Choosing The Right Stones And Materials For Your Custom Engagement Ring In Canada

May 11, 2023

A custom engagement ring is a unique and personal way to express your love and commitment to your partner. It allows you to design every aspect of the ring, from the shape and size of the stone to the style and material of the band. You can also add unique details such as engraving, birthstones, or symbols that have meaning for you and your partner. Getting a custom engagement ring in Canada requires putting a lot of love and dedication into the design and working with suitable materials and the right jewellery.

However, creating a custom engagement ring can also be overwhelming. You may have many questions and concerns, such as choosing a reputable jeweller, material and stone or setting a budget. It all comes down to what you and your partner value more and what makes your relationship more unique.

If you plan to propose to your partner, you may wonder how to find the perfect engagement ring that reflects your unique relationship and personality. While many stunning rings are available in the market, you may need help finding one that matches your vision or meets your expectations. That's why many people opt for a custom engagement ring, which allows them to create a one-of-a-kind piece they'll cherish forever. But how do you go about creating a custom engagement ring in Canada? What are the benefits and challenges of this option?wedd And what are some tips and best practices to follow? In this post, we'll answer these questions and more, so you can make an informed decision and create your dream custom engagement ring in Canada.

#1 Define Your Style And Budget

Defining your style and budget for a custom engagement ring is essential before shopping. Knowing where to begin can be difficult, but you can start here.

Look At Images For Inspiration

The first step in defining what kind of custom engagement ring you want is looking through images online or elsewhere. These pictures will represent the design elements or styles you want to incorporate into your piece. Pinterest boards full of inspirational jewellery designs are a great starting point.

Choosing The Right Stones And Materials For Your Custom Engagement Ring In Canada

They will provide inspiring visuals while helping narrow ideas within specific themes, such as vintage-style rings or modern looks with solitaire settings featuring round cut stones, etc. Consider bringing examples when meeting with jewellers who specialize in crafting these pieces from scratch. This makes it easier for them to understand precisely what designs/styles appeal most strongly to your preferences. It can also save you time by expediting the process of finding something suitable for your needs and tastes.

Consider Your Budget For A Custom Engagement Ring

Another critical factor to take into account when deciding on a custom engagement ring is budget. Custom-crafted pieces can be more expensive than ready-made versions. So, understanding the costs of different materials and diamonds used in creating an engagement ring will help you decide what your ideal price range should be for such a piece.

The following table shows what you should expect to spend on your custom engagement ring based on materials.

FeatureLow BudgetMid RangeHigh End
Diamonds (0.5 – 1.0 carats)$1,000$2,000$4,000
Diamonds (1.0 – 2.0 carats)$4,000$8,000$15,000
Diamonds (2.0+ carats)$10,000$20,000$50,000+
Materials (gold, platinum, etc.)$500$1,000$2,000
Accents (e.g., diamonds, gemstones)$200$400$800

It is important to remember that these budget estimates are just approximations and may vary significantly according to the specific details and quality of the ring. Speaking with a jeweller for a more precise quotation on a custom engagement ring is always advisable.

#2 Understand Diamonds

When designing a custom engagement ring, the centrepiece of your design will likely be one or more diamonds. Therefore, you must understand how to choose the right diamond for your unique piece of jewellery! To select the suitable stone for you, you must understand the four Cs of diamonds.

The 4 Cs Of Diamonds

Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat Weight Diamond quality are collectively called “the four C's.” Combining these factors determines a diamond's beauty (or sparkle) and value.

Choosing The Right Stones And Materials For Your Custom Engagement Ring In Canada

Know Your Cut

The most crucial factor in determining the beauty of any stone – including diamonds, sapphires, or emeralds – is its cut. This refers to its overall shape and how expertly facets are carved into the surface. It affects how much light is reflected off those surfaces, creating that signature sparkle effect we all know and love about fine diamonds, as shown in the picture below.

Choosing The Right Stones And Materials For Your Custom Engagement Ring In Canada

When looking at the different cuts available, consider the proportions, symmetry, polish, depth, etc., to get the desired results from your chosen gemstone. The stone could be round, brilliant, princess, marquise, heart, oval, etc.

Know Your Clarity

As the name implies, this measures the degree of impurities within the stone, such as blemishes, minor fractures, or cloudiness. Even extra pieces of carbon trapped inside the crystal structure can affect clarity. While some internal flaws are unavoidable, they should never compromise your diamonds' brilliance and visual appeal. The absolute highest grades come with no visible imperfections whatsoever. However, you can also go for lower grades that show slight blemishes, depending on your preference, personal style, and budget.

Know Your Colour

All diamonds are assigned ratings from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow). Higher-graded colours tend to be more costly but look better too. Most people think that the whitest diamond is the best. However, naturally occurring diamonds have varying shades, ranging from deeper and richer hues like yellow, pink, purple, blue, and green.

Choosing The Right Stones And Materials For Your Custom Engagement Ring In Canada

The distinction between these hues can be subtle yet significant enough to create a beautiful array of options. Therefore, you can choose the perfect match for your vision.

Know Your Carat Weight

When it comes to diamonds, size matters… a lot! The last criterion refers to a given diamond's physical dimension. This means that the heavier it is, the greater the number of points assigned based on the industry's weight.

Choosing The Right Stones And Materials For Your Custom Engagement Ring In Canada

One carat equates to 200 milligrams. This is the standard metric system for measuring a diamond's mass. Two same-type diamonds of identical shape, clarity, and colour will significantly differ in price if one has more carats than the other.

How To Choose The Right Diamond Shape And Size For Your Ring?

The next step in selecting a suitable diamond for your custom engagement ring would be deciding on an appropriate shape and size! Round brilliant cuts offer maximum fire (reflection), while fancy-shaped stones allow creative freedom. So, if you're looking for something more unique, look towards cushion cuts, hearts, or ovals instead. Additionally, keep in mind that sizes too will affect the final appearance. Pick wisely your exact stone. Here are some tips to help you choose.

  • Tip 1: Consider finger size & the proportionality of the stone compared to your hand. Bigger stones look better on larger hands. Picking a tiny diamond may mean that it will not stand out. Bigger is not always better; you may use a smaller stone if you are a minimalist. So, getting the balance just right is an important step.
  • Tip 2: Try different types, shapes, and combinations until you reach the perfect match and desired results. Create one-of-a-kind pieces that are special to you and your significant other!
  • Tip 3: Consult with a professional jeweller or diamond expert for the best advice and recommendations for your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

#3 Select The Right Metal For Your Ring

When it comes to selecting the perfect metal for your custom engagement ring in Canada, a variety of options are available. Each has unique characteristics and pros and cons that should be considered before making a final decision.

Choosing The Right Stones And Materials For Your Custom Engagement Ring In Canada

Depending on your style, budget, or other factors such as durability or allergy concerns, you can choose from platinum, silver, titanium, or gold (white, rose, and yellow) or even non-conventional materials like silicon carbide or titanium when designing your ring. Here is an overview of the different types of metals so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you:


Platinum makes an excellent choice for those who want their rings to look beautiful over time. This precious metal resists tarnishing better than many others do. It is also hypoallergenic due to its purity level of 95%. This means they won't cause irritation if you have sensitive skin, as some metals might. Other jewellery materials, such as gold and silver alloys, typically have 75-90% purity.

Regarding cost, platinum is usually more expensive than 18k gold but less expensive than 24k gold. Its weight adds extra comfort since it's heavier. This material is perfect if you have an active lifestyle, as it allows greater security for your ring. The ring is likely to stay on your finger even during sports. However, special care needs to be taken while caring for and cleaning platinum rings; rubbing alcohol shouldn't be used on platinum rings because the material reacts with concentrated alcohol.


Silver offers both affordability and beauty at the same time. Sterling silver typically consists of 92-94% fine silver alloyed with copper or another base metal. This mixture produces the strength and hardness needed without compromising too much on the shininess expected from silver pieces. Rings made out of sterling silver tend to stay shiny longer. After some time, they require polishing due to oxygen in the air absorbed on the ring's outer surface, resulting in oxidation. Regular cleaning is recommended every few months, depending on how often you wear the ring! Also, you do not have to worry if you have metal allergies since no nickel or lead content exists inside these pieces.


Titanium is becoming increasingly popular among couples looking for something lightweight yet durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. The material can be specially treated with a “black diamond finish,” giving each piece a modernistic touch that combines sparkling shine and the toughness you want in a ring! However, the downside is that titanium is pricey, usually costing more than most ring-making materials. It needs only occasional polishings to remove dust particles and buildups. The material is also nonallergic, even after wearing it for long periods.

Gold (White, Rose, & Yellow)

The last material is gold, which consists of three colour variants: white, rose, and yellow. These are widely used nowadays, alone or mixed, to create any styles you desire. This gives you ultimate control regarding the crafting process down to minor details. Gold also has relatively high durability, ensuring your ring stays in its original state for years. Again, there are no allergies, given the lack of nickel composition, ensuring you are safe.

Choosing The Right Stones And Materials For Your Custom Engagement Ring In Canada

14K gold is 58.5% pure gold and contains a mix of other metals, such as copper, silver and zinc, for strength. 18K gold is 75% pure gold, with the remainder being a combination of base metals like copper or nickel to increase its durability. 24K gold is 99.9% pure, which makes it very soft and malleable, but also more prone to scratches or dents than 14k or 18k metal alloys that are mixed with other metals for strength

Prices vary according to the selected type, starting with the lowest for the lowest quality gold. Below is a table showing the relative price estimates of gold rings depending on their purity.

KaratPrice Range

#4 Select Other Materials And Accents

Adding additional materials and accents, such as gemstones and pearls, is one way to make your piece stand out. Whether you're looking for something subtle or an eye-catching design, the options available in Canada are sure to meet your needs.

Choosing The Right Stones And Materials For Your Custom Engagement Ring In Canada

Choose The Right Materials & Accents

Here are some tips on choosing the right accent materials pieces:

  • Think about what type of look you want – Are you drawn more toward modern or traditional designs? Do bright colours appeal more than muted tones? Knowing what aesthetic you prefer will help narrow down your choices quickly while still being able to express yourself.
  • Be aware of material quality – Quality matters when searching for accent materials such as diamonds and metals. This may affect the price point depending on the metals' purity level, as the table comparing gold ring prices above shows. Make sure all elements are used to match each other in terms of colour. However, mixing different coloured metals could be done. It all depends on what you find attractive.
  • Be mindful of any allergies – Some people can have allergic reactions to certain metal alloys, so it's best to check before purchasing.

Mix & Match Different Materials & Accents

Another significant part of creating a custom engagement ring is the freedom to play around with different combinations to achieve the desired look! No rules say you must stick to the same tone throughout the piece. Mix textures by pairing other stone cuts or accent stones like diamonds set alongside colourful gems to create a stunning contrast between those elements. You could even incorporate pearls to bring out its intricate beauty! Also, remember that the setting choice should complement the size and scale of the centre diamond – smaller, simpler settings pair better with larger carat sizes, and vice versa. Bigger and ornate accents balance smaller ones without taking away attention from the centrepiece itself!

Finally, take the time to compare prices and find the best deal possible. The goal is a beautiful yet affordable bespoke creation that leaves your mind, body, and wallet happy! Remember these simple steps to keep track of your finances and constantly research thoroughly.

In Summary

Choosing the suitable diamonds and materials for a custom engagement ring in Canada involves understanding your style and budget and the four Cs of diamonds: cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight. It's crucial to consider the design elements and styles you want to incorporate into your custom engagement ring by looking at images for inspiration and speaking with a jeweller. The budget for a custom engagement ring can vary significantly based on the materials and diamonds used, with diamonds (0.5 – 1.0 carats) ranging from $1,000 on a low budget to $4,000 on a high-end budget. It is also essential to consider the materials used in the ring, such as gold, platinum, and accents like diamonds or gemstones. Understanding these factors will help you choose the perfect diamonds and materials for your custom engagement ring.

Custom-made rings can be more expensive than mass-produced ones because they require more labour and time to design, adding to manufacturing costs. If you need more cash for the ring you want, start investing today to make your money grow. You can get a head start by taking advantage of Canada's best signup bonuses.

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Custom Engagement Ring Canada FAQs

What is the average carat size for an engagement ring in Canada?

The average carat size for an engagement ring in Canada is approximately 1.2 carat.

What is a good carat size?

A good carat size depends on the type of jewelry and budget. Generally, diamonds range from 0.5 to 2 carats in engagement rings and other fine jewelry pieces, while larger stones may be used for statement pieces or collections.

Can I take an engagement ring through customs?

Yes, you can take an engagement ring through customs. However, you should be aware that if the item's value exceeds your personal duty-free allowance, it may be subject to duty and taxes upon entry into the destination country. You should also check with local customs officials in your destination country before travelling to ensure that any items taken are allowed under their regulations.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring if I make $100k a year?

There is no set amount for how much to spend on an engagement ring, as this decision should consider your budget, lifestyle and preferences. Many consider spending roughly two months' salary on an engagement ring as a rule of thumb. If you make $100K per year (or $8,333 per month), this rule suggests paying around $16-20k on an engagement ring. However, this is 5X higher than the average price of an engagement ring in Canada, so it may be much more than you'd need to pay for a breathtaking piece. Ultimately, it's up to you how much you feel comfortable spending—make sure not to go over what your budget allows!

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