US Global Mail Review: Is It A Good Virtual Mailbox?

August 29, 2022

If you're looking for an experienced virtual mail provider, you don't have to look further than US Global Mail. This company has been providing real mailing addresses to businesses and individuals for over two decades, and it's safe to say they know what they're doing. The company offers great value for a fair price, allowing you to receive as many incoming mails and packages as you want at no extra cost. Combined with package consolidation and considerable discounts on deliveries with major US carriers, this is a chance to save big on your physical mailing needs.

Although US Global Mail offers a great service, its two biggest flaws are not having a mobile app for those who want to manage their physical mail on the go and offering only a handful of street addresses in select locations. If you're looking for more flexibility at a still affordable price, our #1-rated virtual mail provider, iPostal1, is an excellent choice.

What Is US Global Mail?

US Global Mail is one of the oldest virtual mailbox providers in the industry, with more than two decades of experience. It was founded in 1999 by Barry Wisnevitz to give everyone a permanent address in the cloud and help them digitize their postal mail to make it accessible on demand. 

US Global Mail's top feature is the convenience they offer their customers in setting up their digital mailbox and receiving their postal mail. Their homepage also mentions the high quality of security they have in their facility to ensure the safety of your mail, as well as their mission to eliminate as much junk mail as possible to encourage a greener planet for future generations. 

Features Of US Global Mail

#1 Complete management of virtual mail

When you sign up with US Global Mail and fill out the USPS form 1583, you get access to your own US mailing address, which becomes your permanent address for all your postal mail. As soon as you start receiving mail, you are notified through email, and the mail is scanned externally and uploaded to your account for you to see. 

From then, you can choose to scan the contents, sort it as junk mail and shred it or have it immediately forwarded to your current address. US Global Mail even has an auto-filter option where users can automatically filter out junk mail from important and relevant mail for a much easier shredding process.

US Global Mail will save all your important mail on the computer or cloud storage of your choice and securely shred the rest to recycle paper. 

#2 Mail forwarding with a permanent mailing address

US Global Mail ensures that all your important mail and documents are forwarded and arrive securely at the facility, not at any other address. They guarantee users that they won't miss, lose or have any misdelivered mail in their mailbox—especially when it comes to important documents and correspondence such as your IRS notices, passport renewals, credit/debit cards, INS info, etc.

At your request, US Global ships anything you want in its original form—may it be your passport or your ID card. All mail and packages are forwarded via a traceable service that always lets you know where your parcel is. US Global Mail ensures that users are notified as soon as their packages arrive at the facility so they can forward them to their current address as quickly as possible. 

US Global Mail also offers to consolidate multiple packages in one shipment, which can help you save tons of money in shipment costs.

#3 Software integrations

US Global Mail has several software integrations for its users to avail of these platforms' features. The best examples are the Dropbox and Google Drive integrations, which can help you transfer your online mail and documents to your preferred storage platform. 

Additionally, US Global Mail offers Quickbooks integration to help you keep track of your expenses, postage, and subscription plans. For businesses, a few other integrations allow you to assign your company's employees to manage your company's mail for you.

#4 World-class security

One of the best things about US Global Mail is the security they provide to the users. US Global Mail relies on bank-grade encryption and the latest technology to ensure high-level security for your online virtual mailbox account. They pride themselves on their commitment to data security and safe mail handling, assuring their customers that their mail is in safe hands.

All data and information that moves between their facility and servers are fully encrypted. They use industry-leading security platforms like Google Cloud and AWS to protect your data. The company has regular internal privacy routines with experts and follows a comprehensive review process to ensure the safety and security of your account are maintained.

If you still don't feel safe having your mail online, you can download it on any device of your choice and delete the online copies. US Global Mail itself does mail deletion from time to time to ensure that your data stays protected.

#5 Affordable plans

US Global Mail offers some of the most competitive prices in the virtual mailbox industry. They claim you will not find a better value than their plans at any other virtual mailbox provider or PO box. Their plans include great features such as unlimited exterior mail scans, usually charged per scan or a certain number of scans at most other virtual mailbox providers. 

If, after subscribing, you're not satisfied with their features and services, US Global Mail offers a full refund for your subscription. No questions asked. 

US Global Mail works with major shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL, and this partnership helps them get discounts on shipping rates. US Global Mail passes on these savings to their customers so they can also save and never pay actual retail rates again. Their discounts can be as high as 80% on their retail shipping rates, which helps you save money and invest it elsewhere.

Pros & Cons Of US Global Mail


  • Highly affordable plans, with most plans starting from $10 if you choose annual billing and $15 if you choose monthly billing. 
  • Automated software integrations connected to your online mailbox account help you sort, backup, and track your mail and payments.
  • Package consolidation comes at a nominal price but can save you hundreds of dollars if the shipment is appropriately organized.  
  • US Global Mail allows users to forward mail from multiple homes or businesses to one virtual address from which they can access it online via their Smart Mailbox.
  • Bank-grade encryption for all information that travels between the facility and the servers, as well as the latest technology to ensure high-level security for your online virtual mailbox account.
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use website, even for first-time customers.
  • Automatic sorting and recycling of junk mail to provide user convenience and mitigate the adverse effect of 100 million trees lost in printing junk mail.
  • US Global doesn't have an incoming mail limit, meaning users can get unlimited mail monthly. 


  • US Global Mail has a very limited number of addresses to choose from, unlike other virtual mailbox providers like iPostal1, which have thousands of locations worldwide.
  • The customer support team is unavailable on weekends. You can only contact it on weekdays from Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM US Central Time at Toll-Free: 1-866-596-8965/International or local: 1-281-596-8965, contact form or live chat. 
  • No mobile or iOS app yet, which makes it difficult for users to manage their mail anytime they want on their smartphones. 
  • US Global Mail doesn't provide free scanning requests as other virtual mailbox providers and doesn't even cover their allotment in their plans – users need to pay 3.5cents/page separately to get their mail scanned.
  • Cloud mail storage is free only for a limited time, in stark contrast to the unlimited cloud storage that many virtual mailbox providers provide. 


BasicPlus Enterprise
Maximum recipients110Unlimited
Digital mail storage90 days free180 days free180 days free
Physical mail storage45 days free90 days free180 days free
Mail scanning timeWithin 4-6 hoursWithin 2-4 hoursNot stated
Customer support12-hour response time6-hour response time6-hour response time
Cost $14.99/month$19.99/month$34.99/month

US Global Mail's most popular plan is their Plus plan which costs about $19.99/month. Like all other US Global Mail plans, the plan allows users to receive an unlimited number of mail deliveries. It also includes 180 free days of digital mail storage, 90 free days of physical mail storage, and 30 free days of package storage, after which the company will start charging you. 

Each plan upgrade essentially increases the maximum number of recipients you can add to a plan, the amount of free storage time, and reduces the amount of mail scanning and customer support response time. Thus, their Basic plan is recommended for a single user, their Plus plan is recommended for a family, and their Enterprise plan is recommended for small and medium-sized businesses. 

US Global Mail offers standard pricing compared to their competition, but their additional costs add up in the long run, making the company's service slightly expensive. The company offers a full refund of your subscription within 30 days of activating your account if their service doesn't satisfy you.  

US Global Mail – Is It The Best Option For You? 

US Global Mail is one of the most experienced companies in the virtual mailbox industry, with two decades of history on its belt. They offer great features, affordable plans, world-class security, and several software integrations to satisfy their users.

However, there are several issues you should know about before you decide if US Global Mail is the right option for you. The first and most significant issue about US Global Mail is that it has a very limited number of mail processing centers around the country. They only offer two major company-managed warehouses and about 15 addresses nationwide. And as their name explicitly suggests, their international presence outside the USA is non-existent.

Related: If you're looking for a virtual mailbox provider with addresses all over the world, you can read our Anytime Mailbox review.

While their fast service makes up for it, no one can deny that users can face considerable delays if their mail arrives from different corners of the country where US Global Mail doesn't have offices or warehouses. They don't have a mobile app to provide users easy access to the platform from their smartphones. If any problems occur during the weekends, their customer support staff won't be there to resolve them in time. 

They also offer a very limited amount of offline and online storage time for your mail and packages, after which you'll have to pay a fee. 

Despite these problems, we believe that US Global Mail is still one of the most reliable virtual mailbox providers. If you choose their annual billing, their plans get incredible value for their price. US Global Mail users don't need to worry about an incoming mail limit like other virtual mailbox users. 

While there are a lot of additional charges involved with the usage, these charges are often nominal and will only make a huge dent in your account if you don't understand how they work. They offer world-class service on their mailing facilities and several features for package forwarding, such as package consolidation, at very competitive rates.

These huge advantages make US Global Mail a popular choice in the virtual mailbox industry. If you can ignore their cons, you will find that US Global Mail might be the right option for you.

In Summary

US Global Mail is a well-known name in the virtual mailbox industry. They certainly live up to users' expectations when considering the number of services and features the company provides. You can overlook most cons when considering its lower-than-average price point, making it an excellent option.

On the other hand, if, apart from excellent service, you're also looking for total flexibility in terms of available locations, our top-rated virtual mailbox, iPostal1, will undoubtedly impress you with its 2300+ mailbox addresses.

US Global Mail FAQs

Is US Global Mail legitimate?

Yes, US Global Mail is legitimate because it is used and trusted by thousands of customers.

Does US Global Mail have an app?

No. Unlike PostScan Mail and iPostal1, US Global Mail currently does not have an Android or iOS app, and smartphone users are forced to access the website through their phone browser. 

Is US Global Mail a PO box?

US Global Mail is not a PO box but a real street address provider where users can get both mail and packages. 

How Much does US Global Mail cost?

US Global Mail costs anywhere from $10 to $35, depending on the plan and type of billing you choose. 

Is US Global Mail worth it?

Yes, US Global Mail is worth it because of the great customer service, world-class security, affordable plans, and mail management features they offer to their users. 

Is US Global Mail safe?

Yes, US Global Mail is safe because it uses bank-level encryption to encrypt all the information that travels from their facilities and their servers and ensures your data stays safe with you. 

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