USA2Me Review: A Houston-Based Virtual Mailbox

September 6, 2022

USA2Me is a virtual mailbox and mail forwarding company based in Houston, Texas. It offers a real, physical street address at competitive prices, a reliable mailbox service, and great customer service. It also offers many services targeted at small businesses, like a virtual office with a local fax and phone number and even order fulfillment services where USA2Me keeps a remote business's inventory and sends products to its customers once a purchase is confirmed.

That said, USA2Me only operates from one location, which means you don't get to choose the address that works best for you. An alternative to USA2Me is iPostal1, our #1-best-rated virtual mailbox provider that offers 2,300+ street addresses across the country.

What Is USA2Me? is a family-owned and operated company founded in late 2004 in a small warehouse in Houston, Texas, with the aim of becoming the industry leader in the mail and package forwarding sector. Over the past years, they have done precisely that by providing tens of thousands of customers with a physical mailing address in the USA from which they can receive their mail, packages, and purchases.

Their top features are their great customer support team and mail and package forwarding service that has helped thousands of users forward their shipments worldwide. USA2Me also helps international businesses buy and sell items in the USA, propeling them to new heights.

Features Of USA2Me

USA2Me Review: A Houston-Based Virtual Mailbox

#1 Real US street address.

When you sign up for USA2Me, you get your own real US street address where you can receive your mail, packages, and even your online orders. This address allows you to receive and ship USA-made commodities anywhere in the world. You can shop from your favorite eCommerce stores, put the street address as your mailing address, and when it arrives at the facility, you will be able to send the package your way.

USA2Me helps users receive mail, packages, and even faxes from anyone they want. Users are notified each time their mail or package arrives; from there, they can decide what to do with their mail:

  • Scan it
  • Shred it, or
  • Forward it

USA2Me prides itself on the fact that its address is an actual physical street address and not just a PO box, and thus users can also use it on their business cards, driver's licenses, and other important documents.

#2 Order fulfillment service.

If you own a small business wishing to set up a branch in the USA and ship your items to your customers, then USA2Me has the perfect service for you. By signing up for USA2Me's retail order fulfillment services, businesses can store their USA inventory in their facility, and USA2Me will handle the packing and package forwarding to their customers. Your products will be shipped directly from the USA to wherever your customers are.

The best thing about the service is that it is incredibly cheap, costing only $25/month with a first-time payment of $15. In return, you get full access to USA2Me's inventory storage, absolutely free for the first 30 days, and their experienced package forwarding service. Users can advertise their products in the USA to their potential customers, and when an order is confirmed, they can tell USA2Me to process and ship it to the customer's address.

USA2Me Review: A Houston-Based Virtual Mailbox

#3 Dedicated mail manager.

Every USA2Me account has its personal mail manager that allows users to see the contents of their inbox, request shipments, discard unwanted items, or order a mail scan. The mail manager also provides access to your billing information, previous orders, account statement, and account history. Finally, you can use it to customize your shipping settings and your account.

For packages, you can see their weight, dimensions, and other additional details noted by the facility staff. The mail manager allows you to add the value, description, and country of manufacture for the items inside the package so that you get cleared through customs easily.

You can set your shipping preferences for frequency and repacking and add any additional payment methods and shipping addresses of your choice.

#4 Personal shopper service.

Many people have trouble finding the item they want in US stores or have difficulties paying for it. Many US-based eCommerce stores don't accept foreign cards and geo-restrict sellable items for the ease of US citizens. If there is any such case where you cannot purchase a product from within the USA, USA2Me can provide you with the guidance of a personal shopper at your request.

These personal shoppers access the eCommerce store for you and purchase on your behalf after confirming all the product details you want. When the package arrives at their facility, they directly forward it to your current address. It is important to note that this service costs the highest of $10 and 10% per order through wire transfer or the highest of $13.5 or 13.5% through credit card.

USA2Me Review: A Houston-Based Virtual Mailbox

#5 Dedicated virtual office with your own fax and phone number.

For small to medium-sized businesses that wish to operate in the USA, USA2Me offers various virtual office services that can help businesses set up virtually in the country. USA2Me provides a real business street address that acts as a virtual office. Not only that, but it also gives businesses their own free fax and phone number to view their faxes and communicate internationally.

Having a virtual office with a fax and phone number gives your business a sense of authenticity in the eyes of potential customers, who will believe that you are genuinely operating from the USA.

#6 Remailing service.

Foreign users who wish to avoid expensive shipping rates from their average delivery carriers can take advantage of the low shipping rates offered by USA2Me and avail of their remailing service to send mail, packages, or orders to anyone they like. USA2Me guarantees that users will save vast amounts of money by choosing this service rather than going with other delivery carriers.

Your packages and mail will be repacked and labeled with proper USA postage for a small handling fee. All you need is to ensure that the items are ready to be shipped and labeled all the way to their final recipient. As soon as USA2Me receives your shipment, they deliver it anywhere within the USA using USPS or any other courier.

The company also offers special remailing services for businesses where they receive and distribute your business's sales, letters, and items to your customers after you deliver them to their facility.

Pros & Cons Of USA2Me


  • One of the cheapest and most affordable pricing in the virtual mailbox industry in the USA, helping users save a lot of money on monthly fees.
  • Good security with the help of SSL encryption software that encrypts all transmitted information protecting it from hackers, as well as a highly secure payment gateway to process your payments.
  • Highly rated customer support team active from Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm, that bend their backs to solve user problems and correct any faults customers may point out through negative reviews (unlike competitors like Traveling Mailbox). They can be contacted by calling (281)754-4941, through email at [email protected], or through a contact form. 
  • Several dedicated features to help businesses establish their reach in the USA.
  • Dedicated personal shopper service for those having difficulty shopping online from USA vendors due to payment or geo-blocking issues. 
  • Innovative mail manager that allows users to see the contents of their inbox, request shipments, discard unwanted items, order a mail scan, customize their account and check their past account history. 
  • Straightforward and quick account setup process, especially if you are only looking for mail and parcel forwarding


  • USA2Me has a very functional website, but the design and layout are extremely outdated and not mobile-friendly.
  • Tons of additional costs that aren't usually charged by other virtual mailbox providers, such as $3 for scanning six pages of mail, $3 for receiving the fax, and $1 per pound/month for storage after the free period expires, etc.
  • USA2Me only operates from one location, which means that users get absolutely no choice when it comes to their preferred mailing address.
  • While customer support is highly rated and has an excellent team in place to resolve user problems, it doesn't work on weekends leaving users to fend for themselves when they face issues during these days.
  • No dedicated Android or iOS app or mobile-friendly website creates difficulties for smartphone users and makes it hard for them to manage their mail online when on the go.
  • No refund policy for any service – users need to rely on the complicated cancellation policy to at least get some of their money back.


US AddressYesYesYesYes
Discard junk mail for freeNoYesYesYes
Free shipments per monthNoNo1 up to $301 up to $30
Free storage period30456090
Shipping rates AverageLowLowerLowest
Setup fee$23$15$15$15
Monthly feeFree$10$35$60

For many USA2Me users, the most popular plan is the Standard plan which has a $10 monthly fee and a $15 setup fee which allows users to get low shipping rates, a storage period of 45 days, and the ability to discard their junk mail for free anytime they want. Most of these features are lacking in the Basic plan, which also has a high setup fee even though it doesn't have a monthly charge.

The basic plan is the best option for users planning to use the service only once. However, if you are going to stick with USA2Me for a long time, it is much better to get their Standard or Premium plans that offer more long-term benefits that make up for their price.

It is also worth noting that users need to pay for additional features separately, such as mail scans, shipment insurance, fax reception, and storage—all of which are usually included in their plans by other virtual mailbox providers like iPostal1. That said, the pricing of USA2Me's plans is still one of the cheapest you'll find in the virtual mailbox industry.

USA2Me does not have a refund policy in place. Their terms state, and we quote, “USA2ME will not prorate fee or provide refunds for cancellation of any service before the expiration of a Service period or the minimum Service period.”

USA2Me – is it the best option for you? 

USA2Me offers very affordable prices compared to the competition. However, the company has several major problems that need to be discussed so that you can accurately decide if it is the best option for you.

USA2Me is one of the oldest virtual mailbox providers in the industry, and their website certainly looks that way, which is not a good sign by today's standards.

The company also has only one mailing facility, which eliminates any chances of users getting to choose the ideal location of their choice. While they offer extremely cheap plans, one of which only has a one-time fee of $23 and no monthly payments, USA2Me makes up for that by charging their additional features such as mail scans and shipment insurance—features that other virtual mailbox providers generally offer as a part of their subscription.

That said, USA2Me still has one of the industry's most highly rated customer support services. While there are additional costs to certain standard features, the plus side is that you need to pay only when you use these features and not for a specific allotment.

USA2Me is one of the industry's most reliable virtual mailbox providers, with a customer service team that you can trust with your eyes closed. If you don't mind working with an old website, not having the freedom to choose another delivery location, or paying extra for certain features from time to time, then USA2Me is one of the best virtual mailbox providers you can get for your buck.

In Summary

USA2Me features a great customer support team and affordable pricing. If they work on their website, develop a good mobile app and open more mailing facilities, they have the potential to become one of the best virtual mailbox providers and package forwarding services in the USA.

For now, USA2Me is only a good choice for those who want a fixed address within the USA just in case they need it for any reason but not with the intention of using it regularly. If frequent use is what you're looking for, as well as being able to choose between thousands of street addresses in the US, iPostal1 is a much better option.


How do I cancel USA2Me?

To cancel your USA2Me subscription, have all the mail in your inbox forwarded to you and remove whatever balance you have left in the account. After that's done, email them at [email protected] requesting to cancel your account, and they'll cancel the account for you.

Is USA2Me legit? 

Yes, USA2Me is legit because it has been used by thousands of users worldwide to send and receive their mail, packages, and orders from the USA.  

How much does USA2Me cost?

USA2Me costs anywhere from $23 (one-time payment) to $75+/month, depending on your chosen plan and features.

Is USA2Me worth it?

Yes, USA2Me is worth it because they have a great customer support team and really affordable pricing for the features they offer.

Is USA2Me safe?

Yes, USA2Me is safe because it encrypts all transmitted information with SSL encryption and protects your passwords on highly secure servers. 

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