Hired Review: Land A High-Paying Job In Tech For Free

May 16, 2021
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Hired is a free platform that matches job-seekers with companies in search of talent automatically, and it does so in a wide variety of roles and specialties (some of which include software engineering, data analytics, design, and sales). With its ease of use, salary calculator, in-depth reports of the current market and AI-driven pairing, Hired is the easiest way to hire the best tech talent and one of the easiest ways to promote yourself to companies and land your dream tech job.

Hired is an AI-driven marketplace based in New York and founded in 2012. It provides an easy-to-use platform that combines automatic job matching with career counselling to help people find a job in the career of their choice.

It also serves as a platform for companies to hire candidates from — to date, over 10,000 companies have used Hired for this purpose and thousands of skilled individuals have found jobs with fair salaries in companies they love.

Who Is Hired For?

Hired is a platform for job-seekers and employers in any of these fields:

Software engineeringProject management
Engineering managementData analytics
Developer operations (DevOps)Quality assurance (QA)
DesignInformation technology (IT)
Product managementSales

Within these fields, Hired also takes its fair share of specialties into consideration when it comes to job-seekers and employees. For example, you can narrow down your job search or a potential hire in specialties such as:

#1 Software Engineering Specialties

Embedded engineerFull-stack engineerBlockchain engineer
Frontend engineerMachine learning engineerComputer vision engineer
Hardware engineerMobile engineerGaming engineer
Backend engineerSecurity engineerNLP engineer
Data engineerAR/VR engineerSearch engineer

#2 Engineering Management Specialties

Applications engineering managerMachine learning manager
Data infrastructure managerMobile engineering manager
DevOps managerQA manager

#3 Developer Operations (DevOps) Specialties

Build/Release engineerDevOps engineerSite reliability engineer (SRE)

#4 Design Specialties

Brand/graphic designerUX designer
Product designerVisual/UI designer

#5 Project Management

IT project managerProject manager
Program managerTechnical program manager

#6 Data Analytics Specialties

Data analystBusiness analyst
Data scientistBusiness operations

#7 Quality Assurance (QA) Specialties

QA test automation engineerQA manual test engineer

#8 Information Technology (IT) Specialties

Database administratorNetwork engineer
Business systems engineerSalesforce developer
Desktop supportSolutions architect
NOC engineerSolutions engineer
Network administratorSystems administrator

#9 Sales Specialties

Account executiveSales development rep
Account managerSales manager
Business developmentSales operations

Benefits of Hired

#1 Free For Its Candidates

Similar to HackerRank, if you're a candidate/job-seeker, you can use Hired without any cost involved. The ones who pay Hired for access are companies in search of candidates for hire.

Not only is it free, but you also used to get a bonus from Hired if you landed a job using the platform. However, as of June 2020, this is no longer the case.

#2 Simple To Use

Hired is pretty easy to use: all you need to do is create a profile and add all of your information (including skills, past projects, experience, passions, and career aspirations).

After that, Hired will review your profile and, if they accept it, they will help you strengthen it and tailor it to the needs of the companies you're interested in working with — and everything will be done automatically.

#3 Talent Advocate

After your profile is submitted and accepted, you will be assigned a talent advocate that will guide your experience through Hired, from helping you design your profile to getting offers. They will also answer any questions you have.

The good thing about these talent advocates is that they've worked with thousands of candidates before, so they're well aware of the pains of the job search experience and will be of great help with this.

#4 Extensive Company Directory

Hired allows you to seek jobs in more than 10,000 different companies (including companies like Amazon, Twitter, Dropbox, Udacity, and Facebook). It also allows you to browse through these companies through their company search (which filters companies by industry, by skill, or by location).

A directory of over 10,000 companies is already pretty strong, but having a company search with three different filters also saves a substantial amount of time if you're searching for anything specific.

#5 Salary Calculator

Another feature that is unique to Hired is its salary calculator, which allows you to determine salary benchmarks based on real interview requests and offers others have received while using Hired.

This is a great tool to compare salaries in some of the top cities worldwide, depending on your years of experience. If you're considering making the move to a new job market and want more information, you can compare salaries by exploring their full salary directory.

#6 Partner Network

Hired also partners with other organizations in order to give job-seekers and employers a holistic experience to hire and get hired. This allows for even more flexibility and versatility in the kind of jobs you can apply for, which can't be a bad thing.

#7 Resources & Reports

Hired also has its own resources section, where you'll be able to find reports that offer insights into companies across the globe over the past years, informing you about relevant industry trends.

These reports are useful for both candidates and employers — they tend to go into a lot of depth, and it's a feature that I haven't seen in any other hiring platforms before, so make sure you take advantage of this benefit if you use Hired as a platform.

#8 Hired's Blog

Hired also has its own blog, where you can find articles and reports on three main topics: tech career insights, hiring tips & insights, and company news.

Some of these articles offer pretty valuable tips and tricks on topics that are rarely covered (e.g. How to advance your career as a technical recruiter), so they're definitely worth checking out.

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How Does Hired Work?

Now that we know the benefits you can expect to have when using Hired, it's time to talk about how Hired works.

It's worth mentioning that this is a generalization of how Hired functions, considering the process is a lot more complex the more specific you get, but this should give you a pretty good idea of what happens as you use Hired.

#1 Create A Profile, Get Matched

The first step is to tell Hired about your background and what you look for in a job. That means providing information about your specific skills, what type of position you're looking for, the salary you expect to earn, etc. It takes a few steps, but it will make sure their matching algorithms find jobs that fit your skills and preferences.

The more precisely you describe what you want in a job, the better the matches Hired's algorithms will come up with, and you only have to provide that information once.

They also have a resume uploader to make things faster, which is a plus.

#2 Companies Apply For You

Hired makes the entire job-hunting process completely different from what it used to be. Instead of you trying to get the employer's attention, craving for an interview, it's the other way around. That strips away all of the stress that comes with the traditional ways of finding a job.

Once your resume is approved, your profile will be promoted to employers ‌for at least two weeks. When Hired's platform sees a potentially good fit, that employer will see you in their matches and can request an interview.

The coolest thing about this part is that you don't really have to anything after you submit your resume: its promotion and company matching is a completely automated process.

No more spending hours thinking and writing up cover letters trying to get that dream job you just found out about.

#3 Choose, Interview, and Accept

Lastly, you'll compare interview requests side by side and say “yes” to the ones that best match your career goals and interests.

Hired will help you prepare for these interviews, and once you've decided on a particular company, all you have to do is accept the request and the interviewing process will begin shortly. It's as easy as that!

How To Create A Great Hired Profile

It's important to understand that your profile is not guaranteed to be accepted when you sign up with Hired. Remember, they have a responsibility with companies who pay for their services to provide the awesome-quality talent they're looking for, and that means that no everyone will make the cut.

Consequently, you need to make sure your profile looks impressive to raise the chances of it being admitted. The following recommendations are the key areas to focus on for improving your profile strength to get it approved by Hired and to attract more interview requests once you're in. 

#1 Role

The first thing to consider is your role. It's important to select the closest fit to your target job, based on the roles you can find on Hired's list. You can select up to 3 specialties that you consider relevant for your target job — should you wish to change your role while you are on the platform, you can reach out to Hired's support team. 

#2 Skills

Next, make sure your top 5 skills accurately represent your experience in order of priority — this affects how you show up in search queries based on Hired's matching algorithm and employers’ search criteria.

Whenever possible, you should also include skills that have wide appeal, rather than overly niche skills. Be sure to use the ‘Additional Skills’ section, located beneath ‘Primary Areas of Expertise’, to highlight 5-10 other skills or technologies you have experience with, again in order of priority.

Two important tips to take into account are:

  • Avoid lengthy lists to ensure the algorithm matches you with the best companies for your particular skillset.
  • Test out a certain role and set of relevant skills at a time rather than marketing yourself as everything all at once. 

#3 Location preferences

Next, there are your location preferences. This is an important aspect that many people either don't know or overlook. Some companies that offer remote work opportunities may not be listed as ‘remote’ to begin with, in part because most companies tend to prefer onsite workers rather than remote workers. However, this trend is currently shifting slowly towards remote.

That means that, even if you're more interested in remote work than in an onsite position, it's still better to set your location preferences to onsite. This can help your profile get more attention and, if you get an interview request from a company you like and there seems to be a good mutual fit, you may pitch a flexible schedule closer to the end of the process.

Also, be sure to prioritize your location preferences from the 14 markets Hired operates in — you don’t need to include all neighbourhoods or cities within each market, as you’ll match based on a radius within each one. Remember, you should be willing to work onsite full-time in each location you select.

#4 Experience

Next, make sure to list 2-3 bullet points from your resume underneath each past role. You should be highlighting what you achieved, and which technology or tools were used.

This is crucial, as employers want to get a sense of your experience with each tool you've used and to see what skills/technology was used in each role.

Finally, if you have a long work history, avoid adding the whole list. Promoters and recruiters are more interested in your most recent 2-3 jobs, so you should focus on those; it’s okay to have shorter/more brief descriptions for your older jobs.

#5 Profile photo

The next step would be to include a profile photo. Ideally, you should choose a good, professional photo of yourself. You should be smiling in the photo too, since studies show that those who do are more likely to be hired.

If that makes you uncomfortable at all, though, it's not obligatory to do so. You can add an alternative image such as an image of a hobby, your hometown, or anything that best represents you to ensure your profile looks complete. Show some personality but make sure to keep it professional.

#6 Salary

After all this is done, it comes time to add your minimum income expectations. This is where the salary calculator comes in handy, as it shows you how the rates companies actually pay to professionals with the same or similar roles. This makes it easy for you to make sure you're not overselling yourself too much or asking for less than you desserve.

When choosing your rate, make sure you are setting your minimum base salary expectation (or a minimum hourly rate) to remain competitive in the market.

Be mindful not to undervalue yourself as it may communicate a lack of competency or confidence in your abilities to perform. It's also important to note that companies who look for the lowest rates possible are usually not great places to work, so make sure to look for a good balance you're comfortable with.

#7 Headline

Just as important as a good photo is having a well-written headline, considering that it's the first thing employers see in their search results when looking for talent on the platform. Rather than listing your current job title, feel free to get creative with an appealing one-liner about who you are as a professional. Make sure it speaks to where you're headed next.

An example of a good headline would be something like this:

#8 Links 

Including a resume and your LinkedIn URL can make a huge impact on attracting interview requests — many employers use these to learn more about your experience before reaching out.

A few optional but highly encouraged alternative links include: GitHub, Dribble, etc.

You can also include a personal website if you have one, so long as it's a professional-looking site that truly represents you as a talent in tech. In case the link is for a protected portfolio, be sure to include your password on your profile (in your headline) so any recruiter that wants to can access it without problems.

#9 Assessments

If you are a programmer, be sure to dedicate some time to earning Hired Assessments Badges to show off your skills.

Apart from bragging rights, this is also a great way to practice for technical interviews — you are 2x more likely to receive an interview as a programmer when you have badges. It’s one of the most valuable signals of great talent that employers look for on a profile. 

#10 Wishlist

Take advantage of this section to attract your dream company culture, company size, technologies you want to work with, or other priorities.

While some companies will look at your wishlist more strictly than others, this won’t prevent companies from reaching out to you based on your preferred listed criteria. 

#11 Education

Lastly, be sure to add your degrees or certifications, especially those relevant to the field you are targeting. Computer Science degrees are an advantage, so be sure to highlight your CS Degree if you have it! 

If you are self-taught, though, rest assured that companies are becoming more lenient on this particular requirement, but it may make things harder on the “CS Fundamentals” section of a technical interview.

You can list ‘Self-Taught’ or ‘Did Not Finish'’ if you started a degree and left in between. You may also decline to specify your graduation year by listing ‘Decline to Specify'. 

Hired's Referral Program

Inviting others to Hired is a great way to help them get jobs while you help yourself at the same time. It’s really easy to do so, too — just refer a friend through this link (and if they get a job, you can expect a reward).

Hired lets you refer a friend in just about every which way — they offer easy sharing buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, each of which pulls a social-optimized photo and includes your referral link. They also let you refer others through a personal referral link and through emails.

How much is the referral bonus for each successful referral?

It's around $1,337, an amount that is a nod to Hired's earlier days of recruiting coders and software engineers almost exclusively.

Are there any caps on how many referral bonuses you can have?

No — you can refer as many people as you like.

How will I know if my friend signed up?

You’ll get an email notification from Hired if someone uses your referral link.

How will I know if my friend got a job?

Hired will reach out to you with your bonus once the person you referred gets a job. If it doesn't happen, assume no one you referred was hired, or that they forgot to use your referral link.

When do I receive my referral bonus?

Hired will send you the referral bonus within a few weeks after the person you referred gets hired.

It's also worth noting that they have a referral tracking system, which shows you who you've sent invitations to, when you sent them, what reward you were promised, and other relevant info.

Hired Reviews & Success Stories

Hired has helped hundreds upon hundreds of job-seekers and employers find each other and collaborate on amazing projects. But, don't just take our word for it! Here are some of the reviews & success stories from Hired users:

I can do everything on my own schedule. From picking out interview time slots to selecting only the companies I want to interview with, this is what recruiting should look like.Joseph G., Software Engineer

I've never felt so taken care of by a recruiter in my life. Saying my Talent Advocate goes above and beyond is an understatement. She clearly loves what she does, and that devotion is absolutely contagious.Jorge S., UX Designer

Finding a new job is tedious and stressful. Working with Hired meant multiple companies that were a good fit were looking to hire me.Dipika M., Software Engineer

With Hired, companies were highly responsive and moved through the process very quickly. I never had to wait more than a couple of days to hear back from anyone.Noah S., Software Engineer

Hired is the absolute best way to find a tech or design job. Having a person dedicated to you is very helpful. My Talent Advocate helped me through every step of the process, including negotiating offers and deciding which offer was right for me.Malcom D., Senior UX Designer

Because Hired cuts multiple quarters out of the recruiting process, we bring in quality candidates faster. That has saved us a lot of time and money.Mike Moriarty (Head of Global Staffing), Dropbox

We're looking to bring on 5,000 more ThoughtWorkers in the next three years; we need to have readily available candidates to support our success.Neil Casey (Technical Recruitment & Recruitment Change Programme Lead), Thoughtworks

Results have shown us that Hired tends to attract a higher quality of candidate.Zach Haehn (VP of Engineering), Percolate

Because Hired made it very easy to bring hiring managers into the process, with a little-to-no learning curve, hiring managers could provide faster feedback, or even go after warm candidates on their own. This really increased the productivity of the teams.Henry Dannenbaum (Senior Manager of Technical Recruiting), Box

Hired Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How do I refer a friend to join Hired? 

To invite your network to use Hired, you can use this link. Here, you'll be able to access a unique referral code or invite contacts directly — in order to get the referral bonus, referrals must:

  • Sign up with your unique referral link
  • Be new to Hired
  • Start a job within the first 180 days of signing up for Hired.

#2 How do I track my referral rewards? 

You will be notified via email when your friends sign up for Hired using your personal referral link. After that, you can track your referral progress here.

If your referral goes on to take a job through Hired, they will also notify you via email with the steps to follow on claiming your $1,500 referral bonus. (Please note referral bonuses are paid out 90 days following your referral’s job start date) 

#3 Do I receive a gift if I find a job through Hired? 

While Hired had a legacy of gifting candidates in their early days, they slowly shifted their efforts to invest more in their product and provide you with the resources and tools to be successful in your job search. 

As such, candidates who find a job through Hired no longer receive a gift as of June 2020; however, they will maintain a portion of Hired's referral bonus as outlined in this article.

#4 Why am I being asked to share my signing details?

Your signing details are used to give credit to your hiring company for using Hired's platform successfully and the details stay completely confidential.

Companies Hired works with are aware that these details are required after making an offer through the platform. They also aggregate salary data to provide market insights in their salary calculator in order to help you in your industry with market positioning. 

In Summary

All things considered, Hired is a robust and extremely easy-to-use hiring platform for a variety of roles, and it will be an invaluable tool to help you get interviews and land the job you wish to have. Whether you’re looking for a full-time position as a UI/UX designer, a web developer, data analytics, full-stack programming, or quality assurance, Hired's got your back.

If you’re serious about your job hunt and you have high demands for your career, we highly recommend using Hired.

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