Mistplay Review: Facts, Features, & Earnings

October 1, 2023

Mistplay is a play-to-earn platform or mobile gaming loyalty program that rewards its users for playing games and leaving feedback for the games’ developers. The key takeaway from this Mistplay review is that, while the platform does offer a fun and entertaining way to earn money, the earn rates are simply too low to be profitable. Making any significant amount of money takes a lot of time and effort, so it doesn’t make any sense to play with the goal of making money. However, if you just want to play for the fun of it, then earning a couple of cents here and there is always welcome.
Mistplay offers multiple ways to earn money without players spending a dime. They make money by providing a valuable source of player feedback for developers to improve their games and gaming experience.

You’ve probably heard of apps that pay you to play games and thought “This has to be a scam.” However, it’s a totally legit business model that many avid gamers are taking advantage of as we speak. One of those platforms is Mistplay, and in this Mistplay review, we’ll cover what this platform is, how it works, and how it helps players earn money while doing the thing they love most.

What Is Mistplay?

Mistplay is a mobile gaming app and online gaming loyalty program available to Android users. Technically speaking, it's an app that pays you to play games and leave feedback. It was founded in October 2015 in Montreal, Canada by Henri Charles Machalani, a former Microsoft Program Manager. After a year, with the expansion of its executive team, Eugene Joannides was welcomed on board as a co-founder.

Mistplay initially served as a platform for mobile game developers to promote their games among potential users. In time, the app also became a venue for game developers to draw feedback from prospective users on how to improve their gaming experience.

In 2017, Mistplay evolved from being a game-testing app to being the first loyalty platform for mobile gamers. A key feature of this mobile gaming app is it allows you to play multiple games within the app, thereby increasing your chances of earning points that can be redeemed as gift cards or PayPal cash.

By enhancing engagement in various ways such as gaining points and rewarding loyalty, it remains one of the most popular mobile games platforms, showing that earning money online can be fun and exciting.

With millions of users and a selection of more than 65,000 games that grow each month, it prides itself as the ultimate loyalty platform for Android gamers.

Features Of Mistplay

#1 Leave Feedback For Game Developers

This is how it all started. As mentioned above, Mistplay was initially a platform created for game developers to gather feedback from players on their latest games. These games are promoted to the gamers for them to test and offer their opinion. The developers then consider the players’ suggestions and areas of interest to improve their games.

Even though Mistplay evolved from a game-testing platform to a pioneer loyalty platform for mobile gamers, it continues to strengthen its game offerings by encouraging feedback from its users.

Once you finish a game or reach a goal, it requires you to submit a brief opinion on what you just played. It gathers your feedback based on your overall experience and other game-related questions. Without leaving feedback, you won’t get your reward points, so almost all users leave feedback after playing each game.

#2 Offers Your Kind Of Game  

Over the years, Mistplay was able to modify and customize its platform by gathering effective feedback from its users. The company banks on targeting the right kind of games for their users based on demographics, location, and behavior.

  • Demographics—targets users’ interests based on age, gender, OS, and device type, among others.
  • Location—suggests games based on country of origin; whether it’s in Asia, Europe, or North America.
  • Behavior—targets gamers’ preferences based on the genre of games they play.

By properly identifying its target audience, Mistplay can recommend games that stimulate their excitement and interest, from online Bingo apps like Bingo Cash or Blackout Bingo to action-packed adventure games, sports games, and more.

#3 Multiple Rewards That Enhance Engagement

A key feature of Mistplay is the variety of points you can earn and the rewards tied to them once you start playing. As you engage in Mistplay games, you’ll earn points in three ways:

Game Experience Points (GXPs)

You earn GXP points based on how much time you spend playing a particular game. Thus, the longer time you play, the more GXPs you’ll have and the more units (the in-app loyalty points) you’ll obtain.

Player Experience Points (PXPs)

PXPs allow you to gain points as your level increases in a game. The better you become at a game, the higher your level will be, and the more rewards you’ll get such as more bonus units and player features.


As you play and increase your game level, you’ll receive units, which are Mistplay’s currency. These units can then be redeemed as gift cards from Google Play, Amazon, Facebook, PlayStation, Xbox, and other brands or retailers, or you can redeem them for PayPal cash.

#4 Loyalty Rewards Program

Let’s face it, battling against a plethora of games available online to keep your users and increase coverage is a huge challenge.

Mistplay acknowledges this reality which is why it developed a loyalty program for its users who make more in-app purchases in their games. Users who spend more gain more rewards through loyalty points and status.

Mistplay Review: Facts, Features, & Earnings

The Mistplay loyalty program has four different tiers or statuses, which are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You reach each status by earning Loyalty Gems when you play and make purchases.

Pro-Tip: If you want to play a game to earn Loyalty Gems, check first whether that game has Loyalty Gems enabled before making an in-app purchase. Also, note that the number of gems you’ll get varies with the size of your in-app purchase and the unit multiplier of the game.

As you collect more gems, you’ll climb up the Mistplay Status ladder which leads to a greater earn rate for units and gems.

#5 Forms Social Networks

In 2019, Mistplay unlocked one of its greatest achievements. It was recognized by Deloitte as the ‘Company to Watch; and by Canadian Business and Maclean’s as the 36th fastest-growing startup in Canada.

Such rapid growth can be attributed to how the company maintains its platform accessible to reach a wide range of potential users. This is made possible by forming social networks. In Mistplay, you can have a chat with friends and make new ones through gaming.

#6 Mistplay Referral Program

You can earn even more points or units by referring new users to Mistplay. As you invite friends to join and play, you’ll get 100 points (worth about $0.33 when redeemed for gift cards) per referral once they’ve reached a certain status level.

#7 Promotes More Ways To Earn

Mistplay offers many ways to earn bonus points apart from those previously mentioned. Other options include following them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, not to mention signing up for their newsletter.

Another fun way of earning points is by finding and redeeming what they call ‘Mistcodes.’ These are secret codes hidden within the Mistplay app, social media platforms, and their newsletter. These can be converted to points and units to elevate your gaming experience by avatar upgrades or simply by exchanging them for gift cards for your favorite shops.

Some games also have bonus tasks that award you with points once you complete the activities. In other cases, Mistplay holds contests where you can bag potential prizes such as bonus points, e-gift cards, and other gaming rewards.

Pros Of Mistplay

  • A fun way to earn.
  • Games are free—the app doesn’t require you to provide your credit card details.
  • A broad range of games—more than 65,000 games are installed.
  • Variety of choices in gift cards that can be redeemed for as low as $0.5.
  • Option to convert points to cash rewards through PayPal.
  • Provides selections of what the target users play based on their demographics, location, genre, and popular games they play.
  • Provides an engaging way of elevating your Mistplay status (through collecting gems and Mistcodes).
  • Increases capacity to earn at a young age—open to 18 years old and above.

Cons Of Mistplay

  • Works only on Android phones.
  • It doesn’t offer a direct way of earning cash.
  • Low earning potential—acquiring points is more challenging as you reach a higher status.
  • Game offerings are dependent on the region of availability.
  • Has privacy concerns—app demands permission to view how you manage other apps on your phone.


Playing games in Mistplay is free. You don’t have to worry about the cost of downloading the app or redeeming points since there are no fees, but you must devote ample time to playing.

However, if you wish to elevate your Mistplay Status faster, you can make in-app purchases where you’ll be rewarded with Loyalty Points and Status. Another option is for you to spend a minimum amount each month to achieve higher Status levels and unlock the premium rewards offered by Mistplay.

Mistplay Units—What Are They Worth?

As Mistplay boasts of its platform that enables its players to earn rewards as they discover new worlds “at the tap of the button”; let’s check how good the payout is.

Below is a summary table that presents how much are Mistplay units worth if redeemed as gift cards from some of your favorite stores. The table is ordered by redemption value and then by gift card value to show a clear picture of what the best redemption option is.

StoreGift Card ValueCost In UnitsUnit Redemption Value
Google Play$10.003,000$0.00333
Google Play$15.004,500$0.00333

As you can see, there are basically three different redemption values for Mistplay units. You get the worst value when redeeming 400 units for a $0.50 gift card. To get the best value, you just need to choose any gift card of $10 or more, regardless of the store or brand you purchase the gift card for.

In Summary

Mistplay is a mobile gaming platform that allows its users to earn rewards in exchange for the time they spend playing. It used to be a venue where game developers drew feedback from their prospective users to improve the gaming experience.

Now, the company regards itself as the first loyalty platform for mobile gamers by offering a broad selection of games based on their demographics, location, and behavior.

They also increase user engagement through various methods of earning points, not to mention giving bonus tasks and uncovering Mistcodes that help sustain the gamers’ interest. More than being a gaming app, Mistplay supports forming social networks through its chat function where you can connect with friends and meet new ones.

___Mistplay CTA

Though Mistplay presents itself as a venue to earn rewards that can be converted to store e-gift cards or PayPal cash, it isn’t close to the money-making options that the digital world offers.

If playing serves as your kind of entertainment, Mistplay is a good way to kill time while making something out of it. But you should never treat it as your source of income since it gives minimal earnings that won’t pay your bills. 

If your goal is to earn some extra cash, we strongly advise you to explore other side hustles that pay well and aren’t as time-consuming.

Mistplay Review FAQs

Is Mistplay legit?

Yes, Mistplay is a legitimate gaming app. As of today, it has more than 10 million user downloads in Google Play. It also has a moderately high rating of 4 stars out of 5 from its users.

Can you really earn money in Mistplay?

Yes, being a play-to-earn gaming platform, Mistplay allows you to earn points which you can redeem as a gift card on the stores mentioned above or, their recent addition, cash through PayPal.

How much does Mistplay cost?

Mistplay costs nothing. It’s a free app where you can play games for free and where you only have to leave feedback if you want to earn points redeemable for cash.

What’s the quickest way to earn in Mistplay?

To make money in Mistplay, you must allot time to play daily for at least 5 minutes. Below are more ways to maximize your earnings by playing on this platform.

  • Go for the Mistplay games with a higher multiplier—Check the game details page and choose the game with a greater unit multiplier. It increases your earnings as you level up in the game.
  • Complete certain milestones to unlock badges and receive bonus points.
Mistplay Review: Facts, Features, & Earnings
  • Ensure Mistplay’s time tracking is active to get rewarded properly.
  • Play daily to receive a bonus.
  • Be aware of the time caps and level caps on each game, as you can only earn GXPs for playing a maximum of two hours per game.
  • Perform various tasks such as subscribing to Mistplay’s Newsletter (15 units) and inviting your friends to play (100 units apiece).

How can you redeem the points in Mistplay?

Once you’ve collected enough Mistplay points, you can redeem them as gift cards among popular stores or cash via PayPal. Here are some of the partner stores where you can exchange your gift cards.

AmazoneBayGameStopGoogle PlayiTunes

Is Mistplay worth it?

Yes, Mistplay is worth it as a loyalty gaming platform because it allows you to play various games for free while earning rewards at the same time. But don’t expect it to become your source of income since the earnings you’ll receive are pretty low.

Is Mistplay safe?

Yes, Mistplay is safe because it doesn’t ask for credit card information or any other important private information.

If Mistplay is free, how does it make money?

Mistplay makes money through the feedback they get from their users which they supply to the game developers for them to improve on.

Who can join Mistplay?

Mistplay is still in the expansion stage and is not yet globally available. It currently operates in North America, Europe, and Asia. Below are other conditions to consider:

  • It’s for Android users only.
  • If you’re under 18 you won’t be able to join the platform.
  • It requires facial verification.
  • Blocks Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Do Mistplay’s points expire?

Yes, Mistplay points expire. To avoid expiry, you must keep your account active by playing. Your points can expire after 180 days of inactivity. Moreover, your account’s points balance renews every six months, so you must earn and redeem points regularly.

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