Anytime Mailbox Review: Is It A Good Virtual Mailbox?

August 25, 2022

Virtual mailboxes are a great way to receive mail when you're traveling, accept mail in a location where your business doesn't have an office, or cash checks and accept packages on your behalf. In fact, one of the key things to look for in a virtual mailbox is one that has a lot of locations, which gives you more flexibility and makes your life easier.

Anytime Mailbox offers more than 1,600 mailbox locations, more than 500 of which are located within the United States, and the rest are spread out across the globe. This makes Anytime Mailbox one of the few virtual mailbox providers that give you access to international addresses for your personal or business use.

What Is Anytime Mailbox?

Anytime Mailbox is a relatively new virtual mailbox platform started in 2013 to provide users with a better way to view and manage their mail on their smartphones. The company is headquartered in Henderson, NV., and only has had one goal since its start—to develop a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use tool for mail recipients and mail center operators that turns postal mail into immediately available digital mail. 

Their platform has the leading private-labeled, cloud-based technology in the postal mail industry, with mail center partners stretching across the USA and other parts of the world, including Canada. Their homepage focuses on their ability to let you securely access your virtual mailbox anytime, anywhere, and from any device you choose.

Features Of Anytime Mailbox

#1 Real street addresses from all around the world

Anytime Mailbox offers businesses and individuals a wide variety of real street addresses from around the world, with a focus on the USA, where it has over 500 locations. These addresses are crucial to assure organizations and potential clients that your mailing address is genuine and their mail can reach you.

These addresses or partner locations accept your postal mail and notify you once they receive it. Anytime Mailbox then provides you with several options of what to do with the mail, including opening and scanning it, forwarding to another destination, depositing it in a bank if it's a check, and shredding it once you have viewed it.

#2 Open and scan mail as a PDF

You are notified by email as soon as your mail arrives in one of Anytime Mailbox's partner locations. However, they don't send scanned images to your email account for security purposes, and the only way to view your mail is to access Anytime Mailbox's secure web portal. This portal provides you with a basic image of your mail from the outside. If you wish to check the contents of the mail, Anytime Mailbox gives you the option of opening and scanning the mail as a PDF for you.  

This PDF contains high-quality scans of your mail stored on a server with the protection of a 2048-bit SSL connection that eliminates all possibility of your mail's data being intercepted and stolen by someone else. Anytime Mailbox allows you to view the PDF copy of your mail from any device—smartphone, tablet, or laptop—providing you with a convenient way to read your mail from anywhere in the world.

#3 Global network of locations

Anytime Mailbox has over 1600+ locations worldwide, meaning that you have the option of getting your mail from most major international locations. The number of Anytime Mailbox's partner locations is constantly growing, so you'll have access to more mailing addresses as time passes.

Their global network also helps forward mail and packages internationally. This means users outside the USA can also use a local USA mailing address as long as they fill out the USPS 1583 form through an online notary company.

#4 Check deposits

Anytime Mailbox offers to deposit any checks you receive in your postal mail directly to a bank account of your choice. This is highly convenient if you aren't near a bank's physical branch and saves you all the hassle of manually depositing your checks.

Another great feature of this virtual mailbox provider is that enabling the check deposit feature involves no extra charges at most locations. There is no transaction limit to the amount of money you can deposit with your check unless your bank explicitly says so—a crucial factor for large-scale business transactions.

#5 Free unlimited cloud storage

All your mail can be scanned and uploaded on the free and unlimited cloud storage you get with any plan you choose. This means you can check all your scanned mail anytime from a digital device if you have an internet connection. 

Anytime Mailbox is one of the only mail service providers that genuinely provides free unlimited cloud storage for your account, unlike other virtual mailbox service providers that charge users for cloud storage or limit it. 

The company stores all your mail in secure servers in a tightly controlled colocation facility in the USA with over 20 years of experience in cloud-based storage. This gives users peace of mind that all their data is safe. 

#6 Mail and package forwarding

One of Anytime Mailbox's most convenient features is its ability to forward any mail and package you receive to a location of your choice. Their partner locations accept mail and package deliveries from USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other major shipping companies.

Anytime Mailbox's partner locations are shipping experts that open during regular business hours and will happily sign for all your mail and package deliveries. However, there may be taxes or duty fees involved for packages depending on their contents. Thus, customers should always be wary of any potential charges that may suddenly come up when forwarding their mail.

#7 Highly secure service

Anytime Mailbox offers multiple levels of privacy to its customers. YOu can only view scanned images of your mail on your browser through a 2048-bit SSL connection – ensuring that intercepting your data becomes nearly impossible.

Your data is only accessible through their web portal. As mentioned, all the information is stored on highly secure physical servers in a tightly controlled facility in the USA.

Furthermore, every data transfer and information exchange between the mailroom operator, the servers, and your device is secured with HTTPS.

Pros & Cons Of Anytime Mailbox


  • Highly affordable fees with most plans in the $10-$15/month range make them one of the most inexpensive mailbox providers available.
  • Over 1600+ real street addresses worldwide to choose from so that users can get the perfect location of their choice. 
  • Extremely secure service with a 2048-bit SSL connection and cloud storage protected by physical servers situated in a tightly controlled facility. 
  • Good customer support that is available Monday-Sunday from 6 AM – Midnight PST via a contact form, live chat, or phone call at +1 866 444 8417/+61 1800 951 410. 
  • Dedicated Android (rated 3.3/5) and iOS (rated 2.5/5) apps allow you to manage your mail from anywhere around the world with just your smartphone. 
  • Free unlimited cloud storage no matter which plans you choose, which means you have access to your scanned content, free of charge, for as long as your account remains active.
  • Effortless signup process that is intuitive and takes a relatively short amount of time to finish.


  • Anytime Mailbox doesn't have a fixed plan range; every partner location sets its pricing and decides which services to offer. This means that, when signing up with Anytime Mailbox, you must carefully research the details of the plans offered at your chosen address.
  • While check deposits are listed as one of the primary features on Anytime Mailbox's homepage, our research showed that 90% of partner facilities in major locations like Florida, New York, and California do not offer it. 
  • Your mail isn't received and scanned by Anytime Mailbox's official staff but by third-party locations. This may sometimes result in mishandling mail and packages, poor quality scan uploads, and negligence not found in dedicated company staff. 
  • While most of Anytime Mailbox's partner locations offer plans starting from $10/month, some locations charge exorbitant prices as high as $100/month or even more, which can be troublesome if you are looking to get an address in that particular location. 
  • Many users have complained about the hidden costs in Anytime Mailbox's service, such as the uninformed $25 charge for using their online notary or extra forwarding costs at some locations like New York.

Anytime Mailbox Pricing

To understand Anytime Mailbox's pricing, you need to consider that Anytime Mailbox does not actually own the locations it offers as addresses. Instead, it relies on third-party facilities to act as its partner locations.

These partner locations set their prices and plans, which can vary from location to location, especially when comparing locations from different states. This price variance is very uncommon in the industry, as most virtual mailbox providers like iPostal1 offer well-defined and reliable plans.

That said, most of Anytime Mailbox's plans start from $9.99/month and can go as high as $95.99/month in places like Carlsbad, California. The locations that start from $9.99/month often offer different plans, as shown below, with the costs, mail, and scan limits varying according to each location.

Mail limit20-40/month50-70/month120-130/monthUnlimited
Scan limit5-10 pages/month10-20 pages/month20-30 pages/month20-50 pages/month
Forwarding costsFree-$10.00+Free-$10.00+Free-$10.00+Free-$10.00+
Cost9.99 / monthUS$ 14.99 / monthUS$ 29.99 / monthUS$ 69.99 / month

It's also worth noting that some locations don't offer a monthly plan at all and instead offer annual plans if you wish to get the address, such as the Beverly Hills locations in Santa Monica that charge $319.99/year.

Anytime Mailbox has a refund policy where you may receive a full refund for the digital mailbox rental within the first 30 days if you did not use your account to receive mail or for any other purpose. You can issue this refund at their customer support team at 866-444-8417 or by email at [email protected].

Anytime Mailbox: Is It Worth It?

While, for the most part, Anytime Mailbox offers the best online features and an affordable pricing range to go along with it, they have one major problem that might be undesirable for many people – their partner location model.

The fact that these partner locations set their own prices and plans as they see fit can make them affordable or very expensive. Since their own company doesn't staff these locations, it can give rise to problems like mishandling mail, uploading poorly scanned mail, and not having an in-house customer support team to help users.

That said, most customers haven't reported any quality issues or damage to their mail and packages. Their platform is intuitive and supportive throughout the process to ensure that you can easily find an affordable address at your location of choice.

Since Anytime Mailbox offers 1600+ locations, it is easy to opt for a different mailing address if the previous one didn't have the needed features or if it lacks affordable plans. If you are okay with this slight inconvenience, you will find that Anytime Mailbox is a good option that will help you save time while managing your business by offering a wide variety of locations worldwide and tons of online features to go with them.

In Summary

Anytime Mailbox has several pros and cons to consider. However, the company easily overcomes most of its cons with quality customer service, dedicated online features for its users, and a wide variety of locations to choose from. This makes them a highly recommended option amongst dozens of other virtual mailbox and virtual office providers.

Anytime Mailbox FAQs

Is Anytime Mailbox legitimate?

Yes, Anytime Mailbox is legitimate because it is owned by Bugo LLC and used by thousands of users daily. 

Is Anytime Mailbox worth it?

Yes, Anytime Mailbox is worth it if you need an affordable virtual mailbox service that can provide you with various online features and locations as long as you are okay with Anytime Mailbox's constantly changing pricing across their locations. 

Can you cancel Anytime Mailbox?

Yes. You can cancel your Anytime Mailbox account at any time by emailing them at [email protected]. If you do so before your first 30 days are up, and you didn't use the service, you can get a full refund.

How long has Anytime Mailbox been around?

Anytime Mailbox was founded in 2013, and as of writing this article, it has been around for nearly a decade.

How much does Anytime Mailbox cost?

Anytime Mailbox costs anywhere from $4.99/month to $99.99+/month, depending on the location and plans you opt for.

Is Anytime Mailbox safe?

Yes. Anytime Mailbox is completely safe because an authorized LLC owns it, its network is secured with a 2048-bit SSL connection, and its physical servers are located in a tightly controlled colocation facility in the USA.

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