Cheap Jewelry In Canada: Tips For First-Time Buyers

January 22, 2023

Finding cheap jewellery in Canada isn't only possible, it's easy. You'll find some bling within your budget, whether you make $100K a year or just $25K. There are both main street brick-and-mortar jewellery stores that hold special sales and provide special offers online, and online-only stores that don't have physical showrooms and can offer more competitive prices. All you have to do is be in the loop to find the best deals.

Tiffany & Co., Paris Jewellers, Peoples Jewellers and Michael Hill are some of the most popular choices in the first category, while Pandora and Blue Nile are the best for online-only purchases.

There are several popular cheap jewellery stores in Canada. If you want to know if you're getting high-quality items at the best possible prices, in this post, we thoroughly evaluate both physical stores in Canada and websites that only offer jewelry online to assist you in your search for a new necklace or that ideal engagement ring. No matter if you shop on your phone or try on Jewelry in person, there is something for everyone.

Here you'll discover a list of locations where you can buy wedding rings, personalized jewelry, charms, and more, along with some advice on obtaining the lowest prices.

Where To Find Cheap Jewellery In Canada

Every shop on this list sells online in Canadian dollars and provides delivery across the country. Additionally, most of them frequently have sales, so it's always worthwhile to look them up!

Below is a list of where Canadians can purchase their favourite jewelry, with prices for the goods they offer ranging from a few dollars upwards.

Cheap Jewellery In Canada

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Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is an exceptional jewelry store in Canada. The iconic Tiffany Blue Boxes are difficult to miss, even if you aren't familiar with them from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Although they are the most upscale retailer on this list, you might be surprised to learn that some of their products are very reasonably priced.

Many of their iconic products, including Tiffany 1837 and Tiffany Keys, are eligible for delivery across Canada. You can examine the renowned Tiffany Setting engagement rings on their website, but not everything is available, so you might want to schedule an in-store consultation.

Paris Jewellers

Paris Jewellers’ website has some lovely items, especially if you enjoy colour. Even though they do sell engagement rings, the top trends area of their website is where you can find their offerings on some of the most recent fashion trends.

Cheap Jewellery brands In Canada

The Paris Blog, where they give gift suggestions, brand stories, and shopping advice, is one feature of their website that most visitors enjoy. You'll always find the most recent trends there because it is updated more regularly than blogs from their competitors.

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Michael Hill

Michael Hill always holds a special place in people’s hearts because that is where most people purchase their wedding rings. The Michael Hill Amazing Sale offers, and engagement rings are well-known throughout the continent, but they are also renowned for selling special collections.

Cheap Jewellery stores In Canada

You need to check out their several lines of exquisite, elegant pieces. Michael Hill holds sales that are only available online and not in shops. Nonetheless, you can get up to 60% off selected items.

At these discount prices, you may be able to afford great pieces on a low income, even on a couple of passive income sources. You can also use credit to pay for your purchases, but remember never to borrow more than you can pay back, so you don't end up facing debt collectors on your own.

Peoples Jewellers

Peoples Jewellers has an impressive collection of jewelry. They are well-known as Canada's best Diamond Store for a reason, and couples frequently go there while selecting wedding rings.

They have a reputation for working with celebrities like Shaquille O'Neal and designers like Vera Wang, and you can find many different items on their website. In addition, they frequently offer amazing sales opportunities that are too incredible to pass up.

Charm Diamond Centres

Charm Diamond Centres offers various elegant jewelry collections at affordable prices. When you look at the assortment provided by Charm Diamond Centres, you can't help but believe that they are Canada's largest diamond and jewelry store.

Cheap Jewellery stores In Canada

They provide jewelry for kids in addition to adult styles, unlike the majority of other stores. They sell well-known and adored labels like Alex and Ani, and Levian, amongst other brands.


Pandora is one of the top online stores for adorable, stylish, and reasonably priced jewelry in Canada, whether you can purchase their stackable rings or necklaces. Shopping at Pandora is a very smooth experience because there is no need to visit the store to try them on.

This store is quite helpful when you need to buy gifts. The majority of their promotions are done both in-store and online, but occasionally Pandora includes a web package, so it truly pays to visit their site.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is among the largest online jewelry retailers in Canada. They sell earrings, birthstone jewelry, and other items in addition to their specialty in diamonds and engagement rings.

You can anticipate getting an excellent deal when you purchase at Blue Nile. They also have a few policies worth looking at in addition to their cheap prices:

  1. Free shipping on all orders.
  2. Most orders with free returns within 30 days.
  3. A guarantee that the price of a diamond will be met.

Note that they have no showrooms in Canada; thus, you can only shop online.

Pro tip: You can make your jewelry purchases even cheaper by scanning your receipts to the Fetch app and earning extra cash back on every dollar you spend. You can also take advantage of the Fetch Rewards referral program and earn some extra cash on the side.

Tips For Buying Jewelry In Canada

When considering purchasing jewelry in Canada, there are many options on the market, including earrings, necklaces, rings, and more. You can get a variety of lovely selections for anything you want to purchase.

You don't buy jewelry every day, making it crucial to choose wisely and choose items that fit you perfectly. Here are some essential jewelry-buying tips that will support you in your endeavour:

#1 Check The Materials Used To Make Jewelry

It's important to have a good understanding of the materials used to create jewelry. People frequently make the error of buying without being aware of the different materials.

If the materials used to make a specific piece of jewelry are not listed, the jewelry is likely fake and not created from pure metals like gold, diamonds, silver, or any other valuable metal.

A suitable certification and confirmation of the material from the supplier are two things you should check anytime you want to buy jewelry.

#2 Conduct Your Research Before Making A Purchase

Proper material knowledge is just a small portion of your extensive study before purchasing jewelry. The various metals must be understood, along with the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing each one.

While some people favour diamonds, others think gold jewelry is the best choice. It fully depends on your preferences and the situation surrounding the transaction.

#3 Create A Budget

It is incredibly simple to blow a lot of money on jewelry. When you browse the many possibilities offered by jewellers, you will discover that the prices of the products you see vary greatly.

It will overwhelm you, and you can wind up making a choice that will later cost you money. This is why it's crucial to create a budget before you start browsing for jewelry. Determine the highest price you can afford to pay for a piece of jewelry by looking over your finances.

This should be your top limit; make sure you don't even consider the options that extend beyond it.

#4 Ensure That It Fits

A surprisingly high number of people buy jewelry that doesn't fit them. If you are unable to utilize an unfitting ring or pair of earrings, spending money on them is a waste. To ensure that the jewelry you are purchasing fits well, ensure to check it out carefully. You can get the fitness altered if something is unsettling about it, or you can look for another option.

#5 Be Mindful Of Your Aesthetic

For any piece of jewelry, whether it be the numerous ring styles, earrings, or necklaces, there are dozens of designs on the market. Even if you get the most costly one, not all of them will suit you.

Your aesthetic should be your primary consideration when selecting a design. It will eventually be a waste of money if you purchase anything that doesn't fit your personality or sense of style.

#6 Purchase Only From Trustworthy Stores

As said before, whether it be a ring or a pair of earrings, jewelry is not something you buy daily. Since these items are expensive and valuable, you must ensure you only purchase genuine ones.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of jewellers that like to defraud people by offering them counterfeit or fake goods. To ensure that you are receiving what you paid for, only purchase from reputable jewellers.

Best Jewelry Brands In Canada

Canada has many burgeoning companies, meaning we are almost as visible as Americans regarding pop culture and consumerism. This translates, among other things, into a wide array of Jewelry brands to choose from.

Here is a compilation of the best jewelry brands in Canada.

Cheap Jewellery brands In Canada

Leah Alexandra

Leah Alexandra is one of the only Canadian jewelry brands to provide a broad selection of high-quality goods across all categories. They frequently introduce new launches, and their delicate pieces are available in various designs. They undoubtedly have everything you seek because the brand just introduced a superb jewelry collection.

Foxy Originals

Foxy Originals creates simple but enjoyable items. If you desire a present that will prompt the response, “Wow, I'm in love! And that packaging is the cutest ever!” you need products from this brand.

Sarah Silver

Sarah Silver is another jewelry brand from Montréal! Although Sarah Silver is still little, they are passionate about 925 sterling silver. Rest easy knowing that your Sarah pieces will last a long time in good health for a manageable cost. Many people occasionally replace some of their yellow gold jewelry with sterling silver.

Hart & Stone

Hart and Stone is one of the best ethical jewelry brands that utilize gold and silver in their product production process. These simple jewelry pieces are easy to wear and ideal for layering. The fact that these gorgeous designs come with free shipping across Canada is a significant advantage!


If you adore stones, Zaleska has some of the most elaborate patterns with stunning coloured stones available for all jewelry lovers to choose from.


Pachulah was founded by Mandy and Danny Welch while they were residing on Vancouver Island, and a Hawaii site has just recently been inaugurated! You can find almost anything you've seen on your favourite celeb or fashion guru in their extremely trendy collection.

Khan Yoo

If you're looking for some simple stacking components, look no further because Khan Yoo has you completely covered. They make simple designs appear so gorgeous.


Mejuri is particularly dear to people's hearts because of its founder’s personality and its products. Not only that, but they offer outstanding artwork. Visit Mejuri if you enjoy using delicate items. They also have a new collection of fine jewelry that is more reasonably priced; they are always on the lookout for ways to transform the way people buy engagement rings and wedding bands.

In Summary

As a jewelry lover, money shouldn't stop you from getting your favourite Jewelry. This article provides a list of popular stores to find affordable jewelry in Canada, both in-store and online. Some of the stores include popular names like Tiffany & Co., Paris Jewellers, Peoples Jewellers, and Michael Hill.

On the other hand, some useful tips for buying jewelry in Canada include doing research on the store, asking for certifications or appraisals, considering the type of metal used, and paying attention to the design and style. It's important to make wise choices when purchasing jewelry and to explore the many options available before deciding what to buy.

Cheapest Jewelry Stores In Canada FAQ

When is the ideal season to purchase jewelry?

In the summer, when demand is low, and prices for gold, silver, and even diamonds may decline, you can buy exquisite jewelry at prices you might not see in the winter.

When is the ideal time of the week to purchase jewelry?

Without a doubt, Monday offers the cheapest prices across all kinds of jewelry. The situation with earrings is the same; 37% of the whole price fluctuation happens on Mondays. In addition, recent analytics show that Mondays are the days when prices are reduced the most.

Which is better, buying jewelry offline or online?

You should buy your diamond ring online instead of physically going to a store if you want a safer shopping experience, more product options, better quality, and greater value for your money.

Is wholesale jewelry less expensive?

Wholesalers have lower prices than retailers. Although some high-priced establishments have lower prices than others, “wholesalers” typically charge the same as or less than the majority of full-service stores. Here is an illustration of how they typically appear cheaper: “Wholesaler” portrays a poor diamond as a high grade while quoting it.

Is purchasing jewelry online less expensive?

Engagement rings are typically 30–40% cheaper online than in stores. Diamonds are less expensive for online retailers due to the manner they are supplied and sold. You can easily find various amazing diamonds and lovely settings online at affordable costs.

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