Regus Mailbox Review: Much More Than A Virtual Mailbox Provider

September 4, 2022

Regus is a huge name in the world of coworking and shared office spaces. It offers beautiful, fully-furnished office spaces for companies large and small in more than 3,000 locations worldwide. The main benefit of choosing Regus for your virtual mailbox needs is the fact that all their addresses are real, physical office spaces within big and sometimes fancy office buildings, so listing any one of these locations as your mailing address will give your business an aura of legitimacy and professionalism that you'll hardly get anywhere else.

However, in terms of virtual mailbox services, apart from a long list of locations to choose from, Regus has very little to offer, and they charge comparatively high prices even for their most basic plan. In addition, Regus has consistently received bad reviews on all major review sites, including TrustPilot. Consequently, we can't recommend Regus to those looking for a virtual mailbox. If that's what you need, we recommend our #1-rated virtual mailbox provider, iPostal1.

What Is Regus Mailbox?

Regus is a multinational provider of serviced offices, coworking spaces, business lounges, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and video teleconference services. It was founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1989 and is a part of the holding company IWG.

Its main aim is partnering with investors to create high property yields while providing diverse workspace solutions for customers. Its top service is its virtual office plans that have features such as your company's own business address, physical workspaces, and a wide variety of locations.

It also boasts high flexibility as per its customer needs, and it's trusted by the world's largest corporations, including big names like Microsoft, Disney, Uber, and Samsung.

Features Of Regus Mailbox

#1 Prime physical business addresses.

Regus Mailbox features many premium business addresses its customers can use as office space. Contrary to other mailbox service providers, these locations aren't just mailbox addresses of mailing facilities but actual office locations rented by the company.

These physical locations are vital for businesses that want to maintain a standard of professionalism and quality in their address to impress their customers. Users can also use these addresses on their documents or for receiving postal mail and then have that mail shipped to their current location, just like any other virtual mailbox would.

Due to Regus's global reach, you can opt for many locations worldwide and set up your virtual office there. If needed, users can also transfer their virtual office locations from one place to another without any significant problems.

#2 Fully integrated virtual offices.

Regus offers several dedicated features and amenities in its virtual offices that can help users upgrade their experience. By simply choosing its upgraded virtual office plan, users get access to business lounges worldwide, allowing them to work from wherever they want.

What's more, Regus Mailbox also offers its users a dedicated phone line with the same plan, where the company picks up customers' calls and answers them on your behalf. Additionally, you get to choose the regional or national business phone number that will be used for your business.

If anything comes up, you also get administrative support for your virtual office alongside its own customer support to guide you throughout the setup process and help you resolve any problems you might encounter.

#3 Advanced plans for medium-scale businesses.

Regus Mailbox's Virtual Office Plus plan is the premium plan for all medium-scale and advanced small-scale businesses. The plan provides all the integrated features from the basic virtual office plan on top of additional premium features specific to this plan. These features include access to meeting rooms and five days of office or desk space per month at any of its physical office locations.

Users also get to tap into the company's global business lounge network of locations where they can meet other business people and like-minded individuals from different industries. Along with that, users get DragonPass and PFG partnerships for airport lounge access. There are also community networking and personal growth events that can enhance a business's network.

No matter which address you choose, a receptionist would be provided to greet any customers at your virtual office address. In an additional attempt to sweeten the deal, Regus also provides business service discounts from global suppliers.

#4 Over 3000+ locations around the world.

Regus Mailbox features one of the largest numbers of virtual office and mailbox locations worldwide, with over 3000+ locations in various countries. This allows most users to find the exact type of space for their needs in their location of choice.

Users can also switch their mailing address or virtual office between these locations anytime they want at no extra cost. Companies that want a truly global reach can choose multiple business addresses and permanently expand their global presence. Regus has quite a variety of locations around the globe, with each major country hosting at least 30 office locations. 

#5 Dedicated physical office spaces.

If a user decides to shift to an entirely physical office space for their business along with their employees, Regus can easily accommodate them with dedicated office spaces. These are designed to hold anyone from a single employee to an entire business group as per each user's needs.

These offices are fully furnished with high-quality furniture, and most or all of the basic utilities and services are included when renting each space. It also has a friendly support team on-site to take care of any problem that may arise. You can customize your own private office as you like it and choose from the myriad variety of storage options that Regus offers. 

Furthermore, you can book these offices anytime you want from anywhere around the world on an hourly or daily basis and get access to the space in as little as four hours.

Pros & Cons Of Regus Mailbox


  • Over 3000+ locations worldwide to choose from for virtual mailbox addresses and virtual offices.
  • Premium, real office addresses for your virtual offices that look professional and don't look like P.O. Box addresses.
  • Accessible global business lounge network on select virtual office plans that allows users to work from anywhere around the world.
  • Dedicated phone line with professional call answering services to help your customers and direct them your way.
  • Receptionist for each office location that greets your customers and notifies them you are away when they visit your office location.
  • Dedicated Android (rated 3.6/5) and iOS (rated 4.6/5) apps that improve the user experience for mobile users and provide them with better accessibility.
  • Easy account setup process that can be completed in 20 minutes if you have all the documents and details at hand.


  • Costly service compared to most other virtual mailbox providers. Some other options, like iPostal1, cost a third of what Regus Mailbox does and provide double the amount of service.
  • Regus has one of the worst online reviews for its service out of all the providers we have reviewed, with an average rating of 1/5 on Sitejabber and 3/5 on Trustpilot, with most of the recent reviews being 1/5 stars.
  • Regus doesn't own its office locations but instead leases them from building owners, which means that the sites are at risk of shutting down anytime, forcing you to change your address. In fact, in 2020, Regus put more than 100 locations around the United States in bankruptcy while indicating it would terminate 500 leases worldwide if landlords did not agree to rent cuts.
  • According to various online reviews, its customer support team is highly unresponsive and won't reply to you until you contact its central customer support team.
  • Payments are complicated. Users often report getting billed for things they didn't even know they could be charged for, immediate account suspensions after missing a payment, and hefty fines on late payments.


All Regus Mailbox plans are just incremental upgrades of the previous plans that offer dedicated features for users that need them. Most of the major differences in their plans are shown in the table below.

Business AddressVirtual Office Virtual Office Plus
Virtual addressYesYesYes
Use of global business loungesNoYesYes
Physical workspace accessNoNoYes, 5 days a month

The Business Address plan is the most basic plan Regus offers. It includes one real, physical business address in any of their thousands of locations around the world. Businesses can use this location as their primary mailing address. The Virtual Office plan has advanced virtual office features such as a phone line along with the features of the Business Address plan.

The more expensive Virtual Office Plus plan allows users to use its virtual offices as physical office spaces for five days a month, along with discounts from global suppliers.

Of the three plans Regus offers, its most popular plan is the Business Address plan which costs around $27/month and provides users with a virtual business address.

Regus currently has a complex refund policy that users would need to go through before they finally cancel their account. Its pricing is quite expensive compared to the other virtual mailbox providers in the market, whose most expensive plans go for close to $30/month, while Regus only provides minimum service for a similar rate. 

Regus Mailbox – Is It The Best Option For You? 

Regus has a few features that make it a good choice as a virtual mailbox provider. This includes its global reach and wide range of locations, including at least 30 in all major economies. Another great feature is that all of its locations are actual office spaces, so providing these addresses will make your business look more professional and authentic. This is only improved by the fact that your customers could show up in person at your address, and they'd be greeted professionally as if you actually had an office there.

However, that's all Regus Mailbox has going for it as a virtual mailbox provider. There are tons of practical negatives attached to its features. A great example of this is their price point, which starts at $27+/month.

All you get from this lower-tier plan is a basic business address and a few basic virtual mailbox features – that's it. At the same price, you can find tons of other virtual mailbox providers who would be more than happy to provide you with a premium plan with premium features that make more financial sense when purchasing.

Even its best plan is grossly overpriced for a virtual mailbox plan and is only viable if you want access to its global business lounge network or get five days a month access to your office space. However, that's not the end of it. 

Perhaps the worst thing about Regus is that it has highly negative reviews online, ranging from 1/5 stars to 3/5 stars from multiple review sites such as G2, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot. These reviews mostly complain about how unresponsive its customer support is.

Users also complain that the company has a very complicated and expensive billing method. To fully understand how, what, and when you are going to be charged, you need to read the contract thoroughly and carefully from top to bottom so you don't get any unpleasant surprises later. These charges are not small either; they can easily set you back tens to hundreds of dollars if you don't act quickly.

While Regus might be an excellent option for businesses looking to relocate and need office space in another country urgently, it is not an excellent option for travelers or expats only looking for a virtual mailbox company. Its primary focus has always been to provide its customers with physical office spaces, which is why its virtual counterparts are highly lacking in affordability and features.

Consequently, we only recommend Regus Mailbox to you if you:

  • Are ready to read the contract thoroughly
  • Need a premium company address, but little else
  • Are looking for a wide variety of locations to choose from, and
  • Are okay with not having the most dedicated mailbox features out there.

Otherwise, you are better off selecting almost any other virtual mailbox provider.

In Summary

Regus is a great company for businesses and individuals who need a physical workspace to work in at minimal cost. However, the same cannot be said about its virtual office and mailbox services which are expensive, featureless, and very negatively reviewed. That's why we cannot recommend Regus as a reliable virtual mailbox provider in good faith.

However, if you travel a lot and want or need access to a physical office space wherever your travels take you and don't want to be bothered with having to look for and choose a new coworking space every time you land in a new city, then Regus might just be what the doctor ordered.

Regus Mailbox FAQs

What is Regus known for? 

Regus is known for helping businesses find and create the perfect workspace for its people through its extensive network of locations that enables companies of all sizes to work wherever and however they need.

What kind of company is Regus?

Regus Corporation is primarily a real estate services company that specializes in acquiring, developing, buying, selling, renting, and appraising real estate along with virtual office services for its users. 

What is Regus Mailbox Plus?

Virtual Office Plus, also called Regus Mailbox Plus, is Regus's premium top-end plan for its virtual office users. It provides users with dedicated virtual office features such as a phone line, access to a global business lounge network, and five days of office space per month. 

How much does Regus Mailbox cost?

Regus Mailbox costs $27+/month to $122/month, depending on your location and the plan you choose.

Is Regus Mailbox worth it?

No, Regus Mailbox is not worth it because it is not primarily designed as a virtual mailbox provider and does not offer dedicated mailbox features while still charging a premium price.

Is Regus Mailbox legit? 

Yes, Regus Mailbox is legit because it has many reviews online and is a part of the holding company called IWG pkl.

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