6 Best Virtual Mailboxes & Business Addresses Reviewed 2022

October 3, 2022
Best Virtual Mailboxes

A virtual mailbox service is the easiest way for a business to receive physical mail and packages without a permanent address. Virtual mailboxes (sometimes known as digital mailboxes) provide you with a physical address you can send any mail to, which they will then forward on to you anywhere in the world.

After researching and testing more than a dozen companies over 12+ months, iPostal1 is my top choice for the best virtual mailbox due to its 2,300+ locations and excellent overall value. With thousands of 5-star reviews and great customer support, I can't recommend iPostal1 highly enough.

The Best Virtual Mailbox Services Of 2022

  1. iPostal1 – Best virtual mailbox overall
  2. Anytime Mailbox – Best international presence in a virtual mailbox
  3. PostScan Mail – Best virtual mailbox for cloud storage
  4. Planet Express – Best no-monthly-fee virtual mailbox

Note: For my picks for the best virtual business addresses, click here.


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    What Is The Best Virtual Mailbox?

    1. iPostal1 – Best Virtual Mailbox Overall

    Best Overall

    Monthly fee: Starting at $9.99
    Free storage: 30 days
    Shipping discounts: Yes

    2,300+ locations worldwide.


    Rated 4.9/5

    iPostal1 is my pick for the top virtual mailbox service because it offers 2,300+ addresses, unique and powerful digital mailbox features, consistent plans across all locations, and it's a great value. Users can view and manage their mail and packages with the iPostal1 app or online with plans starting at just $9.99/month. International shipping discounts are also available.

    If you’re running a business from home, iPostal1 makes it affordable to get a real street address to upgrade your company image, protect your family’s privacy and register your business. If you travel a lot or are away from home during the day, you can stay connected to your mail and stop worrying about your packages being stolen.

    With iPostal1, you also get exclusive features like real-time shipping prices and the option to choose virtual office plans with phone and fax. It's a reliable, secure provider that's been in business since 2007, and I can't recommend iPostal1 enough.


    • 2,300+ locations in all 50 states plus Canada, Europe, Asia, and other countries
    • Tax-free warehouses in Delaware, Oregon, Montana, Alaska and New Hampshire
    • Deep discount international shipping
    • Office building and co-working locations also available
    • Mail forwarding, including consolidation of letters and packages
    • Free storage for 30 days
    • Real-time shipping prices
    • Open and scan mail content ($1.50 for up to 10 pages)
    • Mail pickup + discarding/shredding
    • Check deposit by mail available at most locations
    • Virtual office plans with phone and fax (from $39.99)


    • Digital mailbox: $9.99/month
    • Mail scanning: $1.50 for up to 10 pages
    • Mail forwarding: Cost of postage
    • Storage: 30 days free, then $1.10 per letter per month

    This screenshot offers a bit more info into iPostal1's pricing structure: if you pay annually, you'll get 2 months free, with their Blue and Silver plans being their most popular.

    iPostal1 Virtual Mailbox Pricing

    Best For

    Business owners, travelers and online shoppers

    2. Anytime Mailbox – Best International Presence In A Virtual Mailbox

    Best Int'l Presence

    Monthly fee: $5—$10
    Free storage: 60 days
    Shipping discounts: Yes

    1,600+ locations worldwide.


    Rated 4.8/5

    With 1,600+ mailbox locations spread across 40+ countries—plus services like package consolidation to reduce the cost of shipping—Anytime Mailbox is a great mailbox both for business owners and for online shoppers buying from stores all over the world.

    Anytime Mailbox offers all of the standard digital mailbox services (mail scans, check deposits, etc.) plus a generous 60 days of free storage on all letters and packages. Like the other mailboxes on this list, they'll also forward postal mail anywhere in the world, particularly helpful for expats or digital nomads who spend most of their time abroad.

    Anytime Mailbox Virtual Mailboxes In California, USA

    Anytime Mailbox's plans range from $5 to $15 per month, which is reasonable given the variety of services they offer. As you can see in the screenshot of their California mailboxes above, prices are different for each mailbox, making it fairly easy to find one that meets your budget.

    One of the main reasons I recommend iPostal1 over Anytime Mailbox is because their pricing and service offering is so much more stable and predictable: you know exactly what to expect from every iPostal1 mailbox, and it all comes for just $9.99. If iPostal1 doesn't work for you, though, Anytime Mailbox is undoubtedly a solid, professional mailbox provider that does not disappoint.


    • 1,600+ locations in 40+ countries, including Canada, Europe, Asia, South American, Africa, and the Middle East
    • Tax-free warehouses in Delaware, Oregon, Montana, Alaska and New Hampshire
    • 60 days of free storage on all letters and packages
    • Deep discounts with all major carriers
    • Letter + package consolidation
    • Local pickup available for a fee ($1-$5 per item)
    • Mail scanning ($0.50/page)
    • Forward packages for $5
    • Check deposits
    • Secure shredding ($0.10/page)


    • Monthly Fee: $5-$10/month
    • Mail Scanning: $0.50/page
    • Mail Forwarding: $5 + the cost of shipping
    • Storage: Free for 60 days, then 5 cents/item/day

    Best For

    Business owners and online shoppers buying from retailers around the world.

    3. PostScan Mail – Best Virtual Mailbox For Cloud Storage

    Best For Letter Mail

    Monthly fee: $15—$30
    Free storage: 7 days
    Shipping discounts: Yes

    400+ locations across the US.


    Rated 4.6/5

    PostScan Mail operates a network of 400+ virtual mailboxes across the United States and abroad. Its robust mobile app allows you to place your mail into digital folders and filter while you search, making finding and organizing your postal mail easy.

    PostScan Mail allows 30 days of free storage for letters (7 days for packages), and offers unlimited cloud storage, so you can keep years' worth of postal mail on their servers. They eliminate junk mail before it reaches your inbox and have run a respectable mail forwarding service for years.

    If you choose not to go with iPostal1 or Anytime Mailbox, PostScan Mail is still a solid option.

    PostScan Mail Virtual Mailboxes Features


    • 400+ locations across the US and around the world
    • Free storage for 7 days (packages) and 30 days (letters)
    • Tax-free warehouses in Delaware, Oregon, Montana and Alaska
    • Local pickup
    • Letter + package consolidation
    • Unlimited cloud storage
    • Real U.S. street addresses


    • Monthly fee: $15 – $30/month
    • Mail Scanning: 5-20 free scans per month (depending on your plan), then $2 per letter
    • Mail Forwarding: $0.85 per item + shipping
    • Letter Storage: First 30 days free, then $0.05 per letter/day.
    • Free Package Storage: First 7 days free, then $0.10 per pound/day.

    Best For

    Businesses with low to moderate amounts of incoming letter mail.

    4. Planet Express – Best No-Monthly-Fee Virtual Mailbox

    No Monthly Fees

    Monthly fee: None
    Free storage: 10 days
    Shipping discounts: Yes

    Tax-free warehouses in the US.


    Rated 4.5/5

    Planet Express is a package forwarder designed specifically for online shoppers, and they serve those shoppers extremely well. They have mailboxes in the US (California, Oregon and Florida) and the UK, making them a great choice for anyone living abroad and shopping from those two countries.

    Unlike the other mailbox providers on this list, Planet Express only deals with packages, not letter mail, so if you're looking for a new business address where you can accept business mail, Planet Express is not the company for you. With that said, though, one great thing about Planet Express is that they don't charge any monthly fees. This is extremely rare among package forwarders, making them stand out among a crowd of others charging $5-$25 per month.

    Planet Express Virtual Mailbox Package Consolidation

    Planet Express' Shop For Me service allows you to shop in the US even without a credit card: their team will place your orders for you, and you'll pay them back through a variety of payment methods, including PayPal. This is great if you live in a country like India where different payment methods are used to transact online, or if you don't have a credit card that's accepted in the United States.

    I’ve personally used Planet Express for more than 3 years and have had nothing but great experiences with them. If you live abroad but are shopping from US retailers, I can recommend them as a reliable package forwarding service.


    • The only FREE package forwarding plan in the USA
    • Warehouses in the US and the UK
    • Tax-free warehouses in Oregon
    • Deep discounts with USPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, and Planet Express' own shipping service
    • Free photos of incoming packages
    • Shop For Me purchase assistance
    • Package consolidation
    • 10-45 days of free package storage, depending on your plan


    • Monthly fee: $0 – $10/month
    • Photos:
      • Free photos upon package arrival
      • $2 for 3 photos inside your package
      • $5 for 10 photos inside your package
    • Package / Mail Forwarding: $2/package + shipping
    • Storage: 10-45 days free, then $0.01 per pound/day 

    Best For

    Online shoppers seeking a package forwarder with no monthly fees.

    Virtual Mailboxes I Don’t Recommend

    In my research into digital mailboxes, I discovered a handful of mailboxes that I don’t recommend for a variety of different reasons: 

    1. US Global Mail: US Global Mail has a sleek website, but it also has a tendency to nickel-and-dime its customers, charging them small fees in every way it can. If you’d rather not pay a monthly fee or get hit with unexpected charges around every turn, go with Planet Express instead.  
    2. Earth Class Mail: Earth Class Mail only has mailboxes within the US, significantly restricting its usefulness. For a better digital mailbox with just as strong US coverage as Earth Class Mail, go with iPostal1.
    3. Traveling Mailbox: Like US Global Mail and Earth Class Mail, Traveling Mailbox has a tendency to charge its customers fees for everything, making the service much more expensive than users expect. For more accurate, honest pricing, go with iPostal1 or Anytime Mailbox.
    4. USA2Me: USA2Me’s main draw is its free plan, though just setting up an account with them costs $23—and there are additional fees after that. For a better free mailbox with zero setup fees, go with Planet Express.

    My Pick For The Best Virtual Mailbox: iPostal1

    After researching and testing more than a dozen companies over 12+ months, iPostal1 is my top choice for the best virtual mailbox due to its 2,300+ locations and excellent overall value. With a well-developed app and features like check deposits, secure mail shredding and junk mail filtering, iPostal1 is a valuable tool for business owners looking to scale their operations quickly.

    With thousands of 5-star reviews and great customer support, I can't recommend iPostal1 highly enough.

    What Is The Best Virtual Business Address?

    1. Northwest Registered Agent – Best Overall & $39 Business Formation Service

    Best Overall

    Fee: $39 per year
    Free storage: Unlimited
    Shipping cost: Free

    Best value mailbox in the USA.


    Rated 4.9/5

    Northwest Registered Agent is a top-rated virtual business address provider specializing in registering LLCs. They operate in all 50 states, are rated 4.7/5 on Google, and take care of all of your legal needs.

    From now until October 4, 2022, Northwest Registered Agent is registering LLCs, corporations and nonprofits for just $39. This price includes a full year of mail forwarding, registered agent services, a virtual business address, all of the legal documents required for your new business, and everything else you need to ensure you're fully compliant with the law.

    All filings with Northwest Registered Agent are backed by their 100% error-free guarantee. You can cancel your services at any time, and there are zero hidden fees.

    As both the cheapest and the best virtual business address provider out there, I can't recommend Northwest Registered Agent highly enough.


    • All legal paperwork filed for you on time
    • 100% error-free guarantee
    • 200+ business experts across the country available to answer your questions
    • Fully private business address
    • Free mail forwarding within the United States
    • Unlimited phone and email support
    • Available in all 50 states
    • Zero hidden fees or automatic service renewals
    • All personal information kept fully private (the only company to offer this)


    • First year: $39 + state fees
    • Annual renewal: $125 + state fees


    $39 for the first year when you sign up using this link.

    Best For

    Business owners looking for the best service at the lowest price in the industry.

    GET THE $39 DEAL
    Offer ends October 4, 2022.

    2. Incfile – Best Virtual Business Address For Opening An LLC Quickly

    Incfile is a Registered Agent service that serves all of your tax and legal needs before, during and after you register an LLC. Incfile customers get unlimited phone and email support, plus access to a real-time order tracking tool as you await your documentation.

    Your Incfile dashboard digitally stores all of your LLC formation documents and tracks important deadlines and compliance reminders, ensuring you never miss any requirements. By signing up using the link below, you’ll also receive a 60-minute business tax consultation with a certified tax professional, completely free.

    Incfile offers virtual business addresses in 22 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

    Incfile is known for its deeply knowledgeable expertise backed by fast, helpful customer support agents. If you’re incorporating an LLC, Incfile is a great choice.


    • First year free on Incfile Silver when you incorporate using the link below
    • Free 60-minute business tax consultation
    • Unlimited phone and email support
    • Real-time order tracking tool for your documentation
    • Available in 22 states
    • No hidden fees or automatic service renewals


    • Incfile Silver: $0 + state fees
    • Incfile Gold: $199 + state fees
    • Incfile Platinum: $299 + state fees


    First year free when you incorporate using this link.

    Best For

    Business owners who want to open an LLC quickly.

    Why you should trust me

    • Digital Nomad
      I've lived in 8 countries over the past decade, so I know the struggles of getting things shipped to wherever I am.
    • Deep Research
      I opened accounts (and shipped items) with 14 different mailboxes to write this post.
    • Unbiased
      All of my selections are supported by multiple data points, including dozens of other virtual mailbox users, Amazon shoppers, and entrepreneurs running businesses overseas.
    My top pick →

    Benefits Of Virtual Mailboxes & Business Addresses

    There are a few major benefits of using a digital mailbox:

    • Convenience: You have control over all your mail right at your fingertips. You’ll see new mail arrive, be able to forward it to other locations, and even have checks deposited. If the digital mailbox you choose also provides virtual office services, you may be able to get a dedicated phone number answered by a real receptionist, too.
    • Freedom To Travel: Have your postal mail or packages forwarded to you anywhere in the world, freeing you up to travel whenever and wherever you want.
    • Privacy: There are many reasons why you may not want to give out your home address, especially if you're registering a business and your physical address will be publicly accessible. Using a virtual address is a great way to maintain your privacy while still reaping all of the benefits a physical address entails.
    • Security: All of the mailboxes I recommend above go to great lengths to ensure that your documents (legal, business, and personal) are handled very securely. Communications with end users are encrypted with bank-level SSL encryption, and your account is protected behind a password and 2-factor authentication (2FA) if you choose. It's also worth pointing out that every mailbox provider in the United States has to follow strict USPS guidelines, and there are harsh consequences if they fail to keep users’ information safe. 
    • Registered Agent Services: Premium mailbox providers like iPostal1 also offer registered agent services, which can offer tremendous value if you’re considering a digital mailbox for your business. A registered agent can take care of sensitive documents and legal filings on your behalf, giving you much more flexibility.

    Virtual Mailboxes & Business Addresses FAQs

    What Is A Virtual Mailbox?

    A digital mailbox gives you a physical mailing address where you can accept letters, documents, and packages while you're away from home. You can also use your virtual mailbox to create an online archive of your documents and important papers, or even as an official business address when opening an LLC.

    When your mailbox provider receives a piece of your mail, they'll scan the envelope or take a photo of the package and email it to you.

    Getting started with a virtual mailbox service is simple:

    1. Open an account with one of the virtual PO boxes mentioned in this post (I recommend iPostal1 or Anytime Mailbox). I've included details about all of their features, including which of them I personally use and why.
    2. The service you select will assign you a unique virtual mailing address, which you can have letters and packages sent to.
    3. Start receiving email notifications every time a piece of mail arrives.

    Standard Virtual Mailbox Services

    These are the services that nearly all mailbox providers offer:

    • Open and scan/photograph your letters and packages for you to view online
    • Forward letters and packages to you domestically or internationally
    • Receive credit cards and bank statements
    • Receive legal statements and personal & business bills
    • Instant notification when you receive a piece of mail
    • Shred and destroy unwanted mail
    • Filter out junk mail like flyers

    Advanced Virtual Mailbox Services

    These services are only offered by some mailbox service providers:

    • Long-term package storage
    • Unlimited digital storage
    • Repack and consolidate multiple packages to save on shipping costs
    • Real street address (not a PO box)
    • Personal shopping service
    • Deposit checks for you and your business
    • Sign for letters and packages upon delivery

    Are Virtual Mailbox Services Safe?

    Yes, virtual PO boxes are safe because they're accessed exclusively online and are not available to the public. All of the digital mailboxes I recommend above operate from secure data centers and comply with the latest security protocols, including 128-bit SSL encryption and full disk encryption for all customer data.

    All digital mailboxes in the US must comply with strict USPS guidelines and face stiff penalties if they fail to keep users’ information safe. Virtual PO boxes are not permitted to release their users' addresses to anyone unless they are specifically instructed to do so.

    What Is The Cheapest Virtual Mailbox?

    The cheapest mailbox provider is iPostal1, whose plans start at just $9.99/month with no hidden fees. It's possible to get a $5/month mailbox from Anytime Mailbox, but you will face some additional fees, so if cost is your primary concern, I recommend iPostal1.

    On the other hand, if you're planning to only receive packages (not letter mail), you should give Planet Express a try. It's the only package forwarding service in the US with a free plan, making it an excellent choice for the budget-conscious shopper.

    Which Virtual Mailbox Is Best?

    The best overall virtual mailbox is iPostal1, both for its low pricing and its excellent customer service. I’ve tested out more than a dozen different mailbox providers, and if you’re looking to get your purchases forwarded to you quickly and reliably, I recommend iPostal1.

    But don't take my word for it: as you can see here, iPostal1 has received excellent ratings from more than 5,000 reviews on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Google.

    iPostal1 Virtual Mailbox Reviews

    Does USPS Offer A Virtual Mailbox?

    Yes, USPS does offer a virtual PO box service. However, USPS PO boxes cannot receive shipments from any other shipping carrier, which is why it may be a good business move to get a separate virtual mailing address as well.

    What's The Best Free Virtual Mailbox?

    The best (and only) free virtual mailbox service you'll find in the United States is Planet Express. With no monthly fees, you only pay Planet Express for the mail you receive and ship, making it a very budget-conscious offering.

    Keep in mind, though, that Planet Express is actually a package forwarder, not a virtual mailbox, which means they only accept packages, not letter mail. Here's a photo of one of Planet Express' warehouses to show you what it looks like inside there.

    Planet Express' warehouse (Best Virtual Mailboxes)

    Which Virtual Mailbox Services Offer A Free Trial (First Month Free)?

    No digital mailboxes currently offer a free trial (first month free), but Planet Express' free plan takes things even one step further, since it doesn't charge any monthly fees at all.

    What's The Best Virtual Mailbox For Small Business?

    The best virtual mailbox for small business is iPostal1, since it offers real street addresses, protecting the privacy of both your family and your business. Given that iPostal1 costs as little as $9.99 per month yet still comes with so many valuable features, a virtual address can be a very affordable tool to make your life easier and help your business grow.

    You can read more about iPostal1 in my full iPostal1 review.

    What's The Best Virtual Mailbox Service In Canada?

    The best virtual mailbox service for Canadians is iPostal1, given that it has a low monthly fees $9.99/month) and quickly ships items (including Amazon.com purchases) across the Canadian border with no hassle and minimal shipping fees.

    What Kind Of Mail Forwarding Service Do Virtual Mailboxes Offer?

    Most digital mailboxes offer mail and package forwarding of all kinds: if you can get an item shipped to them, they're able to forward it on to you. The companies listed above have all negotiated special discounts with the big shipping companies, too, so you can ship your items for far less than retail price.

    Mail forwarding services are convenient both for businesses and for frequent travelers, since you won't need to update your mailing address so frequently. If you're looking for a secure mail forwarding service, any of the companies listed above are a great choice.

    What's The Best Virtual Mailbox For Expats?

    The best virtual mailbox service for expats depends on where you are in the world: expats based in Europe will have different priorities than those based in Asia, and the same goes for other places around the world. If you're just looking for a solid all-around digital mailbox, though, I recommend iPostal1.

    How Much Does A Virtual PO Box Cost?

    Some virtual PO boxes, like Planet Express, don't charge monthly fees, while others, like iPostal1, Anytime Mailbox, and PostScan Mail charge fees ranging from $5 – $30/month. Business addresses tend to cost more, since they may offer specialized services like access to a live telephone receptionist.

    Is A Virtual Mailbox Better Than A PO Box?

    Yes, virtual mailbox services are better than PO boxes in some crucial ways, perhaps the most important of which is that PO box users can only check their mail during business hours (and not on federal holidays). Virtual mailbox users are also able to change the location of their mailbox much easier than PO box users can, giving them extra flexibility in case their mailbox needs suddenly change.

    What Is A Virtual Business Address Used For?

    A virtual business address is used for forwarding mail while you’re traveling or living abroad, or just to keep you more organized. You can also use a virtual business address to create an online archive of your documents and important papers, or even as an official business address when opening an LLC.

    I personally find myself using virtual business address services most often when I’m overseas and need to order things from Amazon and other retailers that won’t ship to my current address. In those cases, I just have the package shipped to my virtual business address, and have them forward it on to my current address a few days later.

    Having a real street address can be a huge benefit, too, as many banks and government agencies don’t accept PO boxes as legitimate addresses. This means you can use some virtual business addresses as a registered business address, though not all of them.

    Are Virtual Business Addresses Safe?

    Yes, virtual business addresses are safe because they’re accessed exclusively online and are not available to the public. All of the virtual business addresses I recommend above operate from secure data centers and comply with the latest security protocols, including 128-bit SSL encryption and full disk encryption for all customer data.

    All virtual business addresses in the US must comply with strict USPS guidelines and face stiff penalties if they fail to keep users’ information safe. Virtual business addresses are not permitted to release their users’ addresses to anyone unless they are specifically instructed to do so.

    Which Countries Have Virtual Mailboxes?

    You can find a virtual mailbox in nearly every country in the world. Using our virtual mailbox locator tool at the top of this page, you'll find mailboxes in all of these countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, all over the Caribbean, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, South Korea, Malaysia, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, the Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    As you can see, this list represents every corner of the globe: North America, South and Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania.

    Does USPS Offer A Virtual Business Address?

    Yes, USPS does offer a PO box virtual mail service. However, USPS PO boxes cannot receive shipments from any other shipping carrier, which is why it may be a good business move to get a virtual business address address as well.

    What's The Best Free Virtual Address For LLC?

    The best free virtual address for an LLC is iPostal1, since it offers small business owners a low-cost way to accept mail and packages at any of 2,300+ physical addresses across the United States and beyond. Each piece of mail is stored for free for up to 30 days, and if you need it forwarded on to your current address, iPostal1 has negotiated lower prices with all of the major shipping carriers to keep your costs low.

    Can You Pick Up Mail From A Virtual Business Address?

    You can pick up mail from some virtual business address, but not all of them. You’ll need to check with your virtual business address service’s policies before receiving any packages so that you don’t get charged an extra pickup fee.

    Is It Necessary To Have A Registered Agent?

    Yes, every LLC and corporation is legally required to have a Registered Agent in each state where they do business. Some virtual business addresses can serve as a Registered Agent for you, eliminating expensive legal fees and allowing you to focus on building your business.

    Can I Use A Virtual Business Address For My LLC?

    Yes, you can use a virtual business address for your LLC, and thousands of companies already do. Whether you already have an established LLC or are opening one for the first time, a virtual business address can save you time, money and effort in the process, making your business less burdensome and more profitable.

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