What Is The Best Parcel Forwarding Service?

September 1, 2022

Parcel forwarding services are companies that make it easy for international customers to shop at local or national eCommerce stores that don't ship internationally. They provide a real, local physical address where you can get your products delivered and then forward your packages to your actual location, wherever that may be. This helps users bypass shipping restrictions and other forms of blockades that would otherwise hinder them from purchasing from their desired stores.

There are many parcel forwarding services out there, but the best and most reliable in the USA is Stackry. Read below to find out why.

#1 Stackry – Best For Reliability

What Is The Best Parcel Forwarding Service?

Stackry is one of the market's highest-rated and most widely used parcel forwarding services. The one feature that makes Stackry stand out is its reliability, which has attracted a large and loyal customer base over the last few years. Stackry offers simple and innovative features such as a wide variety of retailer support, a dedicated rewards program, and low delivery times.

Stackry's quick delivery services ultimately save users valuable time that could've gone waiting for the product. Their website and features are easy to understand, and new users won't have any problem navigating their platform. This is especially helpful for users that aren't used to parcel forwarding services and have just started using them.

Apart from that, Stackry also has great reviews on all major review sites, so users can rest assured that they're using a trusted and reliable service when using Stackry.


  • Package consolidation that can help you save as much as 80% on shipping costs by repacking your smaller individual packages into one single, large shipment.
  • Wide variety of retailer and brand support that have no problem delivering to Stackry addresses, which most other parcel forwarding companies lack.
  • Claim offers after signing up as a user and earn rewards with Stackry that you can use along with your Stackry balance.
  • Global international delivery to over 200 countries in as little as three business days.
  • No extra taxes or hidden costs that may pile up during your shipment's final packaging – only certain upfront charges that you will be informed about beforehand.
  • Photos of your packages that are uploaded as high-quality scans in PDF formats and sent to you as soon as possible if you want them.
  • Various customer support options such as email, phone, social media, or chat.

Pros Of Stackry

  • Extremely cheap package consolidation at only $2, which ends up saving you a ton of money on shipping prices.
  • Supported by a large number of retail brands that happily ship their products to Stackry's parcel forwarding facilities.
  • Fast delivery times with packages arriving in as little as three business days to international customers.
  • Reliable customer support that can be contacted via email at support@stackry.com, contact form, social media, chat, or phone at +1 781-491-0874 from 9 am-5 pm EST throughout the week.
  • Dedicated rewards program to help users get additional discounts and balance onto their Stackry accounts.
  • Easy-to-use website and features that are extra convenient for users that are new to parcel forwarding services.

Cons Of Stackry

  • While Stackry's service doesn't include hidden fees or come with other unexpected costs, its shipping prices are twice as high as other parcel forwarding services like PlanetExpress.
  • Stackry has very slow processing and response times in almost all of their services—everything from packaging, scanning, and package consolidation to their customer support takes about 1-2 days to respond.
  • No dedicated Android or iOS app for smartphone users who want to manage their parcel forwarding with the ease on the go.
  • Stackry has a personal shopping feature, but it can only be accessed if the user has made 5+ shipments before, making it inaccessible for new users that might need it.
  • Lack of shipping options, especially at an economical price, with the only viable delivery options being FedEx, USPS International, Global Mail and DHL.


  • Unlike most other parcel forwarding services, Stackry does not offer premium memberships or plans—all of their services are essentially “free,” and you only pay for the shipping and any features you use.
  • Delivery charges vary depending on the delivery option, but their average rates are twice as high as the rest of their competition.
  • They have additional costs for storage which is 8c/day after the first 45 days, consolidation for $2/package, repacking for $5/package, and $4 for a photo request of the package.
  • Stackry doesn't seem to state a refund policy anywhere on their website, but customers can get package insurance for $6/$200 of declared value coverage.

#2 Planet Express – Best For Affordability

What Is The Best Parcel Forwarding Service?

Planet Express is one of the newest parcel forwarding services in the industry, and it has already taken the market by storm with its industry-low prices. This competitive pricing is what makes Planet Express stand out the most from its competition, which still struggles to match the price range Planet Express offers.

Apart from their affordable prices, Planet Express also offers users package consolidation and shipping discounts to help them save even more. They also have a ‘Shop for me’ service where Planet Express orders a product on your behalf and takes a small cut from the entire order.

Using Planet Express has obvious benefits—the more you use their service, the more you save on shipping costs which you can then re-invest in your business or buy more items at your favorite store. Planet Express also doesn’t have a compulsory membership plan you need to sign up for to ship the parcels to you, but the plan they offer provides more convenient features to its users.

Planet Express also features a variety of shipping partners, including priority shipping methods through which you can spend more to get faster delivery, ultimately saving you and your business valuable time.


  • Package consolidation that combines different packages into one single shipment to drastically reduce shipping costs.
  • Huge shipping discounts from various shipping partners because of the enormous volume of shipments Planet Express provides to them.
  • Planet Express’s ‘Shop for me’ feature where users can fill out a form and have Planet Express order an item on their behalf to avoid payment complications later on.
  • Variety of special services such as dividing large packages into smaller ones, returning specific items, or adding additional packaging material.
  • Package photographs for free whenever your package arrives at the facility so that users can identify their package.
  • Variety of shipping methods such as FedEx, Postal Service, DPD local, Aramex, DHL, USPS, and DDP Air with delivery discounts of their own.
  • Planet Express also has its own exclusive delivery option created for users that want extra savings on their shipping costs.

Pros Of Planet Express

  • Three US-based locations and one UK-based location allow international customers to ship products to any location of their choice. 
  • Lowest shipping rates in the industry, with users getting a minimum of 50% discount compared to other mail and package forwarding services. 
  • A straightforward and intuitive website that is easy to navigate and use, making it a lucrative option for users who are new to package forwarding services.
  • Transparency in shipping costs where users can see the exact amount they would need to pay without facing any hidden charges later on.
  • Highly affordable storage options (1 cent/pound) that allow businesses to store large shipments inside their warehouse for long periods.
  • Planet Express accepts most of the popular cryptocurrencies as crypto payments and supports a variety of significant crypto wallets such as Coinbase and Bitpay.
  • 24/7 live support agents ready to resolve user problems through live chat who are highly effective and efficient.
  • Secure servers protected with the Bcrypt module that securely stores your passwords with 1024-bit hashing.

Cons Of Planet Express

  • The website uses a payment deposit method where you need to deposit a minimum of $5 (or $50 if you use a wire transfer) for using their service.
  • While the website is functional, the layout is confusing, and several pages even have the ‘404 – Page not found’ error, which is highly inconvenient.
  • Planet Express’s phone customer service is unavailable during the weekends and at night and can only be contacted from Mon – Fri 10 am to 3 pm at +1 (424) 529-6998.
  • Planet Express has a very basic Android app (not rated) but no app for iOS devices, forcing iPhone users to access Planet Express through their poor-performing website.


  • Planet Express only has one membership plan which is not compulsory to use their service, but you do get useful features if you opt in.
  • Planet Express gets huge shipping discounts from their partners, which they pass on to their users, drastically reducing their shipping costs.
  • Planet Express has additional charges such as $5 for package consolidation + $2 for each consolidated package and a $2/package handling fee.
  • Planet Express offers a refund policy on your payment deposit which you can get by sending them an email at help@planetexpress.com with your suite ID.

#3 USA2Me – Best For Customer Service

What Is The Best Parcel Forwarding Service?

USA2Me is one of the USA’s better-known parcel forwarding services, and it has been thriving for decades. The company has plenty of competitors but what sets it apart from the rest of its competition is its customer service, industry experience, and loyal customers. USA2Me is one of the best forwarding companies out there when it comes to customer loyalty and retention.

They offer plenty of dedicated features for their users, such as an order fulfillment service, a dedicated package manager, and even a personal shopper for users who can’t find an item they need or are having trouble paying for one.

USA2Me prioritizes customer experience above everything else. When users encounter any problem with the service, they can immediately contact customer support, and they will be ready to help you out with any issues you have, saving both your frustration and your time. Their personal shopper service and package manager streamline the forwarding service for you so that you can quickly get your packages forwarded to your location without considerable difficulty. 


  • Real US street addresses that look authentic and are recognized by most eCommerce stores as deliverable locations.
  • Order fulfillment service for small businesses that lets users have unlimited storage for storing their item inventory until the company decides to forward it.
  • A dedicated package manager that lets you add custom details to your packages to speed up the customs process and allows you to customize your shipping preferences.
  • Personal shopper service that purchases items on the user's behalf if they cannot do it themselves due to international transaction errors or geo-restrictions.
  • A dedicated virtual office with your own fax and phone number for small businesses that helps them establish an international presence for their company.
  • A remailing service that is considerably cheaper than all other delivery options for users that wish to ship their packages back to the USA for returns or replacements.
  • Great customer support that is responsive, helpful, and guides customers anytime during weekdays from 9-5.

Pros Of USA2Me

  • One of the cheapest and most affordable pricing in the virtual mailbox industry in the USA.
  • Good security with the help of SSL encryption software and a highly secure payment gateway.
  • Highly rated customer support team active from Monday-Friday: 8:30 am to 5 pm which can be contacted by phone at +1(281)754-4941, through email at customerservice@usa2me.com, or through a contact form.
  • Several dedicated business features, such as a physical business address, to help companies establish their reach in the USA and complete successful business orders there.
  • Dedicated personal shopper service for those having difficulty shopping online in the USA due to payment issues.
  • Mail manager that allows users to manage their inbox, request shipments, discard unwanted items, order a mail scan, customize their account and check their account history.
  • Straightforward account setup process that can be completed in a very short amount of time.

Cons Of USA2Me

  • USA2Me has a very functional website, but the design and layout are very outdated and unresponsive, making it troublesome to access the website through mobile devices.
  • Several additional costs that other virtual mailbox providers don't charge, such as $3 for scanning six pages of mail, $3 for receiving a fax and $1 per pound per month of storage after the free period expires, among others.
  • USA2Me only operates in one facility, which means that users get absolutely no choice when it comes to location or street address.
  • While customer support is highly rated, it only works on weekdays leaving users to fend for themselves when they face user difficulties during the weekend.
  • No dedicated Android or iOS app and a non-mobile-friendly website create difficulties for smartphone users.


  • USA2Me has four subscription plans, ranging from a free plan to one that costs $60/month. Each consecutive plan offers a longer free storage period and lower shipping rates.
  • Each plan has its own setup fee of $15, with a $23 fee on the basic plan that doesn't have any monthly charge (nor most of the free features).
  • USA2Me has several expensive additional fees for mail scans, shipment insurance, fax reception, and storage.
  • USA2Me clearly states in its terms and conditions that it does not provide any refunds for its plans except a 30-day refund period for the setup fees.  

#4 Shipixy – Best For Innovation

What Is The Best Parcel Forwarding Service?

Shipixy is an underrated yet experienced parcel forwarding service that has been in the market for the past 15 years with consistent new features and reliable customer service. What makes Shipixy stand out from the rest is its set of innovative features that many parcel forwarding services don’t provide.

Shipixy has years of expertise in the market and has served over 4,000 customers with live and responsive customer service. The website is simple and reasonably easy to navigate, which is extra beneficial for users that aren’t used to parcel forwarding services.

Shipixy’s quality customer support guides users and saves them time if they don’t know how to sign-up or access the website’s features. They also offer live tracking that helps users know where their package is at all times, anywhere in the world, making their lives considerably easier. Their fast delivery times ensure that users won't run out of patience for waiting too long.


  • Variety of delivery options that users can choose from depending on whether they want their delivery to be the cheapest or the fastest.
  • Shipping to over 190 countries around the world without any delivery or forwarding problems. 
  • Great service that has made thousands of clients around the world happy, earning customer loyalty.
  • Active customer support that responds to all users' problems and guides them to a solution no matter what difficulty they run into.
  • Live tracking on all shipments to help you keep track of where your shipments are and when they will reach their destination. 
  • A simple and easy-to-use website that helps users navigate through the entire shipping process.
  • Custom pick-ups that can be scheduled at your chosen location and time and dropped off at the closest location to you.

Pros Of Shipixy

  • Active customer support resolves user difficulties easily and responds within 48 hours. 
  • Shipixy has customized delivery options according to user needs. People can opt for the cheapest or the fastest service as per their own preferences and requirements.
  • An easy-to-access website that isn’t overloaded with too many options, keeping things simple and manageable for first-time users.
  • Shipixy features a FedEx pick-it-up feature for your shipments where couriers come to your home to pick up your shipment and deliver it for you.
  • Delivery support to 190+ countries around the world allows you to ship to practically any country of your choice. 
  • Live tracking for all your packages and shipments.

Cons Of Shipixy

  • Shipixy has a better cost-to-delivery-time ratio, but its delivery options are not as affordable as its competition.
  • Customer support cannot be contacted through phone, live chat, or any real-time communication—only through mail support by raising a ticket through their website.
  • Though their website is mobile-friendly, they still don’t have a dedicated Android or iOS app that can better facilitate mobile commerce.
  • No extensive packaging features such as package consolidation, repacking, or package photographs—your deliveries are simply forwarded to you at a discount rate.
  • Shipixy doesn’t have its own facilities that can receive shipments—users are forced to store their package at an address they already reside in or drop it off at a FedEx drop point using Shipixy’s shipping label.


  • Shipixy doesn’t offer any plans or memberships that have premium features of their own—their services are essentially free to use, and you only need to pay the delivery charge.
  • They don't have the most affordable pricing in the market, and their delivery rates are expensive for a select few locations.
  • Shipixy does not offer users the option to opt for package insurance while booking a shipment.

What Is A Parcel Forwarding Service?

For people that live outside the US or the UK, it is often challenging to access retail stores based in those countries, order items, and have them delivered to their address at a reasonable price. Often, either the store itself doesn't support international deliveries to your country, or the estimated delivery cost is too expensive to justify the order.

This is where parcel forwarding services come in. A parcel forwarding service is specially made to assist international online shoppers and small businesses in streamlining their international delivery process.

Users can use a parcel forwarding service to order any items they want from the country of their choice, have them locally shipped to one of the service's virtual addresses, and then have their orders shipped to the customer's address by one of the service's shipping partners. This way, users can save up to 80% on shipping charges alone, especially if they take advantage of package consolidation services.  

Benefits Of Parcel Forwarding Services

  • More options: Many eCommerce stores don't support international shipping, making it particularly difficult for international shoppers to order items from them. Using a parcel forwarding service is one of the most straightforward solutions to this problem. You can have the order shipped locally to one of the service's locations and then internationally shipped to you later.
  • More value: Most parcel forwarding services get huge discounts on shipping rates because they deal in huge volumes. These services pass on these discounts to their users, who, in turn, get extremely low shipping rates for their orders.
  • Better management: When you order from eCommerce stores, you can hardly control the nature and the dimensions of the package being delivered. Instead, a parcel forwarding service allows full access to your packages. It allows you to enhance them with various options, such as package consolidation, repacking, and real-time tracking.
  • More reliability: Users can't control the shipping partners that eCommerce stores choose and are forced to stick with them even if they are subpar as compared to other shipping companies. On the other hand, a parcel forwarding service gives you many options to choose from in terms of shipping partners and rates, depending on your preference and urgency.

Parcel Forwarding Service FAQs

Which package forwarder is the best? 

The best package forwarder is Stackry because of their consistently reliable service.

What is the cheapest package forwarder? 

The cheapest package forwarder is PlanetExpress because of their industry-low shipping rates.

What is the cheapest way to ship internationally?

The cheapest way to ship internationally is using an affordable parcel forwarding service and selecting their most economical delivery options.

How much does a parcel forwarding service cost?

A parcel forwarding service costs anywhere from nothing to $20, depending on which service you use.

Is a parcel forwarding service worth It?

Yes, a parcel forwarding service is worth it because they offer incredible discounts and streamline the entire shipping process.

Are parcel forwarding services safe?

Yes, parcel forwarding services are safe because they have secure warehouses with vetted employees.

Are parcel forwarding services legit?

Yes, parcel forwarding services are legit because most are registered agencies and are reviewed by thousands of people online. 

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