Outsite Review: Travel and Live as a Nomad

April 10, 2021

Outsite is a co-living hospitality company that offers the best of Airbnb, hotels, and hostels. It is designed for remote workers who want to travel around the world, living as nomads. They offer a limited-edition lifetime membership, a year-long membership, and if you are unsure about purchasing any of these, you also have the option of simply booking a stay without any of the membership’s perks.

We definitely loved this platform, and through this Outsite Review, we’re going to show you why. If you want to know more about Outsite click on the button below.

Outsite is an online co-living network that provides places for remote workers to live and work in. The brand offers several places to stay in locations across the United States and the world offering affordable prices, flexible living agreements, and surrounded by interesting people. With access to co-working and co-living spaces, the company currently has 24 places in alpine, urban and coastal locations. Founded in 2015, Outsite’s headquarters is located in Santa Cruz, California, USA.

#1 Outsite Review: What do They Offer?

Outsite offers subscriptions that give you access to great locations, as well as other services that cater to teams.

Outsite Membership Plans

three different ways to use the platform, depending on the level of commitment you're ready to assume.

Outsite’s Year-Long Membership

By becoming a year-long member, you will be able to flexibly book a stay with all the comforts of your home, with space throughout for your productivity and housemates who will be great for collaborations, connections, and access to a members-only network. All of this for around $149 per year.

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Outsite’s Lifetime Membership

When you become a lifetime member, you have all of the benefits of a year-long membership, but you won’t need to get it renewed. All for $249 billed once and it is a limited-time offer.

Book a Stay

If you are still not sure you want a membership and would rather try Outsite before you make any decisions, that’s also fine. You can also just book a stay without any of the discounts or perks and see if you like it.

Outsite for Teams

Outsite allows companies to reward their worker by planning a retreat with their global network of co-living spaces. For this, they offer their services to help plan the event, so you can get as much or as little help as you need to plan it all out. For this, they offer:

  • Catering or professional chef: they can help arrange any food you might need to provide your team.
  • Team building activities: they can help organize activities that will strengthen your team's trust and camaraderie.
  • Group Facilitation: they can arrange facilitators for anything you might need, from activities to focus groups.
  • Local Knowledge: rely on their local knowledge to advise what things are a must during your stay so you can get the most out of it.

#2 How Does Outsite Work?

Outsite is a subscription-based service that works as a network of co-living places which offer the best of Airbnb, hotels, and hostels. There are 24 places spread across more than 3 continents that you can only access through Outsite’s platform. After you pay for your yearly or lifetime subscription, you will be able to access home-like spaces specially designed for remote workers with the following perks:

  • Flexible booking.
  • A global, members-only list of places to stay.
  • All comforts you would have at home.
  • Places designed for productivity.
  • People with which you will make friends, connections, and collaborations.

The company is targeted at remote workers who want to travel around the world and explore new places, but unlike other memberships, they don’t charge monthly but annually. What they do is they charge members for their stays and give them discounts for both accommodation fees and activities around the area, along with credits and meaningful relationships.

Members Still Have To Pay For Their Stay

The subscription only gives you access to the locations they offer, so keep in mind that you will still have to pay for your stay and that none of their locations are pet-friendly. Nevertheless, the membership will give you access to monthly deals and perks that you usually wouldn’t have.

Save On Your Stay By Earning Credits And Discounts

The annual and even the lifetime subscription end up paying for themselves down the line. You can earn Outsite credits every time you book a reservation and that can help you save a lot on your stay.

  • You earn a $25 credit for booking your first stay.
  • You can earn up to $3 for each night you stay at your location of choice.
  • And, last but not least, you earn $25 credits every time you accumulate enough stays to ascend to a new elite status.

Additionally, you can get discounts that range from 15% to 25% off, depending on how long your stay is,.

#4 Outsite Review: Locations

With an Outsite membership, you'll get access to locations across the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia. There are eight locations in 4 different states in the US:

CaliforniaSanta Cruz, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles.
New YorkNew York City

And also another nine locations internationally:

Costa RicaSanta Teresa
SpainCanary Islands
MexicoTulum, San José del Cabo.
FranceBasque Country
PortugalEriceira, Lisbon

#5 What is included?

This membership will allow you to be part of a diverse global community. That will help you establish worthwhile relationships with other remote workers, freelancers, and creatives that will help you improve in many ways. You will be capable of contacting these people through their members-only slack group and member hangouts.

Partner Perks

The company also offers what they call Partner Perks. This means members have access to reliable Wi-Fi, discounts on services, products, and pretty much anything they might need to help them live and be productive in the location they’ve chosen.


You have to pay for your stay, but by simply choosing travel slower, you can receive discounts for extended stays:

7+ nights15% off
30+ nights30% off
60+ nights35% off

#6 The Outsite Community

Outsite offers access to a community that will allow you to make meaningful connections for your career, meet people to collaborate with and gain skills and other freelancers, remote workers, and creatives. This initiative allows you to:

  • Connect with other Outsite members: allowing you to connect with remote workers around the world.
  • Attend talks with featured speakers: from your field who explain how to promote your remote working career.
  • Ask other members anything: that helps pick up new skills, tricks and just about anything by asking people from different fields and places.
  • Hangouts, meet new people and make friends by meeting over virtual yoga, beer or coffee.
  • Go-to Support: get support from other community members on the remote lifestyle.
  • Real Estate Club: invest in homes to be branded, managed and marketed by Outsite.

#7 Outsite Review: Sustainability

Nowadays, protecting the environment is a huge part of living in it, and Outsite knows that. So, in order to keep a beautiful planet for people in the present and future to be able to enjoy, they’ve decided to do what they can to help the environment.

Of course, as a hospitality company, they will always remind their guests to live in a way that’s as friendly to the environment as they can possibly manage. But they are also planting a tree in Outsite locations for every booking made with them and have planted over 5,000 trees since 2019. In every location, they try to compost and recycle as much as they can, and they avoid as many disposable items as they can. They also try to have at least four events during the year to help create environmental awareness.

These measures, along with their vegan-friendly options within the kitchen, help keep their guests aware of the environmental impact they may have within Outsite’s homes and hopefully outside of them as well.

#8 Real Estate Partnership With Outsite

Outsite is a coliving company that works in designing and managing commercial and residential spaces in order to appeal to the community of remote workers that want to live as nomads. They work by tech-enabled operations and smart design, guaranteeing an increase in revenue of at least 50%.

Why become a partner?

Outsite offers its real estate partners three things:

One, an increase in rental revenue/poverty yield. They work on maximizing the net operating income (NOI) by optimizing the occupancy and rates and also streamlining operational costs with innovative marketing, the managing of technology and branding. And also boast industry-leading 60% direct bookings.

Two, Eliminate operational workload. They run property operations, sales and marketing with turn-key operational services and technologies designed for that purpose, with no need to get the owner involved.

Three, Increased property value. With a low-impact customer base, industry-leading designs and renovations lead to long-term property value retention and increases.

#9 Is Outsite for You?

Outsite is for remote workers and freelancers who can work at their own pace from anywhere in the world. It’s made for people who don’t have kids or pets to take care of and can travel anywhere in the world without much worry. Memberships are also very cheap and only paid for once a year or once in a lifetime, so it’s very affordable and it’ll allow you to go on trips more often if you like that kind of experience.

It is also very useful if you want to create new relationships, you are going to be able to build them during these trips and get-togethers. As a remote worker, it can be complicated to meet new friends and colleagues since you spend most of your time working at home. This will allow you to meet a vast variety of people who will be able to help you both personally and professionally.

If you fit these descriptions, then yes, by all means. Outsite is for you.

#10 Outsite Accommodation Examples

Tulum – Mexico

It’s a modern and minimal place, with an outdoor pool and a beachy, bohemian style. All of that for $100 per night, $595 per week, and 2,100 per month.

Pictures – Learn More (https://www.outsite.co/locations/tulum)

Los Angeles, California – USA

This is a modern SoCal place, with a large back yard and a patio, perfect for Start-Ups, sunshine, and beaches. All that for $110 per night, $612 per week, and $2,170 per month.

Pictures – Learn More (https://www.outsite.co/locations/los-angeles-venice-lincoln)

Pererenan, Bali – Indonesia

This is a Lush Balinese Villa, with rice field views, located in a surf village. All of this for $60 per night, $357 per week, and $1,260 per month.

Pictures – Learn More (https://www.outsite.co/locations/bali-pererenan)

#11 Outsite User Reviews

Outsite is being used by many people around the world, so here are a few comments to show what Outsite members are thinking about it:

“ECO is situated in a quiet town in Barbados, perfect for working and relaxing. There's a path directly down to the coastline, where there are breathtaking walks either way. We stayed in the Maycocks suite, which was perfect to cook our own dinners or choose to eat at the incredible restaurant on site. The complimentary coffee was the perfect start to the day as we sat on our balcony and looked out of the Atlantic. The dip pools and sauna were the perfect relaxations we needed after a busy year.” — Anabelle H.|Outsite

Fantastic concept for nomads – I stayed at the Outsite location in Venice Beach, LA, and was blown away by how well the space was designed, complete with standup desks and surfboards one could borrow to take to the beach. I notice that the flex membership gives access to the Nomad List slack group in addition to all the discounts and perks as well, so it's a win-win! — Jonathan Baillie|Product Hunt

“Teresa, the Manager was the best! She was the friendliest host, providing great recommendations and checking in several times throughout my stay. The location was prime, walking distance from great restaurants and just next door to my favorite coffee shop in Lisbon! I also loved how close it was from the ocean promenade, which was great for my morning runs. The accommodation is not luxurious but it's super cozy and clean and they offer a free work area which was great because I'm always taking phone calls for work. Overall great value and I would definitely stay again.” — Maria|Booking.com

“To rate my overall experience at Outsite San Juan, I can compare it to the other Outsite locations where I’ve stayed. The biggest downside I experienced was that there weren’t as many people in the villa compared to when I stayed in the Lisbon and New York locations. There was one couple that I never saw and then a man who had been staying at the location for two months. I wish I could have met more people at the villa as I did at other Outsite locations. But overall, I thought the property was a comfortable, relaxing place to stay in Puerto Rico. I loved the location right in the heart of Old San Juan. There’s a ton to do in the area. Based on my experience, I would stay at Outsite San Juan again.” — Somto|Somto Seeks

“Tried out Outsite Lisbon for a 3-night stay, 2 months later I checked out and plan to come back. Great community, awesome location… the list goes on, highly recommended!” — Ben L.|Coliving.com

Outsite Review: Final Thoughts

Even though it’s designed for remote workers, Outsite is a perfect match for anyone who simply wants to travel around the world with amazing discounts and the comforts of home. Monthly fees will not be an issue, and even yearly fees are amazing compared to other platforms. We would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in living a nomadic life or just traveling around the world.

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