Money Management Tips For Online Gaming

September 18, 2021
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Online gaming is more popular than ever before, and once something becomes popular – it can often become expensive. 

It is possible to build a gaming rig that can handle many of the newest releases, the bright lights of the best casino games, and keep your FPS in the right zone. 

Sure, it is nice to look around and check out the high-end gaming laptops from Alien and Razer – but the truth is not everyone can afford to spend a few thousand on gaming hardware. 

Should that mean you have to miss out on the best gaming experience? No. 

So how can you play the games you want on a budget? 


Part of the reason everyone is scrambling to buy new releases is that they are so hyped up. The marketing budgets are enormous, and they become the ‘thing’ that everyone is talking about. 

But there are hundreds of game releases every year, which adds pretty quickly up in terms of spending. 

Not every game is for you, and many of the new releases you buy might not be in the genre that you enjoy – but since the FOMO is significant in gaming, you might be spending cash you don’t need to. 

When you see other players hyping a game, take a minute before you decide to buy the game. Do you want to play the game, or have you been swept up in the marketing? 

Ditch the fear of missing out, and do plenty of research before you commit to buying a new game. 


PC, mobile, or console, which platform should you be playing on? Well, that is a personal choice. Most gamers play a crosssection of them all – but do prefer one or the other. 

If you don’t have a console or a PC, the first step is to decide which one you want. It would be both in an ideal world, but if you have to pick… and you do, which platform feels more like you?

The first step is to look at the library of games that become accessible to you if you choose to go with a console or a PC. Which one is more exciting? 

In general, PCs have way more gaming options, and the love of older consoles can increase the price. 

Also, be mindful of how expensive a repair of an old console could be. 

If you choose a console and opt for an older model, you should know that you might also need an older TV with the connectors. Another option is aftermarket HDMI cables – but that is an added cost. 


The gaming industry is one of the most competitive – which is excellent for the players. It means that you are more likely to snag a great deal or promotion on certain games. 

One of the biggest gaming markets with incredible deals is the online casino market. Online casino sites typically have a range of offers including sign-up bonuses, free spins, and loyalty bonuses. Both existing and new casino providers offer bonuses to their players to help attract new players and make sure other players return.

Many gaming console providers may also have promotions and offers on their devices at a range of retailers too. It is worthwhile keeping an eye on prices during special holidays like Black Friday often held in November.

Cheap or Free

The hardware is usually the most challenging part of the process; once you have made those tough decisions, you can move on to the other fun stuff – like buying games. 

Search your local second-hand stores, game exchange stores, Facebook, and more to find the games you want to play before you part with any money. 

You can likely build a big stack of games for reasonably little cash. 

The most significant amount of free games are on the PC. The Epic Game Store offers free games; Steam and Humble Bundle also provides a massive range of items to make your gaming fun.

If you want to save even more, ask your friends and family to share their purchased games with you from their steam account. 

If you want to play games for free and give feedback, sign up to a few websites that offer Alpha and Beta keys. You aren’t always guaranteed to get one for every campaign, but you might just find yourself playing the next big-hit MMO. 

Some free games are awful, but once in a while, a free game by an unknown developer is the best game you’ve ever played. 

Play and Discard

Since you are on a budget, you’re going to close the loop on the purchase cycle. Once you have purchased the game and played it to completion, take it back; it’s time to trade it in or sell it. Use the cash to put towards your next title. 


When you buy each game individually, the price stacks up quickly. The subscription model can be the perfect way to save a lot of money on games. 

To access Xbox Live Gold and PS Plus, you’ll need to pay a subscription. However, by doing so. It allows you to access a few new games each month within your subscription price. 

Set a reminder for the new game release date each month so that you get access immediately. And, set another reminder for when the subscription fee is due to be paid – in case you’d rather cancel it. 
And, before you head straight to the store to purchase the subscription, have a search on the internet for a discount code for the type of subscription that you want – never pay the full price when it comes to gaming.

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