecoin from most other brokers. The spreads for Ripple are quite low and lower than most of the competition and Multibank offers amazing value here for anyone wanting to invest in Ripple.

Final Verdict Multibank Fees

The final score for the broker is a 6 because of the high inactivity fees and the slightly expensive forex spreads for the Maximus account. Similarly, the mixed value offered for commodities and crypto also contributes to the final score.

MultiBank Fees Score: 6/10

#2 Signup Process

With Multibank, the signup procedure is simple and quick. It is designed in a way to quickly get rid of the formalities so that you can get started with trading quickly. The verification process also takes around 1 business day which is very quick as some brokers can take as long as a few days or even a week. Some of the commonly requested documents may include the following below:

ID Documents

  • Valid Passport
  • National Identity Card
  • Drivers License

Residency Documents

  • Tax statement or Bank statement
  • Utility bill (electricity, gas, home internet, landline phone, issued within the last 6 months).

The documents required by the broker are quite standard and requested by most brokers. Often a lot of the documents required are a part of regulatory requirements stipulated for regulated brokers. However, a key component is how quickly a broker can verify your application and the broker does a good job generally by verifying accounts in 1 day.

How We Rank The Signup Procedue

We ranked the signup procedure based on how quick and easy it is to open an account and we base our score on the following criteria:

  • The speed with which the documents can be uploaded
  • Number of documents required
  • The time the verification process takes

The easier an account opening process is without unnecessary checks the higher the score is for this dimension.

Final Verdict Signup Process

The broker scores a 9 for the quick signup procedure. The only reason that the score here is not a perfect 10 is that there are brokers like that can even verify your account within the same day that you apply for a brokerage account.

MultiBank Signup Process Score: 9/10

#3 Minimum Initial Deposit

The minimum initial deposit for the broker is a mere $50 which means that small-time traders and first-timers can easily test out the platform to see if it fulfills their needs and help them in increasing their wealth. Still, no minimum initial deposit would be better than $50, so if you want to look at other brokers with no minimum initial deposit requirements, check out RBC Direct Investing, FXTM or IronFX . They also offer good demo accounts and educational resources.

How We Rank Minimum Initial Deposit

The formula here is simple, the lower the minimum initial deposit the higher the score. We at Yore Oyster believe that everyone should be able to try out a broker without having to deposit thousands of dollars to get the opportunity to do so.

The Scoring Threshold For Minimum Initial Deposit

If a broker has a requirement for upto $100, the score here is a perfect 10, as most people can afford to invest. However, if a broker charges upto $500, it still scores a healthy 8 because most of our readers believe they can invest $500 to try out a broker’s services. However, as the minimum initial deposit requirements rise above $500 most of our readers feel a bit hesitant to try out a broker due to which the score decreases.

Final Verdict Multibank Minimum Initial Deposit

The fact that you can get started with investing only $50 means that almost anyone can try out the broker. Due to this the broker scores a perfect score as we at YoreOyster believe that anyone should be able to try out the broker of your choice.

MultiBank Minimum Initial Deposit Score: 10/10

#4 Multibank Ease of Use

Ease of Use is one dimension that is highly ranked by our readers. The broker mainly uses the Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 Platform to dispel its services for users. let’s discover the value provided by the broker here by delving into the Meta Trader 4 Platform.

Meta Trader 4 Platform

One of the most commonly used trading platforms, Meta Trader 4 is used by hundreds of brokers around the world. The interface of Meta Trader 4 is not very user-friendly in terms of graphics as it has outdated graphics that need to be revamped. However, in terms of having comprehensive charting tools and statistical tools, Meta Trader completely fits the bill. It is the reason perhaps that the platform is home to hundreds of brokers because it covers all the basics and provides you with a solid foundation in trading. As a platform, we think it’s an ideal platform for individuals who are pro traders and have been trading for some time, though it can be a little complicated and daunting for beginners.

MT4 Web & Desktop Trading Platform

The Meta Trader 4 platform provided has a lot of detail in terms of statistical metrics that users can use. A drawback is that the graphics of the applications are a bit outdated and something that the platform can and perhaps should improve upon. The Meta Trader 4 platform can be a bit daunting for beginners to get started with but be a bit easier for professional traders. Professional traders may be used to it because of its pervasiveness in the market and the fact that they may have used it in the past.

MT4 Mobile Trading Platform

Offers a lot of options in terms of customizability. For instance, you can choose your own metrics to evaluate your assets, design your own dashboards. Moreover, you can also set up alerts for prices and different market movements on your mobile.

MT4 Platform Languages

The Meta Trader 4 platform is a global platform that supports hundreds of online brokers. A good feature of the platform is that it has a lot of languages that cover most of the people in the world. The Meta Trader 4 platform is available in:

CroatianHungarianRomanianTraditional Chinese

As you can see, the platform covers many of the commonly spoken languages around the world. This offers some really good value for users across the world who want to trade in their own language.

Charting Tools

The charting tools offer decent value in terms of giving a trend of past price fluctuations and the variances associated with an asset. However, the interface for charting does seem like something out of a 1990’s Sega Game and Meta Trader could do much to improve it as it is one of the most widely used trading platforms in the world. They could do a better job of improving and enhancing the user experience and useability of the platform.


Multibank Mobile Trading Platform Ratings & Consumer Feedback

The mobile trading platform has clear features and a very intuitive interface where you can use the platform in a clear manner without any confusion. The platform has some good usability features like clear fee reports and order records that make trading enjoyable and fun for users. Moreover, you can add notifications and alerts for price movements above certain thresholds. The Playstore and AppStore have scores of 4.2 and 4.1 respectively, indicating the decent interface and user experience both apps provide.

The Interface In General

In general, you have a lot of customizability and research functions. For instance, you can add panes to your account to keep track of different trends and statistical measures.

This provides you with the opportunity to make your tracking dashboard as complex or as simple as you want to. However, a drawback of Meta Trader is the outdated graphics, which is visible from the sample interface below.

Multibank interface for users

Charting Tools

The charting tools offer decent value in terms of giving a trend of past price fluctuations and the variances associated with an asset. However, the interface for charting does seem like something out of a 1990’s Sega Game and Meta Trader could do much to improve it as it is one of the most widely used trading platforms in the world. They could do a better job of improving and enhancing the user experience and useability of the platform. The broker definitely loses a few points because of the outdated interface.


Meta Trader 5 Platform

The Meta Trader 5 platform has similar features to Meta Trader 4 platform however, it has a few features that the Meta Trader 4 platform lacks.

Detailed Time Trends

The platform provides very detailed trends whereby, you can see even hourly trends of your assets. Something which is unique as most proprietary platforms lack this amount of detail to analyze your trends. For instance, you can see variation trends with variance lines and box and whisker diagrams as you can see elicited in the picture below.

Market Depth Feature

The MetaTrader 5 trading system offers an advanced Market Depth feature. There are a tick chart and Time & Sales information graphs that you can see to delve into detailed statistical trends of your assets.

Separate Accounting Of Orders And Trades

A separate accounting of orders and trades is provided for users. Two order accounting modes are provided in the platform: the netting mode is adopted on exchange markets, while the hedging method can be used for Forex trading.

Stop Loss Functions At Meta Trader 5

The Stop Loss and Take Profit options are designed to help secure profits and minimize losses. For instance, you can set up your own thresholds to stop losses from incurring. Stop and loss functions can often help you in minimizing losses in terms of bad market conditions.

How We Rank Ease Of Use

Ease of use comprises of the overall user experience provided by a platform. We rank this dimension according to the following criteria:

  • Intuitive Interface Across All Platforms
  • Customizability Options Available To You
  • Advanced Research Tools For Analysis

Having an intuitive interface was ranked as the number one factor by most of our users in considering a broker with a good interface. The options available for customizing dashboards and statistical analysis were also very important factors according to our audience.

Final Verdict Ease Of Use

The broker lacks its own proprietary platform. However, the broker does offer its services via the Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 platform. Users have options when it comes to choosing their preferred platform. However, the broker loses a couple of points for not having its own proprietary platform and the fact that the interface of Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 platforms is a bit outdated.

MultiBank Ease of Use Score: 7/10

#5 Multibank Deposit & Withdrawal Options

We at Yoreoyster value how easy it is to use a platform, and making it easy to deposit or withdraw funds is a very important part of that. That’s why we have this dimension in which we evaluate in how many ways you can use your funds with a broker. Let’s decouple the options at your disposal with Multibank:

  • Debit & Credit Cards
  • The good old wire transfer
  • E-Wallets

The broker covers all the bases by offering the commonly used methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. However, a thing that we liked was that Multibank offers a lot of variety in terms of the E-Wallets. This is something interesting because often young traders prefer E-Wallets for trading because of their versatility and the efficacy and security with which transactions can be conducted online.

Multibank E-Wallet Options

The E-Wallets options offered by the bank include the following:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayTrust
  • PerfectMoney
  • Help2pay
  • Ngang Luong
  • Payment Asia

You can see that the bank covers not only the common options like Skrill and Neteller, but it also includes localized and intrinsic methods like Payment Asia and Ngang Luong for individuals living in different regions of the world who want to use E-wallets for trading with Multibank. This offers some amazing value for users because they can choose methods that they deem fit to fulfill their trading needs fully.

How We Rank Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Having a lot of Deposit & Withdrawal options gives you the flexibility to deposit and withdraw fudns in the manner that best fits your needs. We rank this dimension according to the following criteria:

  • Ways in which you can deposit your funds
  • Ways in which you can withdraw your funds
  • Number of options within different Deposit and Withdrawal Types

We look at 3 main options that a broker needs to offer for a perfect score as these are the most commonly used by brokers:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfer & Wire Transfer
  • E-Wallets such as Paypal, Skrill and WebMoney

Final Verdict Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

The bank scores an easy 10 here without any concerns as it goes the extra mile in offering flexibility for its users living in different parts of the world. Often brokers do not customize their platform as per the needs of different users in different parts of the world. However, Multibank genuinely goes the extra mile in ensuring that individuals from different parts of the world can use the platform and deposit funds in the way that they seem fit and this genuinely offers some really good value for the investors in different regions hence, the perfect score.

MultiBank Deposit & Withdrawal Options Score: 10/10

#6 Multibank Customer Support

Let’s investigate the customer support options that you can use and the efficacy of those options. You can get customer support via:

  • Email on [email protected]
  • Phone on +971 48 751 300
  • Live Chat on the website
Quick Live chatMay not get relevant answers via live chat
Detailed & Quick Response via Phone24/5 Customer Service
Detailed Response On Email No free dedicated account manager like

The broker offers rapid support throughout different platforms and is available 24/5 on weekdays. The phone support and live chat take a few seconds or minutes at most. The email inquiries are mainly answered within a few minutes. This gives consumers the confidence that they can rely on the broker to come good in times of need, especially since some other brokers do not have good support across platforms which can be a bit stressful for some customers at times.

How We Rank Customer Support

Customer support plays an important role in getting much needed help. Our criteria takes into account the 3 most pivotal factors considered by our viewers which include:

  • Availabiltiy of Support via Live Chat, Phone & Email
  • Speed & Quality of Response Across Platforms
  • Availability of Customised Support Such as a Dedicated Account Mnager

The customer support dimension is a really important dimension for most of our readers. Hence, we not only take into account all the platforms that are used to provide support but the quality of the support provided and the consumer feedback.

Final Verdict Customer Service At Multibank

The broker scores a solid 8 rather than a perfect score because it does not offer a dedicated account manager as does and also because it offers a 24/5 customer service rather than a 24/7 customer service which can be pivotal for getting timely and needed help.


MultiBank Customer Support Score: 8/10

#7 Multibank Asset Classes

Multibank covers the traditional asset classes offered by most traders but does not offer ETFs and bonds. However, they do offer a good range of assets for you to choose from. The asset classes that you can trade-in include:

Currency Pairs45
Shares1,000 +
Stock Indices6

From the outset, it seems that the broker does not offer a lot of options. For comparison, CMC Markets offers 330 forex pairs, 9,400 stocks and 1,000 ETF’s. However, if you are someone looking to get your hands in the trading game then the asset list of Multibank may suffice. A good thing by the broker is that they at least cover the basics in offering commonly traded shares, stock indices, currency pairs, as we will discover in the coming subsections.

Multibank Shares

Some of the shares offered by the broker include the following companies:

  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • Bank of America
  • BP
  • Citigroup
  • Caterpillar
  • Cisco
  • Chevron
  • China Southern Airlines
  • China Resources
  • China Shenshua Energy
  • China Resources
  • Du Pont
  • Ebay
  • Expedia
  • Ford
  • GE
  • Goldman Sachs
  • HSBC
  • Hang Lung Industries
  • Imperial
  • Johnson and Johnson

You can see that the variety offered by the broker encompasses different industries. For instance, you can trade in tech companies like Apple, GE & Amazon. Moreover, you can trade stocks from companies that deal with fast-moving consumer goods like Johnson and Johnson. Similarly, you can trade in financial services providers like Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank and the prestigious Bank of America. Another interesting thing we noticed was that you can trade in a few Chinese conglomerates like Hang Lung Industries and China Resources. Diversity in making investments is the key to building successful portfolios. Diverse portfolios can be achieved by investing in different industries or different markets and Multibank provides you with the opportunity to do both in terms of investing in shares.

Forex Pairs

Some of the forex pairs offered by the broker include the following:


As you can notice, the broker includes most of the commonly traded major pairs and the broker provides you with decent value. This means that you do not have to look towards other brokers if you want to trade forex.

Multibank Commodities

The broker offers some basic types of commodities like:

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Gold
  • Platinum

The list misses some obvious choices like corn, wheat, maize, etc., that are related to food items, which are pretty popular commodities among many brokers. However, the broker does provide oil, gas, gold and platinum that are very popular commodities among most traders and something that provides value for anyone who trades in these assets or wants to trade in them.

Multibank Crypto

The crypto options offered by the broker include the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple

The broker offers the commonly traded cryptocurrencies that most brokers offer. Hence, it gives you the option to invest in crypto as well.

Multibank Stock Indices

Stock indices are a good way of hedging risks in portfolios as you are putting money into weighted indices meaning that you would not be susceptible to huge swings in the stock market. For instance, the US Tech 100 Index means that the prices of all 100 companies in the index would have to swing wildly to give you a huge loss or profit. The downside of investing in indexes is that you probably cannot earn huge profits in the short term but usually people do earn in the long term by carefully investing in indices. Stock indices are often added to risky portfolios as well by investors to ensure that they reduce the risk of their total investment. The options offered in indices by the broker include the following:

  • Germany 30 Index
  • UK 100 Index
  • US SPX 500 Index
  • US Tech 100 Index
  • US Wall Street 30 Index
  • USD Futures Index

The broker offers 6 indices but covers the most popular indices offered around the globe. Moreover, you can invest in 3 different markets: the US, the UK and the German market. We really liked the fact that they offer the US Tech 100 Index as it is not offered by many brokers in our database, making Multibank along with a few handfuls of other brokers unique.

How We Rank Asset Classes

The criteria for ranking asset classes is pretty simple and as follows:

  • Number Of Asset Classes Offered, such as crypto, forex, stocks, ETFs and bonds.
  • Options Provided within each asset class

The more asset classes a broker provides, the more the chance to diversify your portfolio. Diversified portfolios often help in mitigating risk and long term profitability. This is the reason due to whch we give higher ranking and weightage to brokers who give you the option to hedge your risk.

Final Verdict Asset Classes

Multibank offers decent variety within most asset classes it offers like stocks and forex. However, the broker only scores a 7 because it does not offer asset classes like bonds and ETFs.

MultiBank Asset Classes Score: 7/10

#8 Multibank Referral Program

Multibank has a unique referral program in which they not only reward you but also your referral with a similar amount of rewards. Often, brokers just offer rewards for the referee and not the referral but Multibank shares the joy equally with both. Trading in pairs is often helpful for individuals looking to get started with trading and Multibank does just that by offering to incentivize the pathway for you and your friends to use the platform. Here’s a list of the goodies that will come you and your friend’s way should you both join the platform.

Friend’s Initial DepositYour RewardFriend’s Reward
$1,000 – $2,000$100$100
$2,000 – $5,000$200$200
$5,000 – $10,000$300$300

The rewards are distributed equally among you and your friends which offers great value. However, the rate of return is maximum if your friend deposits only between $1,000 and $2,000. Since both of you get $100, that adds up to $200 representing 10% of your friend’s deposit. What’s disappointing though is that you only get $400 for depositing $10,000 or more meaning that the reward is just 4% of the total amount deposited. This is surprising, since, usually, the reward percentages increase as the minimum initial deposit amounts increase.

How We Rank Demo Account & Educational Resources

The purpose of a demo account and educational resources is to train users to make informed decisions. Our crtiteria marks every broker on the quality of training that they provide beginners with. Our criteria is as follows.

  • The demo account should not have a time limit or a paper trading limit to get a perfect score
  • Educational Resources should include tutorials, webinars and online courses to ensure that anyone new to trading can quickly learn and trade profitably

Final Verdict Multibank Referral Program

The broker offers amazing value and scores a decent 8. The only reason that it does not get a perfect score is that the percentage of rewards actually decreases for high deposit amounts.

MultiBank Referral Program Score: 8/10

#9 Demo Account & Educational Resources

Demo accounts and educational resources like webinars and videos are often a good way of understanding a platform and acquanting yourself with it. Let’s decouple Multibank to see what it offers here.

Demo Account

Multibank offers 100,000 in fake currency for you to try out its demo account. This provides users with the ability to test out the platform before investing any real money. The demo account provided by the broker generally delivers good value for users as it allows you to try all the features that you would use in your actual trading account. This allows individual users looking to try out the platform and since it has no time limit, as of yet, you can use it for as long as you want to.

Educational Resources

The broker does not offer educational resources like:

  • Articles
  • Courses
  • Webinars & Seminars
  • Detailed Tutorial videos on trading different assets

The fact that the broker does not offer a lot of educational resources does not bode too well for users looking to get started with trading with Multibank as their first broker. Often resources like courses and webinars can help users in gaining theoretical and practical knowledge of trading that can help users trade savvily and smartly to earn profits.

How We Rank Demo Account & Educational Resources

The purpose of a demo account and educational resources is to train users to make informed decisions. Our crtiteria marks every broker on the quality of training that they provide beginners with. Our criteria is as follows.

  • The demo account should not have a time limit or a paper trading limit to get a perfect score
  • Educational Resources should include tutorials, webinars and online courses to ensure that anyone new to trading can quickly learn and trade profitably

Multibank Final Verdict Demo Account & Educational Resources

Despite the weak educational resources the broker does offer a good demo account that traders can use to get their understanding of trading and how to use the platform due to which the broker scores a 7 here.

MultiBank Demo Account & Educational Resources Score: 7/10

#10 Safety & Regulation

Multibank offers some great value in terms of being regulated by tier-1 regulators and financial institutions across the globe. The platform is regulated in Australia and Dubai but it is backed by many institutions across the world. Some of the regulators and institutions backing the platform include:

  • Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)
  • Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)
  • Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFIN) in Germany
  • Financial Markets Association of Pakistan
  • Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores in Spain
  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
  • Forest Stewardship Council

This is something that we found interesting: in countries where the broker has not yet obtained regulation it has partnered with prestigious institutions to gain approval for the way the platform is run and earn the trust of the local communities. For instance, in Pakistan, most regulatory powers reside with the State Bank Of Pakistan that often registers companies and regulates them. However, in this scenario where the broker has not yet been able to get regulation, it has partnered with the Financial Markets Association to earn the trust of the traders in the country.

How We Rank Safety & Regulation

If a broker is regulated by a tier 1 broker like the Financial Conduct Authority of UK (FCA), Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), or Australia Securities & Exchange Commission (ASIC) it scores a perfect score. However, if it is regulated from a tier-2 broker like the Cyprus Securities & Exchange it scores an 8. The score for most tier 3 brokers is a 6 and the score for no regulation is 0. Regulation is an important factor for brokers as non-regulated entities can engage in harmful practices for investors that can be detrimental for them.

Final Verdict Safety & Regulation

The fact that the broker goes the extra mile in earning the trust of the countries that it operates in means that it easily scores a 10 without any issues.

MultiBank Safety & Regulation Score: 10/10

While researching 100+ of the world’s top brokers, we’ve noticed what works and what doesn’t from the customer’s point of view. That’s why our final test for any broker is to compare it to, which scores 91/100 points across the 10 categories mentioned in this review.

MultiBank vs.

Although Multibank does a good job of doing well on most dimensions however, the broker can improve upon a few dimensions when compared to to provide an even richer experience for its users.

More Asset Types & Options offers you more asset types by offering bonds and ETFs. Moreover, even within each asset type, they have more options to choose from. offers more than 1,700 stocks across numerous stock markets of the world, more than 20 commodities and plenty of bonds. This not only gives you a lot of variety to choose from but the option to build diversified portfolios.

Customer Support has one of the best customer support cycles as it gives you a dedicated account manager who advises you on your trades and keeps a record of your transactions so you do not get lost in a customer support cycle. Often, availing customer service can be a problem because lots of brokers are slow in providing customer service and you have to explain your problem to different representatives to solve it.

Moreover, even within phone support and live chat, the average response time is within a couple of minutes to provide you with prompt response, to ensure that you are taken care of and the email support only takes a few minutes to answer your queries which are better than most brokers that can take up to a few hours or even days many times to answer basic queries.

Comprehensive Educational Resources has a lot of educational resources to train any kind of trader looking to deal in any kind of asset. Often brokers offer a few basic educational resources for traders but does a good job in this regard and it is with you in helping you learn to trade savvily and efficiently. Some of the resources offered are as below:

  • Tutorial videos on using the platform
  • Educational videos on trading different assets
  • Webinars
  • Educational articles

The resources offered to teach you everything from learning how the platform works to educational videos and webinars. also offers asset trading training guides.

Training Guides

  • CFD training guides
  • Commodities training guides
  • Indices trading guides
  • Trading psychology guides
  • Shares trading guides
  • Forex trading guides has you covered if you want to start trading an asset that you have not traded before. They also offer 5 courses that are aimed at training beginners and refreshing the knowledge of experienced traders. Online Courses

  • Introduction to financial markets
  • ABC of derivatives
  • Financial instruments
  • Derivatives and risks of trading
  • What are leverage and margin

The online courses are designed for beginners but anyone can benefit from them in learning the basics and good practices and knowledge of the industry.

So what are you waiting for signup today for the best broker in the business that has more assets, better educational resources and more comprehensive education resources.

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In Summary

Multibank offers plenty of asset classes and offers some good variety within the offerings that they have. We really liked the deposit and withdrawal options offered by the broker as they offer a lot of variety in terms of offering plenty of E-Wallets to get your money in and out of the platform, hassle-free. The stocks and stock indices offered by the broker include several industries like tech, banking and consumer goods, which offer some really good value for users and you should definitely try it out if you are a stock or index trader. offers a lot of educational resources, as mentioned above, that can be really helpful for someone looking to get started with trading. Moreover, the broker offers a lot of variety in the form of hundreds of bonds, ETFs and tens of commodities. This provides a lot of variety for users and with one of the most competitive fee structures out there the platform offers great value for any kind of trader. If you are a beginner or someone who likes to trade hundreds of bonds, ETFs and plenty of commodities, then you should definitely try out

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