TradeATF [2021: Review]: Formerly Known As ITrader

August 4, 2020
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TradeATF (formerly known as Itrader) is one of the plethora of brokers that started gaining traction in early 2010's. The broker is managed by Trade ATF which comes under the umbrella of Hoch Capital. TradeATF offers plenty of assets such as stock indices, forex and crypto. Moreover, TradeATF has plenty of deposit and withdrawal options coupled with good educational resources. With more than 30 plus cryptos and 7 stock indices TradeATF promises to be a good platform for anyone looking to trade in these assets. Click the link below to join now

However, if you are looking for a holistic platform that offers a wide array of assets then you should consider as it offers a diverse range of stocks, ETFs, bonds, crypto, commodities and CFDs. With one of the best and affordable fee structures coupled with the most comprehensive educational resources, promises to be a good platform for your trading needs.

We analyzed hundreds of data points relevant to the costs, benefits and features of trading with TradeATF or ITrader and scored our findings on a 10-point scale across 10 distinct categories.
Fees 6
Signup Process 5
Minimum Deposit 8
Ease of Use 8
Deposit & Withdrawal Options 10
Customer Support 7
Asset Classes 7
Referral Program 0
Demo Account & Educational Resources 8
Safety & Regulation 6
Total 64


TradeATF is part of the plethora of brokers that entered the market in the early 2010s, and is currently headquartered in Belize. The broker gained regulation from CySEC in 2013. However, in recent times it was fined and it lost its regulation from this entity. The broker offers plenty of asset options with plenty of deposit and withdrawal options. Moreover, they offer a demo account with decent educational resources to get you acquainted with the platform. The broker offers its services ina lot of countries which include.

Burkina FasoCape VerdeCameroonUAECentral African Republic
ChileChinaColombiaComorosCosta Rica
CroatiaCubaCyprusCzechiaCzech Republlic
EcuadorEl SalvadorEswatiniFinlandGabon
GuineaItalyKyrgyzstanLuxembourgMarshall Islands
MexicoMyanmarNew ZealandNicaraguaParaguay
MoroccoSt KittsSaint LuciaOmanRomania
MozambiqueSamoaSaint VincentPakistanRussia
GrenadinesSan MorinoSierra LeoneSoloman IslandsSaudi Arabia
SerbiaSenegalSeychellesSouth AfricaSouth Korea
Sri lankaSpainSlovaniaSlovakiaMacedonia

If you are someone in Africa or Asia and are looking for a good broker, do check out IQ Option and easyMarkets as well, as these brokers cover a lot of African and Asian nations and offer some decent value for traders across regions. We also recommend you to have a look at CMC Markets as it is also one of the strongest brokers in our database and covers a lot of African and Asian nations. Many of our brokers in Southern African and far east countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe and Indonesia have tried these brokers and given us positive feedback.

Pros & Cons

Let's have a look at the pros and cons to see if TradeATF is right for you.

Good forex pricesFined and unlisted by CySEC
Plenty of crypto & stock optionsVariable inactivity fees
Myriad of Deposit & Withdrawal optionsNot regulated by tier-1 regulators
Good demo accountNo referral program for individual users
 High withdrawal fees

Pros Explained

The broker has some really good forex spreads for all forex traders out there. Moreover, they offer a lot of variety for crypto and stock options that people can look into. The broker also has a really good demo account for you to trade in that has most of the functions of the regular account and can help you in gaining good training of using a live trading account.

Cons Explained

The broker was fined by Cysec for false advertisements due to which it had to later rebrand and change its name. Moreover, it has high and variable inactivity fees that can vary from $50 to-100. The broker also does not have a referral program for individual investors which can be a bit of a bummer for someone looking to entice friends and family to trade.

Account Types

There are 3 main types of accounts that you can choose with TradeATF, namely, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each of the account types is suited for different types of users. Let’s have a quick look at the main features that each account offers:




More than 700 asset choices

More than 700 asset choices

More than 700 asset choices

1:30 Max Leverage

1:400/1:500 Maximum Leverage

1:400/1:500 Maximum Leverage

Swap Discounts of 25%

Swap Discounts of 50%

Trading Signals

Trading Signals

Silver Account

Silver account is designed for individuals looking to get started with trading. It offers all the asset varieties of other accounts without some of their advanced features.

Gold & Platinum Account

Gold & Platinum accounts are for professional traders. With swap discounts and lower spread rates, you can trade big and get great discounts. Hence, anyone looking to trade professionally may benefit from enrolling in a Gold or Platinum Account withTradeATF.

Here's a breakdown of our 10 scoring categories, each scored out of 10 for a total of 100 points.

#1 Fees At TradeATF

The fee structure of TradeATF provides some great value under certain circumstances but not so much value under others. Let's unravel the structure to see some of its strong points and some of its weaknesses.

Non Trading Fees

These fees are related to activities that are not directly linked with trading. Such as deposit fee, withdrawal fee, inactivity fee and membership fee. These can be quite annoying at times for users hence, the lesser these are the better it is for users and the more value a broker offers.

Deposit & Withdrawal Fees At TradeATF

There are no deposit fees associated with your TradeATF account. However, there is a withdrawal fee of $100 associated with your TradeATF account. This is a lot compared to other brokers because there is a myriad of brokers that do not charge any deposit or withdrawal fee such as HotForex &

Inactivity Fees At TradeATF

There is inactivity fees associated with your TradeATF account. The exact amount is not mentioned with their website but according to user reviews it is about $50 per month after your account has been inactive for a couple of months. Some users have also complained that the inactivity fees can be higher if an account has been inactive for a longer period of time.

Trading Fees

These are often associated with activities related to trading. Trading fees include commissions and spreads associated with trading different asset classes. Let's discover the trading fees associated with the broker to see the kind of value provided for different types of users.

TradeATF Forex Spreads

The forex spread rates are decent compared to other brokers'. Let's have a look at some of the spread rates for the Silver Account.

PairMinimum Spread

The minimum spread rates offer some good value such as the AUD/USD & USD/JPY rates. These minimum spreads are comparable to other brokers such as Webull, however, it is much more expensive than Tickmill which is offering spread rates that start from 0 pips during the pandemic. Tickmill is giving some great discounts on forex spreads and I suggest that you check them out.

How We Rank Fees

At Yore Oyster, we rank fees based on both trading and non-trading fees. Non Trading fees consist of deposit, withdrawal and inactivity fees. The commissions and spreads associated with each asset type are also built in the score to determine the overall value.

Final Verdict Fees

The inconsistent inactivity fees, coupled with the high withdrawal fees mean that the broker scores only a 6 in this dimension.

TradeATF Fees Score: 6/10

#2 Signup Process At TradeATF

The signup process is fully digital and can easily be broken down into 3 simple steps

  1. Fill In Personal Details

    This step includes your details such as the name, email account and address.

  2. Upload Id Documents

    Upload id information such as a passport, drivers license or a utility bill.

  3. Answer Basic Questions On Financial Knowledge

    Answer some questions on trading and finance, this helps determine whether you are a beginner or professional trader.

The approval process for your account can take up to 3 days or more. This is a lot of time compared to most other brokers that even allow for same day verification of accounts.

How We Rank The Signup Procedue

We ranked the signup procedure based on how quick and easy it is to open an account and we base our score on the following criteria:

  • The speed with which the documents can be uploaded
  • Number of documents required
  • The time the verification process takes

The easier an account opening process is without unnecessary checks the higher the score is for this dimension.

Final Verdict Signup Procedure

The slow verification process means that the broker only scores a 5 on our scoring guidelines. TradeATF should definitely expediate the process at its own end to provide better value for users.

TradeATF Signup Process Score: 5/10

#3 Minimum Initial Deposit At TradeATF

The minimum initial deposit to get started with your TradeATF account is $250, which is not much and you can get started with trading right away. However, this deposit limit can be a bit much for some individuals looking to get started with trading. If you want to start trading for less you can get started with FXTM or IronFX for $0. FXTM and IronFX have some great demo accounts as well so you can learn to trade with paper money before you commit even small amounts in real investments.

How We Rank Minimum Initial Deposit

The formula here is simple, the lower the minimum initial deposit the higher the score. We at Yore Oyster believe that everyone should be able to try out a broker without having to deposit thousands of dollars to get the opportunity to do so.

The Scoring Threshold For Minimum Initial Deposit

If a broker has a requirement for upto $100, the score here is a perfect 10, as most people can afford to invest. However, if a broker charges upto $500, it still scores a healthy 8 because most of our readers believe they can invest $500 to try out a broker's services. However, as the minimum initial deposit requirements rise above $500 most of our readers feel a bit hesitant to try out a broker due to which the score decreases.

Final Verdict Minimum Initial Deposit

The slightly high minimum initial deposit for beginners means that the broker loses a couple of points here. TradeATF could possible look into lowering this limit to entice more individuals to use the platform.

TradeATF Minimum Initial Deposit Score: 8/10

#4 TradeATF Ease of Use

TradeATF has a decent platform for mobile and desktop use. The android application has a rating of 4.4 along with good user feedback for the interface of the broker. The interface is uncluttered and shows visible trends of your asset which can allow you to trace variances associated with its price.

Economic Calendar At TradeATF

The economic calendar can help you keep track of major market events such as fiscal and monetary budget announcements that can have an impact on your assets.

Trading Ideas At TradeATF

The Trading Ideas feature can advise you on selling or keeping an asset. It is based on algorithms and it is a key feature that can help you in making trading decisions. However, we strongly advise that you always do your own research as well before relying on trading idea option because while many algorithms are good at understanding trends they may not always be very effective in analyzing market information.

TradeATF Charting Options

There are several options that you can use to chart your asset prices and various metrics regarding your assets

  • Symbol charts
  • Bar charts
  • Japanese candlesticks to understand variance associated with your asset.
  • Broken line charts to segregate different time periods to analyse asset behavior by time

The usability options and analytical options available for users mean that you can analyze your assets in the manner that you like and seem fit.

How We Rank Ease Of Use

Ease of use comprises of the overall user experience provided by a platform. We rank this dimension according to the following criteria:

  • Intuitive Interface Across All Platforms
  • Customizability Options Available To You
  • Advanced Research Tools For Analysis

Having an intuitive interface was ranked as the number one factor by most of our users in considering a broker with a good interface. The options available for customizing dashboards and statistical analysis were also very important factors according to our audience.

Final Verdict Ease Of Use

However, the score is not a perfect 10 because ITrader lacks advanced usability options such as advanced charting options and statistical options offered by other brokers such as

TradeATF Ease of Use Score: 8/10

#5 TradeATF Deposit & Withdrawal Options

There are plenty of options through which you can deposit or withdraw your funds. It is always good for a broker to have multiple deposit and withdrawal options to provide users with the flexibility to deposit and withdraw funds in a manner that best suits their needs.

TradeATF deposit and withdrawal options are:

  • E-wallets which include Skrill & Neteller
  • Credit card and debit cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • Wire Transfer

The broker offers good variety here by providing a lot of deposit and withdrawal options for people all around the world. This emans that you can use whatever method you feel like using for withdrawing or depositing your own funds.

How We Rank Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Having a lot of Deposit & Withdrawal options gives you the flexibility to deposit and withdraw fudns in the manner that best fits your needs. We rank this dimension according to the following criteria:

  • Ways in which you can deposit your funds
  • Ways in which you can withdraw your funds
  • Number of options within different Deposit and Withdrawal Types

We look at 3 main options that a broker needs to offer for a perfect score as these are the most commonly used by brokers:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfer & Wire Transfer
  • E-Wallets such as Paypal, Skrill and WebMoney

Final Verdict

While ITrader offers a lot of options for the withdrawal and depositing of funds, an issue to be noted is that you can only withdraw funds using the same method you used for depositing funds. Even so, this is rather common among online brokers, and this one scores a solid 10 in this dimension because of the number of options that are available to users.

TradeATF Deposit & Withdrawal Options Score: 10/10

#6 Customer Support

You can get customer support through various platforms with TradeATF. Some of the options that are available include:

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Telephone
Quick Phone ServiceEmail Response is slow
Decent Live Chat Feature24/5 Support rather tahan 24/7
Responsive & Relevant Live Chat 

Customer support is available 24/5 which provides a good window for seeking customer support during the weekdays but provides an issue incase you need help on weekends as there is no support then. However, email support is quite weak. We at Yore Oyster did not receive a response to our queries regarding the broker, and consumers have also complained, on different forums, about poor support via email.

How We Rank Customer Support

Customer support plays an important role in getting much needed help. Our criteria takes into account the 3 most pivotal factors considered by our viewers which include:

  • Availabiltiy of Support via Live Chat, Phone & Email
  • Speed & Quality of Response Across Platforms
  • Availability of Customised Support Such as a Dedicated Account Mnager

The customer support dimension is a really important dimension for most of our readers. Hence, we not only take into account all the platforms that are used to provide support but the quality of the support provided and the consumer feedback.

TradeATF Final Verdict Customer Support

The slow email support and the fact that support is not available all the time means that the broker loses a few points in this dimension.

TradeATF Customer Support Score: 7/10

#7 TradeATF Asset Classes

TradeATF offers plenty of assets that you can trade in which can help you in building a diversified protfolio. Some of the assets and otpions offered are listed below:

AssetNumber of Options
Crypto30 +
Forex45 +
Commodities20 +
Stock Indices7

TradeATF Crypto

ITrader offers all the major cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. You can also trade in crypto CFDs so that you do not have to actually mine the currency to trade in it. ITrader does a good job in giving options with respect to crypto because not many brokers offer so many options of this asset class. If you are a crypto trader you may want to signup for ITrader.

TradeATF Commodities & Forex

You can trade in more than 20 commodities such as oil, soybean and wheat to build your portfolios. You can also trade with more than 45 Forex pairs that include major, minor and exotic currency pairs as well.


TradeATF Stock Indices

ITrader offers stock indices from 7 major markets. Some of the stock indices offered by ITrader include:

  • FTSE 100
  • DAX
  • DOW
  • NSDAQ 100
  • Nikkei 225
  • S&P
  • $IND

Stock indices are a great passive income strategy because stock markets tend to grow in the long term. While returns in stock indices are naturally smaller than other assets, they provide stable returns in the long term. Stock indices can be used in risky portfolios to hedge risks. In-case you want to deal in crypto, commodities or Forex, you should definitely check out TradeATF.

How We Rank Asset Classes

The criteria for ranking asset classes is pretty simple and as follows:

  • Number Of Asset Classes Offered, such as crypto, forex, stocks, ETFs and bonds.
  • Options Provided within each asset class

The more asset classes a broker provides, the more the chance to diversify your portfolio. Diversified portfolios often help in mitigating risk and long term profitability. This is the reason due to whch we give higher ranking and weightage to brokers who give you the option to hedge your risk.

Final Verdict TradeATF Asset Classes

The asset options offered by TradeATF are good but since assets like bonds and ETFs are missing, the broker loses several points, but do keep in mind that the options provided within each asset type are plentiful for traders looking to build diversified portfolios.

TradeATF Asset Classes Score: 7/10

#8 Referral Program

Referral programs play an important role in making trading fun because you can use the platform with friends and learn more. However, there is no active referral program for TradeATF for individual users.

How We Rank Referral Programs

The more rewards a broker gives the higher the score for this dimension. Rewards are a good way for encouraging beginners to start trading with friends and family making the experience enjoyable, due to which we encourage brokers to offer more and more rewards. We also take into account how difficult it is to attain these rewards.

Final Verdict Referral Programs

The fact that there is no active referral program means that this reduces the chance that you have to earn more funds by referring more friends. Hence, the score for this dimension is 0.

TradeATF Referral Program Score: 0/10

#9 Demo Account & Educational Resources

Having a good demo account and educational resources to practice those skills can be beneficial for any trader.

TradeATF Demo Account

Demo accounts are a great way of training individuals as you can trade with fake money and test out your skills. A good feature of the demo account at TradeATF is that you do not have a time limit so you can continue to use it as long as you need to practice to improve your skills and strategies.

TradeATF Educational Resources

TradeATF has some really good educational resources. Some of the educational resources that are provided for users include.

  • E-books
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Courses on trading different assets

Resources offered by ITrader are good in terms of introducing someone to the platform and teaching them how to trade different assets.

The tutorial videos regarding the platform can really help you in getting acquainted with the trading platform and how it works. Moreover, training videos on different assets can really help you in expanding your horizons and diversifying your portfolios by learning how to trade different assets.

Webinars are always a good way of understanding how market circumstances may affect different assets.

How We Rank Demo Account & Educational Resources

The purpose of a demo account and educational resources is to train users to make informed decisions. Our crtiteria marks every broker on the quality of training that they provide beginners with. Our criteria is as follows.

  • The demo account should not have a time limit or a paper trading limit to get a perfect score
  • Educational Resources should include tutorials, webinars and online courses to ensure that anyone new to trading can quickly learn and trade profitably

Final Verdict Educational Resources

The broker only losesa couple of points because it does not offer courses like some of the other brokers.


TradeATF Demo Account & Educational Resources Score: 8/10

#10 Safety & Regulation

ITrader is currently regulated by authorities in Belize. The parent company of ITrader, Hoch Capital, lost its license in Cyprus by CySEC and they were fined 30,000 Euros. You can review the fine on Cysec's website. CySEC received a complaint from UK's FCA regarding misleading advertisements issued by the broker due to which it was fined. This is not a good sign because you would want your broker to be regulated by tier-1 brokers like the FCA and CySEC.

How We Rank Safety & Regulation

If a broker is regulated by a tier 1 broker like the Financial Conduct Authority of UK (FCA), Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), or Australia Securities & Exchange Commission (ASIC) it scores a perfect score. However, if it is regulated from a tier-2 broker like the Cyprus Securities & Exchange it scores an 8. The score for most tier 3 brokers is a 6 and the score for no regulation is 0. Regulation is an important factor for brokers as non-regulated entities can engage in harmful practices for investors that can be detrimental for them.

Is TradeATF Safe?

The broker loses a few points for the fine it faced and the fact that it is ot regulated by a tier-1 broker. If your looking for a safe broker have a look at

TradeATF Safety & Regulation Score: 6/10

While researching 100+ of the world's top brokers, we’ve noticed what works and what doesn’t from the customer's point of view. That’s why our final test for any broker is to compare it to Capital, which scores 91/100 points across the 10 categories mentioned in this review, and is our top-rated broker for 2021.

TradeATF vs.

TradeATF has some good options for crypto and stock index traders as it offers a lot of options under these assets. Moreover, TradeATF has plenty of withdrawal & deposit options. Let's dissect each dimension one by one to see the major difference between both traders. Is Easier To Use

Two of the major differences in the usage between the 2 platforms are functionality and usability. The interface of is quite intuitive and easy to use for individuals. Similarly, TradeATF’s research functionalities are also not as detailed, intuitive and user friendly as's whose interface is much more intuitive and instructive. Similarly, also shows plenty of options that show user's with the more advanced statistical interpretation of trends to make more informed decisions.

More Assets To Trade offers much more asset types than TradeATF such as bonds, stocks & ETFs that can allow you to trade with various asset types. Except for Crypto, it also offers plenty more assets within each class. It is important to build diversified portfolios to hedge them against risks and allows you to do that by offering a wide array of assets at affordable rates with no trading commissions or fees. Is Safer

With regulation from FCA, SEC and CySEC, is one of the most regulated trading platforms out there in the market. TradeATF

was recently unlisted and fined by CySEC and that does not exactly fill us with confidence regarding the platform, and we feel is a much better broker and the industry-standard in this regard.

Better Fee Structure has better spread rates than ITrader. Moreover, has:

  • No deposit fee
  • No withdrawal fee
  • No inactivity fee

The fee structure of is clear and simple and you do not have to deal with unknown inactivity fees or high withdrawal fees like those you get with ITrader. This provides investors with the confidence that their hard-earned money is not being wasted on unnecessary expenses.

Better Educational Resources

While has good educational resources offers much more resources in this regard. allows you to start with a much more advanced demo account that has access to lectures, articles and resources for you to better understand the platform and trading in general to become a profitable trader. Some of the features offered by are as follows:

  • Free financial webinars.
  • 5 Courses on trading
  • Educational courses for traders.
  • Extensive market glossary.
  • Comprehensive CFD trading guide.
  • Cryptocurrency trading tutorial.
  • Investmate,’s investor education app.

You can see that is a comprehensive guide not only for understanding the platform but also understanding all the trading options that the application provides. If you are looking for the ultimate broker apply for click the following link below.

In Summary

TradeATF or ITrader offers plenty of deposit and withdrawal options with a decent demo account that trains you to trade different assets and use the platform effectively. One of the best features of ITrader is that it offers stock indices from 7 major markets in the world. Moreover, iTrader provides you with more than 30 crypto options. This kind of variety is not offered by other brokers in terms of stock indices and crypto and if you trade in these 2 assets you may want to signup for

However, is a much better broker with no withdrawal or variable inactivity fees that can eat away your deposits. You can learn to trade various different assets using the educational resources available on the platform. Moreover, also offers many more assets like bonds and ETFs in addition to the assets offered by ITrader and is also regulated by 3 tier-1 regulators. Join now to trade with a holistic platform.

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