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Customer Success Story

“Thanks for all your help and support - booking flights is so much better thanks to you!”

Dorothy Wong , Community Coordinator
Industry: Media & Publishing

Life is short

When you’re running a global publication, you can't waste even a minute getting from A to B. That’s why HYPEBEAST, an online and offline publication and e-commerce shop centred around streetwear and street culture, always flies direct with the best airlines. Whether they're going from Hong Kong to New York or London to Johannesburg, HYPEBEAST flies with Yore Oyster.

Why pay more if you don't have to?

HYPEBEAST had been paying "regular" price - that is, the best price a travel agent or online booking website would give them - for its flights for over a decade. But as face-to-face meetings became more important to the growth of their business, travel expenses grew as well. "I'd love to see how we could work together to get some nicely-priced flights," says HYPEBEAST founder and CEO Kevin Ma in his original reachout to us. We started managing their international flights less than 2 weeks later.

Since then, HYPEBEAST has saved an average of over $1,000 USD per flight because of working with Yore Oyster. All that with no hidden fees, ever. That's our guarantee.

You deserve VIP treatment

With Yore Oyster, HYPEBEAST has freed up internal capabilities to more value-added tasks than booking travel. And, with Yore Oyster we take care of all of the messiness of travel for you. Need to change or cancel your flight? We've got your back.

Yore Oyster is so easy to use that the HYPEBEAST team only needs to send a single email with three pieces of information to get a custom itinerary for their upcoming flights: the Who, When and Where. We reply with a fully-customized quote within minutes, completely eliminating the need for HYPEBEAST to conduct a search process on their own. And the best part: We put them in the exact same seats on the exact same direct flights for 20-50% less than the next best online price.

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