Willful Review: Making Canadian Wills Simpler

July 21, 2021
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Willful is the online will service that offers the best and easiest platform to create an online will. It offers individual wills, power of attorneys, and living wills. Prices start from $99 and go as high as $149.

It's truly the simplest and most cost-effective way, while maintaining quality, to make a will online.

Other options to consider are Epilogue wills, which currently offers the best in-depth quality wills and Legalwills.ca, which offers the lowest-cost online wills in Canada.

Thinking about creating your first will is… not something that's in everyone's minds. However, new legal tech startups know that, even if it may be unpleasant, people still need to create wills. This is why companies like Willful have started to become popular.

Willful is an online will company that serves a specific function, letting people create their wills online in 20 minutes or less. The best part? These wills can be signed and witnessed just after printing and they’ll be as valid as a $500 will made with a lawyer, just for a fifth of the price.

With that said, here’s our Willful review:

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Main Features

The first and most crucial feature that Willful, and most other online will services, offers is to create quick, low-cost and completely legal wills. The gist of it is that anyone can make their wills in under 20 minutes, right from their home.

The process consists of answering simple questions regarding your assets, personal life, and last wishes. Once the information is compiled, you’ll have a complete and fully legal will ready to be signed.

Aside from that, here are the main features of creating a will with Willful:

  • Wills can be created in 20 minutes or less.
  • Individual wills start at $99.
  • Users can also get powers of attorney and living wills.
  • No lawyer required for the will before being signed.
  • The experience of over 50,000 customers helped since 2017.
  • Will templates that are constantly revised and updated by lawyers with decades of experience in the country.
  • Solid and beginner-friendly platform.
  • Wills can be edited for life.

With that said, here’s how much wilful charges for its products


Pricing is the most important part of making an online will. If it was too expensive, then why not go to a lawyer and get legal and personal advice instead, right? However, that’s why online will companies are breaking the mould. Take a look at Willful’s prices:

The Essentials (Individual Will) $99

The Essentials is the most basic option that Willful offers and it consists of a simple will and testament. It costs $99 per will and it comes with unlimited editions for life. It’s a fully customizable will that is tailored according to the information you provide.

Premium (Individual Will + Power Of Attorney And Living Will) $149

Premium is the counterpart to “The Essentials”. It costs $149 and offers the complete package of an individual will plus a power of attorney and a living will. It also comes with unlimited edits and all of the benefits that the previous plan offers.

Family (Premium Plan With Discounts) $125

The Family plan offers all of the same benefits as the Premium plan. It’s just a special promotion for families that are willing to make from 2 to 6 wills. Family users will receive a 16% discount just by making several wills at a time.

Refference taken straight out of Willful's website.

With that said, Willful offers great prices, but not every aspect of it is nice and shiny. Here’s what we think are the best qualities of the service, as well as its downsides:

Pros & Cons


  • Willful probably has the best-developed platform in terms of user interface.
  • Out of the most recent startups, it offers the lowest prices.
  • Offers discounts for families.
  • Willful’s will templates are created by lawyers with decades of experience in estate law.
  • Users can edit wills for a lifetime for free.
  • Available in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, British Columbia, and Quebec.
  • Wills can usually be done in 20 minutes.
  • There’s some customizability to how the wills can be made.


  • It’s not available in all provinces in Canada.
  • It’s only available in English.
  • Lacking variety of products offered.
  • Doesn’t offer lawyer advice as an extra product.
  • Wills aren’t as customizable or as thorough as their competitors'.


Overall, Willful is a great way of making a will online. It’s fast, low-cost- easy to understand, and completely legal. However, it lacks in terms of the variety of the products it offers and how thorough each will can be in each specific case.

Still, Willful is probably our top choice for making an online will if all you want is to simply create a will quickly. Its prices are at the lowest end of the spectrum, the process is simple and you get a completely valid legal document. This is still infinitely better than hiring a lawyer and paying five times this price for what can be comfortably done from your home.

Willful google ratings review
Willful reviews out of Google ratings. They speak for themselves

However, it’s worth mentioning that if you’d like to go through a more thorough experience, Epilogue Wills might be a better fit.

Or, if you simply want the lowest price out of all companies, Legalwills.ca is the right option in that case.

If you want a bigger image of which one to choose, you can always read this comparison between the most popular online will companies of Canada as of now.

As a final thought, it's worth mentioning that online will companies are great for creating a will for simple situations. However, if you have a complicated estate situation, you should always seek the advice of a lawyer.

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