Where To Buy Cheap Furniture In Canada (12 Sites)

August 19, 2023

Whether you buy it in-store or online, furniture in Canada can be pricey because of a combination of high tariffs, high production costs, and supply shortages. However, there are several online furniture retailers that offer furniture at very affordable prices. Some of the sites where you’ll find the best cheap furniture Canada has to offer include Ikea, Wazo Furniture, Best Buy, and Canadian Tire. You’ll also find great options on eBay and Amazon Canada. By keeping an eye on shipping/return policies, the size and weight of the pieces you plan to purchase, and buying furniture that’s easy to maintain, you can avoid unnecessary expenses when shopping around for the perfect couch or dinner table.

Online furniture retail stores come in many varieties: some offer pricey furniture, others have more affordable pieces, and others provide both high-end and cheap options. We researched dozens of online furniture retail stores serving Canadians and identified 12 retail stores offering the best cheap furniture Canada has to offer at the lowest price.

In this post, we're going to explain what makes furniture and home decor items expensive in Canada. We'll also show you how you can save money when buying furniture and give you 12 of the best online retail stores selling high-quality furniture at affordable prices in Canada. Some even offer free shipping and fantastic deals.

But, of course, finding the cheapest retailers isn't our only goal. We'll also give you some tips to help you shop securely online to ensure you get the best value for your money.

So if you're looking for an online furniture retail store that's both affordable and reliable, you've come to the right place.

Why Is Furniture So Expensive In Canada?

If you're looking to buy furniture for your new house, replace the old ones, or want to spruce up your home, you've probably noticed that pieces of furniture today cost more than they used to a year or six months ago.

Several factors are responsible for this hike in the price of furniture in Canada, including the following:

High Tariffs

In a bid to discourage the import of furniture from other countries and encourage patronage of Canadian furniture makers by Canadians, the Canadian government increased the tariff on imported furniture by up to 204%. This increased tariff was aimed at encouraging Canadians to purchase furniture made by Canadian furniture makers instead of foreign-imported ones. However, the tariff also led to the skyrocketing prices of upholstered furniture pieces, making them more expensive.

High Production Costs

The prices of raw materials used to manufacture furniture such as couches, mattresses, patio furniture, and other household furniture, are climbing daily. The high cost of raw materials, coupled with the increased cost of shipping those raw materials, the finished products, and other extra costs, all contribute to a general increase in production costs. These additional costs get passed down to the consumer leading to a rise in the price of furniture.

Supply Shortages

Due to the high cost of production of furniture, there's a shortage in the amount of furniture manufactured. As a result, sellers don’t have enough furniture supply to meet the consumers' demand. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the prices of the furniture pieces already on the market.

10 Tips For Shopping For Furniture Online In Canada

While online shopping is convenient and can help you save the gas you would’ve spent driving to and from a showroom or physical retail store, shopping for furniture online can be mentally draining. You'll have questions like, does it look the same in real life? or, is it as comfortable as it seems?—questions you would have easily found answers to in a showroom or physical furniture store.

However, a few tips can help ensure you get the best value for your money when shopping for furniture online. So, here are 10 tips to ensure that your online furniture shopping experience is hitch-free and reliable:

#1 Shop From A Reputable And Trustworthy Website

There are many retail furniture stores on the internet, and not all are trustworthy. So, to avoid being scammed or buying a piece of furniture totally different from what you'll receive, it’s important to check for customer reviews of the website. You can check third-party websites for customer reviews and store reviews of the retail store. You can also check the ‘About' page of the website to get the company's backstory.

#2 Check The Return Policy

Before purchasing any furniture online, check the warranty of the product you want to buy and ensure that the site has a ‘clear' return policy so that you can return damaged furniture items easily or in case of any issues. The return policy should be simple and straightforward. Complex or complicated return policies serve to discourage customers from returning damaged goods. So, to be on the safer side, you'll want to avoid websites with complicated return policies.

#3 Check Photos And Description Of Furniture You Want To Buy

Always analyze and scrutinize the photos of the pieces of furniture from different angles before purchasing them. You could also ask for more pictures from the seller if the images aren't clear or descriptive enough and you can even request a free sample, in the case of wallpaper or textiles. If you cannot ask for or receive a free sample, you can at least reach out to the retailer for more information on the product.

Also, ensure that you read the furniture description carefully, as you can't see or touch the furniture you want to buy. You can always contact customer service if you have any questions.

#4 Don't Buy At Furniture Retail Stores With Very Limited Options

Keeping your options open is important when purchasing furniture, so make sure the website you choose has a wide selection of types, styles, and colours of furniture from different categories. In short, ensure the store has all the furniture you need to make your shopping experience hassle-free.

#5 Check The Store's Shipping Policy And Delivery Method

Always check the store's shipping policy, as the shipping fee could be the difference between a cheap deal and an expensive one. Some stores offer free shipping when you purchase items up to a certain amount. Others have high logistics fees you may want to keep an eye on. Also, check the delivery method or delivery system. Having your furniture delivered to your area differs from having it delivered to your home or apartment. So, check to ensure which is convenient for you.

#6 Check The Size Of The Furniture

It's important to measure the space in your home where you intend to keep the new furniture you want to purchase to ensure you get the right size. So, check the new furniture you want to buy to avoid getting the wrong size. Check the furniture's measurements (or dimensions) on the website to ensure it is the right fit for your home. You can also ensure that the color combines well with your home before buying.

#7 Check The Payment Method

Legitimate online stores usually offer more than one payment method—exercise caution when buying from stores with only one payment option.

#8 Take Advantage Of Special Deals, Promotions, And Discounts

Most online furniture retailers offer special discounts, deals, and promotions seasonally. You can take advantage of these seasonal deals and purchase an expensive piece of furniture at a lower price.

#9 Buy Easy-To-Maintain Furniture

While some furniture can give your home a facelift, it can also be difficult or costly to maintain. So, ensure that the furniture you're buying is easy to clean and maintain.

#10 Ensure Delivery Is Included

When purchasing furniture, it’s important to ensure that delivery is included in the purchase amount, as that will help you save on shipping and delivery fees. Also, you'll rest assured that professionals will deliver your furniture in tip-top shape.

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Where Can I Buy Cheap Furniture Online In Canada?

Many online furniture stores in Canada offer household furniture at affordable rates. Some international furniture retailers provide household furniture pieces for cheap and even offer free delivery to your Canadian location.

We did some research to help you find the best sites to purchase your next furniture. We found 12 online furniture retailers, both Canada-based and international, that sell household furniture at cheap rates and discounted prices. We also found some with great return policies and some with free shipping in Canada.

So, here are 12 of the best places to buy cheap furniture in Canada including couches, patio furniture, and other household furniture items.

#1 Ikea Canada

12 Sites To Buy Cheap Furniture Online In Canada

As the world's largest furniture merchant, Ikea offers affordable household furniture to various countries worldwide, including Canada. The company offers household furniture like couches, mattresses, patio furniture, and other minimalistic and functional pieces and home decor items at affordable rates. The Ikea website has a “New Lower Price” section that allows you to buy household furniture at lower prices.

Ikea also has a 365-day return policy in case you change your mind about a piece of furniture.

#2 Wazo Furniture

12 Sites To Buy Cheap Furniture Online In Canada

Wazo Furniture was founded in 2016 and is a leading furniture company based in Canada. The company produces solid, handcrafted wood furniture, sculptures, sofas and couches, and luxurious fabric beds, which are sold at very affordable rates. Wazo Furniture aims to manufacture furniture made using the highest quality materials and produce furniture that, according to the website, “only gets better with age,” like this CLARA Light Grey Fabric Bed for only $579.

Wazo Furniture also has a buy-now-pay-later option that allows you to buy furniture and pay later at 0% interest via Affirm.

#3 Best Buy Canada

12 Sites To Buy Cheap Furniture Online In Canada

Best Buy Canada is a marketplace that offers a vast assortment of furniture you can buy at lower prices. The platform provides a range of carefully-selected sellers and a long list of leading brands handpicked by the Best Buy team so that you can have confidence when shopping for your furniture pieces.

You can visit the ‘Deals’ and ‘On Sale’ sections on the website to find furniture at heavily discounted prices.

Best Buy Canada offers a financing option via Fairstone and guarantees fast shipping of orders within 2 to 4 days, depending on the seller. You'll also receive free shipping on orders over $35.

#4 Canadian Tire

12 Sites To Buy Cheap Furniture Online In Canada

Canadian Tire is a Canada-based retail company that provides the following:

  • Automotive, sports, and fitness equipment.
  • Electronics.
  • Home decor and household furniture pieces like couches and mattresses to Canadians at affordable rates.

Canadian Tire has a ‘Deals’ section on the website that allows you to view and purchase furniture at lower and discounted prices. It also offers a 90-day return policy on all orders.

#5 eBay Canada

eBay Canada is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. It is a global e-commerce platform where you can purchase products like electronics, fashion, interior decor, and furniture in Canada at very affordable prices. You could also get new and vintage furniture for your home at heavily discounted prices.

eBay Canada has a ‘Deals’ section that allows you to buy furniture for discounted prices. It also offers a money-back guarantee on all orders and free delivery on some furniture you may purchase.

#6 Leon's

12 Sites To Buy Cheap Furniture Online In Canada

Based out of Canada, Leon's is a leading retailer of a vast array of merchandise, including quality home electronics, appliances, interior decor, and home furniture. At Leon's, you can get quality home furniture such as couches, mattresses, and other homewares for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or patio at very affordable rates.

Leon's offers a 60-day price guarantee, which allows you to get a refund of the price difference if you purchase a piece of furniture from Leon’s and then, within 60 days, see the same item at another retailer at a lower price. It also offers financing options and free local delivery on orders of $799 or more.

#7 Walmart Canada

12 Sites To Buy Cheap Furniture Online In Canada

Walmart Canada is a major worldwide retail chain and discount store where you can find home essentials and furniture at heavily discounted rates and affordable prices. It has a ‘Deals’ section that allows you to buy furniture at deeply discounted prices. You can also visit the deals of the week, daily deals, coupons, clearance, rollback, and refurbished items sections to save even more money on furniture.

Walmart Canada offers free shipping on orders over $35 to select locations in Canada and a 90-day return policy on eligible orders.

#8 The Brick

12 Sites To Buy Cheap Furniture Online In Canada

The Brick is another Canadian furniture retailer where you can get high-quality household furniture, home decor items, appliances, mattresses, and home electronics at great and affordable prices. At The Brick, you'll get a refund of the price difference if, within 90 days, you find the same piece of furniture at another store in Canada for a lower price. You'll also get a refund if the cost of the same item reduces at The Brick.

#9 Furniture Depot

12 Sites To Buy Cheap Furniture Online In Canada

Furniture Depot aims at providing high-quality furniture and accessories to Canadians at affordable prices via a trusted and reliable service. The company offers an extended range of leading furniture brands, making it easy to find the perfect furniture to suit your home style. You can visit the ‘Deals’ section to buy furniture at discounted prices or the ‘Clearance Sales’ section to save up to 70% on furniture.

Furniture Depot also offers a 30-day Price Protection Guarantee, ensuring that it matches the price set by competitors at the time of purchase and for 30 days after. It also offers nationwide delivery in Canada and a buy-now-pay-later option via Flexiti.

#10 Payless Furniture

12 Sites To Buy Cheap Furniture Online In Canada

With an A+ rating on BBB, Payless Furniture is a Canadian discount furniture retailer dedicated to making high-quality furniture available to Canadians at very low prices. Payless Furniture offers a 1-year free warranty for every piece of furniture you buy from the site, and if you have any issues with the furniture pieces, you can return them within 14 days at no extra cost to you.

You can also visit the ‘Clearance’ section to buy furniture at discounted rates and save up to 50% on furniture. You’ll also receive free delivery on orders over $100.

Aside from selling home furnishings, Payless Furniture provides furniture delivery and assembly to allow you to furnish your room easily and provides financing options via Affirm.

#11 Amazon Canada

12 Sites To Buy Cheap Furniture Online In Canada

Amazon Canada is the largest e-commerce platform in the world. You can purchase various products on the platform at competitive prices, from fashion pieces to accessories to home decor items and furniture, like this HOMCOM 3-Seater Sofa, which is $659.99. You can also visit the ‘Deals’ section to buy furniture at discounted prices. You can also get free shipping on some orders or free shipping on all orders if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

#12 Staples

12 Sites To Buy Cheap Furniture Online In Canada

With an extensive network of over 300 stores across Canada, Staples is a Canada-based retail chain that provides business essentials, electronics, office supplies, and home furniture for your bedroom, home office, bathroom, living room, or kitchen. Staples has a Price Match Guarantee and a ‘Deals Centre’ section offering steep discounts for furniture. It also provides free delivery on orders over $35, and you can get $10 off your first two orders of $100 or above if you sign up for their newsletter.

Which Is Cheaper overall?

We also compared the different furniture retailers side by side in the table below with their delivery fees and the price range offered by each retailer for a sofa to show you which is cheaper:

Furniture RetailerDelivery FeeReturn PolicyPrice Range For A Sofa
Ikea CanadaFrom $9.99 for parcel delivery
From $39 for door delivery
From $59 for large furniture
365-day return policy$100 to $4000
Wazo FurnitureFree curbside delivery14-day return policy$400 to $3,000
Best Buy CanadaFree delivery on orders over $3530-day return policy$100 to $3,000
Canadian TireFree curbside delivery
Home delivery starting at $6.99
90-day return policy$1,000 to $1,999.99
eBay CanadaFree shipping on some orders
Shipping fees can range from $15 to $1,500
Money-back guarantee on all orders$100 to $90,000
Leon’sFree shipping on orders over $7993-day return policy for damaged furniture$599 to $3,999
Walmart CanadaFree shipping on orders over $3590-day return policy$50 to $9,999
The BrickFree pick up at store
Home delivery can cost up to $100
90-day return policy on mattresses
7-day return policy on other furniture
$599 to $4,720
Furniture DepotFree curbside delivery to some areas in Canada30-day return policy$600 to $6,000
Payless FurnitureFree shipping on orders over $10030-day return policy$600 to $1,699
AmazonFree shipping on all orders for Amazon Prime members30-day return policy$100 to $2,000
StaplesFree delivery on orders over $3530-day return policy$100 to $21,000

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How Can I Save Money Buying Furniture In Canada?

There are tips to help you save money when shopping for furniture online or in-store. Here are a few of those tips to get cheap furniture Canada offers:

#1 Buy Furniture Directly From The Manufacturer

Buying furniture directly from the manufacturer will help you get furniture at wholesale prices rather than the much higher retail prices you'd get from retail stores.

#2 Purchase Your Furniture At The Right Time

Make your purchases at the end of the month or the end of a quarter, as stores usually turn over inventories at these times. So, you'll be sure to find some good deals. Also, January, February, July, and August are the best months to shop for items at lower prices.

#3 Buy Second-Hand Furniture

If you're on a tight budget, you can shop for your furniture at second-hand stores like thrift stores and antique stores. Second-hand stores offer quality home decor items and furniture at lower prices. When purchasing furniture in Canada, buying second-hand furniture is an excellent eco-friendly way to save money.

#4 Sell Or Barter Your Old Furniture

Selling your old furniture or furniture you no longer need is a great way to save towards buying a new piece of furniture. You can use the money you realize from selling an old couch or sofa to add towards getting a new coffee table or another sofa. Alternatively, you can exchange an old piece of furniture with a friend for another piece you want.

#5 Compare Prices From Other Retail Stores

To get the best deals, you can always compare the price of a piece of furniture in one retail store to the prices offered for the same item in another. You can find a store that offers the same item for about $100 less than the first store. This can help you save some money.

#6 Visit Yard Sales Or Garage Sales

A yard or garage sale is a great way to find quality and unique pieces of furniture at a steal, as the owners no longer want them and want them sold out. However, you must carefully inspect the items you want to buy before paying for them.

#7 Buy Your Furniture One At A Time

When shopping for furniture, trying to replace all the items in your house at once or buying all the furniture you need at the same time can be very expensive. Instead, purchase the furniture one at a time, starting with the one with the highest priority. As such, you'll not have to cough up thousands of dollars at a time.

#8 Take Advantage Of Clearance Sales Or Overstock

Furniture retail stores usually make clearance sales for overstocked items, returns, floor samples, and furniture with dents, marks, and scratches every year. Some items on sale will have minor scratches and marks but are in overall good condition. At clearance sales, pieces of furniture go for very low and heavily discounted prices, so it's a great way to get that piece of furniture you've been wanting.

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Final Thoughts

Buying a piece of furniture may be the final step you need to take to give your home that look you've been aiming for. With the astronomical furniture prices in Canada, it is essential to find a place that sells furniture at affordable prices.

Many online furniture retail stores offer quality furniture at great prices, and some even offer free shipping and fantastic deals. You can also use the tips in the article to help you save even more money when shopping for furniture in Canada.

Cheap Furniture Online Canada FAQs

Where can I buy cheap couches online in Canada?

You can buy cheap couches online in Canada at online retail stores like Staples, Leon's, The Brick, Furniture Depot, Payless Furniture, IKEA, Best Buy, and others. These online stores offer home furniture like couches at very affordable prices and you’ll also find some of the best cheap patio furniture Canada has to offer. Finally, these sites also have great return policies and even free shipping.

What is the cheapest month to buy furniture in Canada?

The cheapest month to buy furniture in Canada is at the end of the winter season in January and February, and also in July, August, and September because furniture stores usually have clearance sales during these months.

Is it cheaper to buy furniture in-store or online?

Buying furniture online might be relatively cheaper than buying furniture in-store. It's also easier to compare the prices of the same piece of furniture across different online stores to find the best deals. That said, there are benefits to buying furniture in-store as you'll save time and will not have to wait around for delivery.

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