The Best Cheap Maternity Clothes Canada Has To Offer

January 12, 2023

In Canada, there are more online maternity stores than ever, and many provide affordable, attractive maternity products that go beyond leggings and nursing blouses (although there are plenty of those). Websites and online stores like Yo Mama Maternity, Motherhood, Asos, and Seven Women offer some of the best cheap maternity clothes Canada has to offer. In terms of price, Asos takes the gold ($15-$45 for basic outfits), H&M takes the silver ($17-$60) and Old Navy takes the bronze ($25-$135).

When it comes to great pregnancy jeans, enjoyable outfits, and comfy nursing bras, H&M and Old Navy's online stores feature even more options and a wider variety than their in-store inventory. It would be a big mistake if you don't look online for a few maternity dresses to make yourself feel nice, especially with better return policies and lower shipping prices than before.

Buying clothes isn't always as simple and enjoyable as it seems in a movie montage, especially if you're expecting a baby. Many women struggle with fitting rooms and scheduling time for shopping, and there are frequently more misses than hits. Given a continuously changing body and a lack of time, purchasing maternity clothing is probably not at the top of your list.

With all the issues that pregnancy brings, we feel that going shopping in physical stores is a difficult and even unnecessary task. Therefore, when the moment comes to set aside some time to go shopping, it's best to do it from the comfort of your home. That's why in this post we'll share the top picks for finding stylish and cheap maternity clothing in Canada.

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#1 H&M

H&M Cheap Maternity Clothes Canada

H&M tops the list of cheapest online maternity clothing stores because it's one of the finest sites to buy stylish yet wearable items even if you aren't pregnant. This is nearly 100% foolproof because they offer free returns, and free shipping is available with purchases of over $50. The good news? Whatever your signature dress look is, you won't have to give it up to raise a child.

#2 Yo Mama Maternity

Yo Mama Cheap Maternity Clothes Canada

Yo Mama Maternity assists new and expecting mothers with a variety of tasks, including helping them find maternity clothes that fit well and will last them through their whole pregnancy and into the fourth trimester.

This Canadian store supplies the essentials to complete your maternity wardrobe with items like floral dresses and cozy sweaters. However, they work particularly well for the cheap maternity clothing you'll require in your postpartum life, making feeding your child simpler.

#3 Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Cheap Maternity Clothes Canada

If you'd prefer to confine your shopping to one bill (and one shipment in the mail), Motherhood sells all the basic maternity clothing like leggings, pyjamas, bras, and coats. Who doesn't love a time-saver when shopping, especially if efficiency is your main concern? To ensure there are no unpleasant surprises upon delivery, import taxes and levies are also calculated at the time of purchase.


OLD NAVY Cheap Maternity Clothes Canada

If you frequently wear jeans, a bump can limit your wardrobe options, at least when it comes to your favourite pair of jeans. So purchasing a pair of maternity jeans is essential unless you want to switch from jeans to leggings. Check out Old Navy for economical options in a range of clothes to keep your wardrobe well-stocked for all situations.

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asos Cheap Maternity Clothes Canada

While ASOS supplies various products, they are primarily responsible for maternity fashion selection. Many trendy options are available to suit your style, from voluminous statement pieces to simple girl dresses and (if you need them) wide-fit footwear. ASOS gives Canadian customers a 15% discount to make up for the extra expenses of taxes and delivery.

#6 Seven Women

Seven Women Cheap Maternity Clothes Canada

Maternity continues after your pregnancy, and nursing might be difficult if your clothes prevent you from reaching your baby easily. Seven Women can help you out.

Find an outstanding collection from this online maternity clothing store, including summer dresses, warm sweater dresses, and everything in between. And forget about being limited to classic maternity dresses with an empire waist. Instead, discover contemporary silhouettes and many more. You may find a dress to match your pregnant style, whether you like to flaunt your changing figure with a bodycon appearance or favour other approaches.

Pricing Summary

H&M$17-$60Stylish, OrganicBasics, Accessories 
Yo Mama Maternity$40-$125Smart, Affordable Essentials, Accessories
Motherhood Maternity$20-$100Efficient, Organic Denim, Outerwear
OLD NAVY$25-$135Accessible, EconomicalBasics, Accessories 
ASOS$35-$150Trendy, smartBasics
Seven Women$15-$45MultifunctionalBasics, Accessories 

Maternity Clothing Buying Advice For The Expecting Mother

Although being pregnant is a wonderful experience, your wardrobe may suffer as a result of weight gain, fluid retention, bloating, edema, and frequent urination.

Here is a compilation of some of the best advice for shopping for maternity clothes to help you get through the entire nine months with ease.

#1 Purchase Maternity Attire That Will Serve You Well From Conception To Delivery

These characteristics include skirts, shorts, and pants with elastic or adjustable waistbands to accommodate your expanding belly. When purchasing clothes, seek pregnant blouses with ruching or gathers on the side that will fit you up until delivery. Think about length when buying clothes.

Even if you are expecting twins or triplets, it must be long enough to conceal your bulge!

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#2 Look For Clothes That Can Be Worn While Nursing

If you're going to invest in new clothing, you should make the most of it. It's important to gather as much stuff as possible before and after the baby is born. When purchasing tops, opt for styles with buttons on the front or easy nursing access. The nursing tops from the Canadian stores listed above are made to make feeding as cozy and covert as possible. If you don't want to purchase nursing shirts specifically, buy clothing with a low neckline, side access or readily detachable straps.

#3 Invest In Nursing Tanks Or Singlets

Investing in nursing tanks and singlets allows you to continue wearing all of your favourite clothes even if they aren't conducive to breastfeeding. Wear a singlet or tank underneath so you can easily reach the breasts if necessary, even if you have to hike up your regular t-shirt.

#4 Consider Acquiring Reversible Apparel

Reversible clothing is amazing since you effectively get two items in one, and it's an excellent method to achieve the style you desire with a few products. Additionally, it will save you a ton of room in your wardrobe and reduce your laundry!

#5 Spend Money On The Necessities

A quality pair of maternity jeans is the one item that is unquestionably worth the investment.

With some heels and a stunning top, they may be dressed up, or they can be dressed down with some flats and a t-shirt. A high-quality pair of back jeans is another excellent purchase, especially if you want to work during pregnancy. You can wear a high-quality dress to any special event, like weddings and holiday celebrations. You can alter a dress if you keep it very simple by adding new accessories and shoes.

#6 Don't Buy Oversized Clothes

This may seem obvious, but many pregnant women mistakenly believe they will need to buy maternity clothes one or two sizes larger than normal. Avoid doing this. To get the best fit, choose maternity garments in your regular size.

If you shop immediately after you become pregnant before you've “popped,” you might not find anything that will fit you six months after your pregnancy. Find out if the maternity store has a fake belly you can wear by asking. In this manner, you may actually determine how the clothing will fit you by the third trimester.

#7 Buy Seasonal Clothing

You'll likely experience a few seasons and significant weather variations during your nine-month pregnancy. Make sure you have enough winter clothing to keep you and your growing baby warm, as well as enough summer clothing to keep you from overheating. Shop at the seasonal end-of-season bargains to save money. Although it may seem unusual to purchase summer clothing at the beginning of winter, organizing your pregnancy wardrobe in advance will help you save time and money.

#8 Get Shawls, Bra Pads, Wraps, And Scarves

Scarves and bra pads are perfect stain cover-ups and give your look a little extra flair. When a baby is born, you'll frequently be covered with a concoction of milk, baby puke, and sticky materials all at once! You can prolong the life of your clothing by using a shawl or bra pad to prevent milk stains on clothes and to avoid changing it every five minutes.

#9 Cotton Is Important

You should search for fabric that breathes well, such as cotton, to accommodate the excess heat you produce. Additionally, you'll need stretchy clothing, so look for spandex-containing clothing. Although polyester base textiles have advantages such as better durability, you should save them for special occasions or colder days to prevent sweat marks.

Tips For Buying Cheap Maternity Clothes In Canada

When buying clothes for your expanding pregnant body, there are numerous ways to cut costs. With a little imagination, It takes a bit more effort than you usually put into your shopping. Still, you will enjoy discovering adorable maternity clothing in Canadian stores that are reasonably priced.

These are the strategies you can use to reduce the cost of your maternity clothes:

#1 Don't Pay Attention To Brand Names

Don’t get me wrong; there are many fashionable maternity brands available today. However, some of the trendier ones also have higher prices. Learn to ignore the brand name printed on your clothing tag if you want to buy cheap maternity clothing in Canada.

#2 Plan Ahead

Even while each pregnancy and each body are unique, it's possible that you won't need maternity clothes until the second trimester and perhaps not even then.

With this knowledge, schedule your pregnancy shopping for when your bump will be the biggest and enjoy shopping for off-season deals. You may pick up that cheap winter coat you're sure to need for your January due date while everyone else is scrambling to get the newest summer fashion trends.

#3 Be Economical

A thrift store is a pregnant woman's gold mine because there are so many fairly used maternity clothes there that sell at cheap prices! Don't forget to check online thrift shops like Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace when out thrifting. When parents have finished having children, they frequently advertise their maternity clothes at absurdly low prices to get rid of them, which is a great opportunity for you.

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#4 Get A Bra Extender

It costs a lot to buy a nice bra. And while you might want to upgrade your bra collection to include nursing bras or larger cup sizes for pregnancy and the postpartum period, you can save a lot of money by buying a bra extender, which can help make your current bras more functional.

#5 Don't Focus On The Maternity Section Only

You don't have to wear maternity clothing solely because you are pregnant. Even though you might discover that you need maternity essentials like jeans, leggings, a larger bra, and some basic tops, you'll discover that you can still indulge in your usual shopping habits for things like accessories, shoes, cardigans, oversized tees, slouchy sweaters, and empire-waist dresses and tops. While buying these items may not necessarily save you money, you are making a better investment when using your debit card because you will be able to use them long after the kid is born.

The Bottom Line

All maternity clothes can be purchased from various online stores in Canada, from stylish dresses and rompers to cozy maternity bras. It's up to you to heed the tips in this post to make your shopping experience the best you've ever had. If you need some extra money for both your pregnancy as well as your future motherhood, creating passive income sources today will become invaluable tomorrow.

Good luck and safe delivery!

Buying Maternity Clothes In Canada FAQ

Do clothes have an impact on pregnancy?

The body of a pregnant woman undergoes numerous changes that sustain the uterus because of hormonal effects. Hormonal activity loosens ligaments and causes the chest and abdominal cavities to enlarge. Wearing tight garments may therefore cause discomfort and also hinder these physical changes.

Can a pregnant woman wear leggings?

Pregnancy is a totally safe time to wear leggings. They are incredibly comfy and simple to put on and take off. Pregnancy leggings made for your body are the best option if you have varicose veins to be cautious about. Your varicose veins may itch if you wear the wrong kind of leggings.

Which clothes should I avoid during pregnancy?

Any clothes that are too tight may limit your movement as you go about your day and exercise. They may also obstruct blood flow to your growing bump, increasing the likelihood of itching and severe rashes, so you should avoid tight clothes as much as possible.

Should I wear bras when pregnant?

You may need a few maternity bras in different sizes as your body continues to develop and alter throughout your pregnancy. It is advisable to wear an appropriate support bra that doesn't scratch against your skin during the day.

When should I start putting on maternity clothes?

If you're unsure when to begin shopping for maternity wear in your first trimester, keep in mind that every expectant parent's needs are unique. The best time to start with the fundamentals is within the first eight weeks. Your pregnant and postpartum wardrobe must include a high-quality, possibly bigger bra.

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