Earth Class Mail Review: Is It A Good Virtual Mailbox?

August 29, 2022

Earth Class Mail is a Texas-based virtual mailbox provider that has been running strong for almost twenty years. It offers a high level of security for your physical mail and both privacy and security of your personal data and scanned mail. While it is one of the pricier options you can choose in the US, the company's multiple features and options and its great customer service are well worth it.

What Is Earth Class Mail?

Earth Class Mail is a leading virtual mailbox and virtual address provider founded by Ron Wiener in 2004. Their main headquarters are located in Texas, United States, but they have branches in several locations providing various virtual addresses to their clients. Earth Class Mail is one of the USA's fastest-growing virtual mailbox service providers because of its innovative features.

They were recently acquired by LegalZoom, which has only served to improve their service even further. Their top feature is their rapid mail scanning which allows their clients to get their postal mail on their devices from anywhere around the world in record time. They also have specific plans that cater to businesses that want to save time and money with their mail.

Apart from that, Earth Class Mail also has seamless integration with various software such as Google Drive and, which allows you to upload your data to the cloud storage of your choice and integrate your check deposits with accounting software.

Features Of Earth Class Mail

#1 Mail scanning with full-text search

Mail scanning is one of Earth Class Mail's primary and most compelling features. It allows you to get a digital PDF copy of your postal mail in extremely high quality on your device. This enables you to get instant access to your mail and quickly check its contents, just like an email.

What's more, that Earth Class Mail even offers a full-text search with its mail, which means that you can quickly find the keywords in your postal mail to skip through the unimportant stuff and just read what's important for you. 

Users can also store their postal mail at Earth Class Mail's facilities or shred them securely. With your physical mail process entirely digital, you and your business save immense amounts of time and get precise control over your mail.

#2 Automated check deposits

Earth Class Mail's check deposit service allows you to scan and deposit any checks you get in your postal mail directly into a bank account of your choice. This saves you precious time and the hassle of manually depositing checks.

Furthermore, enabling automated check deposits enhances this feature even further by depositing your checks as soon as you get them in your mail without your intervention.

This service is straightforward to set up, and you don't need to sign up for any contracts or submit startup fees that may cut a hole in your wallet. Not only that, there's no limit to how much you can deposit, which is crucial for large business transactions. Your checks are scanned and deposited in extremely secure facilities that ensure your financial security. 

#3 Mail forwarding

The mail forwarding feature is a common feature offered by most virtual mailbox providers. However, what sets Earth Class Mail apart is the company's ability to automate and digitize the entire process. This feature allows users to forward their postal mail, either digitally as email or as a shipment, to any destination where major delivery carriers like FedEx can deliver.

Earth Class Mail eases the entire process by allowing you to control what goes in the shipment, how it should be packaged, delivery deadlines, and any insurance you want with your package. For international deliveries, they even offer to fill out and submit any customs forms in your stead, saving you even more time.

#4 Secure mail and document shredding

One of the most innovative and eco-friendly features Earth Class Mail offers to its clients is its secure mail and document shredding. All your postal mail that arrives at your virtual mailbox address is uploaded to a cloud storage service of your choice. You are then given the option to shred the physical documents securely so they can be easily recycled.

This not only rids you of the stress of managing the physical copies of your mail that you don't need anymore but also helps the environment because of the company's recycling process. Of course, if you want to keep the physical copies of your documents, then Earth Class Mail is more than happy to provide physical storage for them for up to 30 days.

#5 Flexible pricing

Earth Class Mail offers their virtual mailbox plans for everyone – from $19/month for regular individuals all the way up to $229/month for large businesses. This allows users to get the exact plan they need per their budget requirements. Thus, their pricing is flexible, and you can set up your subscription according to your needs.

While the basic plans don't have all the features that the premium plans offer, they still provide plenty of value. All of Earth Class Mail's plans include 50 mail scans and uploads per month, secure shredding services, and up to 30 days of physical storage for your mail.

Finally, they also offer separate plans for businesses, like their business address plan, which goes for only $39/month.

#6 Powerful integrations

Earth Class Mail has a robust API that allows users to integrate the Earth Class Mail platform into various crucial websites and software. The platform itself also integrates with Google Drive,, Dropbox, Box, Quickbooks, and Xero. This allows users to store their postal mail and essential documents straight into their cloud storage accounts.

Using Quickbooks with Earth Class Mail helps users easily keep track of check deposits using a site they can trust and record whatever payments they receive. Lastly, Earth Class Mail's Xero integration allows users to automate the entire process of receiving and depositing checks.

Pros & Cons Of Earth Class Mail


  • A wide variety of virtual address locations that allow you to get your mail from anywhere in the country quickly. 
  • Extremely fast check deposits and mail scanning, saving users a ton of time.
  • Precise and streamlined controls for managing shipments. 
  • Supportive customer support team with a great attitude that gets things done. 
  • Flexible pricing plans so users can choose the perfect service according to their budget.
  • Secure facilities that ensure your mail remains private and your checks aren't stolen.


  • Although you're paying a premium price for their service, the UI feels outdated and tedious. 
  • The billing system isn't easy to understand, and you may find yourself paying exorbitant fees for the smallest things if you're not careful.


Personal MailboxPremium MailboxStartup MailroomBusiness Mailroom
Virtual address available? NoYesYesYes
Maximum recipients120UnlimitedUnlimited
Incoming mail and scans limit5050100250

Earth Class Mail has several pricing plans for their users, from $19/month to $229/month. Their most popular plan is their Premium Mailbox plan at $79/month, which includes up to 20 recipients, 50 mail scans, and the ability to choose your own virtual address.

However, their most basic Personal Mailbox plan is also quite popular because of its extremely affordable price. All of their “Mailbox” plans, which are targeted at individuals and small businesses, have a maximum limit of 50 mails per month with up to 30 days of physical mail storage. They also offer secure shredding services after your mail is uploaded online.

The larger “Mailroom” plans, targeted at startups and larger businesses, have a 100 and 250 mail limit with the additional option of choosing a virtual address of your choice. For these plans, you can also add an unlimited number of participants, which is vital for businesses with many employees. 

Earth Class Mail doesn't currently offer a refund and instead charges you a cancellation fee if you were to cancel your account. While users state that the service is worth the price, it's hard to overlook that their plans are relatively expensive compared to competitors like iPostal1, Traveling Mailbox, US Global Mail, and others.

Earth Class Mail – Is It The Best Option For You?

While Earth Class Mail is considered a pretty good service, it has a few problems that can be off-putting for some people. The first significant problem is its outdated UI, making it look and feel a decade old. While most have had no trouble navigating through the interface after a short learning curve, the UI can get confusing for new users.

The second problem is the company's price point. Several virtual mailboxes and business address providers charge half the price for the same plans that Earth Class Mail offers. However, most of these companies don't have the same security features that Earth Class Mail provides, making them stand out from the competition.

If you have the budget and don't mind the UI, then Earth Class Mail has several great features that make it a good option for you or your business. No matter which plan you choose, the company provides a decent number of high-quality and highly-detailed mail scans.

They also offer to deposit your checks into any US bank account. Integrating these deposits with Quickbooks helps you track your finances more efficiently and effectively than if you had done it yourself.

Add to that the fact that you can get your packages consolidated and forwarded to your current location and shred any physical mail you don't want at no extra cost, and you're laughing!

We strongly recommend Earth Class Mail as one of the best virtual mailbox and virtual address providers if you are fine with paying a slightly higher price than average. But if you're looking for a similar level of service with a lower price tag, a better user interface, and 2,500+ street addresses to choose from, we suggest our #1-rated virtual mailbox, iPostal1.

In Summary

Earth Class Mail is one of the USA's most innovative and leading virtual mailbox and virtual address providers. Using their services will only benefit you and your business in the long run.

Earth Class Mail FAQs

Is Earth Class Mail safe?

Yes. Earth Class Mail is perfectly safe because it has highly secure mail-processing facilities with strict regulations and security checks to ensure complete privacy and safekeeping of your postal mail. Their website is protected by industry-standard HTTPS and 256-bit AES encryption, so your digital copies are as safe as possible.

Is Earth Class Mail HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Earth Class Mail is HIPAA compliant because it guarantees total privacy of your mail and your personal data with its secure facilities and servers.

Is Earth Class Mail worth it?

Yes, it is. If you don't mind paying the premium price and are okay with a slightly outdated UI, then Earth Class Mail is one of the best virtual mailbox and virtual address providers in the USA.

Is Earth Class Mail legit? 

Absolutely. Earth Class Mail is regulated by and registered with the United States Postal Service as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency, making it a completely legitimate company that has stood the test of time.

Does Earth Class Mail have a mobile app? 

Yes, they have a mobile app both on Android and iOS.

Does Earth Class Mail operate worldwide?

Yes. Earth Class Mail operates worldwide and allows users to set up their virtual addresses to receive postal mail within the USA. If you choose to use the service from another country, you must submit USPS form 1583 and then notarize it with an authorized notary. After providing two IDs and completing an interview, you'll be able to receive your mail in the USA successfully.

Does Earth Class Mail have good customer service?

Yes. Various users have quoted Earth Class Mail's customer service to be extraordinarily efficient. You can contact them through email at [email protected], chat on their website, or call their number at (210) 802-5211.

Does Earth Class Mail forward packages?

Yes. Earth Class Mail forwards packages or parcels to any location of your choice where major delivery carriers like FedEx can deliver.

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