Hackbright Academy Review: A Gender Diverse Coding Bootcamp

June 20, 2021

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Hackbright Academy is a software engineering school for women, as well as for transexual, non-binary, agendered, genderqueer, or other genders that have a history of discrimination. It offers both in-person (in San Francisco) and online courses which can be taken either full-time or part-time. Their flagship course is the Software Engineering Program which promises to turn students in full stack developers in either 12 or 24 weeks, depending on whether you choose the full-time or part-time schedule. Apart from this program, they also offer two introductory 5-week courses for non-coders to prep for the full stack program, or to learn the basics of coding in Python.

While the course is not cheap, it is in the same price range as other great-quality coding bootcamps centered in California. However, they offer two scholarships that can lower tuition considerably, and you can also pay in installments through their partnerships with Ascent and Climb, two leading educational loans providers. Additionally, if you qualify, you can access Hackbright Academy’s deferred tuition program which lets you start paying your tuition only once you’ve landed your first job.

Hackbright has graduated over 900 women coders who work in major tech companies around the world the likes of Google, Slack and Twilio. The median income earned by graduates in their first job within 180 days of graduation was a staggering $88,000, making the course pay for itself several times over just within the first year.

If you’re looking for a place where you can pursue a new career in tech without feeling judged or discriminated by others; one where you’ll become a full-fledged full stack software developer and one that will give you access to a network of like-minded graduates that can become an invaluable support group as you grow and thrive in a male-dominated profession, then you should absolutely consider joining Hackbright.

Hackbright Academy is an American in-person and online full stack software engineering school for women & gender diverse people founded in 2012 and located in San Francisco, in Dallas and in Lehi. It offers the chance to become a software engineer in as few as 12 weeks with their immersive, full-time program, or in double that time with their part-time course that you can take in the evenings and Saturdays.

The courses they offer are centered around the Python programming language, and they also teach JavaScript, Flask, Jinja and PostreSQL. They are specifically designed to help students become full stack developers who can work in front-end, back-end and database programming and anything in between.

Hackbright Academy Review

The schools’ mission is to increase the presence of women and underrepresented, sexually diverse communities in the tech industry, while at the same time empowering and improving people’s lives. They keep true to their philosophy which is why the staff itself is made up mostly of women.

Who Is Hackbright Academy For?

Hackbright Academy helps women and people in gender groups that are often underrepresented in the tech community become full stack software developers. The school is deeply committed to providing a safe place for people who are women, transexual, non-binary, agendered, genderqueer, or other genders that have a history of discrimination, learn the skills needed to successfully land a job in the tech industry, which has been historically dominated by men.

Having said that, that doesn’t mean that people who are binary gender will not be accepted. The main criteria for acceptance is tolerance. As long as you’re comfortable working with and surrounded by women and non-binary gender groups, being respectful, tolerant and non-discriminating, you’re good to go.

Their flagship course, the Software Engineering Program, is not designed for complete newbies in coding. At least 40 hours of prior coding experience are needed in order to be accepted. This is usually not a problem, though, since you can achieve that by taking free online courses. Some of the topics you should be comfortable with, at least in terms of general understanding, are:

  • Control flow and looping
  • How to create and manipulate basic datatypes (integers, strings, booleans, etc.)
  • How to create and manipulate lists/arrays to store basic datatypes
  • How to create and call functions
  • Algorithmic problem-solving
  • Conditional logic

However, if you really want to increase your chances of being accepted into the program, Hackbright Academy also offers 2 separate 5-week introductory courses that will teach you everything you need to know to join and be accepted into the Software Engineering Program (you only need to take one of them).

Some key requirements are:

  • To own your own computer.
  • Be 18+ years of age.
  • Have at least a high school degree.

The academy also prefers people with some work experience or, at the very least, people who have attended at least a couple of years in college. However, this is not set in stone and if you’re a recent high school graduate with no working or college experience but truly want to join the program and can demonstrate a good level of maturity, you’re welcome to apply.

Features & Benefits of Hackbright Academy

Here are a few of the most important features and benefits of Hackbright Academy:

A Program With Inclusivity At Its Core

One of the biggest differences between Hackbright Academy and other coding schools is their inclusiveness. Some schools offer special scholarships for women in tech and others for underrepresented communities. However, very few of them center their efforts on making sure that the learning environment is specifically centred around making every person that belongs to these communities feel totally comfortable and at ease.

Having the possibility of learning to code in an environment where people don’t feel judged or outcast helps students tap into their full potential. This alone will help them become the best coders they can become, especially after you combine that with a well-designed curriculum taught by industry-weathered professionals.

Well-Aligned Incentives

Hackbright Academy offers some pretty great payment plans that seek to make your life a little bit easier while you study and even after you graduate. It aligns its goals with its students by making sure you don’t have to pay some or all of your tuition until you actually get a job in a related field. That means that they won’t get a cent until you succeed in your new career path, so it’s in their best interest to give you as much support as possible with that task.

High Earning Potential

On average, Hackbright Academy graduates earn around $88,000 in their first year after finishing the course. Most of their graduates (85% of them) are able to land a job within 180 days of graduating.

Additionally, almost all of Hackbright Academy's students graduate. They have an amazing graduation rate of 99%, something that's not easy to accomplish.

In-Person Instruction

In-person instruction creates an environment where students can concentrate better because there will be fewer distractions. This will grant them a better understanding and a higher chance of completing the course since they will also interact with instructors and peers.

A classroom also grants the opportunity to access more information since the student will be in the same place as their instructor and peers, making it easier to make themselves heard. This also makes it easier to make friends, problem-solve and build a network with people of different backgrounds.

Online Instruction

Online instruction allows students to learn from the comfort of their homes or anywhere they would like to study. It also provides students who live far away, the chance to enroll without having to relocate, making the course available for a wider base of students. This type of learning also suits students with different learning methods, letting them learn more flexibly.

The online courses that Hackbright Academy offers can fit around students' lives and activities, allowing them to be more relaxed than in a classroom environment. This type of option will allow working people to pursue a new career path without taking the risk of leaving their old jobs until they're ready to land a new role in software development.

Personalized Mentorship

All courses have an instructor in charge of giving each student hands-on help whenever needed. They are in charge of leading workshops and helping students with any problems they might run into during the week. Their job at Hackbright Academy is to make sure that students are always able to complete all class assignments successfully.

Free Material

Providing training to inexperienced students or jumping right into the meat of a course is something any course provider has to juggle. On the one hand, starting from scratch will make those with prior experience feel bored from day one and they'll feel as if they're wasting their time. On the other hand, offering a course only for those who have a background in the covered topics will drive away anyone who is thinking of taking a course like Hackbright Academy to pursue a career change or something similar.

In order to solve this issue, Hackbright Academy offers introductory material free of charge in the form of their Free Python Learning Modules. Going through that material will help you evaluate if coding is the right choice for you.

Alumni Network

After graduation, everyone will receive a Hackbright Academy exclusive invitation to join an Alumni Group. In this group, graduates will be able to expand their professional network and reach out for their peers' support and recommendations.

This is especially relevant for gender-diverse groups and for women who are traditionally underrepresented in the tech industry. Having the support of a group of others in the same situation can prove invaluable both personally an professionally.

Hackbright Academy's Course List

Students who enroll in any of Hackbright Academy's programs get more than 480 hours worth of training in software engineering. The school offers instruction from industry professionals as well as from trained educators. 

Hackbright Academy offers 5 different programs:

  • Full-Time Software Engineering Program.
  • Part-Time Software Engineering Program.
  • Hackbright Prep Course.
  • Python 101.
  • Free Python Learning Modules.

In the folowing table, you'll find an overview of the basic features and cost of these 5 courses.

CourseCourse TypeCourse LengthTuition
Full-Time Software Engineering ProgramFull Time
12 Weeks
(40 hours/week)
$14,900 (in person)
$12,900 (online)
Part-Time Software Engineering ProgramPart Time
24 Weeks
(20 hours/week)
$14,900 (in person)
$12,900 (online)
Hackbright Prep CourseFull Time
5 Weeks
(40 hours/week)
Python 101Full Time
5 Weeks
(40 hours/week)
Free Python Learning ModulesSelf-paced
1 weekFREE

Here’s a breakdown of all of these programs:

Full-Time Software Engineering Program

LocationIn-Person (San Francisco)
Class Size35
Start DatesNone scheduled
Time CommitmentFull Time
40 hours per week.
Course Length12 Weeks
Cost or Tuition$14,900 (in person)
$12,900 (online)

In this immersive bootcamp you'll learn the fundamentals of computer science in addition to modern web development. The course is based on Python – the core language of the curriculum.

Mastering the basics of Python will help you start thinking like a software engineer. You'll feel confident that you’ll walk away from the course ready to tackle any entry-level software engineering role.

Hackbright Academy Review

Skills you will learn

The Full-Time Software Engineering Program course focuses on the following skills:

  • Java, a system for developing application software and distributing it in a cross-platform computing environment.
  • Node.js, also known as NodeJS, cross-platform, open-source, back-end JavaScript runtime environment capable of running on the V8 engine and executes JavaScript code outside a web browser.
  • Git, a free and open-source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.
  • Data Visualization.
  • JQuery, a free JavaScript library that simplifies HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation, CSS animation, event handling and Ajax.
  • Flask, a micro web framework written in Python. It is classified as a microframework because it does not require particular tools or libraries. It has no database abstraction layer, form validation, or any other components where pre-existing third-party libraries provide common functions.
  • Apache Spark, also known as Spark, an open-source, distributed processing system used for big data workloads ensuring fast queries against data of any size.
  • Ruby on Rails, also known as Rails, a server-side web application framework, written in Ruby under the MIT License. It is a model–view–controller framework that provides default structures for databases, web services, and websites.
  • Django.
  • Express.js, also known as Express, a back-end web application framework for Node.js, designed for building web applications and APIs.
  • MongoDB, a source-available cross-platform document-oriented database program.
  • MySQL, a fully managed database service used to deploy cloud-native applications.

Coding Languages You Will Learn

The core coding languages you will learn in the Full-Time Software Engineering Program course are:

  • Python, free software environment and programming language for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing.
  • PHP, a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.
  • Ruby, a backend, object-oriented programming language.
  • JavaScript, also known as JS, the programming language for the Web. It is used to make web pages dynamic and interactive, since it can update and change both HTML and CSS.

Modules you will go through

This course is divided into 9 modules. Here is a breakdown of the topics that will be covered and when:

MODULE 1: Core ProgrammingLogistics / What to Expect
Intro to the Command Line
Conditionals and Looping
Git / Github
Lists, Tuples, and Sets
Computer Memory
Introduction to Algorithms
MODULE 2: Data Structures and APIsDictionaries
More Command Line
Algorithm: Markov Chains
Classes / Object Orientation
MODULE 3: Web TechnologiesHTML
How the Web Works
Cookies and Sessions
MODULE 4: Databases and JavascriptRelational Databases / SQL
Document Object Model
MODULE 5: Data ModelingSQLAlchemy
Data Modeling
Project Planning
MODULE 6: Projects & Project TechnologiesIndependent Projects
Advanced Technologies
MODULES 7-8: Projects & Comp Sci / Data StructuresIndependent Projects
Stacks and Queues
Linked Lists
MODULES 9-10: Demo WeekFinishing Individual Projects
Deploying Web Applications
Introduction to Whiteboarding
Understanding Technical Interviews
Presenting Project
MODULES 11 & 12: Launching Your CareerSelf-Directed Study
Algorithm Practice
Group Whiteboarding
Career Services Presentations
Career Search Support
Hiring Partner Company Meet & Greets

Part-Time Software Engineering Program

LocationIn-Person (San Francisco)
Class Size35
Start DatesNone scheduled
Time CommitmentFull Time
20 hours per week.
Course Length24 Weeks
Cost of Tuition$14,900 (in person)
$12,900 (online)

This covers the same content as the full time version of the course, only in a more relaxed time frame.

Skills you will learn

The Part-Time Software Engineering Program course focuses on the following skills:

  • Java, a cross-platform software development platform.
  • NodeJS, cross-platform, open-source, back-end JavaScript runtime environment.
  • Git, a fast and efficient open-source distributed version control system.
  • Data Visualization.
  • JQuery, a popular free JavaScript library.
  • Flask.
  • Spark, a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing.
  • Rails, a server-side web application framework written in Ruby.
  • Django.
  • Express.
  • MongoDB, a popular database program.
  • MySQL, a managed database service for deploying cloud-native applications.

Coding Languages You Will Learn

The core coding languages you will learn in the Part-Time Software Engineering Program course are:

  • Python, free software environment and programming language.
  • PHP, scripting language that is especially suited for web development.
  • Ruby.
  • JS, the programming language for the Web.

Hackbright Prep Course

Class Size35
Start DatesNone scheduled
Time CommitmentFull Time
40 hours per week.
Course Length5 Weeks
Cost or Tuition$249

The prep course is intended to teach you the fundamental concepts of programming in Python that you'll need to succeed in your application for the Software Engineering Program.

You'll get a 5-week overview of what software development is all about so you don't start out from scratch in the main bootcamp.

Coding Languages You Will Learn

The core coding language you will learn in the Hackbright Prep Course course is Python, a free software environment and programming language.

Python 101

LocationIn Person
San Francisco
Class Size35
Start DatesNone scheduled
Time CommitmentFull Time
40 hours per week.
Course Length5 Weeks
Cost or Tuition$249

Python 101 is similar to the prep course but more focused on learning the Python fundamentals without such a strong focus on full stack development. Still, this course is also enough to get you into the main bootcamp

Coding Languages You Will Learn

The core coding language you will learn in the Python 101 course is, obviously, Python, a free software environment and programming language.

Free Python Learning Modules

LocationIn Person
San Francisco
Class SizeUnlimited
Start DatesAny time
Time CommitmentSelf-paced
Course Length1 Week
Cost or TuitionFREE

The Free Python Learning Modules course is a set of video tutorials 1 to 2 hours long each with which you can learn the most basic concepts of programming in Python. It's a course for total newbies and you could take it even before Python 101 or the Prep course.

Student Outcomes

If you’re wondering what will you get out of enrolling with Hackbright Academy, all you have to do is take a look at their statistics. Hackbright Academy’s numbers are quite impressive. They feature an almost perfect graduation rate, a high employment rate and a surprisingly high earning potential after landing the very first job.

Here’s a summary of Hackbright Academy’s success rate:

Graduation rate99%
Employment Rate85% of graduates find employment in the tech industry within 180 days of graduation.
Median Earnings$88,000

That 180-day 85% employment rate is broken down as follows:

Full-time, in-field71%
Full-time internship, apprenticeship, part-time positions12%
Freelance or entrepreneurs1%
Employed out of the industry1%

The following companies have hired Hackbright Academy graduates:

FaunaDBTwitterLanetixClover Health
First Code AcademyGametime UnitedAirBnB

In terms of the types of jobs you can expect to apply for, most of Hackbright Academy’s graduates land jobs as Software Engineers, a title that accounts for 77% of all working alumni. The next three most common titles or jobs you could apply for after you graduate include Front-end Engineer, Full stack Engineer and Data Analyst.

Costs, Payment Plans & Scholarships

#1 Costs

The total amount you’ll have to spend in Hackbright Academy’s tuition depends on whether you take the course in person or online. It is less expensive online, as would be expected.

Also, the school offers a deferred payments plan that lets you postpone paying tuition until after you find your first job. If you qualify and you agree to the terms for joining the deferred payment program, you’ll have to pay a hefty fee of almost $3,000 upfront, apart from the course’s tuition.

The following table summarizes all the costs, fees and deposits for their courses:

CourseTuition without defermentDeferred Payment FeeDeposit
Full-Time Software Engineering Program.$14,900 or $12,900$2,899$250 (Applied to the tuition)
Part-Time Software Engineering Program.$14,900 or $12,900$2,899$250 (Applied to the tuition)
Hackbright Prep Course.$249Doesn’t applyDoesn’t apply
Python 101.$249Doesn’t applyDoesn’t apply
Free Python Learning Modules.FREEDoesn’t applyDoesn’t apply

#2 Payment Plans

Besides paying the full tuition upfront, Hackbright offers three different ways to pay in installments:

  • The deferred tuition program
  • Student loan with Ascent
  • Student loan with Climb

The Deferred Tuition Program

The deferred tuition program consists of the option to postpone paying tuition until you graduate and land your first job in the tech industry. Once that happens, you begin paying Hackbright Academy the full amount in several fixed instalments.

This program is akin to an ISA, with the difference that your installments are not determined by your salary.

In order to qualify for deferred tuition, you must

Student Loan With Ascent

Hackbright Academy partnered with Ascent to offer you flexible tuition and payment options, including but not limited to:

  • Financing for tuition AND living expenses.
  • No payments or interest-only payments from program start through 2 months following graduation.
  • One low rate for all approved students: 8.99% for the 3-year loan and 10.99% for the 5-year loan.

Student Loan With Climb

Hackbright Academy also partnered with Climb in order to offer low, fixed interest rates with reduced payments during school and financing for living expenses for select programs. Most of these loans come with 3-5 year terms, to help make your payments affordable. Features of these loans include:

  • Low, fixed interest rates
  • No impact to credit on application
  • Most loans have 3-5 year terms
  • You can add a co-borrower for a better rate

#3 Scholarships

Besides payment plans, Hackbright Academy also offers two scholarships for those who excel on technical abilities. These scholarships are:

Phenomenal Woman Scholarship

Hackbright is awarding two half-tuition scholarships to phenomenal women for the Full-Time or Part-Time Software Engineering Program. The means that the scholarship is worth anywhere from around $6,500 to around $7,500.

In order to win the Scholarship, you will be evaluated based on your technical skills at the moment of applying to the scholarship. This will be done via a technical interview and a technical work sample, among others.

The technical work sample can be a final assignment from a previous class, a personal side project, your Hackbright Prep final project, or something that you create specifically for this scholarship application.

Quip Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship consists of a $5,000 or $1,000 grant to students from underrepresented communities such as women, black, latinx, native american, first-generation college students, LGBTQ+, and/or people with disabilities, among others, who are currently enrolled as undergraduate or masters’ students in the U.S. or Canada, graduating this year or later.

To get the scholarship you have to apply with Quip. A team will review all applications, choose winners and runners-up, and then invite them to Hackbright Academy’s office in San Francisco for a full day of all-expenses-paid learning and mentorship.

#4 Refund policy

Students who withdraw from the Software Engineering Program within the first 7 weeks if the course, you’ll receive a prorated refund. This means that you’ll receive the portion of the course that you didn’t attend as a refund, minus the $250 deposit which is nonrefundable. After that period, the tuition is considered earned (by Hackbright Academy) so you won’t receive a refund.

A similar policy revolves around the Prep Classes course.

The school also requires students to pay the full tuition before the start of the program, unless you decide to go for deferred payment, in which case you have to pay de deferment fee beforehand.

How To Apply

Step 1: Prepare

Prior to applying, we encourage our candidates to have an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Control flow and looping
  • How to create and manipulate basic datatypes (integers, strings, booleans, etc.)
  • How to create and manipulate lists/arrays to store basic datatypes
  • How to create and call functions
  • Algorithmic problem-solving
  • Conditional logic

Our Prep and Online Python 101 courses are an option for anyone considering joining the Software Engineering Program.

Step 2: Apply

Submit the Hackbright Academy online application and schedule your admissions interview. You can do so by clicking or tapping on the button below.

Step 3: Interview

If selected to move forward, you will be invited to an admissions interview (30 min). If selected to move forward, you’ll have a technical interview, including a coding challenge (15-20 mins). The Admissions interview will be online and technical interview will be over the phone. No interviews are required to be onsite or in-person.

Step 4: Wait For Decision

Within two-five days of your last interview, and the school will contact you with their decision.

Step 5: After You Are Accepted

Prep or Python 101: if you are signing up for either Python 101 or Prep it is just that, fill out the form, pay for the class upfront via credit or debit card and you are good to go! Due to regulations with BPPE there are just 2 additional steps you need to complete once you have signed up:

  • Sign and submit your student agreement back to [email protected]
  • Submit a photo or scan of your high school diploma (high school equivalency or (bachelors degree or higher is also accepted) to [email protected]

Software Engineering Program: If you're admitted to either the Full-Time or Part-Time Software Engineering program – congrats!! There are a few additional steps you need to take. For starters:

  • Sign and submit your student agreement back to [email protected]
  • Submit a photo or scan of your high school diploma (high school equivalency or (bachelors degree or higher is also accepted) to [email protected]
  • You will also be asked to submit your deposit. The total amount for the deposit is $250 and is non-refundable. The deposit will hold your seat in the program for the session you have selected.

Hackbright Academy User Reviews

Here are just a handful of verified Hackbright Academy reviews from a few of their members:

“Prior to attending Hackbright, I had been at a co-ed (mainly male) coding program that lacked the education and career support I needed to succeed as a software engineer. I ended up choosing Hackbright because of the post-grad support and emphasis on balance. There is a technical mentor on staff twice a week, career staff available to help, study sessions every month to continue learning, an amazing alumnae, and many career events.”Violet Yeh

“I had a positive experience at Hackbright Academy. Hackbright was a supportive and positive environment for me to learn how to code and prepare for the job search. First of all, I was super impressed with the collaboration environment among the students. It did not feel like a competition where there is a sole “winner” of Hackbright. I feel like we ALL came out as winners at the end and we all helped each other in our own way, whether it was emotional support or help and ideas technically.”Jennifer Grace

“Coming from a nursing background, I had zero coding experience prior to attending Hackbright's prep course (and onto the fellowship). After talking to tech recruiters regarding what bootcamp to attend, they all unanimously pointed towards Hackbright. There are 4 dinstinct qualities about Hackbright that make it stand out from the rest: the transparency, continuous passion for improvement, support system, and alumnae network. Transparency – They held info sessions for prospective students, were timely with email exchanges, and are part of a 3rd party outcomes report. Just looking at the website, you know exactly what you're getting into, up to the day-to-day schedule of the program. Continuous passion for improvement: During the prep and fellowship program, every lecture was paired with a feedback survey, as well as the TA writing notes in the back for potential powerpoint typos, areas of clarifications, etc.”Charlotte S.

“I could easily write 20 pages about how much I loved Hackbright but I’ll try to keep this a little shorter than that. Just as a background, I might not be the traditional Hackbright student in that I came to Hackbright directly after getting my degree from UC Berkeley. Overview: The program starts off with two lectures and two labs per day. You give anonymous feedback after every lecture which they use to improve the course. Then there’s a few weeks to work on a final project and the last two weeks are career focused. You get an advising group where you and three other students have a specific advisor who helps guide you in your quest. Fridays are fun.”Hallie

“At the beginning of the year, I decided to leave my decade-long career in Customer Support and attempt a transition to Software Engineering. I considered multiple bootcamps but ultimately settled on Hackbright Academy after the admissions interview. The main thing that stood out to me in the admissions interview was that the questions focused on how I might support my cohort throughout the program. What I took from that conversation was that Hackbright uniquely cares for its students and aim to provide as many avenues of support as possible.”Estrella Vinces

Hackbright Academy Alumni

In case those reviews haven’t convinced you, here are a few quick stories about Hackbright Academy members—the sort of people you’ll be rubbing shoulders with once you enter the program.

Before Hackbright AcademyAfter Hackbright AcademyDo They Recommend Hackbright Academy?
Nicole Ziemlak used to be an account manager, a dull and boring job.Nicole is now landed her dream job as a software engineer at Google.“Absolutely! I’d do it again. I’m no longer stressing about school. Now I get up every day doing what I love. I’m setting up for my future.”
Jessica McElroy was a Policy Research Associate.Jessica now works as software engineer at AirBnB.“It's a great course. I loved it”
Viola Olayinka used to be a Social Media Coordinator.Today, Viola is a Product Operations Expert at Twilio.“I loved being able to switch careers. I love what I do thanks to Hackbright”

How To Contact Hackbright Academy

In the following table, you'll find the most important contact info so you can get in touch with Hackbright Academy in order to learn more, ask any questions you may have or sign up.

PhoneFor any Admissions-related inquiries: 415-862-0595 For Building or facilities-related inquiries: 415-943-0326 To reach the Partnerships team, please call: 415-935-1807
Email[email protected]
Social Media
Apply Now button
Mailing AddressHackbright Academy 83 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA 94102

In Summary

Hackbright Academy is one of the country’s first and only coding bootcamp targeted towards women and people with diverse gender identities. The school’s main goal is to shift the ratio of women and people from underrepresented genders to men in the tech industry by training professional software engineers that can compete head to head with the best male coders. .

Hackbright’s offering is all centered around full stack software engineering using Python, JavaScript, Flask, Jinja and PostgreSQL. They offer both in-person and online courses which you can take either full-time or part-time. The flagship program is not for complete non-coders, and you do need to provide proof basic coding abilities before being accepted into the program. .

However, they also offer a pair of short, online courses that teach the basics of software engineering and Python which will be more than enough to get you prepped for the program. .

If you’re looking for a place where you can pursue a new career in tech without feeling judged or discriminated by others; one where you’ll become a full-fledged full stack software developer and one that will give you access to a network of like-minded graduates that can become an invaluable support group as you grow and thrive in a male-dominated profession, then you should absolutely consider joining Hackbright.

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