iPostal1 Review: Our #1-Rated Virtual Mailbox

August 8, 2022
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Virtual mailboxes are a great way to receive mail when you're traveling, to accept mail in a location where your business doesn't have an office, or to cash checks and accept packages on your behalf. In fact, one of the key things to look for in a virtual mailbox is one that has a lot of locations, which gives you more flexibility and makes your life easier.

iPostal1 offers more than 2,300 mailbox locations, the most of any virtual mailbox provider in the United States. With great customer support and an easy-to-use interface, I highly recommend iPostal1 as a virtual mailbox and virtual office service.

What Is iPostal1?

iPostal1 is one of the oldest and most well-known digital mailbox providers, with more than 2300 mailing address locations spread throughout the world. While iPostal1 was founded by Jeff Milgram in 2015, the company has had its roots in the pioneers of digital mailbox and mailroom management software way back in 2007. 

The company’s headquarters is situated in Montebello, New York. The company has been featured on the show ‘Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland’, where it received extremely positive remarks about the company’s affordable plans and innovative mail management features. Their home page also boasts of the fact that they have the highest number of digital mailbox locations out of any digital mailbox provider. 

It is also one of the fastest-growing virtual mailbox services, managing to secure up to 30,000 customers in 118 countries within the first few years of its launch. The company offers several great features for its customers and reportedly has the highest number of positive reviews from any other digital mailbox provider.

Features Of iPostal1

#1 US or international mailing address with a digital mailbox

iPostal1 offers a real street address to individuals and businesses with your own specific mailbox number. These mailboxes allow users to receive mail and packages from any carrier of their choice. These locations can receive mail related to banking, credit or debit cards, personal mail, and business mail. 

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The website is very intuitive when it comes to adding address locations. iPostal1 allows users to manage their mail and packages from their smartphone with a dedicated Android and iOS app. You can visually inspect each mail and package through the app as well as tell the company to forward, scan or shred it with just a few clicks on your smartphone.

iPostal1 Review Virtual Mailboxes

#2 Toll-free company phone or fax number

If you opt for iPostal1’s virtual office plan, users get the option to have a company phone and fax number for their own business. Getting the premium plans priced at $59.99 and $69.99, respectively, upgrades your company phone number to a toll-free one. 

This number can be customized to add personalized greetings relevant to your business as well as forward any domestic or international calls to your preferred phone number. If needed, the number can be further equipped with a digital voice mail that notifies callers about your business and availability. For businesses that heavily rely on fax, iPostal1 also offers users the option of getting dedicated electronic fax specifically for their business. 

iPostal1 Review Pricing

#3 Mail scanning and free cloud storage

Individuals and companies often receive highly sensitive and important mail that needs their immediate attention. For such mail, iPostal1 offers extremely quick mail scanning within a few hours that allows you to check your mail from anywhere around the world. 

Users get a high-quality digital PDF of their mail in their digital mailbox within hours of the mail’s arrival. These scanned pieces of mail are automatically uploaded onto your digital mailbox’s 2GB cloud storage, where you can access them anytime you want.

#4 Mail and package forwarding

One of iPostal1’s most convenient features is its mail and package forwarding. Any package or mail that you receive can be forwarded to any address of your choice around the world where major delivery carriers deliver. Users can see instant real-time shipping costs of specific carriers and then further compare them to the costs of other carriers. 

iPostal1 even offers a tremendous 80% discount on international shipping from the US to specific locations listed on this page, such as Germany. If you are forwarding multiple pieces of mail or packages in separate boxes, iPostal1 gives you the option of sending them together as one single unit so that you can save huge amounts of money on shipping costs. 

iPostal1 Review International Forwarding

#5 Direct check deposits

When your business or you yourself get a check in your mail, iPostal1 offers to deposit the check for you in your bank account as long as it supports mail-in deposits. iPostal1’s secure facilities ensure that the checks users get in their mail stay secure and rid you of any anxiety that may come with a physical mailbox left unattended for long periods of time. 

iPostal1 has highly secure facilities, and they never check your mail unless and until you give them permission to do so – giving you full security and control of your mail.   

#6 Online address book and contact manager

iPostal1 features a unique online address book that contains all your important shipping addresses and contact information of the company or individual you are sending your mail or package to. With just a few clicks, users can easily ship gifts to their friends and family all around the world. 

The address book comes with a featured contact manager that expertly manages all your known contacts and their important information, including the addresses of your business’s customers. 

Pros & Cons Of iPostal1


  • 2,000+ US and international digital mailbox locations that allow you to set up your virtual address anywhere around the world.
  • Extremely affordable plans ($10-$40/month) with one of the lowest pricing in the digital mailbox industry. 
  • Dedicated Android (rated 3.5/5) and iOS (rated 4/5) app that allows for quick and easy mail management. 
  • Professional customer service that responds immediately via live chat, contact form, or by phone.  
  • Industry experience of several years, being in the digital mailbox industry since 2007.  
  • Intuitive contact manager that stores all the addresses and information about your precious customers and your friends/family members. 
  • Package consolidation for sending multiple packages that save you tons of money in shipping costs.  
  • Free document and check scanning that allows you to check your mail anywhere around the world that all gets uploaded into the cloud storage of your choice. 


  • iPostal1’s subscription plans do not cover additional optional service charges, and you have to pay them separately. 
  • Users need to fill out and notarize USPS form 1583 all by themselves. 
  • The website feels outdated, which degrades the overall user experience. 
  • Specific iPostal1 facilities have very bad customer reviews and reputations. 
  • There is no free mail shredding and unlimited cloud storage as offered by other virtual mailbox providers. 
  • While the customer service is responsive, it’s not functional during the weekends and only accepts customer responses from Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST.   

iPostal1 Pricing

Green BlueSilverGoldVirtual Office Plans
Monthly price$9.99$14.99$24.99$39.99$39.99-$69.99
Yearly price$99$149$249$399$399-$699 
Mail limit306012024060-240

All iPostal1 plans offer almost the same features to their users, except for the number of pieces of mail you can receive that increases with the price of the plans. To ensure long-term customers, iPostal1 offers a 2-month free discount on yearly plans. iPostal1’s most popular individual plan is its ‘blue’ plan, which comes at a low price of $14.99/month or $149/year, which offers individuals to receive up to 60 pieces of mail and packages per month. 

On the other hand, their most preferred business plan is the ‘silver’ plan that allows businesses to get up to 120 mail per month and comes at a price of $24.99/month or $249/year. For companies that need a digital mailbox plan that comes with their own company phone and fax number, iPostal1 offers virtual office plans starting from $39.99/month at 60 pieces of mail/month and going all the way up to $69.99/month at 240 pieces of mail/month. Additionally, the virtual office box plans ‘Office 120’ and ‘Office 240’ feature an upgrade of your standard company and phone number to a toll-free one. 

iPostal1 offers a full refund of the mailbox rental fee within the first 30 days if you did not use your account to receive mail or for any other purpose. If you qualify, you need to contact iPostal1 through either the live chat present on their website, by filling out their contact form, or by calling them on 845-579-5770.  

iPostal1 has one of the most affordable pricing ranges in the digital mailbox industry, giving them an advantage over competitors like Earth Class Mail, Anytime Mailbox, PostScan Mail, etc.  

iPostal1 – Is It The Best Option For You? 

iPostal1 is one of the most well-known virtual mailbox providers out there and offers several great features to its users. However, they have several problems that need to be addressed so you can be sure that you are making the right decision when choosing iPostal1.

  1. iPostal1’s worst disadvantage is that they have several optional charges that aren’t covered in any subscription plans they offer. That means you get charged separately if you want to shred, scan or consolidate your mail into bigger packages. Even check deposits and mail pickups have an extra fee that you need to pay separately on top of paying for your subscription plan. 
  2. Secondly, iPostal1 has an old-looking website that immediately shows when you first enter it. Compared to modern virtual mailbox providers, iPostal1’s website UI can come off as relatively outdated. Thirdly, iPostal1 doesn’t provide resources to fill out and notarize USPS form 1583 to its users as other virtual mailbox providers like Earth Class Mail do. 
  3. Lastly, iPostal1 has a poor reputation in some of their location facilities, and their customer service is only active during weekdays, from 9 to 5, to amend it. 

All that being said, iPostal1 still has extremely affordable plans that easily offset any optional charges you get along the way. Their huge variety of over 2,300 locations means that you can simply opt for another location if your experience with the previous one wasn’t that great. 

iPostal1 also features a great iOS and Android app that allows you to control your mail and packages from anywhere around the world. With iPostal1, you get a flexible shipment schedule with your choice of delivery carriers, shipping costs, and service levels. 

The company has received very positive reviews on several websites, and its customer service is often complimented for being professional and quick with their responses. iPostal1 can live up to all your expectations from a virtual mailbox provider, as long as you are fine with paying nominal optional charges and working with a relatively outdated-looking website.   

In Summary

Virtual mailboxes are a great way to receive mail when you're traveling, to accept mail in a location where your business doesn't have an office, or to cash checks and accept packages on your behalf. In fact, one of the key things to look for in a virtual mailbox is one that has a lot of locations, which gives you more flexibility and makes your life easier.

iPostal1 offers more than 2,300 mailbox locations, the most of any virtual mailbox provider in the United States. With great customer support and an easy-to-use interface, I highly recommend iPostal1 as a virtual mailbox and virtual office service.

iPostal1 FAQs

Is iPostal1.com legit?

Yes, iPostal1.com is fully legit because it is owned by USZoom LLC and is BBB accredited with an A+ rating. 

Is iPostal1 a registered agent?

Yes, iPostal1 is registered as a commercial mail receiving agency on each of their iPostal1 locations, authorized by the USPS to receive and process mail. 

Who owns iPostal1?

iPostal1 is owned by USZoom LLC and was founded by Jeff Milgram in 2015. 

How do I cancel iPostal1?

You can cancel your iPostal1 subscription anytime by going into Account, then Manage in your online mailbox or Account Settings if you are using the app. Doing this before the next billing date ensures that your subscription doesn’t get automatically renewed. 

How do I forward my iPostal1 mail?

To forward your iPostal1 mail, simply opt for a virtual mailbox plan, choose a location to forward your mail to, choose a delivery carrier from the different options provided by the company and your mail will automatically get forwarded after you finish your checkout. 

Is iPostal1 worth it?

Yes, iPostal1 is worth it if you are okay with paying optional charges from time to time and working with a slightly outdated UI. 

How much does iPostal1 cost?

iPostal1 subscription plans range from $9.99 all the way up to $69.99, depending on the type of plan you choose and your company’s mail requirements. These subscription plans don’t cover the optional charges you may need to pay for scanning, shredding, or forwarding your mail.

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