Where To Buy Cheap Clothes In Canada

May 6, 2023

Even though Canada isn't a cheap place to live in, that doesn't always apply to clothing. Some of the cheapest clothing brands in Canada have some decent-quality pieces to choose from. If you're looking for cheap clothes in Canada, great brands include Mini Mioche, where you'll find good apparel for as little as $20, and Jerico, where the base price hovers around $30. You can also find more refined yet still affordable brands like Frank And Oak, Econia, and Encircled, where you'll be able to get pieces in the range of $50 to a little over $100.

Alternatively, you can find cheap clothing stores online. Canada offers plenty of e-commerce sites that sell a mix of different brands, all at great prices. Some include Lululemon, FashionTIY, and SSENSE.

If you don't know which one to choose, you can learn what factors affect clothing prices in Canada as well as the factors you must consider before buying clothes in any country. With that information, finding great deals on clothes in Canada will be easier than ever before.

Canada is an expensive place to live in, but that doesn't mean you won't find cheap clothing brands! Everyone should be able to buy several outfits and live a comfortable life, regardless of their budget. That said, purchasing cheap clothing in Canada is not difficult if you know where to search.

If you enjoy shopping for clothing, you should know how crucial it is to save money wherever possible. The only way you can afford to keep expanding your wardrobe is by taking advantage of sales, using coupon codes, and buying clothes at the cheapest rates.

You don't even need to leave your computer or your bed to shop since most of the cheap clothing offers are available online, even though some of them are accessible in-store. Keep this page close by the next time you're shopping for a dress, looking for a baby shower, or hoping to find cheap winter outerwear on sale.

What Are The Cheapest Clothing Brands In Canada?

For those looking for cheap clothes in Canada, here is an updated list of the cheapest clothing brands you'll find in the country. Use it to your advantage the next time your kids outgrow their clothes or you want to upgrade your closet to help you save some money.

#1 Mini Mioche

This Canadian clothing brand sells cheap and soft organic cotton clothing for babies and children. It has a timeless appearance and fit, making it the ideal brand for clothes shopping in Canada. They sell clothes and accessories for as low as $20-$30.

Mini Mioche designs soft, cozy, classic infant essentials in straightforward forms and gender-neutral hues. It is committed to conducting activities in a transparent, moral, and environmentally friendly manner.

Mini Mioche continues to adhere to its initial concept even after more than ten years in business. It continues to produce soft and timeless apparel in Canada in a sustainable, ethical manner.

#2 Econica

Econica is a Canadian firm that designs and manufactures elegant women's organic clothing and lingerie. It offers bespoke Clothing made responsibly in Ontario, Canada.

Canadians can get clothes between $80-$160 at Econica. Econica strives to maintain small and cheap, exquisitely distinct collections without sacrificing luxury and exceptional quality. The brand uses organic and responsibly manufactured materials.

The fashion brand from Canada offers uniquely designed custom-tailored items. It strives to ensure all its consumers feel good about their clothes and appear stunning.

#3 Jerico

Jerico designs and produces knitwear, accessories, and affordable essential clothing made of bamboo and ultra-organic cotton in Canada. The family-friendly premium classics are available from the Canadian clothing company.

Jericho sells clothing and accessories that range between $30-$60. Jerico is a socially responsible clothing brand and domestic manufacturer that promotes the regional economy offers a safe working environment and produces high-quality clothing.

Authentic clothing that has been knit, colored, cut, and sewn in Canada is proudly offered by the family-run firm with more than 45 years of experience in the country's textile industry.

#4 Encircled

Encircled is a stylishly fashionable and environmentally friendly clothing line created in Canada. It offers stylish, cozy apparel for women. All of its collections are sewn in Toronto, Canada.

Clothes from Encircled cost between $70-$80. Encircled creates all of its clothing locally and domestically to assist the environment, people, and businesses. Encircled uses low-impact dyes and adheres to a transparent procedure to create sustainable fabrics that benefit the environment and human health.

It blends organic cotton and linen, two natural and environmentally beneficial materials, to make cheap and sustainable styling options and to assist everyone in streamlining their wardrobe.

#5 Frank And Oak

Canadian eco-friendly clothing company Frank And Oak uses ethically-sourced materials created for healthy living. It seeks to protect the environment and provides more environmentally friendly products, most of which are made in Canada.

Clothes can be gotten at Frank and Oak for as low as $50-$80. Innovative items created in Canada by Frank and Oak have a smaller environmental footprint and a longer lifespan, reducing the adverse effects of fashion. It attempts to use environmentally friendly clothing to combat climate change.

The Canadian clothing brand uses eco-friendly materials to make lightweight and cozy clothing. It uses environmentally friendly textiles, including lyocell, organic cotton, linen, hemp, and regenerated cotton from sustainable forests.

Mini Mioche$20-$30Organic, TimelessBasics, Accessories
Econica$80-$160Organic, Luxury Basics, Accessories 
Jerico$30- $60Organic, TimelessBasics, Sportswear, Loungewear
Encircled$70-$80Recycled, OrganicBasics, Dresses 
Frank And Oak$50-$80Recycled, OrganicBasics, Denim

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Factors Affecting Clothing Prices In Canada

Numerous factors influence the cost of clothing at retail and online stores in Canada. You can quickly get your desired dress if you are aware of these factors and you know how to find your way around them. Ready to go? Let's get started!

Cheapest Clothing Brands In Canada


Sixty percent of the selling price is attributable to the textile or cloth. Before buying flowing dresses for your upcoming event, get to know how much it costs. The garment cost will increase with each buckle, binding, and bow added. Minimizing excessive fabrication will help you get clothes cheaply at various stores in Canada.


Similar to how every stitch will have a price of its own, specialty seams, stitches, and finishes may improve the design of your desired cloth, but they may also require more work and fabric. When selecting a design, consider all your alternatives. Pick only durable designs that you are comfortable with. Avoid selecting clothes with many designs if you're looking to purchase cheap clothes in any Canadian store.


Factors like manufacturing location and manufacturing style significantly influence the retail price. A lot of workforce and equipment are needed for cutting, printing, and stitching. The retail cost is likely to rise if specific resources or skills are in short supply or are farther away. Finding a domestic garment pattern maker, designer, and the manufacturer is always advised if you want to find cheaper clothes.


Economies of scale are at work in this situation; the more clothes you buy, the less it will cost. How? Most often, purchasing anything in bulk is less expensive than doing it separately. Plan with cost-effectiveness in mind throughout the entire buying process.

Embroidery And Accessories

A dress with sophisticated hand stitching may cost more than one with straightforward sewing. Similar to this, expensive machinery will be used in factories to create various garment types, such as lined clothing, leggings, or flatlock seaming. It is advisable to choose clothes with simple sewing if you'd like to get a lot of them at cheap prices.

Cheap Online Clothing Stores In Canada

Canada has a highly developed online retail industry, and both its internet and e-commerce sectors are on par with those in the US in terms of quality. There are over 36 million Internet users in Canada, and they represent a large portion of the country's overall digital population. Most Canadians shop online and buy various products and services using their computers and mobile devices.

There are several online clothing stores in Canada. All sites are navigable for Canadians, provide free or cheap shipping within Canada or abroad, and have the broadest selection of clothing categories.

The four Canadian online clothing stores whose products can be purchased for cheap prices and still meet all of your needs are listed below.

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Start your search for the cheapest clothing deals in Canada at the following websites before moving on to other websites.

#1 Lululemon

Originally established in Vancouver, Lululemon has expanded to become a multinational corporation. You can shop and find what you need by gender or age group.

All Lululemon shoppers enjoy free standard delivery for as many orders as possible from Canada. Every piece of clothing they offer has been created with technical performance and creativity in mind.

#2 FashionTIY

You can purchase almost all types of clothing here. Many consumers prefer all-around shopping, which offers 80,000 items, including household goods, clothing, and other accessories.

It is not only one of the cheapest clothing stores in Canada; it is a One-stop shop for all your clothing requirements.


This is one of the most popular online retailers with a distinct appearance, style, and color. It's easy to say SSENSE is the finest of the best, with over 500 unique labels, up-and-coming designers, and streetwear brands for both men and women.

#4 The Outnet

Like an absurdly fortunate younger sister, the Outnet obtains gorgeous, brand-new hand-me-downs and sells them at drastically cheap prices. They have one of the most colourful and exciting selections of deeply discounted designer goods readily available.

#5 Etsy

The American e-commerce site Etsy offers hand-made clothing, housewares, and craft materials. It provides a vast selection of adorable, cheap, and ethical clothing created in Canada. Canadians can easily get at Etsy for as low as $10-30.

Several independent Canadian vendors on Etsy provide fashionable, environmentally friendly, and locally manufactured clothing. The market is highly vibrant and well-known as the most reliable vintage retailer.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Clothes

Keep your valuable closet space, time, and money for the clothes you like to wear.

Here are some crucial factors you should consider when buying clothes to assist you in being a more thoughtful shopper.

Cheapest Clothing Brands In Canada

The Components And Textiles

Avoid purchasing clothing produced from low-quality fabrics. They will get old quickly, preventing you from wearing them as frequently as you'd like.

Most materials used to produce clothes are excessive and extremely polluting. It will be of great benefit to your budget and wardrobe if you only purchase clothing made from high-quality, environmentally friendly fabrics.

You may help lessen the negative effects of fashion on the environment by buying clothing made from natural and organic materials that use fewer chemicals, energy, and other resources.

The Fit And Size

Avoid purchasing clothing that doesn't precisely suit you. Avoid making an unnecessary purchase if they are one size too big or too small. Never wear clothing that doesn't fit properly, no matter how cheap they are. If not, you risk losing elegance and style.

Avoid wearing clothes that are too small because they will make you feel uncomfortable.

The Price

To look amazing, you don't necessarily need to purchase pricey, upscale attire. Spending the entirety of your monthly budget on expensive brands is a bad idea. Try to stick to your budget instead and get your clothing from the cheapest Canadian clothing stores near you.

Investing in pricey, fancy items won't guarantee that your style will be outstanding. Contrarily, It is only people that lack fashion knowledge that act in that manner.

Even if you don't have a lot of money, there are many easy ways to buy cheap and attractive clothing. If you want to effortlessly update your wardrobe with gorgeous pieces that make you look your best without going over budget, you need to think outside the box!

Your Outfit Purpose

Before making a purchase, try to see yourself wearing the outfit you purchase at least once. If you don't have a precise use in mind for it, adding it to your wardrobe is not a good idea.

Ensure that every piece of clothing you purchase has a legitimate place in your closet and that you actually want to wear it.

The Clothing Brand

Is the fashion brand you're about to patronize open, reachable, accountable, and responsible? When shopping for new clothing, always assess the brand and its reputation before making your final decision.

Organic, fair, and cheap options are often included in the collections of several Canadian clothing brands. Only buy clothes from ethical and sustainable Canadian brands that offer cheap and affordable clothing.

The best fashion brands let you dress sustainably and safeguard the environment, human population, and animal population. Purchase clothing only from reputable companies that follow sustainable business methods.

The Rest Of Your Wardrobe

Each piece of clothing you purchase should conform to the rest of your wardrobe. Create a timeless wardrobe with pieces that will be durable and decent.

If your new purchase makes it difficult for you to put together an outfit you enjoy immediately, stay away from it. Don't purchase something if you won't be wearing it very often.

You can turn every item you own into a winner by making the most of your closet and selecting the proper group of complementary outfits.

Your Clothing Style

You don't need to wear things that don't match your style or who you really are. Make sure you only purchase outfits that make you look good. It will be simpler for you if you already know your fashion sense and the types of clothes you enjoy wearing most frequently.

If you're unsure what your best appearance is, experiment to discover it. It would be best if you experimented with several outfit combinations to find the one that complements your preferences and body type the best.

You can show off your personality and most remarkable qualities by being original and unique while using your imagination to express yourself and develop a look that is all about you.

In Summary

Whether it's cheap men's clothes or women's apparel for different occasions, you'll find what you're looking for in Canada. Canada may be an expensive place to live, but there are several cheap clothing brands to choose from. Some of the brands include Mini Mioche, Jerico, Econica, Encircled, and Frank and Oak, which offer good quality pieces ranging from $20 to a little over $100. Canadians can also find cheap clothing stores online, including Lululemon, FashionTIY, and SSENSE.

Most of the cheap clothing offers are available online, making it easy to find great deals on clothing in Canada. Canadians can learn about the factors that affect clothing prices in Canada to help them make informed decisions when shopping for clothes.

Shopping For Cheap Clothes In Canada FAQs

How is clothing pricing determined In Canada?

In addition to the main fabric, clothing stores also use trims, buttons, thread, zippers, elastics, and other components. The cost of the clothing depends on its component and quality. The price of producing clothing is also determined by the size, form, and material of the trims, such as zippers, buttons, and labels.

Why does clothing cost so much in Canada?

Labour is the main reason Canadian-made clothing is far more expensive than clothing from other countries. Given that Bangladesh has a lower minimum wage than Canada, Bangladesh clothing workers, for example, would be paid much less; consequently, manufacturing expenses in Canada are higher.

How much should you budget for clothes?

Around 5% of your allowance is what most financial experts recommend. Therefore, multiply your monthly salary by the appropriate number.

What clothing makes you appear wealthy?

Always dress in crisply ironed, spotless clothing with no rips, threads, fading, or stains. Stylish, black, white, and navy might make you appear more affluent. For that extra visual impression, complement your attire with other accessories, such as sunglasses.

Does Canada have online shopping?

There are a huge variety of online shopping stores in Canada.

How do clothing stores operate in Canada?

With everything from small shops to one of the biggest mega-malls in the world, Canada offers some of the best clothes shopping experiences anywhere in the globe.

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