Coderhouse Review: One Of The Most Cost-Effective Ways To Learn How To Code

May 15, 2021

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If you’re looking for a part-time, fully online course that offers live lessons with professionals from various fields across multiple industries at a very affordable price, Coderhouse is a great pick. This Argentina-based digital tech bootcamp offers live and online instruction, mentorship, part-time courses with a flexible schedule, a project-based curriculum, job search assistance and real-world experience to help you succeed in a new career path.

With 21 courses currently offered (soon to be 34), plus a set of tailor-made careers that bundle several courses together, the most expensive of which can cost as little as $400 if you get a CoderBECA scholarship, Coderhouse makes learning new skills easy, effective, fun and affordable. If you want to learn more, just click on the button below.

Coderhouse is a part-time, live and online education platform that teaches Spanish-speaking, 18-year-old+ non-coders a very broad range of skills that go from graphics design and marketing to full stack web development and data science. They offer more than 20 individual courses that you can choose from, which last between 4 and 27 weeks. They also offer careers that bundle several related courses and last, in total, 14 to 49 weeks, depending on the courses included.

Compared to other international coding bootcamps, Coderhouse has a very accessible price structure. Individual courses range from US$255 to US$872, and the career options range from US$689 to US$1,832, with the highest price corresponding to the most currently valuable career path to become a full stack web developer.

As if that wasn’t low enough, considering the value you’re getting in return, Coderhouse also offers to all its students, the possibility of receiving a scholarship that covers 70% of tuition. With tens of thousands of graduates and enrolled students under its belt, this is a serious competitor when it comes to choosing the best coding bootcamp in Latin America.

Who Is It For?

Coderhouse is a school for motivated individuals who are looking to learn new and valuable skills in their free time. Classes are given in Spanish, but having a basic notion of the English language is beneficial in most cases.

Being a part-time commitment, the courses Coderhouse offers are targeted at full-time students over 18 years of age, working parents, or simply those who don’t have the time to commit to a full-time course.

This is not an immersive bootcamp, as Courses are taught only once or twice a week, depending on the schedule you choose. Therefore, this is not a fast-paced course for those who want to learn to code, learn digital marketing or learn data science in as little time as possible.

Although you can only go through the whole application process by yourself if you’re over 18, you can still apply if you’re a minor, provided you have written authorization from your parents or guardians. However, do keep in mind that, even if you are accepted, you will not have access to paid projects while you attend (a feature that is available to all other students).

Besides a desire to learn and a high level of commitment, you’ll only need a personal computer and an internet connection to get started.

Features & Benefits

Here are a few of the most important features and benefits of Coderhouse:

1. Live and Online Instruction

Online instruction allows students to learn from the comfort of their homes or anywhere they would like to study. It also provides students who live far away, the chance to enroll without having to relocate, making the course available for a wider base of students. This type of learning also suits students with different learning methods, letting them learn more flexibly.

The online courses that Coderhouse offers can fit around students' lives and activities, allowing them to be more relaxed than in a classroom environment. This type of option will allow working people to pursue a new career path without taking the risk of leaving their old jobs until they're ready to land a new role in software development.

Coderhouse’s educational model focuses on live sessions with professional instructors whom they meet at fixed schedules during the week. Students are required to attend at least 70% of classes in order to be approved and earn a certificate. This gives students the much-needed motivation that is sometimes lacking in online learning environments.

2. Mentorship

All courses have an instructor in charge of teaching each lesson, but each student will also be assigned a personal tutor or mentor whose job it is to give you hands-on help whenever needed, both during live classes and after those classes end.

Tutors will also be there to provide feedback and help you debug your code while you work on your class challenges. Some of the tutor’s responsibilities include:

  • Attention in less than 24hs
  • Constant feedback
  • Follow up on your progress during the final Project

3. Part-time Courses

Coderhouse offers the possibility of learning a new skill or starting out on a new career path without having to stop everything else in your life. All courses are part-time and you’ll only be obligated to attend live classes twice a week for two hours each session, or once a week on longer, 5 and a half hour sessions.

That means that you can keep your current job, or be a full-time parent, while at the same time being a part-time student that’s building a better future for them self and their loved ones.

4. Flexible Schedule

Besides being a part-time course, Coderhouse also gives you complete control over your schedule. This is especially advantageous if you have a busy day-to-day life. In order to fit into your busy days or weeks, you can choose between several different schedules that include two days a week (Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays) or on Saturdays. Hours can be during the evenings or in the mornings, all subject to availability.

This sort of flexibility means you’re sure to be able to find one that suits your current schedule, no matter how busy it is.

5. Project-based Curriculum

Coderhouse’s curriculum is built around real projects that you’ll be working on all throughout the length of the course. Not only does that imply that you’ll learn by doing, but also that, by the end of the course, you’ll have a set of fully functioning apps or other finished products that will now be a part of your portfolio.

For someone who just started out in the world of coding, having a set of finished products to show that go along with the newly crafted resume can prove invaluable when it comes to finding a job in the tech industry or a related field.

6. Student Community

Nothing beats learning with friends and like-minded individuals. In fact, it’s proven that learning in groups is far more efficient than learning alone. That’s why having the support of a strong and active student community is a very important feature to have.

Networking with classmates can help you generate more and better ideas to solve problems like never before, and Coderhouse offers just that by way of:

  • Class groups
  • Chat channels
  • Private forums

7. Job Search Assistance

As a part of the TOP-10 program, which rewards the best-performing students in every cohort, top performers will have access to a mentor who will provide assistance in the creation of your CV, LinkedIn profile and portfolio. You’ll also receive

  • Interview training
  • Special access to Coderhouse’s Job Portal
  • Your profile will be presented to recruiters

All of this in order to ensure you have the best chance of finding a job as soon as possible. If you don’t make the cut, you can still get access to those same benefits as part of a separate paid service called CoderPRO.

8. Real-World Experience

Besides working with a project-based curriculum, Coderhouse also offers the chance to work on a real-life paid project during some (not all) of the courses. This is only for the top-ranking students of each cohort, though, so you’ll want to do your best from the get-go to start earning right away.

An In-Depth Look At Every Course

Coderhouse offers a vast array of courses to choose from. You can either take them separately according to your particular interests, or you can choose one of their 8 career paths, which are sets of related courses bundled together into a single package.

They currently offer 21 separate courses classified into 6 different categories, plus 13 new courses in pre-sale which are on their way to their first cohort.

In the following tables, you will find a summary of every course Coderhouse currently offers, as well as a summary of the 8 careers you can choose.

Here are all of Coderhouse’s Courses:

UX/UI Design4 to 6 hours
per week
12 weeksUS$349US$99
Advanced UX/UI Design4 to 6 hours
per week
8 weeksUS$349US$99
UX Writing4 to 6 hours
per week
8 weeksUS$349US$99
UX Research4 to 6 hours
per week
8 weeksUS$349US$99
Community Manager & Advertising4 to 6 hours
per week
9 weeksUS$349US$99
Advanced Social Media Ads4 to 6 hours
per week
8 weeksUS$349US$99
Growth Marketing4 to 6 hours
per week
8 weeksUS$349US$99
Web Development4 to 6 hours
per week
9 weeksUS$349US$99
JavaScript4 to 6 hours
per week
8 weeksUS$349US$99
React Js4 to 6 hours
per week
8 weeksUS$349US$99
Backend Programming4 to 6 hours
per week
24 weeksUS$349US$99
App Development4 to 6 hours
per week
9 weeksUS$349US$99
Product Manager4 to 6 hours
per week
8 weeksUS$349US$99
E-commerce4 to 6 hours
per week
6 weeksUS$349US$99
Data Analytics4 to 6 hours
per week
11 weeksUS$349US$99
Data Science4 to 6 hours
per week
27 weeksUS$872US$247
Photoshop & Illustrator4 to 6 hours
per week
6 weeksUS$349US$99
Figma4 to 6 hours
per week
4 weeksUS$255US$75
WordPress4 to 6 hours
per week
5 weeksUS$255US$75
After Effects4 to 6 hours
per week
4 weeksUS$255US$75
Data Processing in Excel4 to 6 hours
per week
4 weeksUS$255US$75

These are all of Coderhouse’s Career Plans:

Career in UX/UI Design*UX/UI Design
*Advanced UX/UI Design
*UX Research
28 weeksUS$1,017US$213
Career in UX/UI Development*UX/UI Design
*Advanced UX/UI Design
*Web Development
*Photoshop & Illustrator
35 weeksUS$1,396US$316
Career in Digital Marketing*Community Manager & Advertising
*Advanced Social Media Ads
*Growth Marketing
25 weeksUS$1,017US$213
Career in Front End Development*Web Development
*React Js
25 weeksUS$1,017US$213
Career in Full Stack Web Development*Web Development
*React Js
*Backend Programming
49 weeksUS$1,832US$409
Career in Product*Product Manager
14 weeksUS$689US$158
Career in Data Science*Data Analytics
*Data Science
38 weeksUS$1,221US$276

All courses offer the following benefits:

  • Debugging and practical project correction
  • A personalized tutor
  • Live online classes with an expert

In the following sections, you’ll find a short summary of each course, what it offers and what you can expect to learn.

1. UX/UI Design

In this course you will learn to do research about a problem and turn it into an app or web idea. The course structure is based on user-centred design, and that is why it is divided into three instances: Analysis, Design and Validation.

coderhouse UX/UI Design course

Skills you will learn:

  • Adobe XD
  • Figma

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 User-Centered Design
Class 2 UX Design Methodologies and Research
Class 3 Archetypes People and Benchmarking competition
Class 4 Qualitative Interviews
Class 5 POV & MVP
Class 6 Information Architecture
Class 7 Userflows

2. Advanced UX/UI Design

This course will help you learn to relate the initial UX/UI design concepts and you will take a further step in the generation of prototypes, starting from the redesign of an existing brand.

Skills you will learn:

  • Figma

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Lean UX
Class 2 Audience Analysis
Class 3 Workshop – Audience Analysis
Class 4 Pain Points and Value Proposition
Class 5 Matrix feasibility, feasibility and desirability
Class 6 Agile applied to the project
Class 7 Wireflow & Tree Test
Class 8 Advanced Prototyping

3. UX Writing

This course is intended to teach you the main notions about UX Writing and why it is so important to think about content when designing an interface. You will know the different tools that you can use to generate quality content. At the end of the course, you will know how to make a brief and write user-centred content, as well as how to test and validate them.

Skills you will learn:

  • UX Writing
  • Storytelling
  • Writing Briefs

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 The Wonderful World of the UX Writing
Class 2 Storytelling – Stories + Digital Products
Class 3 The heart of the work of the UX Writer – The Brief
Class 4 The stage experience – Context
Class 5 aimless no way – Objectives
Class 6 Addressed to whom it may concern – Target
Class 7 Pieces of a Digital Experience (Part 1)
Class 8 Pieces of a Digital Experience (Part 2)

4. UX Research

In this course, you will delve into the knowledge and necessary tools that will allow you to perform as a UX Researcher. You will learn the main methods to know, analyze and communicate the habits, motivations and beliefs of a group of users. At the end of the course, you will be able to design your own research process and collect the insights that allow you to develop or improve your digital product or service.

Skills you will learn:

This course focuses on teaching different research techniques oriented to user experience.

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Introduction to UX Research
Class 2 Kick Off Research
Class 3 Primary Research
Class 4 Workshop – Script and mock interview
Class 5 Investigate interaction
Class 6 Fieldwork – interviews with actual members
Class 7 Exploratory-Generative Research
Class 8 Workshop – Exploratory-Generative Session

5. Community Manager & Advertising

In this course you will learn how to create a Digital Marketing plan using the main digital investment platforms. That includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. You will also learn how to use and leverage Whastapp Business and you will be prepared to launch yourself in the first steps of generating organic and relevant content.

Skills you will learn:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook
  • Creator Studio
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Youtube

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Introduction to Digital Marketing
Class 2 Brief – Marketing Plan I
Class 3 Marketing Plan II
Class 4 Social Media Marketing & Inbound Marketing
Class 5 Becoming Community Manager
Class 6 Content Strategies on Facebook
Class 7 Strategy Instagram content
Class 8 Instragram & Facebook as a service channel, sales and ads (I)

6. Advanced Social Media Ads

This is a course designed to teach you the central notions of digital marketing and how to apply them in the creation of advertising campaigns. It will give you the possibility to think strategically based on the objectives of the client/product/business to provide your client with the best results.

Skills you will learn:

  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Ads
  • Creator Studio
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Youtube

Timeline of the course:

Class 0 
Class 1 Introduction to advertising networks and search engines
Class 2 Facebook Ads I
Class 3 Facebook Ads II
Class 4 Facebook Ads III
Class 5 Facebook Ads – Reports
Class 6 Introduction to Google Ads
Class 7 I Search Campaigns

7. Growth Marketing

Learn how to develop organic and paid acquisition strategies, measure the key KPIs of a campaign, and develop strategies for continuous improvement. In this course, you will also learn to implement and automate a complete funnel strategy, from acquisition to final conversion, using the marketing tools used in the market.

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Fundamentals of Growth Marketing
Class 2 Getting Started in armed strategy
Class 3 User Acquisition
Class 4 Activation by users
Class 5 Retention as a key strategy for Growth Marketing
Class 6 Optimizing Inbound methodology with the spirit of Growth
Class 7 Email Marketing as a resource for Growth Marketing
Class 8 Workshop I – Final Project

8. Web Development

This is one of the backbones of Coderhouse’s program. In this course you will learn to create and optimize your website to the max, starting from a paper prototype. You will immerse yourself in the best practices of web development, working with HTML and CSS. You will also implement code versioning practices with GIT and preprocessors such as SASS, you’ll learn how to apply Bootstrap to your projects, how to upload your site to a server and how to interact with this service. At the end of the course, you will know how to present a budget and how to serve your end customer.

Skills you will learn:

  • GIT
  • Terminal
  • Github
  • npm
  • Sublime Text
  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Sass

Timeline of the course:

Class 0 
Class 1 Prototyping and basics of HTML
Class 2 Getting Started with HTML
Class 3 Including CSS our project
Class 4 CSS – Dimensions, colors, fonts
Class 5 Box Modeling
Class 6 Flexbox
Class 7 Grids

9. JavaScript

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of the most used programming language today, with which it is possible to create all kinds of applications. Upon graduation, you will be able to create interactive web solutions and transfer the knowledge of the course in any JavaScript framework.

Skills you will learn:

  • GIT
  • Terminal
  • Github
  • Sublime Text
  • Javascript
  • JSON
  • React
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Vue JS
  • Angular

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 General Concepts – syntax and variables
Class 2 Flow Control
Class 3 Cycles / iterations
Class 4 Advanced Programming functions
Class 5 Objects
Class 6 Arrays
Class 7 Storage and JSON
Class 8 DOM

10. React Js

In this course you will learn to think and program in React.JS. You'll be able to design efficient components and scalable browsability experiences, leveraging the latest ES6 and JSX syntax and patterns to your advantage.

Skills you will learn:

  • Terminal
  • npm
  • Github
  • GIT
  • Visual Studio Code

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Leveling
Class 2 Installing and configuring the environment
Class 3 JSX & transpiling
Class 4 Components I
Class 5 Components II
Class 6 Promises, asynchrony and MAP
Class 7 Consuming APIs
Class 8 Routing and Navigation

11. Backend Programming

In this course you will learn to develop modern applications using the MERN stack. You will program in JavaScript on the server-side applying asynchronous techniques. You will master data management in an efficient, agile and scalable way. At the end of the course you will be able to design complex, robust and fast backend applications with deployment to different web platforms.

Skills you will learn:

  • npm
  • Robo 3t
  • Mongo Shell
  • Terminal
  • Visual Studio Code
  • GitHub

Timeline of the course:

Class 0 Principles and Programming Backend MENR Stack
Class 1 Principles of Programming in Javascript and SS6
Class 2 New features of the EcmaScript and Typescript languages
Class 3 Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript
Class 4 Managing Asynchronism in JavaScript
Class 5 Our first Web Server
Class 6 File Handling
Class 7 NPM and introduction to express

12. App Development

In this course you will learn the knowledge and bases to create bridge applications with deployment capacity for both Android and iOS, using React Native, JavaScript and prototyping software such as Sketch or Adobe XD.

Skills you will learn:

  • React Native
  • JavaScript
  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Starting with Native React
Class 2 Working with Emulator
Class 3 React Native Core Components
Class 4 Events and Optimized List
Class 5 Debug Components & Split
Class 6 Managing Fonts styles and load
Class 7 Constants and style themes
Class 8 Responsiveness – Flexible Rules

13. Product Manager

In this course, you will learn the best practices and tools necessary to create a product. You will use the most popular methodologies such as Design Thinking, Scrum, UX, Prototyping, Customer Development and measurement through KPIs. At the end of the course, you will be able to analyze the functions and put into practice your vision as a Product Manager on the main areas within a company or personal undertaking.

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Product Manager – Role and objectives
Class 2 Discovery and creating
Class 3 The user at the center of the strategy
Class 4 Research Techniques
Class 5 MVP – Introduction
Class 6 Agile Methodologies
Class 7 Structure and business model
Class 8 Workshop I – Review and case studies
Class 9 Market
Class 10 Competition and positioning
Class 11 UX
Class 12 Software Development
Class 13 Business Case
Class 14 Workshop II – Review and case studies

14. E-commerce

In this course you will learn about all the areas involved in the day-to-day running of an E-commerce project: from the platform and technologies to implement it, to the product that reaches the customer.

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Introduction to Digital Business
Class 2 Tools and methods of e-commerce
Class 3 Analysis of the environment and assembly of equipment
Class 4 Omni-channel Marketing
Class 5 E-mail Marketing and SEO
Class 6 UX Design and Content
Class 7 Cost optimization
Class 8 Workshop – Strategic Planning I
Class 9 Web Analytics and measurement tools
Class 10 E-fulfillment and assembly of P & L
Class 11 Control Board Strategic Plan
Class 12 Workshop II – Strategic Plan

15. Data Analytics

In this course you will learn the general concepts of databases and then work on relational databases. You will implement relational databases as a technical analyst and as a user through the structured query language (SQL). You will design and develop dashboards with the Power BI tool, using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions), M Language and Power Query. At the end of the course, you will be able to develop data analytics projects as a comprehensive analyst, from the initial survey to the creation of a dashboard.

Skills you will learn:

  • Power Bi
  • SQL Sever Express

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Data Analytics
Class 2 Databases
Class 3 Relational Databases
Class 4 Language SQL
Class 5 SQL Language II
Class 6 Sublanguage – DDL and DML
Class 7 Scalar Functions and Subqueries
Class 8 Join and Union
Class 9 Database Workshop
Class 10 Professional Integration
Class 11 data Stories
Class 12 Efficient Graphics
Class 13 Introduction to Power BI
Class 14 Data Transformation
Class 15 Dimensions and measures
Class 16 Graphics and segmentations
Class 17 Advanced calculated measures
Class 18 Workshop Power BI
Class 19 Professional Integration, visit specialist
Class 20 measures of central tendency
Class 21 Measures position
Class 22 Final Project

16. Data Science

In this course you will learn the theory and technical considerations for the construction of Machine Learning models that solve real problems in various industries in a predictive way.

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 The need for information in Industry 4.0
Class 2 Introduction to Programming with Python
Class 3 Programming with arrays. Introduction to NumPy
Class 4 Introduction to data manipulation with Pandas
Class 5 Displays in Python
Class 6 Statistics Basics I
Class 7 Statistics Basics II
Class 8 Statistics Basics III
Class 9 Statistics Basics IV
Class 10 Database Fundamentals I
Class 11 Database Fundamentals II
Class 12 Database Fundamentals III
Class 13 Analytical Models I
Class 14 Analytical Models II
Class 15 Analytical Models III
Class 16 Case Study I
Class 17 Case Study II
Class 18 Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Class 19 Validation Algorithms and Machine Learning Models
Class 20 Stack Technology I
Class 21 Stack Technology II
Class 22 Data Acquisition I
Class 23 Data Acquisition II
Class 24 Data Wrangling I
Class 25 Data Wrangling II
Class 26 Data Wrangling III
Class 27 Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Class 28 Grammar of Graphics I
Class 29 Grammar of Graphics II
Class 30 Grammar of Graphics III
Class 31 Univariate Analysis and Charts
Class 32 Bivariate analysis I
Class 33 Bivariate analysis Multivariate Analysis II and I
Class 34 Multivariate Analysis II
Class 35 Classification Algorithms I
Class 36 Classification Algorithms II
Class 37 III Classification Algorithms
Class 38 Clustering Algorithms I
Class 39 Clustering Algorithms II
Class 40 Selection Algorithm and Training Model I
Class 41 Selection Algorithm and Training Model II
Class 42 Validation of Models of Machine Learning – Metric I
Class 43 Validation of Models of Machine Learning – Metrics II
Class 44 Improved Models of Machine Learning I
Class 45 Improved Models of Machine Learning II
Class 46 Models and Assembly Models Boosting
Class 47 Deployment Model – MLOps I
Class 48 Deployment Model – MLOps II
Class 49 interpretability of a Model of Machine Learning I
Class 50 interpretability of a Model of Machine Learning II
Class 51 Datathon Coderhouse I
Class 52 Datathon Coderhouse II

17. Photoshop & Illustrator

Learn to use the most outstanding professional tools in the graphic universe: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. You will design the branding of your own brand, create graphic pieces for social networks and you will be able to communicate ideas and concepts through the use of visual language.

Skills you will learn:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Design Balanced
Class 2 Color and typography
Class 3 Illustrator I
Class 4 Illustrator II
Class 5 Branding Workshop I
Class 6 Photoshop I
Class 7 Photoshop II
Class 8 Photoshop III
Class 9 Photoshop – Design Web Mobile
Class 10 Workshop Branding II
Class 11 Mockups
Class 12 Final Workshop II

18. Figma

In this course you will learn about all the features and functionalities of the Figma tool. You will design a prototype from scratch, receive feedback working collaboratively, and create and share your own Design System in a simple way

Skills you will learn:

  • Figma

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Getting Started in Figma
Class 2 Knowing my workspace in Figma
Class 3 Multiplayer Figma or groupware
Class 4 Working with components in Figma
Class 5 Knowing and using plugins
Class 6 Animations and interactions
Class 7 Using shortcuts and templates
Class 8 Prepare a project for submission to a client

19. WordPress

In this course you will learn to install and configure WordPress using a local Apache server, which will allow you to have a domain over the website. You’ll also learn how to use the best plugins and tools to design your site fully functional and secure.

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Installing and knowing WordPress
Class 2 Creating a blog with WordPress
Class 3 Plugins and Themes
Class 4 Child Themes
Class 5 Elementor – Part One
Class 6 Elementor – Part Two
Class 7 Woocomerce – Part One
Class 8 Woocomerce – Part Two
Class 9 Backups and Servers
Class 10 Migration

20. After Effects

Learn the basics of After Effects, the quintessential program for creating motion graphics. In this course, you’ll learn to create your own animation, manipulating all kinds of details and movements. At the end of the course you will be able to animate any graphic piece, which will allow you to create quality content for social networks and other platforms.

Skills you will learn:

  • After Effects

Timeline of the course:

Class 1 Introduction to After Effects
Class 2 Do you dare to cheer?
Class 3 Giving life to the text
Class 4 Creating forms
Class 5 Let's use masks
Class 6 Let's add effects
Class 7 Compositions and precompositions to order the project
Class 8 Plugins – Animation Composer

21. Data Processing in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a classic for processing data. It’s still the most versatile and popular tool for the end-user in corporate and business contexts. In this course, you will incorporate and consolidate concepts as you progress in an integrating project that will allow you to carry out the design of an ordered data repository from which you will extract valuable information.

Timeline of the course:

Class 0 First Impressions with Microsoft Office
Class 1 Manipulating Data in Excel
Class 2 Basic functions to manage our data
Class 3 Application of formats and conditional formatting
Class 4 Data Structuring
Class 5 Advanced Formulas to manage our data
Class 6 Introducing our Insights – Graphics and Storytelling
Class 7 Tables and introduction to dynamic macro recording

Career Support

Coderhouse offers career support free of charge to its most outstanding students and for a paid fee for everyone else. In both cases, you will receive assistance in:

  • Creation of your CV
  • Creation of your LinkedIn profile
  • Creation of a professional portfolio
  • Interview training
  • Special access to Coderhouse’s Job Portal
  • Your profile will be presented to recruiters

If you’re a part of the TOP-10 program, you’ll get this for free. Otherwise, if you want Coderhouse’s career support, you’ll have to enroll in the CoderPRO program which lasts 8 weeks.

The Top-10 Program

Every Coderhouse course has its own TOP 10 program, which is a ranking of the best students in every cohort. To rank, you must accumulate points that are given based on assistance to class, course grades and challenge outcomes.

Beneffits of the program:

  • Award a 50% discount coupon for a friend or family member for any course.
  • Apply for a job as tutor in one of Coderhouse’s courses.
  • The aforementioned career support service
  • Access to a paid Project to start earning even before graduation

Professional Development Service

This is a separate paid service to help students succeed in the job market upon graduation. It is taken in parallel to the other courses and includes the following packages:

  • CV creation
  • Linkedin.profile optimization
  • Portfolio creation
  • Personal Branding
  • Creation of a website
  • Mock Interviews
  • Proposals and budgets trainning
  • Access to exclusive events and webinars.
  • Job guarantee (read below)

Job Guarantee

As a part of the paid Professional Development Service, Coderhouse also offers a guarantee that the student will land a job in a related field within 7 months, or else get their money back.

Costs, Payment Plans & Scholarships

1. Costs

Coderhouse’s costs vary depending on the course you choose. Here’s how much each of them costs:

COURSE NAMECost & Tuition
UX/UI DesignUS$349
Advanced UX/UI DesignUS$349
UX WritingUS$349
UX ResearchUS$349
Community Manager & AdvertisingUS$349
Advanced Social Media AdsUS$349
Growth MarketingUS$349
Web DevelopmentUS$349
React JsUS$349
Backend ProgrammingUS$349
App DevelopmentUS$349
Product ManagerUS$349
Data AnalyticsUS$349
Data ScienceUS$872
Photoshop & IllustratorUS$349
After EffectsUS$255
Data Processing in ExcelUS$255

Payments may be done in cash at any of Coderhouse’s headquarters, via online with a credit card or via MercadoPago, or with a bank transfer.

2. Payment Plans

You can pay for tuition in full before starting the course, or you can also choose to pay in installments. However, in the latter case, you are obligated to commit to paying the full tuition, no matter what (even if you decide to drop out or discontinue the course).

3. Scholarships

Coderhouse offers a single scholarship called CoderBECA that covers 70% of tuition, regardless of the course or career you choose. This scholarship is targeted to hard-working students who commit to finishing the course.

All students are eligible for the scholarship and all they’ll need to do to get it is to simply request it and commit to the terms and conditions. In order to comply and keep your scholarship, all you have to do is make sure to attend at least 85% of the classes and deliver every task, challenge or project on time.

However, there are penalties for not meeting these requirements. Besides immediately losing the scholarship and of being required to pay the full tuition, you will also have to pay a penalty that equals, roughly, US$100.

4. Refund policy

One of the downsides of Coderhouse is its refund policy. As a part of their Quality Assurance, you may attend a maximum of 2 classes to decide if the course is right for you, and you will get a full refund if you don’t. However, you can only use that benefit once, and if you do, you cannot enroll in any other course with Coderhouse.

However, if you go beyond those two classes, you will not be refunded any amount already paid no matter what the circumstances.

Coderhouse Referral Program

Unlike many course providers, Coderhouse offers a referral program with which you’ll receive benefits for bringing in other students to the platform.

The way it works is that, after joining, you’ll get a referral code which you can share by email, on a website or though social media.

  • For every code shared on social medio you will recieve 1 ponit.
  • For every code shared by email you will recieve 2 ponits.
  • For every referral that effectively joins a course you will receive 20 points.

For every point you will receive a monetary incentive. Also, every month, students with the highest amount of points will be able to collect additional benefits, depending on how many points they gathered:

  • 50 points: 50% OFF the CoderBECA Price of any course of your choice.
  • 100 points: 75% OFF the CoderBECA Price of any course of your choice.
  • 300 points: One free online course.
  • 600 points: Two free online courses.

Coderhouse Reviews

coderhouse reviews

Here are just a handful of verified Coderhouse reviews from a few of their members:

“I attended the course of Web Design in 2017, with Professor Lucas Galucci, and I can say that the teacher is a professional with extensive experience in the industry. I learned to apply each concept that the teacher explained in a practical work on a project. I finished the course with a portfolio containing my TPs and Projects. Studied headquarters was spacious, modern, very style of the Google office. Overall a very good experience” —Facundo Molinari

“Atendi to race full stack to begin in the world of programming, but it was not easy and was worth a little time to finish the race went to several interviews and got job as a web developer jr.” —Julian

“I did the course of Illustrator and thought it was great! from Natalia professor, space (La Usina) and methodology, really recommended :)” —Luciana

“I made the Digital Marketing course. The contents proved appropriate, complete and current. The teachers are super copados and workspaces in which it is filed exceeded my expectations. During the course I had a drawback related to the calculation of assistance from Coderhouse did everything necessary to solve it quickly and effectively.” —Juan Francisco

“Classes attracting talent selection and IT was raised in a very dynamic way, there were theoretical, practical and discussion moments that enriched and enhanced the quality of the course. The teachers are experienced professionals who knew how to move their knowledge. I would definitely take classes in Coder house.” —Aldana

Alumni Stories

In case those reviews haven’t convinced you, here are a few quick stories about Coderhouse members—the sort of people you’ll be rubbing shoulders with once you enter the program.

Before CoderhouseAfter CoderhouseDo They Recommend Coderhouse?
 Lucila di Girolamo is a Sociology Major who heard about UX design after watching some YouTube videos. Then she came across Coderhouse.After taking the UX/UI Design course at Coderhouse, Lucila admits that her life changed for the better. “I decided to train in UX/UI design in Coderhouse. Hours and hours of work I finished it and now I started the year full of joy.”
Agostina Mastrolorenzo decided to enroll one day in Coderhouse out of curiosity. Today, Agostina works as an Account Excecutive in Edelman en Edelman, and uses her new skills in Photoshop and Illustrator wherever she can. “Coderhouse permitted me to get licensed on #GoogleAds and #GoogleAnalytics…”

In Summary

Coderhouse is a versatile online course for Spanish-speaking students who are looking for high-quality, part-time education in pursuit of a new career. The company is based in Argentina and has headquarters in Miami, and they offer 21 different courses organized into 6 categories and bundled into 7 different career paths. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also about to launch an extra 13 courses that will make Coderhouse one of the biggest and most diverse offerings of courses in the technology and digital skills market in all of Latin America.

Their prices are low, to begin with, yet they offer scholarships that cover 70% of tuition costs to all of their students, making it an easy choice. If you speak Spanish, are 18+ years old and want to learn new skills, this is an excellent place to start.

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