PostScan Mail Review: Local Pickups In 46 States

September 7, 2022

PostScan Mail is one of the leading virtual mailboxes in the USA. They offer more than 500 street addresses across 46 US states and many great services to choose from. This includes the basics like open-and-scans, mail and package consolidation and forwarding, to other neat features like local pickups.

On the other hand, PostScan Mail has some downsides, like a variable price range that depends on location and the fact that most of their facilities are concentrated in big urban hubs, leaving only a couple of locations in most states. If you're looking for more addresses to choose from and equally great service, you should try iPostal1, our #1-rated virtual mailbox.

What Is PostScan Mail?

PostScan Mail is one of the older virtual mailbox providers out there, providing valuable services and features to its users for a decade now. It was founded in 2012 by Helmy El-Mangoury in Anaheim, California, with the simple idea that anyone should be able to view and manage their postal mail online.

PostScan Mail prides itself on its number of mailing addresses and mail processing centers across the country. They are quick to process, scan and upload mail to allow their users to view their incoming physical mail anytime from anywhere around the world.

Features Of PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail Review: Local Pick-Ups In 46 States

#1 Online mail management. 

PostScan Mail allows users to go completely online with their mail by providing tons of online features. Once a user logs into the website, they simply need to choose the mailing address of their choice and the subscription plan they prefer. PostScan Mail then starts receiving mail and packages on your behalf, scans their front, and uploads them online for you to see.

PostScan Mail offers you various options for managing your mail, such as:

  • Opening and scanning the outside of your mail and its contents
  • Recycling unwanted mail
  • Mail forwarding

You can manage your mail and packages remotely without worrying about security. If you wish, you can also pick up the mail from the mail processing facility yourself.

#2 Mail scanning.

One of the best dedicated features PostScan Mail offers is its detailed mail scanning feature, ensuring users get mail exactly how they want it. To do this, PostScan Mail has several intuitive options integrated into their mail scanning, such as spam filters, quick uploads, and crisp scanned images.

PostScan Mail's spam filter allows users to filter their junk mail out and quickly dispose of it so that you only read mail that is worth your time and money. PostScan Mail ensures that your mail gets scanned and delivered to your virtual mailbox account directly, protecting your privacy throughout the process.

Lastly, PostScan Mail's mail scanning can save you tons of time compared to a traditional PO Box, as they ensure that you can read your mail from anywhere around the world whenever you want.

PostScan Mail Review: Local Pick-Ups In 46 States

#3 Mail and package forwarding. 

If you want your mail and packages forwarded to your current address, be it national or international, PostScan Mail will not only fulfill your requests but go out of its way to ensure your package's safety and integrity. PostScan Mail allows users to shop from any US store, have the shipment delivered to one of their mailing addresses, and then have it shipped to the user's actual address.

PostScan Mail automatically scans the shipping label to ensure the package is yours and uploads it to your account so you can see and manage your package. They also offer many free options while shipping your package to you, such as adding additional package instructions, filling out the customs declaration form, and adding insurance (but you'll have to pay the premium, of course).

If you have multiple packages, you also consolidate them into one large box, helping you save tons in shipping costs.

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#4 Free mail storage.

Many virtual mailbox providers charge users for storing mail and packages in their facilities. Fortunately, PostScan Mail is not one of them. PostScan Mail offers free 30-day storage for each piece of mail you receive with no hidden costs. Apart from physical storage, you also get free cloud storage for your account as long as it remains active.

If the 30-day period expires and you want to store your mail for longer, you can easily do so by paying a nominal monthly fee and avoiding the mess of having the mail clutter inside your home. Not only that, even packages can be stored for free for up to 7 days after receiving them. If you wish to keep them longer, you will be charged an inexpensive fee of 10 cents per pound per day.

PostScan Mail Review: Local Pick-Ups In 46 States

#5 Nationwide mail processing centers.

One of the best things about PostScan Mail is their reach within the USA. PostScan Mail has mail processing facilities in 46 states with over 500 locations spread throughout the country. This allows users to find a mailing address to suit their needs easily.

This can significantly impact the time it takes for packages to be forwarded to you. All mail processing facilities are handled by PostScan Mail's professional staff to ensure that your mail stays in safe hands. The mailing addresses are real street addresses that assure all organizations that your address can receive any mail and package they send.

#6 Local pickup.

All mail and packages are stored in PostScan Mail's own facilities, unlike other virtual mailbox providers that hire third-party warehouses. This means that you can walk into your virtual mailing address at any time during business hours and pick up your mail personally.

This is highly convenient if you live close by or can commute there from time to time as it eliminates the need to forward your mail or packages. Many virtual mailbox providers defer from providing local pickup, making PostScan Mail stand out from the competition.

Pros & Cons Of PostScan Mail


  • Dedicated mail scanning with great features such as spam filters, high-quality scans, and relatively quick uploads.
  • Package forwarding that comes with package insurance, package consolidation, a variety of delivery partners, free special user requests for the package, and highly competitive shipping rates.
  • An efficient website that is easy to navigate, allowing users to set up their accounts in the simplest and most convenient way possible. 
  • Free cloud storage for your account as long as it remains active and free physical storage for your mail for up to 30 days and seven days for packages, after which you can pay a nominal monthly fee to store them longer.
  • A good customer support team that is ready to resolve your problems from Mon-Fri (6 am to 12 am PST) and Sat-Sun (7 am to 3 pm PST) through call at 1(800) 624-5866, email at [email protected] or through their website's contact form. 
  • Dedicated Android (rated 4.5/5) and iOS (rated 4.5/5) app with a great UI that allows you to manage your mail and package from anywhere they want on your smartphone.
  • 500+ physical addresses across the USA to choose from, covering 46 states.
  • Free unlimited mail recycling for unwanted mail, allowing users to get rid of junk mail in an easy and environmentally-conscious way.


  • PostScan Mail doesn't have a fixed price range for all its plans and instead has separate plans and pricing ranges for each location, so you'll need to study each location separately before choosing the one for you. 
  • While the company has mail processing facilities across the US, it doesn't have much international presence.
  • Doesn't offer virtual office services for remote businesses.
  • Fees for storing your mail after the free period can quickly pile up if you don't decide what to do with your mail and packages quickly, and many times PostScan Mail won't even notify you about it.
  • Some mail processing facilities have a poor reputation in customer reviews and are infamous for delaying your mail and packages.
  • While places like California and Florida seem to have a high concentration of mail processing facilities, many states only have a maximum of 2-3.


Each of PostScan's mail locations has its unique pricing, and there is not a single universal price range you can refer to before signing up for their service. You must check each location's pricing range individually and choose the one that you are the most comfortable paying. However, most of their plans look like this:

Mail limit3060120
Open and Scan51020

PostScan Mail's most popular plan is the Standard plan which offers a mail limit of 60 and can hold up to 2 recipients while costing around $20/month. Each plan upgrade doubles the incoming limit, the opening and scanning mail limit, and the number of recipients that can use the account.

PostScan Mail offers a reasonable price for its features, but they don't offer the cheapest plans you can find in the market as iPostal1 does, for example. PostScan Mail has a refund policy where you can get a full refund if you request it 120 hours before your account's creation or before receiving your first piece of mail.

PostScan Mail – Is It The Best Option For You?

PostScan Mail has been in operation for ten years now, and their experience shows in the features, number of locations, and service they offer. However, they have a few problems you need to consider before deciding if PostScan Mail is the best option.

The first and most significant problem is that PostScan Mail doesn't have a definite price range in place; instead, each location has its own pricing on the different plans they offer. While the pricing is similar across most locations, it doesn't change the fact that you would need to research on your own before finalizing a convenient and affordable option.

Secondly, PostScan Mail doesn't have much of an international presence compared to other virtual mailbox providers that operate worldwide. So, if you're looking for a street address in Canada or the UK, for that matter, you'll probably have to choose another service provider.

However, if you can ignore these shortcomings, you will find PostScan Mail one of the industry's most reliable virtual mailbox providers, with great ratings for both their company and their apps.

Their package forwarding is the best in the industry, with tons of great free features you can use for every package you send. They can take care of package consolidation, customs declaration forms, and insurance, and even throw in free special user requests such as adding or removing packaging material.

They have great apps for iOS and Android that function and work better than their website in terms of ease of use. Overall, PostScan Mail is a great virtual mailbox provider in the USA, with excellent features and a dedicated support team that works around the clock to combat user issues.

In Summary

PostScan Mail is a very good virtual mailbox provider that offers a wide variety of street addresses combined with tons of intuitive features to assist its users. It's present in 46 states, making it likely that you'll find an address that works for you. They also offer great mobile apps to help you manage your postal mail on the go.

Being a highly-rated service with over 3,000 reviews can give you peace of mind that you're signing up for a good and legitimate service that won't let you down.

If you can't find the address you're looking for among the PostStan Mail's 500+ locations, you can also try iPostal1, our #1-rated virtual mailbox provider. They currently list more than 2,300 real, physical addresses for you to choose from nationwide.

PostScan Mail FAQs

Is PostScan Mail safe?

Yes, PostScan Mail is safe because they don't store any financial information on their systems, and all data is handled via their secure servers.

Is PostScan Mail legit?

Yes, PostScan Mail is legit because it has an average rating of 4.5 stars and over 3000 reviews, indicating that most customers can verify it is legit.

What documents do I need to activate my PostScan Mail account? 

You need to fill out and notarize USPS form 1583 and mail it to one of their offices only, after which you can actually receive any mail on your account. 

How much does PostScan Mail cost?

PostScan Mail costs anywhere from $15/month to $30+/month, depending on your chosen plan and location.

Is PostScan mail worth it?

Yes, PostScan Mail is worth it if you are okay with their location-based pricing and limited international presence.

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