Fizz Referral Code YOREOYSTER + $25 Bonus

August 22, 2023

Fizz is an all-digital mobile and home internet service that was recently founded in 2018 in Quebec. It offers mobile and internet plans within areas of Quebec and Ontario, so if you live within these areas then be sure to check out its monthly plans for as low as $35 per month for 10 Mbps. Join today with our Fizz referral code “YOREOYSTER” to get a free $25 bonus. You might also want to join the Fizz Referral Program where you can refer your friends and both of you will get $25 when they use your Fizz referral code upon signing up.

If you value data sharing or data rollovers for your unused data, we recommend you to use Fizz since it lets you give your extra data to your friends or “roll over” your unused data to the next month. So whether you're on vacation or looking for a better internet provider, join the Fizz community today.

No matter where you live in Canada, when choosing an internet provider, you’ll probably find dozens of options in your area. If you live in Quebec or Ontario, one of those options is Fizz. In this post, we're going to dive into what Fizz is, its features and fees, how to use its referral code, and the steps to create your Fizz account.

How To Use Your Fizz Referral Code

It's pretty easy to use your Fizz referral code. All you need to do is subscribe to any of Fizz's internet plans either a mobile plan or a home internet plan. Once you've made your decision, there will be an activation section where you'll be able to enter our Fizz referral code “YOREOYSTER” to earn your first $25.

If your plan is mobile, you can enter our code when you order your SIM card. As for the home internet plan, you can use it when you make a purchase.

You can also earn more money by inviting your friends and family to join Fizz through the Fizz referral program. You’ll earn an extra $25 per successful referral. Simply copy your personal referral code and share it with your acquaintances letting them know that you'll both receive $25 if they used the internet service for at least 2 months.

🤑 Fizz Referral CodeYOREOYSTER
💵 Referrer Earns$25
💸 Referral Earns$25
⏰ Time Of PayoutAfter your referral uses the Fizz internet plan for at least 2 months

To get your Fizz referral bonus:

  • Go to the Fizz website and sign up for a new account.
Fizz Referral Code YOREOYSTER + $25 Bonus
  • Enter your personal information such as your email address, name, and password.
  • Choose your preferred Fizz internet plan.
  • Enter our referral code “YOREOYSTER” in the payment section to receive $25 after your 2nd monthly bill payment with Fizz. There are also levels where you can earn more rewards on Fizz, just follow its instructions and you’ll get more perks for every level you’ve reached.
Fizz Referral Code YOREOYSTER + $25 Bonus

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What Is Fizz?

Fizz is one of Canada's new mobile home internet service providers. Recently founded in 2018, it's a subsidiary of Videotron and it offers high-quality internet plans at very low prices within selected areas of Quebec and Ontario. It comes with a free modem delivery to your home, and you can also receive a $25 referral bonus by spreading the word to your friends (they’ll earn another $25).

Your bonuses will be used to reduce your next Fizz payment – meaning the more friends you invite, the more chances you save. Refer just a couple of friends every month and you’ll enjoy free, 400 Mbps internet all year round.

So if you want a quick start, you can use our referral code “YOREOYSTER,” to get your free $25 Fizz referral bonus.

Fizz Features

Some of Fizz’s top features include:

  • Referral program: If you want to reduce your monthly payments on Fizz, you can share your referral code with your friends to earn a $25 referral bonus. It's not only you who will receive the bonus but your friends as well, as long as they use Fizz for at least 2 months.
  • High-speed network: With Fizz, you can browse and download as fast as 400 Mbps for a fair price of $59 per month.
  • Data rollover: Your unused data at the end of the month won't be thrown out easily. Instead of letting it go to waste, you can roll over your unused data for the next month and you can do the rollover for 2 complete payment cycles.
  • My Rewards: My Rewards is another perk of Fizz. When you subscribe to its internet plans, you can earn rewards for every dollar that you spend which will help you move up through the levels of the program.

For example, once you're subscribed to Fizz, you're basically at Level 1. You'll receive 2 upgrades which are 250 MB extra for your monthly plan and a $1 rebate on your monthly payment.

  • Data sharing: If you'd like to give back the kindness that your friend or neighbor did to you, you can give them a gift by sending them Fizz data. You can give as much as 500 MB and write a personalized message along with it to their account. But if you want to help out an organization, you can give 2 GB of your data in exchange Fizz will contribute $1 to Organization Bleue.

Fizz Fees

Since Fizz offers mobile home internet plans, you'll be paying according to which internet packages you'll use for your devices. Their cheapest internet plan only costs $35 a month and provides 10 Mbps download speed, while the most expensive one costs $59 a month and offers 400 Mbps speed.

You can check the table below for more details:

Download SpeedMonthly Payment
10 Mbps$35 per month
30 Mbps$39 per month
60 Mbps $45 per month
100 Mbps$49 per month
200 Mbps$55 per month
400 Mbps$59 per month

As for the Fizz Wi-Fi modem, you don't need to grab your keys and go to their store to pick it up. Fizz will deliver the modem straight to your door free of charge. You also don’t need to check your data on a daily basis since its internet plans are unlimited.

How To Sign Up With Fizz

#1 Create a new account on Fizz by going to its official website.

#2 Fill in your basic information such as your email address, first name, last name, and password. Or you can simply sign up with your Google account.

Fizz Referral Code YOREOYSTER + $25 Bonus

#3 Verify your email address with a 6-digit code you'll receive in your email.

Fizz Referral Code YOREOYSTER + $25 Bonus

#4 Congratulations! You're officially a Fizz member! In case you're wondering why there isn't any option to enter your Fizz referral code, the answer is that you must first subscribe to Fizz's internet plan. Then before you can place an order, you’ll find a section to enter our “YOREOYSTER” referral code to get $25 after your second month of membership.

Fizz Referral Code YOREOYSTER + $25 Bonus

#5 Once you've placed an order, you can also start inviting your friends with your own referral code. Go to your account, press Invite Your Friends, and share your code with them via social media, text, or email.

Fizz Referral Code YOREOYSTER + $25 Bonus

Fizz’s Referral Program

Unlike other mobile and home internet providers, Fizz offers a unique referral program that helps reduce your monthly payment every time you invite a friend. Fizz's referral program works like any other referral program but the difference is that you can use your rewards only to deduct your internet plan's monthly bill.

For example, if you referred 2 of your friends to subscribe with Fizz, you'll be rewarded with $25 each right after they've used the service for more than 2 months. Once they've subscribed for 2 months, you'll get your $50. So if you chose the plan that costs $55 a month, then you'll only be paying $5 for that month!

The only caveat of this referral program is that you can’t really turn it into money in your wallet other than by saving money on your internet service. Also, as mentioned above, you must first have an active Fizz internet plan before you can share your referral code with your friends and receive referral bonuses. Only once you made the purchase can you go to your Fizz account and copy your referral code to your peers.

Is Fizz Safe & Legit?

Yes, Fizz is both a safe and legitimate ISP. Fizz, as your internet provider, is safe to use since it has security measures that protect your personal information from loss, theft, or unauthorized access. It's also legitimate because it's a subsidiary of Videotron which is currently owned by Quebecor Media Inc.—a large telecom company with a market cap of over $5.90 billion.

On the other hand, although it offers high speed internet at an affordable price, many users have complained about its service. Customers gave Fizz only a 2-star rating on Trustpilot based on their experience. The most common problems and complaints are customer support, modem delivery, and installment.

Aside from the negative reviews, there are numerous pleased customers since it offers 6 different internet plans that are worth their price.

In Summary

Fizz is a Canadian-based mobile and home internet service provider that was founded in 2018. It offers some of the cheapest high-speed internet plans in Canada to residents of Quebec and Ontario starting at only $35 per month for 10 Mbps. What's different about Fizz is that you can give your unused data as a gift to your friends, or roll it over to the next month for up to two billing cycles so none of your data is wasted.

Fizz also offers a great referral program that lets you shave off $25 from your third month’s service fee by using the Fizz referral code “YOREOYSTER” upon sign-up. So if you to check out how good Fizz is at providing mobile and home internet, create an account today and don't forget to use our referral code “YOREOYSTER” to get your $25 after using the service for at least 2 months.

Fizz Referral Code FAQs

What is the Fizz referral bonus?

The Fizz referral bonus is the amount that both you and your friend get when they subscribe to their first Fizz mobile internet service. You'll both receive $25 after your referral using the service for more than 2 months (but the amount may vary depending on the activation date).

How do I get a referral code for Fizz?

You can get your referral code for Fizz once you've signed up for an account. You can view your code by going to your account and sharing it with your friends through email, text, or social media.

How can I find the referral code for Fizz?

You can find your referral code for Fizz by going to “My Account” on the Fizz website to invite your friends.

When can I get the referral bonus for Fizz?

After using our Fizz referral code “YOREOYSTER” to sign up for Fizz, you’ll receive your $25 bonus once you’ve used their service for two months. In case you join the referral program yourself, you’ll get each referral bonus after your referral subscribes to Fizz for at least two months.

Is there a limit on the number of referrals with my Fizz referral code?

No, there are no limits on how many referrals you can make with your Fizz referral code as long as your referrals use the service for more than 2 months to get the $25 referral bonus.

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