Where To Get Cheap Home Decor In Canada

August 19, 2023

With the high cost of living in Canada, finding a place where you can get items for cheap is essential. So, here are 13 of the best sites to get quality home decor items and accessories for cheap and also learn how to save money on home decor on a tight budget. These sites include Factory Direct, Walmart, Etsy, and Overstock. By choosing any one of these sites and actively comparing prices, you’re sure to find some of the best cheap home decor Canada has to offer.

However, you can save even more by recycling, DIYing your own decor, or taking a stroll to garage sales where you can get secondhand goods at a fraction of the cost.

Home decor retailers come in many different varieties: some affordable, others pricey, and others offer cheap and high-end home decor pieces and accessories. We researched dozens of home decor retailers and identified some that offer the best features at the lowest price.

In this post, we'll explain why home accents and decor pieces are expensive in Canada. We'll also show you how you can save money when buying home decor and accessories on a tight budget and give you 13 of the best online retailers in Canada that sell quality home decorative pieces and accessories at the lowest possible prices. Some also offer free shipping and a best-price guarantee!

So if you're looking for a retail store that offers both high-quality and affordable decor items and home accessories, you've come to the right place.

Why Are Home Decor Pieces So Expensive In Canada?

With the inflation rate in Canada at a 30-year high of 5.7%, the costs of most items in Canada, including home decor items and accessories, are rising each day. Although there are places in Canada where you can get reasonably priced accessories and home decor pieces, some home decor items, especially those made with wood, like side tables and bookshelves or cases, come with a high price tag.

The price of lumber has risen dramatically in Canada, mostly due to the shutting down of most lumber factories in the country during the pandemic. Also, the costs of raw materials used in producing other home decor pieces largely influence the prices of the finished products.

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Where Can I Get Cheap Home Decor In Canada?

Decorating your new home or switching up its look can cost a pretty penny. Looking out for places offering cheap or affordable home decor items is always a go-to if you're on a budget or don't want to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on decorations alone.

Many retailers in Canada offer cheap home decor items, but you have to know where to look. We did some research to ensure you don't have to, and found some of the best places in Canada that offer quality home decor at very affordable prices, and you might even find some pretty expensive-looking pieces that are a steal.

Here are 13 of the cheapest home decor retailers in Canada:

#1 Factory Direct

Where To Get Cheap Home Decor In Canada

Founded in 1995, Factory Direct is a Canadian liquidator company offering high-quality kitchen appliances, home decor items, computers, cell phones, household gadgets, and more. You can save up to 50% off regular retail prices when you shop for home decor items at Factory Direct.

#2 Walmart

Walmart Canada has a whole section dedicated to home decor and accessories. You can shop for accents and decor pieces such as rugs, floor mats, light fixtures, wall art, curtains, candle holders, picture frames, vases, and a lot more decorative pieces for every room in your home at very affordable prices. You can also save more on home decor items by visiting the ‘Daily deals,' ‘Clearance,' ‘Rollback,' ‘Deals of the week,' and ‘Trusted refurbished items' sections on the website to find even more items at heavily discounted prices.

#3 Etsy

EWhere To Get Cheap Home Decor In CanadaEtsy is a global marketplace with many sellers offering home accessories and decor pieces for cheap. You can find home accents like vases, rugs, candles, wall decor, and other decor pieces at very affordable prices.

#4 Overstock

Overstock is an online retailer with high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. Overstock has a wide range of home decor items, from rugs to throw pillow covers to mirrors and curtains. The retailer also offers free shipping for most items sold on the site.

#5 Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Where To Get Cheap Home Decor In Canada

Bed, Bath and Beyond Canada has a vast collection of affordable home decor accents and accessories for every room in your home, from decorative pillows to rugs to light fixtures, to different window shades and wall decor. Bed, Bath and Beyond Canada offers free shipping to your Canadian location on orders of $49 and above.


Like Walmart, JYSK has a whole section dedicated to home decor accents and accessories with simple, minimalistic, functional, and Scandinavian-inspired designs. At JYSK, you can find home decor items for every budget, from rugs to mirrors, throw pillows, wooden accents, candles, and lanterns. The colors are mainly light neutral, but you can also find colorful pieces you can mix and match to your satisfaction.

#7 Umbra

Where To Get Cheap Home Decor In Canada

Umbra is a Toronto-based global home decor and furniture retailer. With its original, modern, and casual design and sustainable pieces, you're bound to find unique and high-quality decor items for every room in your home at the lowest possible prices. To sweeten the deal, Umbra offers a best-price guarantee; if a retailer sells an item at a lower final price, you'll find the same item at Umbra at 5% less than the original price.

Also, Umbra guarantees you a refund of the difference if the price of an item you purchase drops within seven days of your buying the item or if you find the same item at a competitor's at a lower price within seven days. You'll also receive free shipping on orders over $50.

#8 VdeV

VdeV is a home decor store selling vintage and industrial home decor pieces at lower prices. It is the perfect destination to purchase vintage frames, lamps, home accessories, and even furniture for your home at affordable prices.

#9 Bouclair

Where To Get Cheap Home Decor In Canada

Bouclair is a family-owned Canadian home decor company that aims to give a “feeling” to your home through affordable, modern, and stylish furnishing, home decor accents, window coverings, bedding, wall art, and more. You can shop any of their contemporary designs online or in-store for cheap.

#10 Linen Chest

Linen Chest is a family-owned Canadian retail store with a wide selection of high-quality and trendiest home decor items from the most coveted brands in the world at the lowest possible prices. At Linen Chest, you can get unique, top-quality home accessories for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or patio for insanely lower prices.

You'll also receive a price guarantee such that if you purchase an item from Linen Chest and find the same item at a lower price at another retailer within 365 days of making your purchase, you'll receive a refund of the price difference plus an additional 10% of the difference.

#11 Zebra Blinds

Being an A+ BBB Accredited Business, Zebra Blinds is a window treatment company that offers a vast collection of window treatments like window shades, blinds, drapery, and shutters at the most competitive and affordable prices. Their window treatments are fully customizable and can be made to suit whatever style of decor you prefer.

With Zebra Blinds, you can get your window treatment directly from the manufacturers at the best prices on the market.

#12 EQ3

Where To Get Cheap Home Decor In Canada

Based in Winnipeg, EQ3 is a Canadian furniture and home decor manufacturer and retailer with a “uniquely Canadian approach to design” that produces timeless furniture, home decor pieces, and accessories. You can get custom home accents like accent tables, dining accessories, throw pillows, laundry hampers, or mirrors from EQ3 at very affordable prices.

#13 Crate and Barrel

Where To Get Cheap Home Decor In Canada

Crate and Barrel is a Canadian international retailer of contemporary and modern furniture, houseware, and home decor items. At Crate and Barrel, you can find stylish, high-quality home decor and modern accents such as decorative pillows for your sofas or chairs, mirrors, wall art, prints, vases, side tables, bookcases, lanterns, and a whole lot of other home decor pieces to give your home that warm, inviting finish you're most likely looking for.

Crate and Barrel offers home decor items and stylish accents at very affordable prices. You can purchase the items in-store or online. You can also take advantage of their “SALES” section to save even more money on decor items.

How Can I Save Money On Home Decor While On A Low Budget?

Sprucing up your home or space with home decor pieces and accessories is a huge part of creating the welcoming, homey, warm, and inviting atmosphere you'd want your home to have. But with the high costs of most home decor pieces in Canada, finding a cheaper way to achieve that finish without going way beyond your budget or breaking the bank is essential.

So, here are a few tips to help you decorate your home while on a low budget and give your home that look you're most likely going for:

#1 Buy Second-Hand Decor And Accessories

If you're on a tight budget, buying second-hand decor items is one of the best ways to save money on accessories. You can shop for quality decor items from second-hand stores like antique and thrift stores or sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. If you shop for second-hand items online, check the item carefully before paying to avoid being scammed.

#2 Recycle Items You Already Have

Decorating or sprucing up your home doesn't mean throwing away the old decor pieces. Most might still be in good condition. Some might still be useful, given a little refurbishing. Some items might need new paint, polishing, or hardware replacement to be back in shape.

#3 Buy Items From Garage And Estate Sales

Garage and estate sales are great places to find quality decor pieces like vases, houseware, wall art, mirror, or even furniture at great prices as the owners no longer need them.

#4 Do-It-Yourself

You might feel like your room needs new wallpaper or wall decor when a fresh coat of paint will do the trick. You might need to put in some elbow grease to avoid spending on brand-new decor. You might have to repaint your room, fix a knob, change a light fixture, or install window shades or curtains yourself. This way, you save money on repairs and don't have to spend on new home decor pieces.

#5 Shop From Budget-Friendly Stores

Many store outlets in Canada and even online retailers like Walmart, Linen Chest, and others offer quality and affordable home decor. Some even offer free shipping. You can also take advantage of discounts, promos, and clearance sales to save even more money on home decor.

#6 Compare Prices Across Different Retailers

Comparing the prices of home decor items across different retailers is a great way to find the best deals and save even more money.

Final Thoughts

Home decor and accessories are necessary to give your home that warm, inviting finish. Still, with the hike in the prices of most home accents and decor items, finding cheaper and more affordable ways to decorate your home is essential.

Many retailers in Canada offer quality home decor items like rugs, vases, light fixtures, and others at very budget-friendly prices. Some even offer free shipping. Some retailers have a price match and refund guarantee on the decor items sold. You can also use the tips above to save even more money on home decor items and accessories.

Cheap Home Decor Canada FAQs

Where can I buy home decor items in Canada for cheap?

You can buy cheap home decor items in Canada on sites like Umbra, Linen Chest, VdeV, Walmart, EQ3, Bouclair, and other home decor retailers.

How do I save money when buying home decor items?

You can save money when buying home decor items by:

  • Buying second-hand decor pieces from thrift or antique stores and second-hand websites.
  • Refurbishing your old items.
  • Comparing prices across different retailers.
  • Going to garage and estate sales.

Does Umbra offer refunds?

Yes, Umbra guarantees a refund of the price difference if you find an item you purchased from Umbra at a lower price at a competitor's within seven days or if the item's price drops within seven days.

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